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the beginning of something... different.

And so, it begins.

After a most enjoyable Carrion Crown game ended far too prematurely, I have decided to take up the GMing mantle and give this AP a spin. Having played a great deal of Ravenloft back in the 2nd and 3rd edition days, and having read more than a bit of Gothic literature, this game will not run strictly from the printed AP and will take influences from many sources. If you are interested in a darker and more puzzling take on Carrion Crown, I encourage you to apply.

Ability Scores: 2d6+6
Race: Any of 14 or less RP.
Class: Any Core, Base, or Hybrid Pathfinder class. Summoners and rogues must be unchained; barbarian and monk are at your discretion.
Traits: 2, one of which should be a campaign trait and you can take a drawback for an additional trait.
Unchained Content: Background Skills, Fractional Base Bonuses
Wealth: max for 1st.
Favored Class Bonus: select from any for your chosen class, regardless of race.
Alignment: I approach alignment as a guide for character design, defined more deeply by the character's background, personality, motivations and actions. That said, not looking for evil characters.
Fluff: Obviously, tie your Campaign Trait and Professor Lorrimor into your background. Beyond that, Carrion Crown is an homage to many of the core concepts and stories of Gothic literature. As such, I encourage you all to submit characters that fit a dark fantasy / gothic setting - heroic, but flawed in some way. This does not mean I am looking for evil sociopaths, but rather that your character has a weakness, a secret, a problem of some kind.

I have two applicants already accepted, who were in the previous game with me (a magus and an oracle). I am looking for 4 more characters to round out the party.

Recruitment will end Sunday, November 13th, unless a suitable party has been assembled prior to that date.

For us to discuss details for our campaign.

for dotting purposes.


and so it begins.... all invited players please dot in, then we will discuss getting things underway! Congratulations to all selected!

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An Untamed Land
The land of Neralus was a lush, untamed continent where humans formed scattered city-states and the other races maintained remote, isolated kingdoms. Beyond the borders of their fractured nations were the wilds – inhabited by barbaric hordes, ruled over by beasts of myth and legend, and haunted by the horrors that lie in the shadows. The people of the land were at times drawn into conflict – with each other, against the monsters of the wilds – but always they remained independent. Legends told of an ancient empire that once existed in the time before history – the time when the Gods were men and the primal forces wreaked havoc on the lands. But that was millennia ago…

The Coming Tide
Perhaps it was the wealth of natural resources, perhaps it was the lack of any unified power base, perhaps it was for some other, unknown reason… whatever it was, Neralus was a prize ripe for the taking. On High Summer’s Eve in 3189 OR (old reckoning), portals opened up across Neralus and vicious human armies, clad in superior armor and wielding a destructive form of magic that had never been seen before, stepped forth and quickly dominated the many human city-states of Neralus. Revealing themselves as the vanguard of the Kesadrian Empire, they declared martial law.

Once initial control was solidified, a second wave came through – bureaucrats. Or more precisely, arcanocrats. Welding their unique magic, which they called the Art, they moved quickly to solidify control over all of Neralus. The pastoral Halflings and artisan Gnomes both fell quickly and the races were drawn into roles of servitude, though rumors persist of hidden realms of the Small Folk. The elves and dwarves, with their isolated kingdoms, held out far better and eventually were each offered a truce, allowed to exist as semi-autonomous yet ultimately owing fealty to the Kesadrian Empire.

That was 23 years ago.

In the two decades since, the Empire’s wealth of knowledge – technological, architectural, arcane – has reshaped the face of Neralus. Where once there existed only small, scattered cities with limited communication and trade, now the realm crossed by well defined trade routes by land and sea, connecting mighty cities ruled over by the arcanus ruling class, overseen by the royal line of the Kesalos family. Though a few of those native to Neralus have reached the middle class as skilled merchants and artisans, a majority of the Neralians exist only a step above slavery, as a subjugated people.


I am looking for four to six players interested in engaging in a fun, friendly game that will blend role play, puzzles, combat, and mystery into a grand storyline. The game will be a heroic adventure with a dash of politics and a fistful of intrigue. I am looking for players whose goal is to create a dynamic and engaging character that will play well in an evolving storyline, not simply the most min/maxed set of statistics for monster killing. Additionally, I request that you be able to post at least once a day during the week (obviously life gets in the way at times, please just let me know). As for my part, I will work to give each and every player a chance to shine and enjoy their character. I consider gaming a cooperative experience where the GM and the players work together to tell an epic tale.

