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sykoholic wrote:
WWhat is the average age of the typical WoW player? I honestly have no idea but my guess would be between the ages of 15 and 20.

It's actually closer to 25-30, the only problem is that the younger players are more vocal and often get labeled as the majority when in practice they're not.

Doesn't disprove your point though, I'm 24 myself and I never played D&D until 3.5, of which I got a copy when I was 21 (prior to that it was mostly miniature war games and trading card games for me). I was born in 1983, so I was never even alive during the glory days of 1st edition, and most of the MMO crowd wasn't either since the majority of them are only slightly older than me - and most that were alive during that time were probably still in diapers when they introduced AD&D.

sykoholic wrote:
Necromancer Game's shtick has always been "1st Ed Feel". I'd really like to know how Clark Peterson and company intend to market "1st Ed Feel" to a target audience that isn't old enough to know what 1st Ed is.

There is some justification of course - because WotC is primarily focusing on younger people, the old guys are somewhat ignored. By focusing on providing a 1st Ed Feel using a newer system, this setup may become interesting for older players looking for more depth in their stories and supplements (disclaimer: I'm biased against WotC), whereas the younger folk don't even care for non-WotC stuff since they'll be out of money after paying for the core books and their DDI and virtual tabletop subscription

As was already remarked earlier in this thread: 3.5 will go out of print, so for new stuff we need a substitute.

I just preordered the Hardcover Pathfinder RPG - mainly because my group is only just starting to learn the 3.5 rules (two of them don't even have PHBs - they manage by using a combination of the SRD site, and expertise of the rest of the group).

At the rate we're going, we won't finish our current campaign (Savage Tide, just started Lightless Depths) for at least another 2 years - and after that there might be new players interested in joining.

Now I'm not going to tell my old players that the rules they took so long learning are suddenly worthless, and with 3.5 books no longer being available in the future I need an alternative for new players. The Pathfinder RPG seems like an excellent choice, especially considering what I've seen so far in the Alpha releases.

Trey wrote:
Blue_eyed_paladin wrote:
I really think the fantastic writers here at Paizo have their hearts (and pens) in the right place (except possibly Nicolas Logue... his is about three inches further left than normal. I don't know why.).
Nic's pen is three inches further left than normal? He must be marking up desks something awful.

Hmm, I just got this horrible image of Nic carving all sorts of dark runes into his desk... the kind that would be considered too evil for the Book of Vile Darkness

The original poster makes an excellent point, and I definitely agree.

Let's face it: I like 3.5 - some other people like 4th edition. Does that affect my games? Not at all. Conclusion: they're happy, I'm happy, and we can all get along.

The thing is, my gaming group is relatively new to the game, and some of them don't even own any books yet (5 players, 3 PHBs including mine), they have a decent grasp of the game, and convincing them to switch to a new edition would mean I have to convince them their brand new books are now worthless and they have to relearn everything - oh and that their level 11 characters need to start over and all their in-game accomplishments are now null and void, and that their current setting (Greyhawk, running Savage Tide) for the moment no longer exists. And all this to play a game I am personally not enthusiastic about.

We just started The Lightless Depths and they've been playing for well over a year. It'll take them at least 1-2 years before we finish Savage Tide, and after that they'll have a pretty solid grasp of the game, so why abandon all that expertise for a new system?

Surely you understand my point. But that's the whole thing about this discussion, everybody has their own reasons for switching to 4e or staying with 3.5 - but that you don't share these reasons doesn't make them any less valid.

To all pro-4e guys: I sincerely hope you enjoy the new edition.
To all anti-4e guys: May your games remain as good as they are today.

To the original poster:

I agree with your assessment that insulting another for their preference of game is retarded, even though I personally prefer 3.5 over what I've seen of 4e so far.

I don't agree with your decision to not buy from Paizo based on the opinions of a few assclowns that happened to post on their board. That's like deciding never to return to a grocery store because you encountered two arguing old ladies there once.

And I'd like to quote the following, for I agree:

DeadDMWalking wrote:
Every person on this board has a vested interest in the decision being made (no matter which side they're on). Unfortunately, the 4th edition boards have become the place to discuss this very important issue.

Erik Mona wrote:

1) Do you plan to convert to the new edition of D&D?

No, there's no way I can convince my players that the brand new 3.5 books they bought are going to be useless.

Erik Mona wrote:
2) If Paizo converts its RPG products to 4.0, how will that affect your purchasing patterns for our products?

I won't buy any 4.0 products. First of all, with all the 3.5 products you still have available and those I already have I can keep playing 3.5 for at least another decade. Second, due to aforementioned state of my players, there is no demand for 4.0 on my end.

Erik Mona wrote:
3) If Paizo does not convert its RPG products to 4.0, how will that affect your purchasing patterns for our products?

I'll probably be buying more of those 3.5 products once I start running out, but truthfully, most of my Paizo purchases have been items to help me run a game, such as Flipmats, Combat Pads and such - and of course my Dungeon subscription.

Laurens de Haan wrote:

I can post here to ask for feedback, right?

Can one of the judges please explain why the name is so horrible? I'm just a stupid dutchman and I think I'm missing something here.

Google the first 3 letters of the name and you'll see.

I'm another Dutchman by the way, and while some people in this thread attribute the association with said male fluid to Americans, it was the first thing I thought of as well. It has more to do with being male than with being American I guess, or I hang out with Americans too much.

Clark Peterson wrote:
The Deeply Disturbing Evil Item That No Hero Wants, and That Makes Even Villains Hesitate

Guilty as charged

Congratulations to all the winners and good luck on the next round, I'm interested to see what you come up with!

Received Dungeon 150 today, which was the final missing issue

Netherlands by the way

And is it me, or was my address hand-written on the envelope?

The Netherlands, received my Dungeon #149 yesterday

So, seeing as it was almost 2 months since #148 - how long until #150?

Netherlands here, no Dungeon 149 yet.

To the Paizo employee is in charge of monitoring TPFG: Please use iron-tipped (or in the spirit of D&D: Adamantine) boots to kick them once for every European Dungeon subscriber. Once you're done, do it again for the Dragon subscribers.