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Thank you again for doing these maps, they are a HUGE help for online play. I was wondering if you had started working on any for the next book, as my group just started book 4 and will more than likely be done in a month or so.

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leo1925 wrote:

Pass without trace? I dont think that with 3 minotaurs and 3 balors anyone is gonna look for footprints xD.

That setup is vulnerable to glitterdust and invisibility purge and im thinking of leaving only one of those option open.

Pass without trace is for those pesky people with blindsight/lifesense/etc. also, as it stats only magic can find or detect the target, so stupid high perception checks are not enough. also, yes it is vulnerable to both of those effects, so if you wanted to you could remove one the spellbane spell and add in one of those options

on the use of spellbane, if Baphomet stole his abyssal realm from a god, why would he not be able to steal a spell from another one?

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If you really want to punish your players, this is the 6 scroll set up I'm using in my game

1-Scroll of spellbane naming dispel magic, greater dispel magic, spellbane, antimagic field, and source severance
3-greater invisibility
4-Silence(cast on self)
5-pass without trace
6-Mage's disjunction

Warning, this setup is designed to almost ensure a TPK for any group that is not expecting these type of tactics

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Just in case it is not said enough. Thank you sir for you work in giving us usable maps for this amazing AP

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Elegos wrote:
DM Bigrin wrote:
I've got the first couple of maps from Asylum Stone almost ready. My players will hit the first one next session. I'll post here shortly afterward.
Oh DM Bigrin, you perfect, wonderful, human being. I love that you're consistently about 3 or 4 sessions ahead of my group.

I prefer the fact that his is about an entire book ahead of mine.

Also, amazing work!!!

The Exchange 4/5 Venture-Lieutenant, Kansas—Salina aka Joe Burn

Congratulations Erika

The Exchange 4/5 Venture-Lieutenant, Kansas—Salina aka Joe Burn

Thank you for the warm welcome, and I know I'm in good company.

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i was just wondering how the rest of the AP was going for you, or if you were still going. I've been using you state blocks from the start for my group, and they are a really big help in creating challenging encounters for my PC's

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JohnHawkins wrote:
Seannoss wrote:
Spell immunity wouldn't work but I believe globe would. Not that you can fit many large to gargantuan creatures inside of one.

Why do you believe spell immunity would not work?

It provides immunity to spells below 4th level which SR works against this is a perfect description of the Fireball spell, mythic fireball does not as far as I can see change any of this. A heightened fireball may get around it by boosting to 5th level but I cannot think of any other way around it. I could of course be wrong

Spell immunity might not work, depending on RAW vs. RAI when you apply Channel Power

Channel Power wrote:
You gain the ability to channel raw arcane power into a spell. You can also expend one use of mythic power when casting an arcane spell to increase its damage by 50%. If the spell has a duration greater than 1 round, the duration doubles. Any saves required by the spell take a –4 penalty, although for mythic creatures, this penalty is reduced to –2. This spell ignores any spell resistance the targets have, although targets immune to the spell or to magic still retain that protection.
Spell Immunity wrote:
The warded creature is immune to the effects of one specified spell for every four levels you have. The spells must be of 4th level or lower. The warded creature effectively has unbeatable spell resistance regarding the specified spell or spells. Naturally, that immunity doesn't protect a creature from spells for which spell resistance doesn't apply. Spell immunity protects against spells, spell-like effects of magic items, and innate spell-like abilities of creatures. It does not protect against supernatural or extraordinary abilities, such as breath weapons or gaze attacks.

emphasis mine

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looks fixed now

The Exchange 4/5 Venture-Lieutenant, Kansas—Salina aka Joe Burn

looks like your gm might have been using This stat block instead of This one

i have seen this happen in quite a few of the older 3.5 scenario's

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Caius wrote:
Could someone do the math for Hepzamirah critting a poor unfortunate soul? Not sure if I'm adding in how the power attack factors in correctly and that seems to be where the big difference is terms of insta-gibbing vs potentially survivable.

if i did the math right, should be right around 400 damage.

Math Stuff:

20*2*5=200(Mythic Power Attack)
22*5 =110(Base Str+Weapon)
8*5 = 40(fury of the abyss+divine favor+rage)

Plus Dice:

so right at 391 on average with a fort save for 3d6(10) more damage

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i think you might need to reupload the document again, the last half looks corrupted

also, thanks again for sharing your amazing work

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CWheezy wrote:

Metaphors are totally useless, please never use them in a conversation.