If you are still interested, read on…

The game is set in a realm of my own creation. For a setting overview, imagine if 7th century Europe were invaded by the Roman Empire at its height, equipped with the technology of the Renaissance and a mastery of arcane magic. The game will begin in the small lake town of Whispering Falls, a loose community of fishermen and loggers that supports the city of Durmstadt.

Character Creation:

Ability Scores: 2d6+6, or 20 point buy (you can select the point buy after rolling if you so desire)
Race: Core races preferred; alternate traits from ARG for Core races are allowed. I will consider other races given exceptional applications.
Class: all Core, Base, and Hybrid classes; Unchained versions of Rogue and Summoner are in effect (barbarian & monk – player’s choice)… No Alternate, Occult, or Intrigue classes.
Level: 1st
Hit Points: Max at 1st, rolled after (1/2D as minimum)
Favored Class Bonus you may select any favored class bonus assigned to any Core race, not just your own race.
Alignment: I will likely not accept evil applicants. If you want to run an evil character, you will need a strong proposal.
Traits: 3 (one campaign trait, listed in the campaign notes)
Skills: background skills are in effect
Feats: to encourage players to take feats with more flavor and reduce feat taxes, the following feats are automatically gained by all characters - Combat Expertise, Deadly Aim, Power Attack, Weapon Finesse. (Unchained Rogues gained the 3rd level Finesse Training ability at 1st, with a second selection gained at 3rd.)
Starting Wealth: rolled by class (average if rolled below)
Fluff: please include a completed backstory, along with a physical description and an outline of your character's personality. In addition, I encourage you to include a few tasty tidbits that can be used as storyline hooks.

Magic can be found in three forms: the Gift, the Way, and the Art.
Religion - The Gift: is divine magic, granted as a boon by the gods to their faithful. There are a multitude of deities, each with their own goals, passions, and desires - and their emotions can as fickle as any mortal's. Each deity claims one, or more, aspects of life as their dominion.
Nature - The Way: is the dormant energy coursing through both the world and all living things. Those who learn to shape and direct the Way can accomplish great things, though none would be foolish enough to claim to "control" it. All 'nature' classes (druids, hunters, rangers) are practitioners of the Way, and will adopt philosophies or Pacts with regards to how they connect with the Way. Please note that witches, shamans, and bards also draw on the Way in similar fashion.
Arcane - The Art: is arcane magic, an amazing power that is either learned through careful, extensive study, or is born naturally into the blood of a rare few unique beings. The Art was unknown in Neralus until the Kesadrian Empire brought it with them during their invasion. It is their source of power and they guard it jealously.

Religions & Pacts: I have extensive notes on the gods, but they are not digital yet. If proposing a divine character, simply include a concept for a deity your character would worship and I will send you the appropriate deity.

Age: demihumans reach maturity far earlier in Neralus than in Golarion. No character should be over 35 (regardless of race). Half-elves hit physical maturity only a year or two behind humans, halflings in their early twenties, both dwarves and gnomes in their mid twenties, and elves in their late twenties to thirty.

Athasian Halfling Druid/Monk 4 (Heirophant 2) || HP: / || AC: (T: / FF:) || CMD: || Fort:+ Refl:+ Will:+ || Init:+ || Perception:+

the best laid plans...

Athasian Halfling Druid/Monk 4 (Heirophant 2) || HP: / || AC: (T: / FF:) || CMD: || Fort:+ Refl:+ Will:+ || Init:+ || Perception:+

...stare into the abyss long enough, it just might stare back at you...

