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Comrades, Comradesses !

Get your tickets now !
The lottery says who will be next comrade-president.
Not having a ticket, means you are a Traitor to the State. tm

All traitors will meet Sharp Jenny !

So get a ticket, comrade ! The Revolution tm wants it !

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By the way, captain K, I do not remember you buying our Lottery tickets ?

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No, not a new revolution.
Not now.

We have not even started on figuring who are the new, new, new traitors, to the new, new, new assembly.

So many traitors. Not enough Final Blades.

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Comrade Kazarath,

The people of Galt are pleased with your innovative ideas, citizen !

Keep going, you are on the right track !

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Kajehase wrote:
In Swedish, Galt is the word for a male pig. Gotta say it seems a rather "interesting" place for somewhere populated by a bunch of boars.

You traitor can't even wait against next Lottery to start discriminating against The ONE and TRUE Republic of Golarion ???

You can't even wait until next National Lottery, can you ?

Hmmm ... interesting. Need start actively thinking now about your punishment, and get dirty creative.

For the others : Buy our Tickets and find out who is Traitor Next !

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Sissyl wrote:
We really need a Galt AP, where the Good, Brave people of Andoran put a stop to the Wicked, Murderous and Smelly revolution in Galt. ;)

Ah, We have a Winner !

Congratulations comrade, your lottery ticket won ! You are now traitor to the Revolution next ! Please follow the kind masked men, they will deliver you your prize.

Other folks : Next Lottery, Next week. Please buy our tickets to find out who is our new-new traitor of the week.

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Who is this Deregulos guy ?

"Gods" or otherwise said "supremely powerful outsider beigns with worshippers" must be registered in our new-new-new church of the Supreme being. Otherwise unlawful.

The New-new-new-new Council of the New-new-new-new rightful and angry citizens says so. You don't want them angry after you, do you ?

Buy our new-new lottery tickets, or find out you are Traitor next !

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Hah Blasphemers !

Everyone knows Galt greatest nation in the world. Nowhere else is such advanced technology used in the dispatch of traitors and malcontents (which are the same, but that's TWO offences for the price of one).

Buy our lottery tickets and find out who is traitor next !

Next week : special prices on our new-new-new calendars complete with the litany of the new-new gods (or supreme beings).

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Locking threads is a crime against the people ! Let's all rebel and free the locked threads in a frenzy of freedom and bloodlust.

Threads must not be locked and traitors must be executed.

Buy our Galtian lottery tickets and find out who is traitor next !

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What do you mean it's not real ? There is already the Koboldnomicon !



Buy our Galtian lottery tickets and find out who is traitor next !

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Why do you mean TOO MUCH politics ?

Are you a revisionist, or worse a noble agent ? In beautiful Galt, the Council have promulgated laws against that.

Read our brochures and find out who is traitor next !

PS : We hire Alchemists. Alchemists welcome. We offer doiscounts on our lottery for alchemists.

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Yes, Korvosa is stinking cesspit of tyrannical diktatorship.

Down with the nobles !
Down with the merchants !
Down with the clergy !


Join the fellow Galt patiots movement and overthrow the tyrants !

(Don't forget to buy our lottery tickets to find out who is traitor next !).

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In Galt we say YO- MAY- DA - EH !

Of course it is treasonous to say otherwise and is a CAPITAL offence !

But since her worship is also treasonous, and is capital offence too, it is actually good to defame her name.

Buy our lottery tickets and find out who is traitor next !

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In Galt, we have solved all problem of Sexism.

Sexism, Authoritharism, Racism... All bad and Tyranny. Galt people have solution to it all. sign here for your free citizenship.

Galt is equalitarian. All are happy citizens. Being happy is mandatory. Those not happy are traitors and must go to the guillotine.

Man, Woman, Goblin ... all the same.

Please go by our stand and buy a ticket to see who is traitor next.

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Eric Hinkle wrote:

Something I got from a friend when I mentioned Galt and the Final Blades to him:

"La Machine, the National Razor, Through the Little Window, Sneezing into the Sack -- never mind the Tourettes-level ranting of "Pere Duchesne" Hebert, the machine's number-one fanboy cheerleader (until his faction -- Les Hebertists -- were overthrown and all sneezed into the sack.

It's always sad when another patriot turns traitor against the People, and justice has to be served.

Our government may need more perfecting, but with a few more purges to go, we should all be fine and free of traitors. Then we can export our glorious revolution to all of Golarion. We will no doubt start with Andoran, since they have softened and lost the spirit. And then we will crush all the tyrants from the land and start on other planes too.

Galt : bringing the light near you.

Get our free brochures.

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Paladins are just oppressors willing to administer the fascist laws of their god unto the innocent starving masses !

See my brochure ? It's written right here !

Off to the guillotine with them.

Join the People's council where we can decide how to kill them, and what to replace them to.

Vote is by unanimity - if you don't vote like us, we'll kill you. Slowly !

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See all the good it did to our marvelous country, taste the freedom of thought and marvelous right to kill anyboday you don't like.

Remember :

Guillotine for One, Freedom for all !