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I hope you're still looking for applications; I'm very interested!

I'll fill out a brief application and summary, and if you would like more information, just let me know.

Mobius Jegarre, Half-Orc Illusionist

Mobius was born to a disgraced Chelaxian noblewoman, Iolanva, near the shores of Desperation Bay. In her madness, she declared Mobius a demonic gift, and began plotting a dark future for her infant son that would bring her back to power.

From the start, however, Mobius was not what she wanted. Mobius grew tall and mighty from his Orcish heritage, but spent most of his time poring through dusty tomes and religious texts rather than training in martial combat. His compassionate nature was clear, but after several floggings he learned to repress it in order to please his mother.

Iolanva eventually conceded to Mobius' cerebral nature, and hired various tutors to instruct him in the ways of magic. His teachers were surprised that a Half-Orc could muster the patience and willpower to bend reality to his will, and that he could have as great a love for learning as he did. Mobius quickly developed a passion for magic, and longed to enter the grand halls of the Arcanamirium in Absalom.

His chance came, albeit in a bittersweet way. His mother fell ill, and her condition worsened at a worrying rate. On her last day, she tried to make Mobius swear to her that he would fulfill her ambitions. He could not lie to her; he longed to study and cared little for political power or material wealth. She died cursing his name in wrath, and Mobius' left for Absalom that night, heartbroken.

His studies have been incredibly productive, and his history of keeping things hidden influenced him towards the school of Illusion. Eventually, he was given the opportunity to study abroad, which he gladly accepted. Little did his teachers know that he chose to travel to Garund for more than mere study...

Congratz to all those who made it, and have fun!

I have never played-by-post, nor have I played Carrion Crown, so this opportunity has me excited. If you would like the crunch as well I will post that in short order; he's going to be a dex-based Dervish Dancing Magi.

Name: Izkrael Sunderstorm

Race: Grey Elf (Mordant Spire)

Class: Magus

Traits: Chance Savior, Youthful Mischief, Mordant Heritage

Deity: Calistria

Appearance: Izkrael has a youthful handomeness common to elves, but is disfigured by a mild burn scar on his lower right cheek.
His eyes are amber and shine in a faint fashion not unlike honey. His hair is a blue-black color and is typically bound in a topknot-ponytail when Izkrael is not at home. His clothes and armor are both mundane and even in slight disrepair, save for his unsettling Mordant Mask; a beautifully crafted visage resembling a cuttlefish-like monstrosity that Izkrael wears to terrify his foes.

Personality: Izkrael reflects his confused upbringing in his very demeanor. He is both constantly amused and unsettling, the latter due to his Mordant upbringing. He loves jokes and is very indulgent, but also possesses a barely-hidden air of self-disdain and paranoia. The latter is constantly demonstrated by Izkrael's tendency to constantly shift his head and his mercurial conversation techniques; he stares some people down, while barely acknowledging others.

Background: Thrust into the world an orphan, Izkrael split his time amongst both Varisian humans and the Mordant Elves. Both found him strange. The elves even went so far as to keep most Mordant secrets away from Izkrael and leaving him mostly to his own device, hoping he would just leave them alone.

Instead, Izkrael only strove harder to earn their respect. Eventually, Izkrael recovered an Azlanti artifact single-handedly, and threatened to destroy it unless the Mordants trained him in the arcane arts. For a few years, they begrudgingly did so, but a failed assassination attempt(where he gets his scar) prompted his to leave, where he headed East to Ustalav, hoping to study there.

He enrolled into an arcane school, and studied diligently. His interests were clearly in the martial realm, and so he also took up training with local mercenaries, where his varied abilities were very appreciated. He met the Professor during this time by escorting him through the woods to the university, and learned to have incredible respect for his lectures. They developed a strong mentor-student relationship.

When the Professor died, Izkrael immediately dropped his studies and headed to Ravengro to pay his respects.

To Azure and Spiral_Ninja, I'd love to be a part of either of your games, and I'd make a new character if that would be best. I wasn't terribly familiar with the Pathfinder setting, but now I think I could make something a little better up.

I'll have my crunch done as soon as possible, I've settled on Paladin. New story to go with it as well.

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27. Strix (black, avian humanoids with harpy-like builds)
11. Drow
32. Derro
60. Vegepygmy
98. Rogue Modron (free-willed box-like construct)

Oh my.

Nazahrel's Veil was always very thin, very weak. The fae, in their awesome terror, took advantage of this. They would cross the Veil and steal away first children, but eventually families, farms, then entire villages. These actions only served to weaken the Veil, and so fiends and angels crossed over and used Nazahrel as a battleground.

The war was brutal. The Celestials and the Fiends both were numberless, but the mortals caught between the factions were not. Countless people died, and soon a collection of Human and Elven people fled deep within Nazahrel's massive, cavernous underground. The underground had enough to sustain them; fungus and strange beasts for food, underground lakes and rivers for water, and stone for construction. However, the depths of Nazahrel held strange energies, and soon the men and elves found themselves changing. The end result of this mutation was the Drow, a xenophobic, byzantine, and matriarchal society that is nonetheless idealistic about one day reclaiming the surface.

