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Ended up capping the Shadows innate ability to only one controlled at a time. He can still create more, but they aren't under his direct control and are liable to attack the party. He was also given the ability to create a basic zombie instead of a shadow at his discretion. He has gained class levels in Oracle that allows him to control a number of undead as well. Any undead he creates with his ability can be controlled as long as it doesn't exceed this number. Its working well so far.

On the Incorporeal part, the party has found a magical dungeon and have discovered that the individual floors are actually separate extra dimensional spaces. When the shadow tries to go through a border, they find its springy like a bubble and have been too nervous to push through yet. He can still pass through material objects within the environment (I.E. chairs, doors, walls,) but the outer limits are barriers of sorts.

Last session he had created a shadow within the dungeon which immediately turned against the party as he exceeded his limit. He commanded it using command undead to flee down through the floor. The shadow hit the barrier and continued until it eventually poked a hole through the wall and out of the extra dimensional space. Now im trying to think of possible "glitches" to impose if the party returns there. I'm thinking a shadow that's partially constantly in flux. So shadow with blur effect.

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Pizza Lord wrote:

'The Floor is Lava' level. The floor is not real lava, it looks perfectly normal but living creatures touching it are horribly burned and slowed as if moving through deep mud (it doesn't hinder climbing out of it, but trying to run or jump out or along it is). Objects are unharmed if dropped and can be picked up, but only solid, relatively immobile or thick objects are safe (at least the size of a medium shield). They could theoretically use two such objects to move across the floor by stepping forward and picking up the rear one and dropping it in front of them. Other items, like a backpack or trying to lay out a bedroll or blanket will burn anyone on it. The rooms are well-laid out with plenty of overstuffed and normal chairs, desks and tables, as well as bookshelves along the walls. Maybe a serving cart and a broom can be used as a makeshift ferry for one person at a time (maybe 2 small ones). Figuring out how to get through doors or down long, turning corridors can be a challenge, possibly balancing along a hand-rail running along its length.. Enemies can be chokers or other agile creatures with reach and grab (which pull PCs towards them and let go, putting them on the floor), or flying creatures.

'Hall of Mirrors', this level is several rooms and corridors of mirrors along the walls, floor and ceiling (with lighting). It can be maze-like, but there should be plenty of paths through it. Light based attacks and spells are reflected if they strike a mirror (possibly at the caster, possibly at an angle, depending on the mirror's angle). There are also special illusory wall illusions of mirrors (they can't be seen through even if disbelieved except by their caster). These variants are figment-based, working on the viewer's mind, so that they fill in seeing themselves or what they believe they might see in the mirror (rather than worrying about whether an illusionary mirror can normally show an actual reflection). Enemies can by light-using creatures, like lantern archons that are proficient in...

I will definitely use the "floor is lava" idea. The mirror maze might work, but will take time to implement. Luckily I have 100 floors to work with!

I think ill make every 10th floor a fun floor. Maybe put a few secret floors like 9 3/4 floor along the stairs that leads to a snack trolly. Im also going to add a cow level.

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McDaygo wrote:
The entire dungeon is a colossal Mimic. That has other smaller Mimics inside it as well. If the PC’s are monsters they either can or don’t know which chamber is the no no room (where they get eaten if in)

Not bad, but one of the PC's is actually playing a mimic so I think he'd notice it. The tower is more or less filled with extra dimensional spaces so it cannot be a mimic itself, but there could easily be a smaller room that's the stomach of a larger creature

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I'm currently running a fun/gag campaign where the players are playing various monsters. Their goal is to create the best dungeon ever and lure lots of adventurers to their deaths. To the dismay of the local monsters, new dungeons began cropping up across the country. The new dungeons were created by the Archmage of the mages guild in a vain attempt to outperform his rival.

The dungeons are large towers that spring out of the ground near population centers. The dungeons have one hundred stories of preprogramed mini dungeons which must be cleared in order to rise to the top. However, the rule of the game is to have fun. Im looking for inventive ideas for short one to five room dungeons that show off silly gimicks. the first floor was catacomb themed and sported around 15 zombies and skeletons. the party was worried at first, but found the undead had an aggro range of 20ft. to simulate a rpg.