A Call to Arms: The Grim Dark Reality

It is the 41st Millennium. For more than a hundred centuries the Emperor of Mankind has sat immobile on the Golden Throne of Earth. He is the master of mankind by the will of the gods and master of a million worlds by the might of his inexhaustible armies. He is a rotting carcass writhing invisibly with power from the Dark Age of Technology. He is the Carrion Lord of the vast Imperium of Man for whom a thousand souls are sacrificed every day so that he may never truly die.Yet even in his deathless state, the Emperor continues his eternal vigilance. Mighty battlefleets cross the daemon-infested miasma of the Warp, the only route between distant stars, their way lit by the Astronomican, the psychic manifestation of the Emperor's will. Vast armies give battle in His name on uncounted worlds. Greatest amongst his soldiers are the Adeptus Astartes, the Space Marines, bio-engineered super-warriors. Their comrades in arms are legion: the Imperial Guard and countless planetary defence forces, the ever-vigilant Inquisition and the tech-priests of the Adeptus Mechanicus to name only a few. But for all their multitudes, they are barely enough to hold off the ever-present threat to humanity from aliens, heretics, mutants -- and far, far worse. To be a man in such times is to be one amongst untold billions. It is to live in the cruelest and most bloody regime imaginable. These are the tales of those times. Forget the power of technology and science, for so much has been forgotten, never to be relearned. Forget the promise of progress and understanding, for in the grim dark future there is only war. There is no peace amongst the stars, only an eternity of carnage and slaughter, and the laughter of thirsting gods.

This is a call to arms, fellow soldiers, time to go to war! The filth of the Abyss seeks the dark corners of the world; forgotten ruins, drug-riddled ghettos, weak souls, the greedy, the scared. In the grim darkness of the future, humanity stands on the edge of oblivion, you are called to protect it! The PCs will be the Acolytes of Inquisitor Taalik Amun of the Ordos Hereticus. The Ordo Hereticus has the most difficult task of the three holy ordos, for they must seek corruption in the midst of humanity. Thus many agents from many paths are needed. That is where you come in.


I got into Warhammer 40K (and now have a host of different armies) not too long after getting into D&D (almost 20 years) ago. Since then, I have run more than a few future based RPGs looking to capture the grimdark feel of Warhammer 40k. With the excellent systems now developed, I am excited to offer an intriguing game of Dark

Heresy. I am hoping to launch this game between Friday, July 18 and Monday, July 21, so submit your applications!


Sourcebooks: Dark Heresy Core Rulebook, Inquisitor's Handbook, Radical's Handbook, the Lathe Worlds, the Lost Dataslate, Blood of Martyrs, Book of Judgement, Daemon Hunter (no Grey Knights), and the Errata.
****I will entertain requests to use material from other 40k sourcebooks if something fits your storyline****

Homeworld: You may choose or roll (use chart on pg 8, Inquisitor's Handbook).

Statistics: Inquisitors are schrewd judges of character and will only take a cut above average. Roll 9 stats per normal (20+2d10). Then reroll 4d10 of out the entire set (could be 2 full scores, 4 individual die from different scores, or a full score and a single die from two others), keeping the higher roll (new or old).

Assign stats to the 9 characteristics as you see fit.

Details: Gain starting gear, wealth, and experience (400 xp) per the Core Rulebook.

Background: Roleplaying will play a major part in this game, and you will need to have been recruited by the Inquisitor for a reason, so put something definitive that will stand out. You can either create your own homeworld, or select one from the existing material. There are several great wiki sites that can be used for reference. Character creation rewards will be given for exceptional backgrounds.

Direction: Give a few notes about how you see the character growing as they advance. This does not need to be hard and fast or set in stone, I just want to get an idea of your perspective of the character.

Recruitment: I am looking for 6-8 characters, that will make up a diverse party capable of a balanced game consisting of roleplaying, investigation and combat.

If your character can only do one thing, it will probably not be selected.

Rules Updates: I recently got Black Crusade, which has many updates to the FFG 40k ruleset. I am interested in integrating a good deal of these, but will discuss them more specifically with the players selected. Please note that those updates being considered are listed below.

