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gimme a few, I'll get a character made up


I may have missed it, is there somewhere that we are putting up our characters/stats?

If we don't have one, I'll roll up a Remnant Greaser, otherwise an Airman or Outrider if we do have a Greaser.

Hey, I'm over from rpgsite, Bloodwolf. California.

No character, yet.

I noticed some folks have a die roller. Where is that located?

Also, any particular concepts that the group needs?

Looking to form a new Pathfinder group. Saturdays or Sundays, noonish to 6/7 pm, my home. I generally run a sandbox using all the Paizo books, plus Dreamscarred stuff (psionics and Way of War). Not really looking for optimizers, but all are welcome in the light. You can reply at hannonac at comcast dot net if interested.

LazarX wrote:
And alchemists are just not a good thematic fit. Combining Doc Jekyll with Doc Holliday just gets too weird.

How about a bomb throwing anarchist armed with firearms? Ditch the Doc Jekyll mutagens and use an urban environment (thinking Dishonoured, here) and the archetype would fit right in.

MrConradTheDuck wrote:

It's because my group, as much as I encourage them to get in character a littler, were, before I started GMing, a rollplay sorta group so I made that little notation so they don't get too silly with it. That said, I find stupid or unwise or completely uncharismatic character annoying personally. It's okay to be dumber then your part mates but not dumber then a commoner, being a "hero" is a big thing when I run games. And yes I do scale up, my games are always hard as hell. Heck, I once used 20 points just to try it and my party, despite the obvious logic of not taking that course of action, confronted a Forest drake at level one. I tried and get the drake to let them go in exchange for something buuuut, yeee. Instead they won and they were very proud.

"rollplay" seriously, still?

"hero" does not mean superhuman.

You find something personally annoying, therefore your players shouldn't be able to set up their character the way they want, which is ironic since the entire point of this post is that YOU want to be able to set up your character the way you want.

I live pretty far out in the East Bay (Oakley, on the Delta), but I'm willing to travel (or host if people are out here). I can DM or play. I go to school Monday through Thursday until 10 PM in Hayward, so those days are out. Friday through Sunday are open.

I generally run RAW, allowing all official + things like Dreamscarred Press books. As a player I prefer exploration and action, as well as a normal chance of death or failure.

Looking for Pathfinder, Numenera, or some classic D&D games.

Larkos wrote:

They are the same thing.

Context matters, which is why we use different words to mean different things.

I'm not sure if you are purposefully being obtuse or you don't honestly understand what everyone else in the thread, myself included, are trying to convey.

Either way, I'm out.

Larkos wrote:

Let's take the largest Kaiju on the SRD, Agyra. She has no ranks in intimidate and gets no bonus due to size or being a Kaiju. Her base CHA is a respectable 25. That would give her a +7 bonus to her intimidate. A lvl 1 character could beat that with a decent CHA stat, traits, and a feat. Your lvl 1 halfing is more intimidating than a Colossal Monster that shakes the ground with every step and can bring down entire nations.

Also, intimidating and terrifying are two different things.

I wouldn't be intimidated by a Kaiju. I would be terrified, probably piss my pants, and either freeze in place or run screaming if I ever witnessed one.

That Kaiju doesn't have to project it's sense of self because it is not trying to make people do what it wants (unless running in terror is what it wants, then that is just an extra special bonus of being incredibly large and terrifying).

Larkos wrote:

My point about the Mountain was that just seeing him is intimidating. The very concept of a 7 ft tall armored hulk staring down at you is scary...stuff

Your premise is flawed.

Not everyone is intimidated by large, strong, or hulking people. In fact, I know a lot of large people who are in no way scary. I also know people who are terrified of dogs, including my small breed terriers. This does not mean that terriers are intimidating, it means some people are afraid of them.

People with low charisma are inherently poor at projecting an intimidating prowess, regardless of their strength. People with high Charisma (let's use an early example from AD&D 1e DMG, for example Adolph Hitler) are able to project their force of self quite well. They are intimidating or persuasive, depending upon what they want to accomplish.

A strong person, let's say Arnold Schwarzenegger, is not intimidating simply because he is strong. In fact, I've never heard of anyone in real life saying that Arnie is so strong and big that he is scary. And yet, he became Governor of California through his ability to project his sense of self on other people. He could probably be intimidating if he wished, though, because he has a strong sense of self.

Kolokotroni wrote:

When you reach 20th level combined among all your classes, by the rules you can no longer advance.

I'm not sure how you can state this, then in the same post quote the part of the core rules that state that one can exceed level 20.

Just wondering, that's all.

I run a campaign in a predominately rain forest environment, so climbing Vanaras are as common as my walking characters. Lots of vertical activity. The question popped up because one of the non-Vanara players told me that a creature with a climb speed doesn't need to make climb checks (since I verify everything after the game, naturally the oddity of speed popped up).

Thanks, though. That was my assumption.

Specifically for PCs. According to Bestiary 3 Vanara have a climb speed of 20. In Advanced Races Vanara have a climb speed of 30. According to climb, if you have a natural speed movement you get a +8 on climb skills.

