Is there anyone else who would like to play a Kingmaker game?


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Hi everyone. I've wanted to play in a kingmaker game for some time now, but I was never able to get in one. Since no one seems to be starting KM games at the moment I thought to take the reversed approach and ask if there's anyone willing to GM a knigmaker game, and of course people willing to play it.

If you'd like to play in KM, please post here, hopefully we can find someone to GM us.

I'd certainly like another go at Kingmaker, the last campaign I was in folded unexpectedly.
We did not get all that far either I think.

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I'd play in one. Started one on these boards that stopped at Oleg's.

Willing to play a Cavalier

I'd love to play. I'd go Alchemist or Monk if I played. Never played either, and would like to! :D

I would love to play. I shall submit a 1st level sorcerer shortly.

I'll run one for y'all... I'll set up a discussion thread for you (six posters above my post) to decide what you would like to take and post your builds. I'll have house rules etc there. If by Friday the 23rd someone is not interested or leaves the planet I will open up recruitment to others.

Thanks :). I have my sorcerer ready.

Discussion thread is open here

Aww are you serious I just checked this thread 3 hours ago thought id wait and get char idea up :(

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Thanks everybody and DM Bloodgargler especially. I'll submit my warrior in the discussion Thread, I think the Aldori Swordlord archetype to be quite appropriate for this AP ;P

Though you have your 6 people, I'd be happy to put my name down as an alternate. I have a few character conceptes that I think would work well with this campaign.

I'd also be very interested, though you have your group finished. Let me know if you need a replacement or whatnot!

Here's my sword and board fighter built for kingmaker. If there's any other GMs out there, or if any slots open up in Bloodgargler's game, I'd love a shot.

I'm willing to GM a game. I'll post a recruitment thread soon.


I was thinking of a high WIS/CHA druid rather than the high STR druid I normally play. I plan on ignoring Treatmont and keeping the animal companion (sacrilege you say). Can't see a druid without a companion. I just hope we can get a KM game that lasts.

I'd love to play in a kingmaker game, a cleric with negative energy or an inquisitor would be my class of choice.

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I too would like to play in a Kingmaker game. Thinking a Cailistrian Anti-Paladin or possibly a Martial Artist drunkard bruiser type.

I'd be willing to play, if there's room. I've heard good things about Kingmaker.

Would a ranger or cavalier fit with the party composition? I've been playing a lot of spellcaster types lately, but and wanting to play a more martial character again.

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I'm interested in playing KM as well.

Bowing out. Decided to run a game idea I'd been considering doing online for a while...

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dotting for interest. would love to play either a Tian Soulknife or an Elan Psion (Using the Dreamscarred press Psionics rules)

Looking for one .. preference goes to those who have posted here raventhorn, dathom, chainmail, dirtymoses, caraldur, leon, etc...

however group is looking to fill a role .. could really use arcane caster with whatever the sexy word for utility is. We have mobility fighter, cavalier going cav/bard, monk, weather domain druid, and life oracle. ... I'll check back here for interest and questions..

I would like to play my gnome sorceror. Plan on being a buffing sorceror at first -- not a direct damage dealer. A team player (mage armor for the monk of course).

Furiel was small even for a gnome - and very weak. He was constantly picked on by other gnomes and more so by the other races in his cosmopolitan city of birth. According to his parents, there was gold dragon blood in his veins. He showed an incredible aptitude for magic, and was apprenticed to a local sorceror where he found his size didn't really matter. His master commented that wizards that are noticed, tend to get hit a lot.

Furiel vowed to stay small and unremarkable and bide his time. He found out when he was teased and bullied, he could grow claws on his hands and feet, but this made him even more an object of ridicule. Furiel has left to seek his fortune in the greater world where creatures are not measured by size and strength.

Avatar and some crunch can follow -- but character concept first. Furiel wants to be a pioneer -- Start fresh and build something -- show his merit where merit is king -- a wild frontier.

Also, following the lines of this thread somewhat, I'm in a Kingmaker game already running where we've lost our GM. We would be quite delighted to have someone pick up the threads. We're 5 characters that are quite detailed with lots of interaction and roleplaying so far and I'm pretty certain that a willing GM would not be disappointed.

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I have an idea for a Half-Elf Summoner, if you're interested, Bloodgargler. Or possibly an Illusionist. But certainly a full caster.

@Chainmail - any progress on Furiel?

@PsionicFox - I told chainmail and a few others from initial recruitment I'd give them preference, but I'd like to fill the spot in next week or two. So up to you... if you would like to get started on it at least whenever you have the time..

I will make Furiel immediately. Next post will have the coolest gnome picture I can find.

@PsionicFox - Thank you for your interest.. it looks like we are going with Chainmail's character.

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Okay. I guess I'll stop building my Summoner then? Damn. I just finished working on the Eidolon, and was about to ask you about creation rules. Ho hum.

But others were here before me, so I can sit in the wings in case someone else drops. drop me a line here if you have a slot open up again.

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