New Skills:

- Untrained basic skill use now characteristic -20, not 1/2 characteristic.
New skill = Old skills that are replaced
- Acrobatics = Acrobatics and Contortionist
- Athletics = Climb and Swim
- Awareness = Awareness, Lip Reading and Search
- Charm = Charm, Blather and Performer
- Commerce = Barter, Commerce and Evaluate
- Deceive = Deceive and Disguise
- Logic = Logic, Gambling and Tactics
- Linguistics (Certain Language) = Ciphers, Literacy, Secret Tongue and Speak Language
- Medicae = Chem-Use and Medicae
- Operate (Type of Vehicle) = Drive and Pilot
- Parry = New Skill, if you have a WS of 50 or your class has ‘cheap’ WS increases you get it
- Stealth = Concealment, Silent Move and Shadowing
- Survival = Survival, Tracking, and Wrangling
- Tech-Use = Demolitions and Tech-Use
- Toughness is now used for Carouse


- Crushing Blow – Add half your Weapon Skill Bonus to melee damage instead of +2
- Lightning Strike – Weapon Skill check -10%, one hit per Degree of Success up to a max of the attacker’s Weapon Skill Bonus
- Mighty Shot – Add half your Ballistic Skill Bonus to ranged damage instead of +2
- Swift Attack – Weapon skill check, one hit for the first Degree of Success, then another for every two additional Degrees of Success up to a max of the attacker’s

Weapon Skill bonus
- Weapon Training is now based on Weapon Type, not Class, so you know how to use all Las Weapons or none. Updates will be handled on a Career by Career basis.


- Unnatural Characteristic is now additive, not multiplicative. When you succeed with am Unnatural Rating in the Characteristic you add a number of additional Degrees

of Success equal to half your rating. A rating of 3-5 is equivalent to the old x2. Unnatural Speed is gone, as Unnatural Agility now does increase movement ratings
- Daemonic will also have a Number Rating that adds to the Toughness bonus and stacks with Unnatural Toughness. A rating of 3-5 is the same to how it was in Dark Heresy
- Brutal Charge will have a number rating that is the amount of bonus damage made on the same round as the charge instead of a flat +3
- Multiple Limbs will have a number rating that adjusts the modifier instead of a flat amount from Multiple Arms
- Quadruped no longer multiplies movement rates, but rather adds a +2 for every extra pair of legs
- Toxic deals damage to anyone who successfully attacks the creature with Toxic, also has a number rating which is the penalty to the Toughness test equal to -10% times the rating


- Standard attacks now have a +10% to them as default
- Aiming helps non-single shots / melee attacks
- Semi Auto has no modifier anymore but is a half action
- Full Auto has a -10% but is a half action
- Fatigue only affects Weapon and Ballistic Skill tests, not all rolls (-10% as per usual)
- Lightning and Swift Attacks have changed to mirror the Full and Semi Auto Attacks, see Talent section below
- and more....


- Good quality Armor does not give 1 AP to the first hit of the round anymore. Now it gives a +5 to Charm or Intimidate checks, depending on appearance.
- Las weapons gain the variable charge setting.

Equipment Qualities:

- Accurate - Add damage dice with degrees of success on Aimed attack
- Concussive (X) – Rating times 10 is the penalty to the Toughness check, old weapons are a (1) Rating
- Felling (X) – Reduces the Unnatural Toughness of the target by X, old weapons with Felling (1) should be a rating of 3-5 to match the changed Unnatural Characteristic talent
- Flame, Spray – Old Flame quality is now these two qualities. Something that has a chance to set someone alight is Flame, where something that you don’t test Ballistics has Spray, old Flame weapons have both
- Overheat - A good quality weapon with this condition only overheats on a natural roll of 96-00
- Primitive – No longer a weapon type, now has a number rating with is the max damage on a rolled d10
- Reliable – Now jams on a natural 00 roll
- Scatter – At point blank range adds +10% to hit and +3 damage, at short range adds +10% to hit, and at long range or above takes away 3 damage to a min of 0
- Shocking – Character is stunned for number of rounds equal to Degrees of Failure on the Toughness test, not half the damage taken
- Snare (X) – Now has a number rating, Agility test is at a penalty of X time 10% to not be entangled, old weapons are Snare (1)
- Toxic (X) – Same as the Toxic Trait above, old weapons are Toxic (1)
- Twin-Linked – Double the weapon’s RoF, wielder can choose to either get a +10% to hit, or score an additional hit if they get at least one successful hit
- Unbalanced, Unwieldy – These weapons can no longer be used for Lightning Attacks

male Dire Halfling Spl 1st (2), Luck (9), Adapt (3); HP 8, In +3, Per +5, AC 17, T 14 ,FF 14, Fort +0, Ref +5, Will +1; CMB +0, CMD 13; sword +2, 1d6+1, bow +4, 1d6; Acro +6, Blff +7, Dipl +7, DsDv +3, Kn(loc) +7, Kn(other) +3, Prf +7, SlHn +6, Stl +6, UMD +7

yup, for all our discussions.

