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Vic Wertz wrote:
brock wrote:

Is The Store Blog what you are looking for? There is the full Compleat Encounters story on there.

The message should indeed link to this entry on the store blog. Thanks for letting us know about the problem—we'll look into it!

The links in this week's email newsletter worked properly. Thank you for fixing this!

PaulK wrote:

If you were impressed with the figures that were just released, take a look at Reaper's news page and look at the red dragon that's coming up (slated for next May).

It will blow your mind!


I just went there, was amazed, and headed over here to make sure someone mentioned it. That is the cover art, right down to the broken statue it is standing on.

Wow! I'm very tempted to get it, even though I am scared to paint a dragon.

Reaper really brings the artwork to life - the details are all there.

Vic Wertz wrote:
The message should indeed link to this entry on the store blog. Thanks for letting us know about the problem—we'll look into it!

Yes, that is it! Thank you both. I'm not sure what happened with the newsletter links - they all went to the individual products and not to the blog post. I tried multiple links, at the beginning and end of each newsletter item. Now I know about the Compleat Encounters. Thanks!

I do enjoy my Saturday mornings, opening up the Paizo email newsletter.

I am rather concerned that a number of links in it do not appear to work properly. For example, this week's newsletter has the begining of a short piece on Paizo's history. The begining is very interesting. However, when I click the link "more" to read the rest of the piece, I get taken to a product page. Now, I assume this small essay is on the history of that product. But I would like to read the essay first. I am curious about the origin of the product (Compleat Encounters).

Previously, when I clicked on a link labeled "More" in the newsletter I was taken to a newsletter page, with all the essays in full. That page does not appear to be linked to anywhere else on the site.

This is the second week that I have noticed this. I do enjoy reading the entire newsletter, and can now no longer do so.

Could anyone provide a direct link to that page?


Oh argh, I looked at the thread of comments at the bottom of the item page and did not see any of the earlier comments about the missing text, and the responses about Paizo's publishing schedule were not there either. Sorry about bringing up a dead horse.

Hi, does Paizo put out errata for their products?

I'm less concerned with the maps than the places where the text is just unclear or missing. For example, Karlae Siegfrost's bio on page 41 just trails off midsentence and Vamros Harg is listed twice on the NPC list on page 60 with two different statlines (one puts him at level 3, the other at level 7).

The only map issue I had was the fact that two ruined human settlements (Falconridge and Northsap) were mentioned in the text but their locations do not appear on any of the smaller maps.

The vast majority of the book is really excellent, and I'd love to add the errata to my copy.

Lisa Stevens wrote:

Since it is our distributor having the sale on their inventory and not our inventory, we can never gurantee that those sale items are in stock until we place our order.


That makes sense.

The email I got last week announcing the sale indicated it was a distributor sale, and that you had a catalog of items. I assumed that you then ordered a quantity of the items from the distributor, which you then sold to us. I did not understand that you were not dealing with your own inventory.

Had I known the entire sale was on items that were not in your warehouse, I would have been a lot less surprised that items listed as "in stock" turned out to not be available.

Thank you for offering the sale - I understand this is the first year you have been able to offer it, and the pricing was often simply amazing. I'm just sorry I was able to buy 0 of 4 items.

Robert Miller 55 wrote:

You ordered on the 4th. No one was at work. Same for Sat. and Sun.

Monday they come into work and start processing orders and finding out what can't be filled. A day or two later your informed.

Pretty darn good turn around time in my book.

I ordered on the 6th, a day when people would be in the office. I ordered only sale items which were in stock. I got an email today, the 10th, letting me know that all items I ordered from the Big Sale were out of stock. That would be 3.5 days.

This indicates to me that Paizo cannot be relied on in terms of inventory when placing orders for items produced by other companies. My order also included Paizo items, including two on sale for the 7-7-7 Sale, and those are shipping.