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A reminder for newer folks:

If you like the idea of positive gameplay that makes the game fun for everyone but don't want to commit to the "mutual benefit" in-game part of Roseblood Accord (for whatever reasons, wink wink nudge nudge say no more)

you can find something for that here.

And all members of RA are welcome and encouraged to also sign the RKP to demonstrate this open world pvp game's support of good gamesmanship to any potential new players.

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Wordplay as foreplay before swordplay. (TM)

^ That is why you have a crush on me.

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Aw Xeen, and I crush you.

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Caldeathe Baequiannia wrote:
TheRedKommie wrote:
Hope you enjoy it!
so far it's mostly given me stiff muscles and a lack of sleep, but I'm enjoying it. I've avoided all pvp for 4 hours of playing, mostly by taking an excessive amount of time trying to figure out how anything happens.

Where in the universe are you playing?

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Join Aragon where the sheepdogs are wolves now... and there are ligers... and um... did you see the meerkats? they're so cute.

There's no need to compulsively talk about other player groups in your own recruitment thread. People are going to start thinking you have a crush on someone.

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T7V Jazzlvraz wrote:
Wow, this thread got short! Well, folks'll now be able to follow Proxima's intent and sign on.

Way to backhanded off-topic my thread JERKlvraz!!

Oh wait, I did it too

Oh! I did it again!


Thank you for not locking the thread Chris Lambertz.

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I was planning to get inconceivably rich (I don't think that word means what I think it means) and buy myself a settlement to make it a bard school. The entire settlement would be centered around the highest level bardic feats and accomplishments and bard characters gather there and work off of each other producing fan art and other creations like the Royal Academy of the Arts (RATA) in London but for bards in River Kingdoms.

Your company could move in there if you work up a spunky training montage.

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Rocking the female dwarf beard I see. But I'm a gnome....

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I just want to see what happens to my avatar when I type smurf.

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The PvP part of EVE isn't so spreadsheety. That's a word now. And yes the broad concepts from EVE will help you in any other open world pvp too. My advice is:

Do ALL the tutorial missions.
Join a corp
Update your clone
Make friends, talk about the game a lot
Don't get attached to your ships
Update your clone
Shoot everything red
Then update your clone

Bluddwolf wants to buddy you because if you pay for the game after his invite he gets free game time, but he didn't tell you that part the scoundrel.

I play in the area around Hek if you're in the neighborhood.

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It's fine to talk about what you're not going to do but I always think it's more powerful to say what you ARE going to do; and that's what this statement is.

This thread got so focused on four words it's like you forgot about all the other ones there. They're all important. The second section that even Bluddwolf likes is the inevitable destination of actually doing everything in the first section.

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BrotherZael wrote:
I enjoy this much more than I did the roseblood accord, and have high hopes for you. As with the Roseblood Accord, however, I will remind you that I am watching.

This project is now finished and located here.

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<Magistry> Toombstone wrote:
Lord Zodd wrote:
Being wrote:
Oh noes it's the square of the hypotenuse of a right triangle again!
Pythagoras was totally a square.
Don't be so obtuse. He really helped shape the world.

That's acute pun, especially when you factor in the math angle.

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As a witness to most of the last 18 months and someone who's stayed out of the flamewars, the potholes in communication extend beyond UNC or people who rage quit their guilds and joined UNC.

Oh my, that was passive-aggressive.

*stab* "Well I'm alright."


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Pax Morbis wrote:
...and though you might not see any of us as signatories in these accords, that's primarily because we believe our own charter does a better job for policing our own, not because we disagree with the "Don't be a dick" message.

There's a simple thing here that is literally nothing but that message, except put in a way that says what our intentions as players ARE rather than what they're not. No hassles about in game politics, no muss no fuss.

I think it would relieve a lot of worries among people looking at Pathfinder Online to see members of the prominent Evil and Chaotic groups also taking part in it. Participating brings zero new obligation since it's already part of your guild policy.

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Your avatar... the f---?

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Will the crowdforger public be able to see each guild's "score" for a particular settlement hex? Like Hex K: guild27- 45, guild13- 32, guild51- 19 so we can see who's winning a hex and how close their competition is to overtaking?

Who the neighbors are going to be seems like a big factor in prioritizing settlement plots or just watching from the three walls already there.

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Maybe jigger the code now that you know specifically which three datasets you don't want to show in the Top listing, but I think it's still more fun to see the top 10 instead of 5 anyway.

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There is no increasing the hotness of my avatar.

As for the name BAM I'm such a chaotic, quirky gnome.

Btw wow we are not good at brief descriptions. Let me try:

1.) Find bad guys KILL!! KILL!! KILL!!

Yeah that about covers it. oh,

2.) Find noobs point right direction.