male Dire Halfling Spl 1st (2), Luck (9), Adapt (3); HP 8, In +3, Per +5, AC 17, T 14 ,FF 14, Fort +0, Ref +5, Will +1; CMB +0, CMD 13; sword +2, 1d6+1, bow +4, 1d6; Acro +6, Blff +7, Dipl +7, DsDv +3, Kn(loc) +7, Kn(other) +3, Prf +7, SlHn +6, Stl +6, UMD +7

For those who hail from the Town of George, this is where we will do battle!~

a private summons to those who once wore the blue and white of the royal lancer guard, traveled the Brook known as Penn, and perhaps dared to swim in the swamp referred to as... Pentucket! I call thee to arms!

The stories of the Inheritors' War have pervaded your youth, yet it has been twenty-three years since the war ground to a halt. Slowly over time each fragment of the shattered empire has formed into a formal nation, yet towns like your own, like Morgan's Ford, were abandoned to the chaos of the abandoned lands. Despite that, Morgan's Ford has continued to eek out an existence.

Yet with each passing year, fewer caravans pass through the once busy trade center. Though the winter ended more than a month ago, not a single traveling merchant, shipment, adventuring band, or supply caravan had entered Morgan's Ford, neither via the gates nor upon the ferry. Life in town is slow, eerily slow, and most young souls find their way to Grumpkin's Two Brews, the charming tavern at the heart of this quiet town.

Like many spring mornings today opened with a heavy fog settled upon the the shoulders of Morgan's Ford. Though the air is cool, the bite of winter is long gone, and a hunger grows in your belly.

male Dire Halfling Spl 1st (2), Luck (9), Adapt (3); HP 8, In +3, Per +5, AC 17, T 14 ,FF 14, Fort +0, Ref +5, Will +1; CMB +0, CMD 13; sword +2, 1d6+1, bow +4, 1d6; Acro +6, Blff +7, Dipl +7, DsDv +3, Kn(loc) +7, Kn(other) +3, Prf +7, SlHn +6, Stl +6, UMD +7

A chance for you all to ask questions, and me to post campaign notes.

The Rise
In days long past the land of Lokk was a wild untamed realm, full of myth and peril. The scattered human settlements were fragile and weak, each warring with each other constantly, yet none gaining the upper hand. In time one rose from among the many petty warlords and forged a great nation out of might and magic. His name was Kurdran, and as his nation grew so too did his power. Those who would not bow to his rule would fall to his blade, and in time even the elven and dwarven nations paid heed to his immense power. One by one his enemies knelt before his arcane might until his empire stretched from ocean to ocean.

The continent of Lokk saw untold prosperity during Kurdran's long reign. War drew to an end - wooden towns grew to stone cities, the monsters of the wild were destroyed or driven into the furthest corners of the land, roads were built allowing trade across the realm, and commerce flourished. Each race and clan played their part - the dwarves shared their skill in stone and metalworking, the elves lended the powers of magic, the horsemen of the western plains brought animals of untold beauty to the eastern realms, the sages of the four towers spread their knowledge of engineering and science, even the halflings offered their green thumb. All was idyllic.

The Fall
Yet stability is not meant to last forever. Though long lived, Kurdran was not immortal, and after ruling for 250 years he passed one night in his sleep, though the cause was never determined. During his many years Kurdran sired over a hundred children, and though they shared their father's lust for adventure and excitement, none seemed to be gifted with his supernatural longevity. Still, when Kurdran passed, twenty-two legitimate heirs were known to exist in Lokk, and seventeen of them gathered quickly in the capital to settle the matter of succession.

The remaining five, either not wanting a part of rulership or perhaps seeing ahead to the events that would come to pass, stayed far from the core of their father's empire. Within two weeks of gathering, eight of the heirs were dead. The remaining nine abandoned all hope for a peaceful transition and returned to the region of the Empire most loyal to them and prepared for war.

