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I've heard tales of people replacing Kyuss with other creatures/entities of power. Has anyone on the forum boards done this? Who have you replaced Kyuss with, and how did it change the campaign?

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With Karzoug amassing what could probably be considered a "very impressive" hoard of wealth, has anyone leaned into the possible concept that the Runelord of Greed may have had outside forces guiding his desire? Perhaps the voices and entities that helped shape him when he was a young man were not those of demons, but of dragons? Maybe he felt a kinship to them, one apex predator to another? It was mentioned briefly in the AP that there are few souls more greedy than those of dragons. What if some greedy draconic influence was in play with Karzoug, either as a powerful ally or... something more?

Basically, has anyone played up a draconic angle in their Rise of the Runelords campaign? If so, how did you approach it?

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After taking the feat Two-Weapon Fighting for my Warlock Vigilante, I'm trying to show the warlock brandishing two weapons/mystic bolts in his Hero Lab portfolio. Is there a way to do this? Or would I simply use the mystic bolt in the main hand and reskin a light weapon in the offhand to simulate it for mathematical purposes and generated hit rolls?

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Gray Warden wrote:

Actually there are a few things I do not understand:

1) What's the point of Preferred Spell? You are already a spontaneous caster, and it doesn't seem like you are going to apply any metamagic to Ill Omen anyway. Seems a waste of a feat to me.

2) Magical Lineage does not work with Heighten Spell, you actually need to pay the level increase to make the spell count as higher. See FAQ (also, come on...). As a result, Heighten Spell is also a waste of a feat. Persistent Spell is much more efficient.

3) You can't really go Dual-Cursed without picking Misfortune, especially given your focus on debuffs. If you really want Erase from Time at 1st level, I would prioritise Extra Revelation (Misfortune) above anything else. I would go:

1 Extra Revelation (Misfortune), Spell Focus (Necromancy)
3 Greater Spell Focus (Necromancy)
5 Abundant Revelations (Erase From Time)
7 Persistent Spell
9 Extra Revelation (Speed or Slow Time)
11 Sickening Spell

Misfortune will help you land your debuffs much more reliably, since you can do it at will.

At 7th level you will be able to cast Persistent Oracle's Burden as a 3rd level spell. Swap Abundant Revelation and Persistent Spell if you want to be able to cast Persistent Oracle's Burden as soon as you get 3rd level spells.

At 11th level you will be able to cast Sickening Persistent Oracle's Burden as a 5th level spell, which will add an extra layer of debuffs (-2 to hit, damage and saves) to your target (but really, any feat is the same once you are at 11th level).

1) Preferred Spell was simply so that I could use all spell slots, not just Lv 1 slots, to cast Ill Omen. In hindsight that is probably going to be overkill since this character is being used for Pathfinder Society play, and that's maybe three encounters tops.

2) I suspected that was the case, and should have looked for a FAQ to confirm. Thanks for clarifying.

3) Misfortune, at least the Dual Cursed version, could be tricky to play at a Pathfinder Society session. I haven't spoken to the GM's there but I want to be sure that it won't bog the session down if I were to ask them the rolls before confirming whether the roll was a success or not. Once I get their feedback, I'd love to move things around and get Misfortune in there for sure.

Thanks for the advice!

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Okay, slightly a clickbait title. Allow me to explain.

My wife bought me a 3D printed mini of the Mad Titan himself, Thanos. Once I saw him, I naturally wanted to use it as a Pathfinder Society character. After asking around for suggestions I ended up settling on a Time Oracle. His focus is going to be that of a debuffer. I built him out to Level 10, but since I have no real experience building a debuffer I'm looking for some advice (Forum title checks out.)

Human Dual-Cursed Time Oracle

Traits: Magical Lineage (Oracle’s Burden), Reactionary
Mystery: Time
Curses: Blacked, Wrecker (Does not Advance)
Favored Class Bonuses: Lvl 1-3 Hit Points, 4+ Bonus Spells

Starting Ability Scores (20 point buy):
Strength 13 - Still need to hit with touch attacks.
Dexterity 12 - Getting into melee rage, so he’ll need some help.
Constitution 14 - Gonna need some extra health for spending time in the melee zone.
Intelligence 12 - An extra skill point never hurts when you're playing PFS.
Wisdom 8 - His Will save is his best save, he can survive the penalty.
Charisma 18 (16+2) - Needing to beef up the DC’s on the debuff spells.

Level 1: Oracle 1: Spells lvl1, Revelation (Erase from Time aka The Snap)
Level 2: Oracle 2: Ill Omen
Level 3: Oracle 3: Revelation (Temporal Cerelity)
Level 4: Oracle 4: Spells lvl2, Oracle’s Burden, +1 CHA
Level 5: Oracle 5: Revelation (Time Flicker)
Level 6: Oracle 6: Spells lvl3, Bestow Curse
Level 7: Oracle 7: Revelation (Time Hop), Extra Revelation (Speed or Slow Time)
Level 8: Oracle 8: Spells lvl4, Threefold Aspect, +1 CHA
Level 9: Oracle 9: -
Level 10: Oracle 10: Spells lvl5, Permanency

Level 0: Spell Focus (Necromancy)
Level 1: Greater Spell Focus (Necromancy)
Level 3: Heighten Spell (to cast Heightened Oracle’s Burden as a Level 2 spell)
Level 5: Preferred Spell (Ill Omen)
Level 7: Abundant Revelation (Erase from Time)
Level 9: Extra Revelation


The Time Mystery is a great debuffer, so pairing it with the debuff-heavy Dual-Cursed archetype makes for a hell of a package. Landing an Oracle's Burden on an armed foe gives him a -6 attack penalty with his weapon (-2 with the Broken weapon, -4 for the Blackened curse). Getting Ill Omen as a preferred spell would give me more opportunities to cast it (using level 1 and higher-level spell slots). The dream would be using a Quickened Ill Omen/Bestow Curse/Erase From Time (or any other nasty debuff) at one point.

Am I missing anything? Oracles can be tricky to put together, and this one is all about shutting down the offense of the opposition. That's outside my normal comfort zone so any suggestions would be appreciated!

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A bit late to the party on this, but my understanding is that Telekinetic Strikes would definitely be affected by Focused Force as it does do force damage.

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LordKailas wrote:
It should be fine. Magical lineage does not specify that the spell has to be one that your character knows or can cast.

That was my thinking on it as well. I just wanted to make sure there hadn't been some kind of official ruling on it that I couldn't find.

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I'm looking at making an elven Oracle with the Ancient Lorekeeper archetype. I want to get the Magical Lineage trait and have the associated spell as Shocking Grasp. Now, Shocking Grasp is normally not on the Oracle spell list. However, as an Ancient Lorekeeper, I can eventually select it off of the Wizard spell list and add it to my own. I feel like using Magical Lineage in this way would be allowable as the spell will eventually be on my Oracle's spell list.

Am I understanding this correctly? Can the Magical Lineage trait be used this way?

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I'm looking to increase the DC on Life Leech Vitalist's ability, Unwilling Participant. The Feat "Endowed Mind" allows for the use of power points to increase the DC of a power. Would Unwilling Participant be considered a "power" in this case? Other than increasing the Vitalist's Wisdom, are there any other ways to increase the DC?