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What do people think of allowing a Kitsune White haired Witch to grow out her tail instead of her hair? The game mechanic would be exactly the same just a different flavor. Its also something I seen in many Chinese and Korean Movies and dramas with fox people, having them grow their tail very long and grabbing people.

Can a White haired Witch use her hair to deliver touch spells or is it just for grabs.

DeathQuaker wrote:

Odd there don't seem to be a lot of options.

If you don't mind some conversion....

This medusa doesn't look too bad, if you can sculpt over her hair or give her a head swap.

Or buy some giant snake figures and some female figures, cut them in half, and glue a female torso atop the tail.

For example, here is a giant snake mini in Reaper Bones. It's plastic, so it would be easy to cut in half. Buy a female figure that looks right (Reaper has some nude figures if you want them to be unclothed, though I'm not sure they have any in the Bones line). For clothed Bones, something like this lady might work.

Thanks for the reply.

Medusa would not work because Chinese females ,even evil ones dressed modestly .. Might try your suggestion and find a figure wearing a Hanfu or Kimono and cut and glue it onto a large snake.

Cpt_kirstov wrote:
I'd look for yuan-ti from the D&D minis line, see Storm Kings Thunder 37 - Yuan-ti Malison I think the Half-blood sorceress might be the easiest to repaint. You might also be able to find Mamba from arcadia quest

Thanks for the reply. So far the Yuan Ti halfblood sorceress seem best. but still a little to evil looking . White snake and Green snake where good or at least neutral.

Im looking for figures of snake female hybrids that don't look like evil monsters( So far the medusa and lamia I have seen look too evil)
I plan on using them as Chinese Yaolings( Shape changing animals from Chinese legends) similar sisters White snake and Green Snake . nake_by_yangtianli-d5rzjyw.jpg

Small dogs and children.

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Thing to keep in mind.
Any fool can be turned into a Vampire
You have to work long and hard to become a lich.
Vampire need to drink blood to survive so sooner or later a party of adventurers will start hunting you down. A Lich can lay low for centuries in his lair plotting to gain even more power.
Im going to be the lich who lays low and whose evil plans take centuries to unfold.

J. A. wrote:
How are Chinese Faeries different from the Western variety?

They tend to be servants of the various Gods. Lawful good or Lawful Neutral outsiders of various power level . Some also have animal forms they can change into. Almost all seem to know martial arts all well as powerful magic

Gumiho , Korean version of the nine tale fox, which is darker and scarier then the Kitsune.
Also Spirit animals form Chinese legends would be nice. . Would not mind seeing Chinese Faeries either.

Nirdish wrote:
I'm playing a Kitsune Rogue in a Kingmaker game, and I've attempted to integrate some fox-like behavior into the character. Things like really loving food, particularly fruits and berries, as they make up a good chunk of a foxes diet. Or being very much not a morning person, because foxes are naturally nocturnal. A mix of skittishness, playfulness, and curiosity can help round out an interesting character personality.

One of my favorite scenes involving a Fox person Was in the Korean Drama" My Girlfriend is a Nine Tailed Fox" When Miho( the Nine tailed fox) was trying to learn how to eat vegetables .

Also in Japanese consider Foxes(And Kitsune) subjects of Inari Ōkami (稲荷大神, also Oinari) is the Japanese kami of foxes, of fertility, rice, tea and sake, of agriculture and industry, of general prosperity and worldly success, and one of the principal kami of Shinto. In earlier Japan, Inari was also the patron of swordsmiths and merchants . You can find statues of Foxes outside all inari shrines. So what aspect of Inari would your Fox consider most important?

If you have streaming service and don't mind subtitles, watch the Chinese dramas Legend of the Green Hill foxes and or The Woodcutter and his Fox Wife. Both are about Nine tail foxes(Granted Chinese version or Huli Jings) Warning both are 30 episodes but both ar on Youtube and are based on Buddhist fables .

I been watching a lot of Asian fantasy dramas recently and was wondering if anyone had any idea what class/classes I could use to build some of the stock characters in these movies. The Taoist priest seem to be a combination wizard -monk or priest monk while the Huli Jing( Chinese version of the nine tail fox) seems to be more of a Sorceress Monk , even if most seem to act a little chaotic. Most regular heroes I think can be done using a Magnus of some sort.

