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When you make a touch attack with lay on hands - is there any critical effect - e.g. doubling the result? if you score a natural 20 or beat the creatures TAC by 10?

For example a 6th level paladin with 16 CHA doing 5D4+3 (17) damage; should it in fact be 34 damage?

Point #1

Celestial Mount, Radiant Blade Master & Shield Champion should be level 18 & Angelic Form should be level 20. (final endline)

Point #2

Does anyone know any actual rules for this?


You take on an angelic countenance, with a halo

and feathery wings that grant you a fly Speed equal to your
Speed. You gain darkvision and low-light vision if you don’t
already have them, and you gain the angel and celestial traits

I *presume* you have ANGELIC HALO & ANGELIC WINGS either permanently up or can produce them at will?... Plus I cannot find any reference to the angel or celestial traits?

Overall it is a very nice and cool idea - sort of like a lower tier AVATAR Priests and Druids get; but given they are generally a martial class so they do not need as large bonuses.

Wonder what celestial and Angelic traits are... Sorcerer Bloodlines Angelic perhaps? ;)