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Hi Everyone,

Was curious as to what gaming groups use to help store files, calendar events, do posting, etc. I am currently using Facebook Groups to be able to do this, but over time there seems to be more and more resistance to individuals wanting to have it be Facebook based at all.

I have found using the group to be a convenient way of keeping the players up to date with game day scheduling and anything that I need to show or tell them, and vise versa.

Thanks much for your input.

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Hi All,

So I have been looking around to see what I can dig up in regards to the masks that the Mordent Spire Elves wear. Why do they wear them? I am thinking that it is to cause intimidation, but then you go and throw in the whole swimming thing that they have going on and I just dont see it. When they go off the Spire are they still wearing it? When they mix in with the general population do they still wear it? Also what does it look like? I keep picturing high elves walking about with tiki masks. Thoughts on this?


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Hello Everyone,

Has anyone use all of the following variant rules in their campaign? I am planning on mixing things up a bit to get away from the standard magic/combat system that has been around for the last 20 years (in various incarnations). I am looking for constructive feedback about things you liked/didn't like, and any potential downfalls.

  • Words of Power
  • DR Armor
  • Called Shots
  • Piecemeal Armor
  • Wounds & Vigor

Thank you for your time.

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Hello Everyone,

I have a player who has approached me wanting to use a Lesser Rod of Empowerment to charge up a Wand of Fireballs. Per wand creation rules this isn't feasible, but it did get me wondering about certain things. Let's say that the level requirement for wand creation was lifted. Could a Lesser Rod of Empowerment (or any of the meta-magic rods) be used in conjunction with spells needed to be cast for item creation in order to have a greater effect (wands and scrolls for example)? Or are the various rods S.O.L. when it comes to item creation?

This is my train of thought currently. There are two options available to the player. The first is that if they have the Item Creation Feat, and the Meta-Magic Feat that they can in effect fill a wand with the Meta-Magic effect (pending wand creation rules).

The second idea was to enhance the Meta-Magic Rod with the spell to be augmented, allowing the rod the capability to enhance whatever spell is stored in the rod or the spell being cast, while maintaining the daily limitations. A side thought was to allow the wand creation with the use of the Lesser Meta Magic rod, but grant the ability only on the spell in the wand itself.


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Had a random thought pop into my head while at work today in what is the average size for most adventuring parties. What got that thought was the changes that I need to do to for an AP built for four and converting it for 6+. Reading various posts in the AP threads it sounds like the majority of groups have about 6 Pcs in any given adventure.

So the question becomes from your experience what is the average party size (PCs only)? I am thinking that it is 6 (even though I have read 5 on a different site).

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Sorry if I have this in the wrong topic location.

My question is what software programs are used with the creation of modules and sourcebooks? I am interested in creating some source books for my home campaign, but I want a professions feel to them. I am guessing that all text is generated in Word, with artwork created in Corel Draw or Photoshop, maps also created in such or Campaign Cartographer, brought together in Publisher (or such), and switched over to a PDF in Acrobat. Any help would be...helpful. (the spirit of Austin Powers apparently took over for a sec.)

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Hi Everyone,

Thinking about joining the Society. Played two games at a convention a few years ago, but my progress was never recorded. regardless during those two games I played a fighter, and noticed that out of a party of five there were 2 wizards, a rogue, a ranger, and myself. This was the composition with both games. What I am wanting to know is what classes tend to be overplayed? What do you guys (and ladies) is played all the time? I like to play those classes that nobody likes to touch and make them shine.

Much appreciated.

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Is there an impartial referee I can ask a question to? I believe that if I ask it in the forums it might disqualify myself. I did read Sean's consolidated advice thread, RPG Superstar 2013 edition, but I don't see anything that might answer my question.

Thank you.

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At the last session the party I am running decided it was time to investigate the Elven Ruins. The noble paladin was the first to enter into the ruins and as such was separated from the rest of the party (of 7 others). He soon realized he wasn't alone due to the inhabitants of the ruins, and a well placed back stab. This of course sent the party into a frenzy of trying to deal with the current threat, which was cleverly using the stated tactics causing the party to separate.

Two of the party decided to investigate the central tower, but not at the same time. The first was a human sorcerer who flew up to look into the landings (these were modified from what is in place). The other was a half elf female rogue who went up in conventional ways. The Lady did do her dance and only got the half elf, but since she was appearing non-threatening, and bluffed the two into thinking that she was trapped there the sorcerer didn't attack. During this time the party was fighting for their lives as they had activated all the encounters but one (G3). Needless to say what was going on outside was a comedy of errors. To make the story short both in the tower were questioned for information in a standard conversational way, but did have the added spell like abilities the Lady has in use. Since the sorcerer wasn't enthralled the Lady "sent" him away, and dealt with the troublesome female rogue while having a tasty snack.

The party eventually were able to deal with the threats (other than Rigg) but at a severe cost to themselves due to various encounters and traps. Deciding to regroup at the base of the tower the party heard a noticeable thump around the other side. Upon investigation they found the body of the rogue (still alive due to expenditure of hero points, but in a world of severe pain). With this it was best decided to return to Tatzleford to regroup and recoup. With the number of injuries they needed to make a litter, thus slowing their travel time back (all had mounts). During the time back Rigg was doing hit and runs whenever they set up camp, basically harassing them, but did follow them back to Tatzleford.

Now for the dilemma. The Lady isn't stupid and she knows that the party will make their way back to the ruins to deal with her. She is also going to be getting recon info from Rigg as to where the heroes went. At this point she is going to leave the ruins. I am thinking of sending her into one of three areas. She can either head to Tatzleford and take up residence there. My worry is that by her doing so she will wipe out the village before it gets going (Tatzleford currently is about 4-5 months old). The second place I can send her is the surrounding area about the Stag Lord's fort. The PCs have claimed the area, and are rebuilding the fort, but do not have the required hexes to claim it as a city. The area is full of farmers/country folk however. The third place to send the Lady is to Oleg's, as it is where their city is located. She can fit in easier there and have a higher chance to go unnoticed while she feeds. Add to that only two party members have seen her. I can't send her to the Isle as I have plans there, plus I don't think she would even want to go there. The last idea I have is to have her disappear, and reappear at a later date. Most likely with her "sisters" or something.

What would you guys do with The Lady with the info mentioned above?

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Was wondering how people view Noleski (N) and Natala (LE). I couldnt seem to find further information about these two other than what is printed out in Stolen Land. With the lack of stats and personality traits it leaves these two wide open for us to make them however we want. From what I have been reading alot of people view Noleski as some sort of despot. Why couldnt he simply be the victim that is being controlled and manipulated by his sister? Or is actually power mad and is willing to do whatever he can to seize it (up to a point of course).

How do you view these two?