Awahoon wrote:
I really dislike the humanoid kitsune/Kumiho, rather see one of those monsters be turned into just a nine-tailed fox monster.

Understand that . And using Kitsune stats for a Gumiho is just wrong as a Gumiho is a physical powerhouse able to kill with his/her bare hands. If some one insisted on a humanoid Gumiho I would keep the +2 charisma( Hey I like Kim Tae Hee and Shin Min Ah) give them a +2 strength( Instead of the -2) and then give them a -2 wisdom as most Gumiho seems to make bad choices in life. Keep the other special abilities and favorite classes would be Brawler or Ninja .

I would like see see Asian spirit creatures in Pathfinder Like Snakes, foxes ect( like in the following movies and TV series, Sorcerer and the White Snake , Green Snake , Legend of the Green Hill Foxes, And the Woodcutter and his Fox wife to mention a few.)
I would also like to see the Korean Gumiho fox people ( TV shows Gumiho,tale of the fox child,Gu family book , and Nine Tail Fox:Forbidden Love ,but NOT My Girlfriend is a Nine tail fox) As for magical Foxes you could use the stats for the Kitsune for the Chinese Huli Jing , The Korean Gumiho is very different as it is supposed to be a physical powerhouse that kills with its bare hand and teeth

One thing people miss about a 20 level Wizard fighting a demon Lord.
A Demon Lord is both a LORD and are Genius level intelligent.
So a Demon Lord should before the fight gather about 50 of his closet friends from his realm, send a message to his High Priest on the mundane plane he wants a dozen or so of his toughest worshippers to get ready to rumble , Cash in that favor a ancient red dragon owes him, Search his palace for magic trinkets he gathered over a few thousand years ,send his worshippers out to search the magic shops of the world to buy even more magic items to cover any weakness he and the 50 demons he bringing has , and check if any enemies the 20 level wizard has made over the years want to join in on the fun.
So the 20 level wizard going to need his own army cause no one in their right mind or with a genius level intelligence is going to fight a 20 level wizard one on one.

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My thoughts on this
If an Anti Paladin used his fiendish boon to get a Erinyes could he get it pregnant himself? He is evil, she hot and under his control and where do you think Tieflings come from?

As some have said depends on the Culture and context.
In some societies Nobles had the right to be Judge and Jury. If you had a Paladin or a Knight or Cleric who the Law granted power to act and enforce the law as he saw fit it would not be evil. If on the other hand no one had that authority to deliver capital punishment it would be evil.
Japanese Samurai are a classic example. They had the right to execute anyone of lower class. But abuse that power and higher level authorities would get upset .

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In my years of playing I notice its the player playing the class is more important then the class itself.
A Wizard might be be more powerful then a Rogue, but if the player playing the Wizard is a total self centered nitwit while the player playing the Rogue is an intelligent team player , I will take the Rogue any day of the week.

Eureka has28m Hawaiian miniatures. .

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Simple way for the Peasant to win.
Send the knights home.
Then as leader of the 10,000 peasants I approach the 500 Wizards under a flag of truce and tell the Wizards "We are here to swear an Oath of Loyalty and pledge our lives and wealth to the Most powerful Wizard here , which one of you may that be?" .
Sit back and eat popcorn as the Wizards kill each other to prove they are the most powerful Wizard there
Show me a Wizard over 6 level whose ego does not have its own gravitational field.

In some early Monster manuals it was possible for a Lich to be neutral. A powerful wizard doing what he considered important research could die and just not notice he was no longer living. And continue doing his research. Such a Lich would be pretty much a Hermit, not like to be disturbed, almost certain to be a major grump , but would be an interesting patron for a low level party.

My bad Cyclops and Dragons come from Safari Limited . Still a good place for figures.
The Cyclops. W

Charles Scholz wrote:
Cuthel wrote:
Charles Scholz wrote:

Try Schleich Toys.

I've bought a few of the dragons and I love them.
Love the Dragons. Ever get the cyclops

No. I don't remember seeing it, and could not find it on their website.