Im looking for similar ideas. Anything goes. Ive considered doing a level which is a small cave guarded by a ferocious rabbit. the more nerd humor the better.

Excited to see what yall come up with!

(The party is level 6 atm)

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Artofregicide wrote:

You've basically created a recipe for disaster here. Shadows are wicked powerful for their CR. And even if the number is spawn created is capped, they're still an incorporeal creature with a ton of resistances (undead), a touch attack with ability damage, and insanely good stealth.

Assuming you allow them class levels on top of this, you solve their two weaknesses- low HP and low accuracy.

But if you're running a monster campaign you're probably already dealing with all kinds of shenanigans.

So good luck I guess.

So far we have a Mimic, two wyrmlings, and a shadow. The whole game is intentionally a farce. The last session the party spent 30 min trying to figure out how to move overland distances efficiently since the largest creature in the group is the mimic with a land speed of 10ft. They ended up turning the mimic into a giant gerbil wheel and rolling around with the dragons running inside.

Great fun overall. Not planning on too much balancing, but an army of shadows is not something i can allow.

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Doompatrol wrote:

Traditionally Shadows are dumb undead that are only driven by hatred and hunger and are restricted to a specific spot. Just fluff it that being a free thinking Shadow means that they can only have X amount because they need to assert control or the Shadow will just go off and do whats in its nature.

LordKailas wrote:
It might be a bit excessive at higher levels but at 10th level (the 15 score), how useful are 12 3HD shadows really?

Frighteningly effective in a lot of encounters. That's 12 incorporeals going in making +6 touch attacks that do 1d6 strength damage.

You need to remember this isn't just some group of shadows waiting for the PC's, this is a shadow army that can be backed by PC hijinx.

You could carry them around in a bag of holding. That's actually a good idea for a trap, shadows in a bag of holding.

That is a great idea, I hope my party members don't frequent this board. That would really screw with some peasants.

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LordKailas wrote:

You could run it like Leadership or even vile leadership. The PC gets a leadership score which gets compared to the chart. But they don't get a cohort and followers. Instead you just add up the numbers and divide by 3 (rounding down) to determine how many HD worth of shadows they can control.

so, at a leadership score of:
10 they can control 4 shadows (8+5x1)
15 they can control 12 shadows (10+20x1+2x2+1x3)

It might be a bit excessive at higher levels but at 10th level (the 15 score), how useful are 12 3HD shadows really?

You could rule that any that get created beyond the limit aren't under their control or perhaps they simply can't create more than their limit allows. In any case the shadows the PC creates should probably not be able to create spawn themselves or if they can those spawn count against the PC's limit, otherwise this can get out of hand really quick.

I like your suggestion. I think ill go with that. Ill allow the Shadow to create spawn even if they do not have enough leadership points. Those created in excess are just free to do their own bidding. I'm flavoring the newly created shadows as still retaining some of their memories at first, but they are quickly losing them like a dream. If the aren't controlled, then they would probably panic and flee immediately.

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I'm currently running a campaign where the PC's play as monstrous races. One of said PC's is playing a shadow. Having the ability to unlimited cohorts feels like it would cause problems rather quickly, so im looking or ideas to balance it.

For starters, I could require the Shadow to follow the same rules as a necromancer and have the spawn roll to break free at will. That or put a limit on the number of shadows the PC can keep in sway.

I do not want to remove the ability entirely, as the point of the game is to have fun, but I need to balance it.

Any suggestions would be welcome.

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willuwontu wrote:
Darrag Oathsbane wrote:

Now to throw a wrench into the works.

I'm currently running a campaign where the PC's play as monstrous races. One of said PC's is playing a shadow. Having the ability to unlimited cohorts feels like it would cause problems rather quickly, so im looking or ideas to balance it.

For starters, I could require the Shadow to follow the same rules as a necromancer and have the spawn roll to break free at will. That or put a limit on the number of shadows the PC can keep in sway.

I do not want to remove the ability entirely, as the point of the game is to have fun, but I need to balance it.