The Inheritors War lasted for the next fifteen years, during which the nine launched assault after assault at one another. With each successive battle, the Empire was torn further asunder. Once great cities were reduced to ruins, the continental trade routes utterly collapsed, dwarves and elves retreated into their ancestral lands, chaos cast its cloak over Lokk. Three of the five Inheritors that fled in advance were hunted down and murdered, while four of those that fought for supremacy fell to either battle or assassination. In the end, the Inheritors grew tired of war and with no clear victor they agreed to an uneasy truce, fracturing the once mighty Empire into five nations.

The Aftermath
Though the war was over each of the Inheritors was paranoid of an attempt on either their life or their throne by the other four. They each consolidated their forces back toward their capitals, protecting those villages and towns nearest their centers of power while giving only nominal protection to those settlements further out. Though each technically held one fifth of the fallen Empire, broken and battered by years of war not a single kingdom held even a shred of Kurdran's might. With this weakness, the wild things returned.

Left to fend for themselves, most of the forgotten towns and cities in the "no man's land" between the realms withdrew their allegiances to any nation and became independent city-states or banded together with other nearby settlements to form small defensive pacts. Those few that still claimed loyalty to a crown often did so out of honor, but gained little in return. The past twenty-three years have not been kind.

I am looking for four to six players interested in engaging in a fun, friendly game that will blend role play, puzzles, combat, and mystery into a grand storyline. The game will evoke a modern feel while having a nostalgic influence. I am looking for players whose goal is to create a dynamic and engaging character that will play well in an evolving storyline, not simply the most min/maxed set of statistics for monster killing. Additionally, I request that you be able to post at least once a day during the week (obviously life gets in the way at times, please just let me know). As for my part, I will work to give each and every player a chance to shine and enjoy their character. I consider gaming a cooperative experience where the GM and the players work together to tell an epic tale.

If you are still interested, read on -

The game is set in a realm of my own creation. The game will begin in the small backwater town of Morgan's Ford, a forgotten remnant of the shattered Empire, on the great continent of Lokk.

Morgan's Ford:

During the height of the Empire, Kurdran commanded that trade routes be cut across the wilds, connecting the many cities of his great realm. Morgan's Ford is a classic example of a once important trade settlement that has now lost its purpose. Founded at the edge of the Stone River by the great explorer Lukas Morgan in 87 EK, it provided the only safe route across the dangerous rapids for over two hundred miles. At the start of the Inheritors War, Fredrick Morgan swore allegiance to Gedarme, 6th son of Kurdran and duke of Lasson. Though the banner of Lasson still flies over the gates of Morgan's Ford, the town has not been visited by a Lassonite agent in four years.

At its height, Morgan's Ford had perhaps 1500 residents, with a few hundred more constantly passing through. Now, it is a shadow of itself, housing only half its former residents (800). The trade routes have been abandoned, leaving the town with little purpose. While the walled section of the town is still well maintained, many of the secondary buildings (both residential and mercantile) erected outside the wall are uninhabited and have fallen into disrepair. The last few years have seen increased incursions by humanoid tribes, and coming off a harsh winter, the spring is expected to be rife with trouble...

Character Building:

Ability Scores: 22 point buy - yes, that is correct. 22 points.
Race: Core races only; alternate traits from ARG for Core races are allowed.
Class: all Core & Base classes except Gunslinger and Summoner. No Alternate or Playtest classes.
Level: 1st
Alignment: No Evil or Chaotic Neutral
Traits: 2, or 3 with 1 drawback
Source Material: Paizo Pathfinder only (no 3PP, no 3.5 edition)
Equipment: 150gp for proposal; accepted characters will receive a bonus item based on character writeup
Fluff: please write up a personality, appearance, and basic history. Characters should've been born and raised in Morgan's Ford, or moved here as a child. This game is designed to start with 'local/peasant heroes', so I encourage you to connect yourself to the town in some way.

Religion: propose your own gods for divine characters. make sure domains and favored weapons make sense as I will be choosing whether to approve
Age: demihumans reach maturity far earlier in Lokk than in Golarion. No character should be over 35 (regardless of race). Half-elves hit physical maturity in their late teens, halflings early twenties, dwarves and gnomes mid twenties, and elves late twenties to thirty.

I hope to start game play by 3/24, earlier perhaps if a solid party is assembled sooner. Good luck!