Found it at Michaels a few years ago. Along with a four headed dragon I use as a Hydra.

So how would your Lawful good character get along with a Spartan?
The Spartan are in my opinion a good example of Lawful Evil. They are in their own way very moral, uncorrupt and follow a strict set of rules. But they will place an unhealthy infant out to die, keep Helots in brutal bondage and can kill them at will, and think nothing of slaughtering their enemies and selling the survivors into slavery.

When I was younger I used to ride my Bike outside in the Summer. In Phoenix Arizona . Wonder what my Con was to survive that?

Was running for some paranoid players and I put a cardboard box in the hallway. Just an empty box. Took then twenty minutes to get around it.
On a more serious note, I ran a Vampire Goblin in the middle of a normal band of goblin . Took them a few minutes to figure out why he was not going down.

Charles Scholz wrote:

Try Schleich Toys.

I've bought a few of the dragons and I love them.

Love the Dragons. Ever get the cyclops

I built some Earth elementals out of rocks and super glue. They where fun to build and work fine

Bandw2 wrote:
Cuthel wrote:

Im surprised one has said the obvious .

Have the Anti Paladin fall in Love with some one. Anti Paladins are still human or at least humaniod so they have the ability to care for others. So he finds himself caring for that sweet peasant girl he took as a slave in a raid. and when their daughter is born, basic instinct take over .
this has been said a few times. it's still not a catch 22, because he still has to actually choose to care for someone.

Well sometimes you don't choose to care and love somebody. You just do .

Falling in love most the time not something we decide to do or not to do

Im surprised one has said the obvious .
Have the Anti Paladin fall in Love with some one. Anti Paladins are still human or at least humaniod so they have the ability to care for others. So he finds himself caring for that sweet peasant girl he took as a slave in a raid. and when their daughter is born, basic instinct take over .

swoosh wrote:
NoTongue wrote:
will have a limit and turn on there dark allies for being evil which can give them a chance to realize what being an anti-Paladin means, you would have needed to tolerate these things.

Not at all. An evil character can find certain other evil actions disgusting or bad and still be perfectly evil, in the same way that a lawful character doesn't suddenly stop being lawful just because he jaywalks or something. An antipaladin who butchers a rapist because he thinks that's gross is totally within his code.

The only risk is if he's doing it out of a legitimate concern for the wellbeing of the victim.

Good Real life example of that would be the Aryan Brotherhood. I think most of us will agree they are unpleasant people, but they hate child Molesters and tend to kill any they can.

If I had to live in an evil society it would be a Lawful Evil one.
Take Sparta , perhaps the perfect example of a Lawful Evil society . In Ancient Sparta a majority of the Society where Helots slaves and children born sickly or handicapped where exposed to die ,while captive where often slaughtered or sold as slaves . And of course the King is a Warlord dedicated to killing people
But because it was also lawful , even the Helots had certain rights(Not many)that could not be abridged even by the King. And the King could not kill some one on a whim
It could be agrued that most societies before the 20th century where Lawful evil because they often tolerated slavery and war for profit

As a normal weapon for dungeon crawling ,NO.
But I once attended a Royal Ball and only the Royal Guard where allowed weapons. So when some bad guys crashed the party , we used what ever we could get our hands on.
My two cents is improvised weapons are for those times player get caught with out their normal gear.

1) Gnomes. Taste great in stews , on a Kabob, or boiled like a lobster.
2) Gnomes yumm. But wear earplug when you boil them as they make lots of noise.
3) 1/2 Orcs taste like mud

People are going to hate me for saying this, but the best way to fix the Rogue would be to take a Nerf Bat to those feats and abilities that allow others to do the Rogues job better then the Rogue does. Or at least almost as good.
But then I think there a number of feats that should just be drop as they are too powerful.

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I once had Sahuagin who sold Boat insurance. One would board a ship under a white flag and then tell the owners, Nice ship you got here , be a shame if something bad happen to it. But don't worry me and my boys from the coral lion family keep the riff raft out of this part of the sea, we see it as a public service. All we ask is that you think of us when buying insurance for you ship.