Any suggestions would be welcome.

1. Don't let players be a shadow.

2. This deserves its own thread in the advice forum, not rules forum.

Thanks, I thought it was a good idea to ask the question where others of like mind were already discussing it. Ill make a new post in advice.

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Now to throw a wrench into the works.

I'm currently running a campaign where the PC's play as monstrous races. One of said PC's is playing a shadow. Having the ability to unlimited cohorts feels like it would cause problems rather quickly, so im looking or ideas to balance it.

For starters, I could require the Shadow to follow the same rules as a necromancer and have the spawn roll to break free at will. That or put a limit on the number of shadows the PC can keep in sway.

I do not want to remove the ability entirely, as the point of the game is to have fun, but I need to balance it.

Any suggestions would be welcome.

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Malach the Merciless wrote:

NOOOOOO!! Sorry been playing Dungeons and Dragons since 1979, Mimics and Rust Monster are way played out. We only bring them out as jokes now a days.

Sorry to my Buzz Killington here

I agree that mimics are a bit overplayed, thats why I only plan on using one in my campaign. Usually my campaigns last around a year in real life and three-four in game after downtime is taken into account. Only reason I ask is to make sure the one singular Mimic I add to the game makes sense in the setting.

That and I also just enjoy thinking about stuff like this.

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Shinigami02 wrote:
BigNorseWolf wrote:
that's no moon... (spaceship sized mimic!)

Few months back I learned about DnD's House Hunter, a house-sized (and shaped) mimic, so my first thought was a Starfinder version of that that took on the form of a spaceship.

As for a more normal sized mimic, you could have a particularly fancy Mimic Null-Space Chamber for the new hungry bag, Tent Mimics of all shapes and sizes, Mimic Escape Pods, Mimic Vehicles, Mimic Storage Lockers (both horizontal like you'd find in a barracks and vertical like schools/workplaces/etc, some large species may even form an entire walls of lockers, with each locker just being a separate mouth), Mimic Arcade Games, Mimic Control Panels... a Mimic Recharging Station could be quite dangerous, go to recharge your batteries or even your environmental protections, and the wires suddenly come to life to grab you and drag you into a well-hidden mouth.

Basically, it's not as simple as 'treasure chest' anymore, but with some creativity there's all sorts of stuff of all sizes that someone might approach, many someone might even open.

I feel like most of the Xenowarden tech could easily be designed using Mimic Dna. Maybe their ships are just massive domesticated Mimics.

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The Artificer wrote:
I am a huge mimic fan, so I have already introduced a new terror to my game.. Vending machine! It offers a lot of new products it scans from infosphere ads on its buttons, it also actually works as a fully functioning vending machine for people that have permission from its creator.

Very nice! I like the idea of creating mimics for a purpose. Maybe Mimic Batteries could be produced that automatically leave a weapon when empty? be a cool pet to have too.

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Mimics are one of my favorite monsters and as a gm, I always try to fit them in at some point within a campaign. However, when transitioning to pathfinder, I've been struggling to find a satisfactory item a mimic could disguise itself as. Also, what kind of technological or magical advancements may mimics have undergone? What I'm specifically looking for is creative disguises that allow mimics to ambush their prey effectively, maintain a level of safety, and keep close enough to food to stay well fed.

A few ideas I have come across:

Toilet Mimic: Ambush people when they're generally alone, and if the target is not alone, just process the waste as normal.

Cargo Container: Similar to the classic "Treasure Chest" Mimic, but feels less effective as Cargo Containers are rather common. The only place this would be effective is in a low population environment which brings scarcity of food into play.

Tall Gun Safe Mimic: Instills that level of allure similar to the Treasure chest Mimic, but suffering the same problem as the cargo container.

Potential Advancements for the Mimic include developing the ability to create an electric current and simulate digital devices.

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BigNorseWolf wrote:

Can't items already be broken down into 10% UPBs? We joked there was a giant blender on the ship.

We made the ships AI cover her eyes when we get to get some expensive augmentations out of someone...