The fae didn't just vanish during the war of course. Many were caught between the horrors of the Great Soul War, and some of the fae even fled underground along with the Drow. The alien nature of the material world and the dark energies found underground warped the fae into an almost unrecognizable shape, and the Derro were born. Scavengers and nomads, the Derro are nevertheless cunning and capable.

The arcadian magic of the fae also created the Vegepygmies as servants by twisting the plantlife of Nazahrel into sapient life. When the fae left, however, to avoid the Great Soul War, the Vegepygmies felt betrayed and forgotten. The Vegepygmies now stay deep within the few forests of Nazahrel that are not scorched to ash, and await the day they can get revenge or at least make a new purpose for themselves.

Of course, not all creatures hide deep below Nazahrel or within her forests. Some shelter so high above, the War seems insignificant. These are the Strix, the Ashen Bird-Men. Their vast cities built into mountain peaks are a true wonder to behold, and their fighting prowess is similarly astounding. They too, wish to reclaim Nazahrel for the native peoples of the land, and Strix adventurers are a common sight.

Finally, are the Modrons. Creations of the Dwarves (who are now all mad), the Modron were mindless servants until the Great Soul War began, and somehow, the Modrons became alive. Most fled the Dwarven Mountainhomes, and found themselves welcomed by the Drow and sometimes even Derro. Some seek to cure their masters, while others seek to usurp their strongholds. Either way, a Modron is a great ally indeed.

Actually, scratch that, I may also play a paladin. The background would still be fairly similar though.

I'd like to play. This would be my first CC and my first PbP, so you know. New experiences.

Gorum the Soul-Wounded ; Human (Kellid) Barbarian

One night, many years ago, a young Varisian girl by the name of Bella escaped from her home and vanished into the night. To her family and village, she is a distant memory, but to the Tooth-Eaters, a Kellid tribe that dwells in the swamps of Ustalav, she is very real. Bella wandered too far into the woods during her attempt to wrestle free of the binds of her marriage, and became lost. Hearing the strange sounds of wildlife and worse, she nearly fainted with relief when she came upon a camp of humans. The Tooth-Eaters were initially suspicious, but they were willing to take her in and protect her from the horrors of the night. Their wiseman, Garik, was charmed by her beauty just as she blushed at his strength and bestial charisma, and soon Gorum was born.

Gorum was a sickly infant, and the tribes-people were worried that perhaps Bella's spawn was cursed. Such worries were soon dispelled, however, as Gorum grew quickly and grew well. He would eventually go on to outgrow all other tribesmen, even Yongan the Bear, and Yongan was large indeed.

Garik could tell early on the Gorum was not well-suited for shaman work, as his zeal and physique both pushed him towards a warrior's life. And so Gorum spent his early years with the hunters, learning his way around the spear and the bow. Eventually, during a great raid of a small village, Gorum won the greatsword off of a defeated soldier, and has since kept it, often bragging of it's quality.

During a hunt, Gorum's father had fallen ill, and Gorum was plunged into melancholy. His tribe needed to migrate, but Gorum elected to stay behind and care for his father and mother. During this time, Professor Lorrimor was studying in the wilds when he was attacked by wolves Gorum had been tracking. At the last minute, Gorum's arrows killed the wolves and saved the Professor's life. Gorum invited him to stay with him in the hopes of his father being healed. While the Professor could not save him, Gorum and Lorrimor became good friends during the time, and Gorum and his mother decided to accompany Lorrimor back to civilization.

Complete Stealth or Complete Skirmish. Better stealth rules. Made rogues better. Make horse combat better. Yeah.

I'd like the system to evolve into a more unique form eventually, while keeping it's purpose. I want the system to 'feel' like Pathfinder and not lose the charm. At the same time, I think classes should be more customizable, with classes having several abilities to choose from. Kinda like archetypes do now.

And perhaps a bit more variation in combat maneuvers. Things like called shots really improve gameplay for non-spellcasters. Focus should be given to dodges, trips, and other tactical decisions to make being a fighter even more fun.

And, while I love Golarion, I think it would be interesting if Paizo started endorsing alternative campaign settings.

Most of all, the typical D&D stuff shouldn't be changed, and it should still feel more like 3.x than 4e. Nothing intrinsic to the game should be removed or changed so drastically that it barely resembles it's original form.

Lawful Neutral, likely. Not evil, as you weren't doing this for yourself. And you can still be lawful and not strictly adhere to legal behavior as long as you have your own morals.


I am.

I am... Stokos.

To him, that was enough. The solidity of a name was enough to bind himself to the very concept of being. He gazed out, and began to grow disappointed. He wanted form, regulation, shape. And so there was.

He wanted sharp spires to jut forth from the sea, forming a chain of earth, of land, of solid substance.

And so it was.

(2 PP, make ocean. 2 PP, make mountain range/archipelago.

No it doesn't, haha.

You two are in!

Alright, you're all in. And you may Arazni, I'm not really going to 'DM' this as much as serve as a facilitator. It will hopefully be a group endeavor.

I'll post my character here, I've already made the IC thread.