I have only two KNOWN anti magic areas in my game. First is the Royal Maximum security prison( Why the Kingdom decided to build a prison in a natural anti magic field is beyond me) :=). The second is a series of Rooms beneath the Royal Castle, Or so it is rumored, no player has ever been to either place and they seem to want to avoid the prison for some reason.

Imbicatus wrote:

It's a weapon that should have existed in core. Several historical pole weapons had weighed or spiked butt caps that allowed the off end to be used as a weapon.

Weighted Spear

Balance wise, the double sword and other double weapons should not be exotic. They aren't worth the proficency slot, and the same effect can be gained by using a one handed weapon and a cestus/spiked gauntlet.

And the Persian Immortal where often called the Apple Bearers for the Mace head on the End of their spears.

And later the Persian developed the Zupa spear which is a dire spear with a spearhead on both ends.
Unlike some exotic weapons these are REAL weapons used in REAL Wars.

People should understand this. At higher level Fighters and ALL martials are about loot and buffs.
Fighters cannot fly for example. Unless you have a potion of flying, Boots of flying, a Flying carpet, Leadership feat and a flying monster companion or animal training etc. Fighter cannot go invisible, unless he has a ring or potion.
Before anyone say fighter be change ask how is this going to effect a well equipt well buffed fighter.

Important (and unimportant ) people are going to know about magic.
And detect magic is a Cantrip so hiring some one to cast it before an important meeting will be routine. So you cast charm person on the Mayor, the town Wizard standing next to the Mayor is going to notice and the Town Guard turns you into a pin cushion with their crossbows.

Might mention in the Ancient world slaves could hold almost any job.
In Rome, Greek physicians where prized slaves. Would it be evil to receive treatment for such a Doctor?
And in Rome, China and the Middle East, in theory the eunuchs and others who served as High ranking Ministers where slaves of the Emperor , although it might not be healthy to remind them of that.
And in Egypt the Mamelukes who ruled for several centuries and served as its Army where in theory Stated own slaves.

Im going to say it depends on the game, ethic of the world and other factors.
For example slavery was punishment for many crimes in some society.
For example Joe gets drunk at Bills Tavern and wreck the place. Bill sues and Joe has to be Bill slave for the next five years. So Would a Lawful Good be prohibited from using going to Bill's Tavern?
The great Irish hero Cu Chulain worked as a slave for several years for Culann after killing Culann's Hound.

As a few other have said , how much authority a Paladin has would depend on the World and country. Its going to vary from game to game.
First thing is how powerful and efficient is local law enforcement. If like most Medieval countries its fairly weak and often absent, a Paladin might have more authority . If the Paladin Church is part of the local power structure even more so. Or if the Paladin is considered a Knight. In Medieval Europe a Knight had the DUTY to enforce the Kings law, although they did not have the right to perform capital punishment.
A local Noble or town council might also grant a Paladin a writ to enforce law if they know them and trust them.
Also ask if being a bounty hunter legal in your game? If so then what ever powers a bounty hunter has a Paladin can have.
On the other hand if local law enforcement is powerful, they might not like other doing their job and other could get in big trouble for trying to enforce the law. And this would go double if Local law enforcement was powerful, inefficient and not good. And if in an evil align area the Paladin will have zero authority.

One thing I have done to shut down bad guy Gunslinger is cast spark( O level spell) on their Cartridge bag.
Grant for the legalistic there no exact rules on what would happen if you lit a small fire in a cartridge bag , but for those of use who know how black powder works know it would be very unpleasant.

I have some Dinosaur figures I want to mount haflings on. So I am looking for some mounted hafling or gnome riders that are cast separately from their mounts.

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Well I know of an Ex girlfriend of mine you can keep.

Tizizmines has a good Pathfinder to Eberron site. go check it out. on

I second the motion that a Martial should just take animal training and go from there. or leadership feat.

In the end it is up to the GM with input from his players to decide what is good and what is evil in his game. People have never agreed what is good and what is evil.
For example in the game Im playing in now selling defeated Orcs and goblins into slavery is acceptable. Yet many of the people in other games who say that is evil see no problem killing Orcs and Goblins to the last child

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