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I think it's a problem on my end, several avatars of players in other campaigns are also failing to display. I do everything on Chrome on my phone, hopefully I'll figure it out.

EDIT: Clearing my cookies, cache, etc. fixed the problem.

Is my avatar displaying correctly? I use it for both this profile and my GM profile and it's suddenly not displaying for me.

There's been talk of Emerald Spire lately, are there any GMs potentially interested in running it? I don't mean to be pushy with the request, I have Visuris here to play whatever scenarios I'm lucky enough to be included in, but with Cassius I wanted to handpick the quests he embarks on. I GM'd Play-by-Post (non PFS but copied the formula) for some friends a while back; the medium works great for storytelling and I'd love to invest in a long-term story arc. What better than the paramount superdungeon?

Thanks for reading, and I apologize if this is inappropriate!

Best of luck Roxxie! You seem to have got a great attitude, I'm sure your players will have a phenomenal time.