Look at the Corpse Recycler. Perhaps you could design something similar? I currently have one built into my game as part of a mining vessels reprocessing array. It converts materials mined by the laser into BPU's if all the materials are present. Otherwise they get shunted into cargo containers.

Perhaps make a recycler as a bay that can only be used for an onboard Tech Lab. That or just raw materials that can be sold as trade goods equal to 10% of the original item.

This works well in combination with a mining laser. You can give the party "treasure" in a set amount of materials mined in the process of destroying the enemy ship.

Hope that helps.

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The Artificer wrote:
I think the item I would most like is a device that can generate UPBs. My idea for this is to have a digital grinder that renders down items to create "Uncharged" UPBs in Greater number than the 10% sell back value which, in addition, also need to consume charges from batteries to make them work like normal for a brief time to balance out a better ratio vs just reselling the items for 10% worth in credits. In addition to to being "Uncharged" I think that should also be "unstable", which would also mean they could not convert to credits and would also begin decay over time making it very difficult to stored up large amounts of the "Unstable" UPBs. I personally would love to hear feedback about this idea because I'm tempted to make it myself lol.

Your description could easily be solved by just using a heavy bayonet. Doesn't require powered quality and can be used as is. No need to switch as a swift action. As far as i know, the only penalty is for full attacking just like if you had attacked with the axe and a pistol.

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Serisan wrote:
Imbicatus wrote:

It's really annoying on powered melee weapons. It's so frustrating that the lightsaber plasma sword flickers off after 10 attacks, when in Star Wars they last for decades.

The first thing I'm houseruling is a self powered weapon fusion that will allow any powered weapon to operate indefinitely without needing to swap batteries.

Powered wrote:

Unlike with a ranged weapon, the usage is

for 1 minute of operation rather than per attack,

Got it, Portable miniaturized Mining Laser. Any weapon attacks with it collect materials from the target and store it as UPBs in the hilt. Slap a Manufacturing fusion on it and it self feeds UPBs for continuous damage as long as you keep swinging!

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What id particularly like to see are some personal energy shields like the Jackles from Halo. Something you need to turn on and gives you a flat EAC and KAC bonus.

That and an Advanced Melee weapon that allows you to deflect all projectiles regardless of damage type. While I know there is already the gale baton, but thematically I would never use it with a character. Its just a club surrounded by wind. Meh.

Im sure Ill just house rule a weapon into the game that matches what I have in my head, but it would be nice to have something a bit more solid.

Also, a Weapon hilt that allows the replication of a Solarians Weapon manifestation. Either for armor solarians or others that just want to take advantage of the cool Solarian mechanic. Sure, it sounds just like a lightsaber, but why not? they're cool.

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Midboss57 wrote:

I'd love to see more weapons with multiple modes of fire.

Take the under barrel weapons. Grenade launchers are a good start, but lets be creative. I want my scaterguns (Starship Trooper style), my Flame Throwers (Valkyria Chronicles style), my foe grabbing grappling hooks (Doom Eternal or Roadhog style). Heck, if we want to go the whole way, I want my all in one gun like in the Fith Element.

Or even special ammunition. Incendiary rounds, emp rounds, explode before hitting target rounds, High Penetration rounds, White Phosphorous... sort of like the Deathwatch weaponry.

Or really, anything which would qualify as Alt-Fire in games like Doom or Wolfenstein.

I dont know if im just late to the party, but there's a weapon modification that allows you to do this for the most part. Either a modified Uniclamp that works with weapons under 1 bulk or just use the Maze-core mechanics to make a fresh weapon.

Uniclamp https://www.aonsrd.com/WeaponAccessories.aspx?ItemName=Uniclamp&Family= None

Maze-Croe https://www.aonsrd.com/AlienDisplay.aspx?ItemName=Nuar%20Enforcer&Famil y=Nuar

Hopefully that helps! I'm planning on giving our groups soldier access to a maze core automatic rifle with a tactical ripper under barrel. Make a man out of them kasatha.

