Critical Hit with Lay on Hands (Attack)

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When you make a touch attack with lay on hands - is there any critical effect - e.g. doubling the result? if you score a natural 20 or beat the creatures TAC by 10?

For example a 6th level paladin with 16 CHA doing 5D4+3 (17) damage; should it in fact be 34 damage?

No. There is no general crit effect for spell/power attacks.

Thank you.

Although it does make me lead into a second query:

Using Warded Touch I wonder if I could cast Lay on Hands whlist attacking the creature in question with my sword...

I suspect I would be allowed by my GM as long as I took 2 actions and rolled against the AC rather than the TAC; less efficient overall but it does lend itself a more thematic visual rather than playfully slapping a skeleton's behind with the flat of my sword...

The errata'd text of warded touch reads

errata'd warded touch wrote:
You cast lay on hands in a simple motion without any complicated gestures. The Somatic Spellcasting action for lay on hands loses the manipulate trait, and you can cast it and deliver your touch with a hand holding a weapon or shield.

Since it says "with a hand holding a weapon" rather than "with a held weapon," I'm afraid the visual's not going to work by RAW.

I wouldn't be surprised if there's a feat for this later, but if your GM wants to houserule it (after the playtest, presumably) they should consider the impact of reach weapons.

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