I am currently GMing a group of 5 36pt buy, Gestalt characters. we are about done with book 2, just getting to the final room. the players are currently 9/2, and telling me that they feel extremely under powered for the AP.

This is misleading, because you might as well be not playing the AP any more. You should have said "I changed basically everything and my players are struggling"

That is correct, i did change almost everything. i did this because the AP as written was not suitable to my group, so i took Mr. Jacobs advice, and adapted the AP to my group.

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I'm not saying that i have any better say than these GM's(quite the contrary infact), what im saying is that if an adventure is designed for a specific set of rules, either you as the GM must choose to accept this, keeping your players within this set of rules, or accept that you are using a different set of rules, and that the AP is no longer anything more than a guideline, or story that you as the GM must then devote time and energy to make work for your set of rules.

for example:
if i bought a used car, and it was sold to me to be something that would get me to my job, home, and the store as needed, with those locations all in the same 15min drive. if i wanted to all of a sudden make this a "roadtrip" car, and expected it to drive cross country, i would get it fixed up to to handle such a trip. but if i determined that the cost to fix this car for that purpose would be more than buying a new car, i couldn't call the car a failure, i would accept the fact that i bought the car for the wrong purpose

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I might as well weigh in:

I am currently GMing a group of 5 36pt buy, Gestalt characters. we are about done with book 2, just getting to the final room. the players are currently 9/2, and telling me that they feel extremely under powered for the AP.

They each have an average wealth of a 12th level character. The party has no less than 9 artifacts in their possession. Yet still, my players call this game the most difficult they have ever played.

Before people start crying foul that my players must be subpar or some such, the group consists of a Mindcymist/Witch, a gnome heavens oracle/Sorcerer, a beastmorph, vivasectionist/Ninja that focus in non-lethal dmg(something like 36d6+150ish dmg per attack), an archer Paladin/zen archer, and a dual-cursed life oracle/Evangelist cleric.

i haven't nerfed any of my players powers, and actively look for loopholes for them to increase their power in combat.

This all boils down to what Mr. Jacobs has said countless times, only you know your group, and should adjust as according. i have done so, and my players are having a blast, they actually have to think through actions instead of just blindly wading through rooms, as they have learned that this can lead to their very untimely demise. We dont think this is a failed AP.

I also know that some people are not ready to devote the kind of time i have to make this work for their party, so this product is not for them, but to unfairly call this AP a failure is either ignorance, or lazyness. The story is, imnsho, is one of the best Paizo has done for us yet.

This is not a fail, but instead is a project that should be either used with extreme caution(15pt, Core only, etc) or one that requires an absurd amount of time as a GM to tailor to your PC's (i have been doing 10+ hours a week for our biweekly game)

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magnuskn wrote:
Possible, although I'd like to see if Scorpion (who wrote in that ability) says the same. :)

In that case let me reference the Statblock document:

WotRstatblocks.doc pg88 wrote:


Augmented Critical(EX): the bite and claws of a mythic dragon threaten a critical hit on a natural roll of 18-20.

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the "augmented Critical" is just a note about how a specific weapon uses a non-standard Critical range or multiplier.

Example: Vorimeraak's natural attacks have a threat range of 18-20/x2, but has no feats or abilities that would normally allow for this, so the SQ "augmented critical" is added so that it is not viewed as a mistake.

or at the very least that's how i read it

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CWheezy wrote:
Yo I have a big thing of customized npcs, if you want to use em instead of the book versions. Some of the book bosses are just awful lol

I dont know about magnuskn, but i would love to see these.

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Was looking through the Sword of Valor stat blocks, and Kiranda's power attack should be (-3/+6) with a BAB of 10. Just letting you know.

Awesome job by the way, I've been using these stats and i think this is about the right difficulty for my game.

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Thanks Sara, sad to hear that you don't just use some sort of auto reply from the jobs email, as the majority of people would come through there I would assume.

Is there any other way to make sure that my resume made it to the appropriate people? (i applied for 2 positions)

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I was wondering if the these positions were still open, and when you were planning to fill them. I sent in my resume a few weeks back and am just making sure i didn't miss something.

Also is it normal to not get a "Thank you for applying" or something back after emailing your resume in? Just wanting to make sure that I actually did apply.

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also wondering this, since the KS said it would be delivered in march and its may and we still havent got it yet