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I once had a group of players surrounded by guards while trying to stage a coup to overthrow a tyrant king. Previously they had uncovered the haft of what appeared to be a mace that had divine origins. Upon the BBEG surrounding the party with his corrupt guards, the Inquisitor prayed to the haft and to the god that made it in a desperate attempt to save his comrades. Out of character i asked him how serious he was in his plea, and asked if he would like to sacrifice his remaining spells per day to make it heard. The player immediately agreed and had his prayer heard by the creator of the weapon. Unknown to the players, the mace's original owner and creator was none other than Asmodeus himself. In response, Asmodeus sent an Image of himself to fight in his stead wielding the now repaired mace. The players were horrified and regreted it immediately. As payment for his services, the Inquisitor had to torture the other players in a demiplane for a few days. They got to keep the mace though.

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What I will be proposing in my sessions:

One round of Starship Combat is equal to 1 minute.

Im not sure how well this will work out, especially since shields recharge on minute increments, but I will let you know how it plays out.

I feel like a minute per round pretty much sums it up. During that minute, the players are doing a variety of tasks associated with their roles such as calculating and aiming the firing computers and flight paths. These actions could easily take a minute or so, especially since they take place with other actions implying that they are waiting for the right moment to finalize the command or input. Not to mention moving from one station to another. Just unclipping harnesses and such then floating to a different monitor would easily take a minute, several if you need to get to a different section of the ship like the engine room.

The only issue I see with this is the Drift timer of one minute. However, there's more factors than just waiting a minute. You have to stop and also have your engines shut down. Stopping a ship seems to be just as simple as not moving that round according to rules, so that would simply take 1 round, during which you can also shut off your engines for free. Once done, you would then need to sit for an additional round to then open the drift. So two rounds total to go from combat to escape mode. Once entering the Drift, you would then need to power up engines again to actually head to your destination. by then the enemy ship is probably in the drift with you, if they choose to pursue that is.

So shouldn't be a problem? but we shall see!

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Longshanks = mediums sized humanoids
Stompydeath = angry horse
Snarltooth = dog/wolf

just take basic descriptors of objects or people and slap them together

I.E. a barn would be described as big wooden walls with red paint, so perhaps something along the lines of "Big wood. full of stompydeath. nasty place"

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Mathmuse wrote:
shroudb wrote:

you don't need monastic weapons, or any sort of proficiency, to Parry with a Bo staff.

actually, since Bo's are twohanded, it's better, even for monks, to use a main-gause since it's one handed and gives the same +1.

but keep in mind, that some stances (wolf/tiger/crane) require your hands to deal their respective stance strikes, not "any body part" as per simply unarmed attacks (and dragon stance requires your legs, but that's besides the point).

I had not noticed that the bo staff is two-handed. I mix up bo staff and jo staff. Thank you for pointing that out. Under the current rules, changing the grip to two-handed takes an action. The dwarven clan dagger is also a one-handed parry weapon, but they are uncommon.

I added a correction to my comment in which proficiency might matter. If using a weapon with untrained proficiency to parry, would the monk's proficiency for AC drop to untrained?

Man it's satisfying to come back a few weeks later and find like minded individuals working together to form a solution. Makes me optimistic for the final release.

I really hope that this will happen, maybe just add the parry to monastic weapons feat but still have the separate feat for the "shield block" section?

Also, on the improvised weapon sections, wouldn't the broom just be considered a staff? and once broken, be considered clubs? I may be drawing some inspiration from the dreaded 5e, but I think its a solid point. I think a staff getting broken and downgrading to two clubs with the fragile condition is reasonable. your thoughts?

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Perhaps a feat that allows monks to consider monk weapons (such as staves, kama, sai, etc) for a reaction similar to shield block. You snap your weapon up to deflect a blow dealing a dent to the weapon and potentially breaking it.

you wouldn't add the "raise shield" action, so there wouldn't be the bonus to ac, but you'd be able to mitigate a little.

Have later feats allow you to instead of destroying a two-handed weapon you are using when reaching 0 HP, it just becomes two single handed simple weapons with the fragile condition. classic Jackie Chan.

Maybe a thematic and interesting way to solve the problem.

