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ARrrrrrrrr Classes whit-out wands are underpowdered! Dey need buffs, me boyo's!


Arrrrrrrrrrrr A build is a magic item dat grants +1 to wins arguments!


Lamontius wrote:
"...uh, well, a sorcerer, a summoner and a magus."

Aaaarrrrr 15 minute adventuring day, AHOY!


Aaaarrrrrrr I hates all da new baaase classes, because I hates when sometin' is more nifty that I am.


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Arrrrr Loyalist had a diplomacy check fumble, me tinks.


Wolf Munroe wrote:


Oi, I sees yer caught on to me attenshuns to proper grammars and spellin's.

Oh, aye ...

Oi! An a vury Merry Christmas t'all you landlubbers :D

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CLEARLY, dis santa isa right jolly, rouge-pirate. It esplains the outfit, the need fer breakin' and en-erin', an 'is obvious chaotic neutral tendencies, love o' wassail, wenches, and cookies, not whitstandin'.

Ats roight, Rouge - Pirate.



Don't suppose yar ever Stunning Fisted yourself by-accident? Trust me, t'ain't pretty ....


The_All_Seeing_Abomination wrote:


did yar say sometin about a fishy?

looks around
takes a cookie and leaves

*Pops head in and scans thread, with a harpoon in his hand*



If thar be any who know the economic realities o' a proto medieval magical society what deals in arcane hard currency, it'd be a man de call "Magicdealer"


yarrrrr .... CoDzilla rises like a beast from the sea, and volleys us with a lightning bolt of assumptions! Take cover, lads! Hyperbole is indeed a breath weapon!

Arrrrrr .. be careful o' acceptin' yer cans o' beer from a lad who always shakes his fist. At least opens it above the sink, yarrrrrrr....

Ian Eastmond wrote:
Shifty wrote:
ProfessorCirno wrote:

Characters can look however they damn well choose. Mindflayers have large charisma but you don't see fanboys fawning over finding them chained up to be rescued in dungeons.

Well, hate to break it to you, but under Rule 34 you are incorrect.


Who.. Why?

I mean, I could see this being a joke but so much detail was given to this I have to say that somewhere, someone is doing something you would never want to do, ever.
(not suitable for anyone wanting to retain sanity or a sense of taste)

Arrrrrrr ... Sometimes you start to carve strange things into yer scrimshaw, when ye been out ta sea fer too long, yarrrr....

Edit Arrrrr ... fer example...

Mr.Fishy wrote:
Brother Elias wrote:

However, +14 to perception for a low wisdom perceptor at the cost of one feat and 250gp is quite respectable.

No arguement that a +14 at 6th level is decent. But would you invest that many resourses to cover a low stat or keep the stat modifer positive.

So, Cpt. McStabbie so we meet again...>bubble< taste like XP and leg. Go to the Mr. Fishy Fan Club that bowl is filled with Fishy hunters.

ARRRRR ... DEVIL FISH, i'll not be falling for ye clever TRAPS! or CLUBS! or TRAPS with CLUBS in dem! Arrrrr ... I'll bide me time untils me 18 charisma gets me a crew from a winter laden New england town, and set my sights for you on de BRINY sea ....

Arrr... dat be enough thread jackin' fer now ....

arrrrr .... it might take while ...

Arrrrrr... Me mudder say I got me an 18 charisma, despite me eyepatch, and the flies ... but alas, I can'ts seems to gets me a crew for me voyage to hunts down that illusive beast of the sea, Mr Fishy, WHO STOLES my XP, and me leg! Perhasp if I had me a popper set o' teeth and didn't eat so many pickled herring ....

But at least I gots me 18 charisma ...


Mr.Fishy wrote:
Lord Twig speaks sillyness! Group? you, you play with other people? The XP!?! You would have to share... Mr. Fishy is going to be sick.

Arrrrr, Damn, you Devil Fish! You took my XP! AND my LEG! I'll hunt you to the ends of earths, you piscean purloiner! Mark my frothy words! I'll have vengeance, by Aroden's Arse, I will!

Arrrrr... We're in for rough ride, me boyos ...

archmagi1 wrote:

1) Trolls on the forums

Arrrrr... Sure'n I know tha bitter lashes of the sea, I can tell yah, boyo ... Where thar be forums, thar be trolls ...