Which speed is correct?
My assumption with the climb bonus is that the player should add that in (the +8), since neither the B3 PC summary nor the Advanced Races Guide mention it at all.

It is in a FAQ.
As posted above.

Looks like someone on the design team made a poor decision.

I wonder if they think about the implications before they shoot off an answer.

I roll all my dice out in the open.

TPKs happen for any number of reasons. Much of the time it is because I run an open world and the players can't seem to understand when their characters should retreat, or not head Hell bent for leather into danger.

Uhm, is it possible your DM is a Richard?
Just sayin', perhaps you should play with a better quality of person.

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Why don't you make up your own fluff?

Every time I see this stuff a little piece of me dies.

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cmastah wrote:

Running another group instead is not an option -.-'

No gaming is better than bad gaming.

You seem to have two options:

1) Do what your players want, in which case you will be unhappy
2) Do what you want, in which case they will be unhappy.

I would add in, compromise, but both sides seem to be entrenched. Gaming should be fun, not tedious.

After this last move from one apt to another I realized that 30 years worth of accumulated books has become way too heavy and I am getting too old to move them.

I need to cancel my subscription, please.
I'll still be buying pdf, but my dead tree purchases are done.


Do bonuses from magical weapons (i.e. +1...+5) add to the CMB when attacking? If, for example, the character has a +3 Glaive, does the +3 add in when the character is performing a Trip manuever?

Please cancel my Pathfinder RPG sub.
I do wish to maintain my Pathfinder Adventure Path sub, however.

Your products are great, I am just spreading myself too thin cash wise lately.

mmmm, cookies

I am using a friend's Curse of the Crimson Throne right now for my group, first game this Saturday.

I have to say, Paizo makes some really good stuff.

I think the discount applies when you subscribe, as the stuff in my cart already has some discounts on it. The two Legacy of Fire adventures I ordered are set up to be delivered together in July or August.

I have just reupped, so the newest path(the fire one) (parts 5 and 6) are in my subscription. I have the first four of that path in my cart as well as the campaign setting book.

I would finish the Runelords arc, but one of my players has his heart set on running it.

So, I left off buying the adventure paths and 3.5 products in Decemeber 2007, my last subscription issue being #4 of the Rise of the Runelords series. I have to say I am impressed with the stuff being released thus far and I have returned to the fold.

Subscribing again for the adventure path and the rpg. You folks rock. Thanks for keeping the flame alive.

I need to cancel my subscription to Pathfinder. Sorry, folks. I love the supplement, but I am drifting away from rpgs after 27 years. It really is a top notch product, though, and I am sure if things change I'll look into it again.

Thank you.

If I understand correctly, the amount in my , "Available," should be different. However, there is an actual charge for 13.99 on my statement. Now I have to answer to my wife for that one (She's got me on a budget, you know). Is this correct? And if it is, what about the 4.00 shipping charge? My assumption is that the charge occurred prior to shipping (Like in July/August).

Disregard, I found the answer in another thread.

Cool idea, first and foremost. I like the new thoughts on the new ideas, setting, etc, and have already subsribed.

My question is this: since there is a shipping price, does this mean the book will be shipped in a standard shipping box? I had serious issues with the postal service mangling my Dragon mag(and that was a big reason why I cancelled Dungeon)and it would really disturb me if this new item showed up in my mail box instead of my doorstep.

Post office mangling of my mags was the reason I let my subscription to Dungeon fall off, and went to a month-to-month with Dragon. I actually received one issue where the original plastic was ripped off, the mag mangled, then rewrapped in a new plastic cover, with the old plastic still underneath.

I just can't take the percentage game every month with both mags.

It's almost easier to wait several months and order 3 to 5 backorders. They show up in a nice packing box within a few days.


I recently changed my subscription to drop Dragon and change Dungeon to a month by month. I would like to change that to a Dragon month by month instead, dropping the Dungeon subscription completely and moving any remaining over to Dragon. Is this possible, and how is this most easily accomplished?

Saul Flanner wrote:

So some watervark text ran over a little bit of actual text?...All I can say is "Boo Hoo". Be thankful these PDF resources are available online at all. What DM worth his salt can't substitue his/her own imagination for any lost information?

Obviously, somebody went to a lot of work to make these PDF's available, and Paizo is only trying to protect their investment. Bottom line is...if it bothers you that much, start prowling eBay, or the used section of your local gamestore. Maybe you'll find an original copy. Then again, maybe not, in which case, a watermarked PDF is better than no resource at all.

I wonder why some people bother to post at all. People raise a legitimate complaint about something they are paying for and someone has to start ACTING superior.

Obviously, those who posted know these pdfs are available other places without watermarks, or free through illegal sites. We choose to pay for them here.

Lighten up.

I read that comic and kept expecting a punchline.
Some forms of nostalgia are just wrong.

Have you tried these, Freehold DM?

Most are from WotC site, Pandius is the Known World (Mystara) site.

Dragonlance is still alive BTW, Sovereign Press, I believe

Perhaps one line instead of two? Watermarked products from other companies I've used generally carry only the one, at the bottom corner.

