How do I review stuff?

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Can't seem to figure out how to review Rasputin Must Die.

Where is the tag to "review this?" or whatever?

Sovereign Court

Your board-regular-fu is weak, old man.

Go to this page and click on the words 'write a review'.

Thanks. I see it now.

Duuuuh.....I thought I was banned from it or something; IDK.

Very tired of late; very stressed out in general IRL. Need not just sleep, but a few more waking hours where I'm not under an adrenaline rush from stress.

Don't feel bad - I've found myself overlooking it often. For whatever reason, it just doesn't lend itself to being easily found by my eyes.

Yeah; it is kinda hidden.

Sovereign Court

It would make sense for it to be a button, standing out on the page.

Arise thread you live again!
I can't find "write a review" on the UE page - indeed I can't see one on any page. Can somone give me a clue as to where I should be looking?

It is there. Right above "By far my favorite PF book" are the words "Write a Review". It should be in blue letters. Click on that. If you have trouble finding it use your browsers search feature and it should take you directly to it.

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Thank you! I blush to say I had actually not thought of using Find.


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