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Yuugasa wrote:
captain yesterday wrote:
Yuugasa wrote:
Also sorry for the sexual reference folks, I had decided to edit it out but my internet crapped out and by the time it was back up it was too late.
But, without it the whole Hello Kitty discussion wouldn't have made any sense!
I know right? Context(?) Also it still fell under my qualifier for sexual references or stories, in that they have to be embarrassing or tales of failure to be funny, otherwise with tales of prowess or success you're just bragging.

Oh hey then, you obviously didn't hear about Ethel and the fish fry, huh? You betcha, that was something else, yah!

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lisamarlene wrote:

Adding to the list of things I am no longer allowed to bring up in conversation in front of my mother:

Lutefisk sushi

Ruinin' perfectly good Lutefisk! The nerve, you betcha!

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Hopefully soon the kids will crash.

I mean, you betcha! Or something... Not sure what happened there, evidently I go alias surfing when I wake from a nap.

Edit, again: now the wake up coffee is starting to work.

Oh yah! You betcha there!

I'd sure like a your guide, you bet'cha!

But ah won't be there, on account of the fish boil don't cha know there.

Oh ya, you bet'cha me and Vern went down to dat dare Rawchester for da fish fry. Well Vern had a burger don't'cha know, but Vern was always kinda an odd duck you bet'cha. What were we talking about? Oh, right! I like pickles, gherkins all da way, you bet'cha there!

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Oh ya, I stabbed those little f@$*ers right in the puke maker, you bet'cha!

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You betcha, why just come up yonder and get some good old minnesoooten hauspitality, just stop by the post office and Milly can get ya set up dare.

You betcha there.

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Gosh now, dat is a pickle dare, Didja talk to Bill about it.

Yah, watched the whole first season of Fargo in the last week, you bet'cha.

Oh hay dare now, nothin' wrong with being a heathen, you betcha!

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Gosh now, dat's a real pickle now ain't it. Didja talk ta Bill about it, ya know he's really good at that sorta think.

You betcha!

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Now hey there you don't wanna make fun of da heathens don'tcha know. Before ya know it, it's off to tha woodchipper for ya, you bet'cha ya!