Number two is missing from the original files, I believe. Most, if not all the files are the same ones used by RPGNow and others (I could be wrong), with some new ones and clarifications added in by Paizo.

I had to find the second volume on Amazon.

I do not believe people are trying to insult others here. No apologies are necessary, as far as I can see. Some people are tired of seeing a certain cycle perpetuating(sp?) itself every time someone doesn't like their choices.

Kudos to the staff, they replied as quickly as they could when a problem was brought to their attention. Perhaps the OP could have been less standoffish? Not everything is a racial attack or stance.

I am not now, nor will I ever be Politically Correct. I am a talking wolf with a right to express my opinion. If you disagree with my right, cool. That is your right and I will not deny that to you.

Diversity means dealing with a whole lot of choices and aspects that you may not like. Sorry, suck it up. Better yet, join the military. Then you can be green, like everyone else(for those of us in the States).

I live in California, in the SF Bay Area. Diversity? We run the gamut out here. I love it. Wouldn't change it. We all have our issues--even us talking animals, stick figures, cartoons, monsters, etc.. YOU choose what offends you.

And Liberty will die, not with a bang, but with a whimper.

I know what it stands for, and I have seen it for many years (it used to cost money to join, right?), but in all honesty, I have no idea what purpose it serves.

I've been playing since 1st edition, so I'm not new to the game, just completely ignorant about this aspect. Lately I have been seeing more and more posts about it(and they are not very flattering).

I have no problem with the take 10/20.

My problem is with Search, in general. It seems that characters only touch something while searching if it is beneficial. (Maybe it is with players who manipulate things and make me implement time consuming table rules)

I had to institute a "You say it or you did not do it," rule. That way if something was hidden behind/beneath than it would not be found by a VISUAL search. Also stops a lot of, "I was right behind him when the BBEG stepped out and surprised the rogue," when the player said no such thing prior.

Mmmm, Skullcrusher Ogre with a nice juicy rogue all over his big nasty morningstar. Tumble away from that, bugsplat.

Ranks right up there with Military Intelligence.

At best an assassin in the hire of a "good" government (yeah, whatever) should be lawful neutral, going strictly by the alignment structure of D and D. Murder, by definition, is evil.

Heroes are not necessarily "good." Robin Hood was a thief and murderer. King Arthur and his knights were the nobility (and how were the serfs treated back then?). Heroes do what they must, not what is good. How about the Inquisition?

Real world religion has no place in D and D. Flame War aside, Christian beliefs do not make an All-powerful being "good." As if such a being would relegate Itself to such human standards of philosophy.

The stars are almost right. Then you will realize that your human standards are meaningless, and more importantly, wrong. Mwahahahahahaha. Man shall be as the Great Old Ones...

This is gonna become my new favorite TPK spell. Whack the lumbering fighter with poor Touch AC over and over and over. Or, the Cleric. Yes the cleric. Enervation wand with say 8 or 10 charges. From behind a line of tower shield equipped orcs, while invisible. While someone hurls ray of enfeeblement at the fighters.

I'm gonna throw my hands up and say, "Okay, whatever, you win."
Just kidding, don't take offense. I'm coming to certain conclusions lately, the main one being that no matter how much experience one has had with prior editions, 3.x is not the same game. Not bad, not worse, not better, just not the same.

Basically my instinct is going to be: use it against the players. The ultimate in play balance. Anything they use, just use back, in spades. When they scream it is unfair I will know I have achieved a perfect balance--mwahahahahaha.

And why doesn't haste create extra actions anymore? What's wrong with throwing extra spells instead of swinging a best attack bonus +5 vorpal great axe(with a fighter equipped with cleave, great cleave, power attack, focus, specialization...)

I use the story award, similiar to yours(OP). I, too grew tired with the kill it to get xp system(and the xp being way too high for the challenge). XP awards are granted for completing objectives, not killing allies, and for role play(this last one being an individual award, the others are group).

This also allows me to determine the speed of advancement, based on the story, not the slaughter count.

Incidentally, I own that book. It is in pristine condition-never read. I picked it up by accident. I've never really been interested in anthologies (save Thieves' World). I would be willing to let it go for 10 bucks, plus shipping. If you are interested, post back.

Actually, it is not the first time with WotC books. When I bought the Legend of the Five Rings series all the books, save one (Book 6 of 7) were available through retail sources. Try to Find book 6 (Dragon clan novel) and you were looking at 100.00 or more on Amazon and it was not available on Ebay. I think it is the publisher who is at fault. I suggest you keep looking. Eventually I found the book for 5 bucks and snagged it up.

I agree with OP. The Enervation spell and Energy Drain spell should not stack. Why have a 9th level spell that drains 2d4 levels when two 4th level spells do the same thing thing?

No save. Cannot be dispelled because it is instantaneous. Touch attack.

Phantasmal killer allows TWO saving throws, one will, one fort. So, I guess maybe the rogue might be affected.

Bestow Curse allows a save and only imposes a penalty to attacks, etc.. 2 Enervation spells cast by one caster can easily drop the target into neg levels, and thus kill them. Not to mention if one is a critical hit.

Creature attacks and spells are two different things.

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