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Terminalmancer wrote:

It takes resonance to put something into or take something out of a bag of holding with an activate action. There's no bulk discount, either.

This would seem to work against the trope of the brave adventurers using a bag of holding to cart off the dozens of magic items and thousands of copper pieces in a dragon's hoard...

I can see why a balor demon wouldn't use magic items. I imagine they're innate magical defenses are created by them or others and would be the equivalent of a magical item, might even take Investment. Not to mention they are generally proud and might find our petty magics a disgrace.

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I really like the feel of this action. From my personal use of shields through SCA and Larp-like games, It functions very similar. When a person strikes the shield, an amount of force is transferred into the shields face potentially denting it. Once the material has been dented, thereby compressing the material, the force is transferred into the object supporting the shield. I.E. in the form of most humans, your arm. The arm then is thrown with the force of the blow allowing the weapon to hit you.

Using this representation, the shield block action seems spot on.

But... What if they added a feat or static bonus that adds your str mod to the hardness specifically for the shield block action?

Something like: When taking the shield block action, the PC adds his/her strength modifier(Min 1) to the amount of damage absorbed by hardness. The damage does not increase the Materials actual hardness and the shield gains dents as normal.

So when a monster hits you with 10 dam

PC blocks with wooden shield absorbing 3pts of damage at which point the force is transferred into his arm.

The feat kicks in giving his str bonus of 3 to make an additional 3 pts negated.

Leaving the 4 damage to continue into his shoulder.

The shield would take 1 dent as normal, but the 3 damage negated by the feat would just be negated.

The question I have is, If my interpretation is true, wouldn't armor also offer a hardness defense against attacks?

If armor already has this mechanic, great! I haven't read the whole rule book yet, but plan on doing so soon.

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My suggestion would be to include a "frustration" mechanic. Maybe everytime you crit fail, you go up one point in frustration adding a -1 to attack but a +1 to damage per point.

from what I can tell the new system is trying to step away from these statistical bonuses and lead more towards simplifies methods, but i think its a concept worth visiting.

Maybe use an action and roll a will save to "Purge" your frustration if you dont want the -1.

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Be playing half-orc ranger. Loves to live off the land and takes pride in using every part of the animal. When he hunts, all left over meat was quickly turned to jerky and placed in a large belt pouch. The character would always have jerky on hand.

Even when the bag was full, he would continue to make jerky and place it within the bag. Due to his dedication, the gods turned it into a endless bag of jerky. Which he kindly shared with everyone he ever came into contact with.

The same character also found a belt of teleportation. The belt had a pressure sensitive switch located on the buckle that when pressed would teleport the wielder 10 feet in the direction the belt was facing. Was an amazing item and was of great use during and out of combat, but not so great when the character rolls over in the middle of the night and teleported 10 feet into the ground.

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Lady-J wrote:
make everything an anti magic field so it wont matter if they can cast spells

The people doing the screening are probably ready for a magic user and have dealt with them before.

Perhaps add a small Wondrous Item that is a small bell, and when the bell is stimulated by the gathering of arcane energy, it begins to ring with an extremely sharp and painful noise not only calling the guards to investigate, but also causing the caster to potentially lose concentration.

Depending on your fantasy level, it could just be as simple as a material that reacts strongly to magic rather than a magical item.

If all else fails, simple manacles can dissuade most casters due to somatic components. A gag would be a bit much as I assume they are coming to talk to someone.

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Ciaran Barnes wrote:
Pointy hat, staff, robe with big sleeves.

Please tell me this is an "Off to be the Wizard" quote

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Here's an option. After lvl 12,just hire a pilot and a NPC crew. Make the Pilot the first mate. You and the party still make all the decisions but the first mate is the one who makes them happen. If you have problems with mutiny or other nonsense, just push them out into vacuum and hire someone else.

Thinking back to starwars, Darth Vader was a renowned starship pilot, and excellent strategist, but he never piloted a large vessel. He delegated the Piloting to a lower ranking offical and handled more surgical type strikes.