Name of God: Stokos
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Starting Domain(s): Law, Earth
Physical Appearance: Stokos appears as a blissful, but stern figure, adorned in simple brown robes that seem to flow on infinitely. His face is obscured by a mask without feature, made of a reflective surface that is said to show those who look upon their deepest flaws and sins.
Symbol: A glaive rising from the earth, eclipsing the sun.
Titles: The Lawgiver, He Who is Forever

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No one exactly remembers how or when it started, as no one was there. Nothing was there. Eventually, it is believed swirling energies phased in and out of existence, as reality struggled to be born from the void. Stars, clusters of magic, and even primitive, formless worlds were created and destroyed in the span of a second. Nothing seemed to be able to tether matter in the void, as so nothingness and absence prevailed.

Until, after vast spans of time before time even existed, beings of pure energy, embodying pure concepts, began to form and learn to control themselves. To make themselves REAL. They would change from their original state almost immediately, as they began to make their mark on a young world.

This is their story.

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note: This was inspired by a wonderful series of threads on the WotC forums. Those threads were very likely inspired by the 'Dawn of Worlds' game, which is where the rules here are primarily rooted at.

Lords of Creation is an RPG in which players take up the roles of gods and create.. well.. creation. The goal is to create a usable, unique setting that combines the ideas of multiple people. Even with this goal, however, Lords of Creation is a blast in and of itself. It's just fun to play, and fun to create a dynamic world with other gamers through your actions and thoughts.

Basic Rules:

The rules are fairly simple, using Power Points (pp) to measure your current level of power and ability to enact your will. All gods begin with 4. Different actions have different costs, and PP will periodically refill at a time depending on the level of activity. Likely weekly. If a god doesn't have enough PP to complete an action in a given turn, they may begin that action and complete it next turn. However, the player must specifically state that they are allocating that PP for a specific action, they must not already have access to the PP necessary to complete the action, and they must complete that action as soon as possible after the reset. Such carry-overs only work for one week. Also, the amount of PP you get can increase by good Roleplaying and major contributions.

Oh! And on your first turn, you get double PP to play with (8).

Actions wrote:

0PP Cantrip - This action can produce a variety of low-level or temporary effects.

1PP Nourish - This action causes the target to thrive and prosper.
1PP Command - This causes the target to perform, adopt, or discover a particular type of behavior.
1PP Mold (Minor) - This creates or modifies a small amount of land, water, or similar substance.
1PP Harm - The opposite of the Nourish action, this brings calamity to the target.
1PP Spawn - This creates a creature that could present a threat to a PC.
1PP Forge (Lesser) - This creates a powerful magical item of limited power. These artifacts only serve to aid mortals or to affect a small area of the world.

2PP Mold (Major) - This creates or modifies a moderate amount of land, water, or similar substance.
2PP Craft (Minor) - This creates an avatar or a pocket demiplane.
2PP Forge (Moderate) - This creates a powerful magical item of intermediate power. These artifacts have a relatively minor use for gods, or they may affect a moderate portion of the world, or they may be structural artifacts.
2PP Fashion - Create a new domains, either passive or active.
2PP Beget (Minor) - Brings a new God into existence

3PP Beget (Major) - This creates a being of divine origin, usually an exarch and rarely a mortal hero.
3PP Forge (Greater) - This creates some inanimate object of divine nature (aka, an artifact) that is capable of influencing mortals and the world in general. These artifacts can produce PP or combat bonuses
3PP Shape - This creates a race of civilized beings.

4PP Craft (Major) - This creates an alternate plane of existence.

XPP Alter - This modifies an existing thing and turns it into something else. This action usually creates a 1pp savings on a chosen action but comes with stipulations.

Character Creation:

You simply need to fill out this template in this thread and request to join.

Name of God: It's your name. :D
Aligntment: Typical Pathfinder/D&D alignments.
Starting Domain(s): You begin play with two domains. These should motivate and flavor your actions, and guide your roleplaying. (fire, water, death, love, art, war, music, travel, dreams, etc.)
Physical Appearance: How your god appears. He can be as strange or humanoid as you want. Your god can always change his appearance for a specific situation if need be...
Symbol: The icon that represents your god. A water god could simply have a wave, but a water/death god could have a drowning man. It will be the symbol your clerics with adorn themselves with! (Crucifix, crescent and moon, Star of David, etc.)
Titles: Names mortals refer to you by. Odin was the Allfather, Quetzalcoatl the Feathered Serpent, etc.

sample character wrote:

Name of God: Rajar
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Starting Domain(s): Ice, War
Physical Appearance: Rajar maintains a slightly humanoid shape; however her limbs are grossly oversized. Her skin is an inhuman shade of yellow, and most of her face is concealed by a shadow-like robe that constantly shifts across her body. Everywhere she walks seems somehow more dangerous, more hostile. Her voice is shockingly soft and beautiful, lulling people into a false sense of safety.
Symbol: A tear drop frozen to a human eye.
Titles: The Mother of Orphans, She Who Does Not Weep.

We'll begin once we have a few players!

I'd also be very interested, though you have your group finished. Let me know if you need a replacement or whatnot!