Paladin: Angelic Form


Point #1

Celestial Mount, Radiant Blade Master & Shield Champion should be level 18 & Angelic Form should be level 20. (final endline)

Point #2

Does anyone know any actual rules for this?


You take on an angelic countenance, with a halo

and feathery wings that grant you a fly Speed equal to your
Speed. You gain darkvision and low-light vision if you don’t
already have them, and you gain the angel and celestial traits

I *presume* you have ANGELIC HALO & ANGELIC WINGS either permanently up or can produce them at will?... Plus I cannot find any reference to the angel or celestial traits?

Overall it is a very nice and cool idea - sort of like a lower tier AVATAR Priests and Druids get; but given they are generally a martial class so they do not need as large bonuses.

Wonder what celestial and Angelic traits are... Sorcerer Bloodlines Angelic perhaps? ;)

I'm honestly having a hard time finding this out as well. I can't even find the traits called out.

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Celestial and angelic Trait is the same as Demon and Devil from the bestiary.

they don't offer mechanical stuff apart from categorizing you. (same as Elf trait, dwarf trait, and etc)

Stuff that works on Angels/Celestial will now also work on you. (like triggers, traps, barriers and etc).

The feat itself isn't an action and doesn't involve one.

You permanently change to an Angel/Celestial.

As part of said transformation, you obviously gain the type (trait) and you gain wings, dark/lowlight, and a halo.

It's pretty straightforward.

no it shouldnt be endlime....

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