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I do not have these myself, but did get the chance to look through them recently. These are absolutely amazing.

While I get why, and the idea behind, not making them in a PDF format. I really wish they would. Given the times, I've moved almost entirely to an online play format, running the majority of my games on Roll20. These cards in a pdf format would make running encounters an absolute DREAM! Not only would they provide quick and easy access to stat blocks, but make for having the visuals for each encounter on hand. I get we do have pawns, and I do have the PDF for that. Sadly, they do not transfer well to token format on Roll20.

I'd happily pay for a pdf version of these (and all future) cards. Just my two cents!

Fumarole wrote:
One of these bad boys will hold about 4 sets of first edition pawns.

On average each one of my containers (mind you, I've swapped some bins between the totes for sorting) contain the following.

Each compartment can hold:

Small Bin w/ Small Pawns: about 34 pawns to a bin.
Small Bin w/ Medium Pawns: about 17 pawns to a bin
Medium Bin w/ Large Pawns: about 17 pawns to a bin
Large Bin w/ Huge Pawns: About 10 pawns to a bin.

Thanks for getting this sanctioned for society play!

One question, are there plans to make this repeatable or is it already and I just missed it?

One thing I've always added via post-it note or otherwise is a size scaling chart.

Now I don't have the current screen because I wanted to wait and see what this one had to offer, so I don't know if it's there.

But if we are taking suggestions...

Using Medium as the base, a chart listing how all stats and dice change going from tiny to huge.

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Engineer Jeff wrote:
Cant wait for this set!

I currently have 6 Stanley organizer's I'm using for all my 1st Edition pawns.

I don't know if it's the one you use, but look into the Stanley 25-Removable Compartment Professional Organizer. It has 3 different sized trays, and all of the pawns fit almost perfectly in the respective tray.

Small (doubled up) and Medium fit in the small tray
Medium (doubled up) and Large fit in the medium tray
Large (doubled up) and Huge fit in the large tray.

Just got my set in the mail today. I am completely impressed by the quality of these coins. Stack beautifully, the perfect weight, and amazing detail.

I highly suggest these to anyone interested in that extra flair for their game!

RobertTHEPerylous wrote:

Has anyone seen, read, or heard if there is, or is going to be a PFS Chronicle sheet for this adventure?


There was a comment made earlier that this will be made PFS sanctioned. I too am waiting for this to happen before running this for my group.

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Basic Info:

Name: Huck Le Berry
Player: Kal
Race: Aasimar, Azata-Blooded
Class: Gunslinger - Mysterious Stranger
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Homeland: Kintargo

Ability Scores:

Str: 7
Dex: 16 (+2 Race)
Con: 10
Int: 12
Wis: 10
Cha: 20 (+2 Race)


Acrobatics: 7 (1 Rank, Trained, Dex)
Bluff: 10 (1 Rank, Trained, Cha, Trait)
Craft, Gunsmith: 5 (1 Rank, Trained, Int)
Craft, Alchemy: 5 (1 Rank, Trained, Int)
Diplomacy: 12 (1 Rank, Trained, Cha, Class Trait, Trait)
Knowledge, Planes: 6 (1 Rank, Trained, Int, Campaign Trait)

Combat Info:

AC: 17 (4 Armor, 3 Dex)
Touch: 13 (3 Dex)
Flat-Foot: 14 (4 Armor)

Fort: 2 (Base)
Ref: 5 (Base, Dex)
Will: 0

CMB: -1 (BAB, Str)
CMD: 12 (BAB, Str, Dex)

Damage Resist: Acid 5, Cold 5, Electric 5 (Race)

BAB: +1

Initiative: 3 (Dex)

Grit Max: 5 per day (Cha Mod)


Weapon: Pistol (Misfire 1), Atk Mod +5 (BAB, Dex, PBS Feat), Dmg: 1d8+1, Crit: x4, Range: 20', Dmg Type: B/P
Ammo: Firearm Bullet x30

Armor: Chain Shirt, AC Bonus: +4, Max Dex: +4, Check Penalty -2

Misc Gear:
Gunslinger's Kit (Backpack, Bedroll, Belt Pouch, Flint & Steel, Gunsmith's Kit, Powder Horn, Rope, Torches x10, Trail Rations x5)
Explorer's Outfit

Currency: GP: 49


Campaign Trait: Urban Sleuth: What caused Professor Mangvhune of the Alabaster Academy to become the city's most infamous serial killer?
+1 Knowledge Plains, K.Plains is a Class Skill, 1/day on any K.Plains check I can roll 2 dice and keep higher result.
Trait: Trustworth: +1 Bluff, +1 Diplomacy and Diplomacy is a class skill


Darkvision 60' (Class)
Spell-Like Ability: Glitterdust, 1/day - DC 17
Feat: Point-Blank Shot
Deed: Deadeye 1 Grit Cost, resolve any attack vs Touch AC outside of my first range increment.
Deed: Gunslinger's Dodge 1 Grit Cost, as immediate action move 5' and gain +2 AC or as immediate action go prone and gain +4 AC. 5' Movement provokes an attack of opportunity.
Deed: Focused Aim 1 Grit Cost, add Cha mod to all damage rolls till end of turn.

Grit Gain:
- On confirmed critical hit, gain 1 grit point
- On killing blow with firearm, gain 1 grit point
Cannot exceed daily max (Cha Mod)