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WoW!!! This is so amazing. I am just getting into Pathfinder and I am going to be using this asap. Thank you so much.

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I totally LOVE that fact that there is a 3 book complete adventure path. This is something my group and I could actually commit to and it looks amazing.

Any chance we will see more level 1-10 3 book Ap's. I think for all us busy folk this is a perfect alternative to all the 6 book AP's that never see completion do to difficulty in holding a group together that long without life-ing getting in the way.


Please excuse my ignorance as I just picked up the Beginner Box and am looking to get into Society games.

I noticed that the pre-gens are only for Levels 1,3, and 5. Just wondering why levels 2 and 4 are missing. I'm looking to use these to get some of my friends into the game but I know they wont spend the time to create a PC.

Cheers and thank you for the help.

Absolutely LOVE the new 3 Book AP idea. I really need more of these.
This 3 book format finally got my 5e group to make the switch as they are more casual gamers and not willing to commit to the longer 6 book Ap's. If More 3 book AP's keep coming Paizo can just have my money.

Really excited to see the GC play some more 2e. I wonder if they will fully embrace it in the near future?

I would pay good money $$ for completed Adventure Path Conversions.
I am new to Pathfinder in general and just picked up 2e as well as most of the Ap's for 1st edition. It would be great to play them in 2e since my groups doesn't want to learn the rules for both systems.