Also, It seems to me like a good idea to have a standing skeleton crew to watch over the ship while in port. Wouldn't want a hand ful of goblins to fly off with it and crash into the Absolom station. That would be quite the Insurance hike.

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SunsetPsychosis wrote:

You could make a trio of Android bards.


That is by far the best comment I have seen in a long time. SPG is awesome.

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I came across this problem with a ranged inquisitor. He would spin up like a gattling gun, casting spells the first round, and finishing off with his class specific buffs. By third round he was laying down holy retribution at everything in sight, doing massive amounts of damage from a safe distance. I countered this by letting the enemy use more hit and run tactics as well as BBEG using wind wall like effects. DR also helped, but not much when the magic damage gets tallied up. You just have to be creative and find a way past their specialization, while still allowing everyone to have fun.

Those same people who hyper specialize also love to have their egos stroked. If the BBEG negates their speciality, throw in the BBEG's notes on the character. Show why he had all these tricks prepared. It makes them feel like they are a threat even to the super baddies while also making it a bit more balanced.

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Im currently gm'ing a campaign based underwater. Im planning on allowing our alchemist to make a launcher akin to the goblin bomb thrower. It would launch conical shaped bombs allowing for movement through the water. May help you think of something. If the rules don't allow something, just look at the craft skills and creativity.

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Thanks for all the information Ferious Thune.

Ill take it into consideration. Seems like you are pumping out a pretty considerable amount of damage.

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You could look into Weapon Adept Monk. Normally only allows you to choose a monk weapon as your weapon of choice, but GM fiat is an easy fix for that. get high enough Str for power attack, get a good Dex and Wis going and you will dodge everything. I don't know if the Archetype fits into the Unchained Monk, but if it can, do it.

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Chess Pwn wrote:

no, kirin style takes 3 feats and 3 rounds to work on a target, by that time the bonuses aren't that useful as the target should be close to dead if not dead, then you need to spend more rounds on the next target. So using those three feats for more generally useful stuff should be better.

Your main problem is you took a fighty base and built a non-combat character, so of course you don't have anything to do in combat. A spellcaster or an Alchemist with those stats would have no problem contributing as they don't fight. But You have low HP, no str, and only light armor. And your INT doesn't really help you all that much, all you're getting with a +4 instead of +3 is some skill bonus and an extra round of studied combat. Putting your +2 into dex instead of int would help your combat out. So this is to help for next time, be sure to have an idea of how your character will help in combat before making them.

But with your guy I'd suggest trading your feats and going with a Bow there's a feat that lets you add your studied target bonuses while at ranged, OR trade agile maneuvers for Slashing grace. I'm not sure why you'd take agile maneuvers, let alone before slashing grace.

Makes sense. I initially didn't want a combat based character, I'm just looking for a way to assist more during combat. My character is a god when it comes to skills and getting past other objectives. Agile maneuvers was due to me thinking maybe trip or disarm maneuvers would help give our damage dealers the upper hand.

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Thanks for the suggestion. Flavorwise though, Im not a fan of the rapier. Ive already gotten the Falchion approved for both Finesse and Slashing Grace as long as I attach the Effortless lace. Might be able to convince gm to allow swordcane to act as rapier for the Inspired blade abilities and feats. Both piercing weapons after all.

I don't think ability scores at this point are liable to change.
I could take a level in synthesist summoner to bring it up a bit making falchions and the like more viable.

Also, would Kirin style be a good thing to throw in?

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Im playing a homebrew campaign and looking at options to add more utility in combat.

My stats are 4th Level Investigator

10 Str
16 Dex
12 Con
18 Int
13 Wis +1 at lvl 4
10 Cha

Weapon finesse
Weapon Focus Falchion
Agile Manuvers

Im looking at utilizing Slashing Grace, and maybe Implementing Kirin style feat path. What would be the best way to get past the feat taxes, and still maintain the Investigator feel.
I would like to either use a Sword cane, Unarmed strikes, or any weapon tied to orcish weapon familiarty.

Most of the build is aimed at support/skill monkey. Just hopeing to assist more in combat.

All feats can still be changed before the next session due to it being the first round.

Any other ideas are welcome.