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17 posts. Alias of Francois MICHEL.

Organized Play Characters

Dr Davaulus
Sovereign Court Cosimo Angelo

Male Human (Taldan) Rogue 2 - Fighter 1 - Just wait till I have a few more xps ! (21 posts)
Liberty's Edge Armand From Galt

male 1/2 Elf Inquisitor 3 (8 posts)
Silver Crusade Sybille the Twice Cursed

Female Human Oracle 9 (4 posts)
Elvish Fighter
Sovereign Court Eldric the Pyromancer II

Male Elf Magus 3 (0 posts)
Keyra Palin
Liberty's Edge Andrée la Galtoise II

Female Human Inquisitor 2 / Rogue 1 (4 posts)
Sovereign Court Judge Gontrand

male Human Cavalier 4 (0 posts)
Aspis Agent
Grand Lodge Fandelion le Flamboyant

male Human Bard 2 (0 posts)

Grand Lodge Feudelion
(0 posts)
Silver Crusade Mriss Terigold
(0 posts)
Sovereign Court Vengefer of Yenneberg
(0 posts)
Dark Archive Desdemone

Tiefling (0 posts)
Jarl of the North Wind
Dark Archive Balin le Nain

M Dwarf Paladin (0 posts)
Lady Strongswill
Liberty's Edge Le Cygne Masqué

Who knows ? two legs Vigilante (0 posts)
Queen Elvanna
Liberty's Edge Kyriella
(0 posts)
Vencarlo Orinsini
Silver Crusade Rivalt of Geria

M Human Ranger / Alchemist (0 posts)
The Exchange Lidalida

Halfling Rogue (0 posts)
Dataphiles I - Seph v2

Android pilot (0 posts)

Exo-Guardians Burin Dugueflin

M Dwarf Soldier1 (0 posts)
Verdant Wheel Szibor

Male Human Bar-bar-bar-Barian (0 posts)
Masquerade Womane
Envoy's Alliance Triss Vengegold
(0 posts)
Envoy's Alliance Yen of Meriberg
(0 posts)
Pirate Queen
Radiant Oath Dalidalida
(0 posts)

Horizon Hunters Givalt of Veria
(0 posts)


Calseinica Nymmis
Liberty's Edge Andrée La Galtoise

Female Half Elf Inquisitor 5 / Rogue 2 (aiming for Gray Gardener PrC). With my crossbow. (39 posts)
Grand Lodge Eldric the Pyromancer

Male Elf Blackbound Hexcrafter Magus 1 (but it's going to Bleed) (7 posts)
Liberty's Edge Galt Patriot !

It is treasonous to ask one people's race. We only have Citizens. Bard 1 (17 posts)
Abyssal Raptor
Sovereign Court Stereofm

Male Half human, half kobold, half T-Rex, some weird templates. DM 15, rogue1 (1,806 posts)