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No Skittermaner option?

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Thinking about what they could give the Warrior Bard instead of Martial Weapons now all bards are getting martial weapons... Medium Armor? Do they view that as sort of 'equivalent'. It would definitely open some builds.

This means Senti can get you heavy too if you wanna be a chonk bard standing behind your buddies with a long spear

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What a fantastic list of Authors! I can't wait to see more from them all.

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This looks like a really fun kickstarter. Undead, eternal winter. Selling your soul for survival. Really exciting stuff, and they have a cool create-a-creature tier too.

Naltulth: Candlehurst Kickstarter

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There isn't one - I was wondering if one would be added in the future?

I usually wouldn't be so brazen, except that the Symbol Pack reads in its blurb

"Animal artwork from the Pathfinder Bestiary for use with the Pathfinder Inifinite community content program."

So it looks like it could be accidentally missing.

Symbol Pack is here for reference; inite

Also looks like the word infinite is misspelled there, I guess.

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Seems a simple enough question. I know they did not in 1e but I was wondering if this was an artefact of the history of the Pathfinder system and if Golarion Elves could now grow beards or not - the core book says nothing about facial hair for elves at all.

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WOO CARDS! My family got me these for my Birthday back in February so I've been waiting to finally get my grubby little paws on them.

Oops: You have Doom of Cassomir on here twice instead of Star-Crossed Courts.

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Dual Heritage - 1

You come from a mixed background, and can show traits of both your parentage. Select a second heritage, you gain all the mechanical benefits of this heritage. You cannot use this trait to take more than 1 versatile heritage. For example you cannot be a half-orc, half-elf human.

Special: You can only take Dual Heritage at level 1


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Is there any info on team sports or any sports at all on Golarian?

I wanted to make an encounter where the party walk into a soccer equivalent and the bandits are in just a good enough mood that they challenge them to a game rather than murder, and was wondering what I could use.

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The rules say they are completely immune to their dragons element. Does this mean that if you shield blocked a fireball with a red dragonhide shield, you would avoid all damage?

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What about Magus as a special Wizards Thesis/School combination, rather than a new class or archetype.

When you choose the Thesis you get Spellstrike (Strike and Cast a spell for the same action cost as casting the spell, counts as a single attack for MAP purposes). Maybe some improved weapon proficiencies?

Instead of a school, you get Arcane Pool (maybe renamed to Arcane Weapon?) as a focus spell which functions similar to the Champions Blade Ally, but lasts for a minute and has a different choice of property rune.

Then there can maybe be Thesis-locked feats for things like spell recall, and to be honest maybe the Thesis and School don't have to be locked together, they just work well together.


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Railroading is a dirty word I know, but my players always seem to head directly to the end point of the adventure (the room the boss, clue, goal, etc) is in without exploring all the other cool stuff that is prepared for them.

They don't even realise they're doing it, just when they have multiple paths they always seem to choose that one.

Any advice on gently guiding them away from the end point for a little bit without seeming a dick about it?

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Okay I understand you need to roll Vs DC5 to attack a concealed opponent or Vs DC11 to attack a Hidden opponent, but

a)Is this roll made per round or per action.

b)If it is done per action, does MAP still apply to the later attacks if first/second is not allowed

c)If it applies per action, does it apply to both attacks of a Twin Takedown?


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I am getting a little tired of my players just beating enemies to death rather than using Recall Knowledge to make the fight easier / reveal cool info.

I have tried mentioning a few times that it is available to no avail.

Thinking that maybe if I give a +1 bonus to next attack on them it may work?


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This is just the start of a work in progress, as I have one player who loves loves loves pixies.

Please let me know what you think / share any ideas you have!







20 feet, flight 30 feet










Additional languages equal to your intelligence modifier (if it's positive). Choose from Aklo, Draconic, Elven, Gnomish, Goblin, Halfling, Tien and any other languages to which you have language (such as languages prevalent in your region)

PIXIE FEATS - Level 1: Harmlessly Cute, Pixie Lore (Nature, Stealth), Shadow of the Wild, Fey Fellowship, First World Magic, Pixie Weapon Familiarity (Javelin, Nets, Shortbow, Rapier)

MAGIC PIXIE (Starts with 1 primal cantrip)
WARRIOR PIXIE (10 ancestry HP)
TWILIGHT PIXIE (Low-Light Vision)