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Nicos wrote:
Are the 2 already released pdf worth buying on their own?

For dwarven campaign? No, since a lot is missing and it doesn't feel as a "dwarven adventure." It's severely lacking.

For drow? It might be. Didn't try it with them, but you don't need books 3+ for anything, you can make it up.

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I would love to have at least have the maps of Dammerhall, since it's the most essential thing in the Throne of Night campaign.

Gorbacz wrote:

Because at this point, there are three types of games that make money:

1. AAA-class games from big studios published by EA/Activision/Ubisoft

2. Indie games

3. MMOs

Since no AAA-publisher is going to pick up PFO (reason: IP not hot enough) and indie game is good enough for giving 2 guys and their dog a living, but not a whole company, the only option is a MMO.

Check Kickstarter. It proves you wrong. Wasteland 2 (3mil) a TB Post-Apo game. Shadowrun Returns (2mil) a TB cyberpunk-fantasy game.

Pathfinder that would be a NWN-type game and maybe with TB combat (like ToEE) would sell.

Buri wrote:

"You're going to fail so why even try."


More like "Most fantasy MMO fail to meet expectations, even big MMO's like TOR, so why not try something good for the players and DM's? Like a new NWN-type game? It wasn't done since NWN2. Why try the road paved with dead bodies? Why?"

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Hmm... that doesn't sound bad. I hope that they will deliver, but still... why call it MMO then?

I still wish they make it more like NWN.

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Making a MMO doesn't make sense. Pathfinder is a RPG, a table-top. Where you have a DM and players, not only players and a set of ready scenarios (but you can play like that if you want). Why not make something like Neverwinter Nights? You know, toolset for people who want to make their own stories or game-worlds? A game that supports a DM Client, where players can become DM's in world created by the toolset? You could easily implement the whole settlement thing in the game and toolset. Hell, why not a official server with River Kingdoms game-world? This just doesn't make any sense. Worse, it will flop. So why?