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Thread necro: it's a 1,500gp one shot item.. nuff said! as a GM I'd allow a ftr to throw it, strike AND THEN blow it up in a 120 foot line of electricity! who can afford this stuff at any level anyways??? this sounds like a GM McGuffin you give to a 'rich mob' of 1HD commoners...

It was a pun on Canada's 'Green Day' i.e. today

I have no actual information on Green Slaad. :P

I heard Green Slaad just moved to Canada...

James Jacobs wrote:
Tusk the Half-Orc wrote:
Does the Pathfinder Comics Hollow Mountain arc spoil anything? Or alternatively, perhaps the events in the comics are presumed to be general knowledge (at least by PFS members)?
No more so than we've already spoiled things by titling the Adventure Path "Return of the Runelords."


Are we getting a runelord on every cover? what about the 7th? IS THIS A SEVEN BOOK AP?!?!

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Bingo. Quark Blast wins this thread x10^100 !!!!

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Lost in Space is indeed an unexpected gem... thoroughly enjoying this show. So good...

No we had Jessica Jones for that. Thank God someone understood the target demographics for Marvel shows.

I'm not gonna analyze this show vs. the teen iron man cartoon other than to say they're not the real thing, so pass... I think the 'teen cloak and teen dagger' show was a bad move. Can we get more grown ups breaking beds having roughnatural frequency of wood sex already?

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I think the Paizo dudes and dudettes have a running pool in the office, and the top dudes and dudettes made a bet for 500+ FAQ, and they're abusing their power slightly to intimidate the underlings into NOT responding 'just yet' :P

Looking at the comic book drawings of 'Dagger' online... ahem... this show should have been on Netflix and rated R I think... :P

It's like the 'Teen Tony Stark' cartoon... kinda sorta somewhat related to Iron Man, but not at all, really...

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Cut the cord a few years back. Reconnected the cord a year later, but the new cord was a basic cord. :)

Netflix: used to be awesome, but post-Defender and Punisher it's been a little boring if you ask me.

House of Cards is gone, etc. I think Netflix has put out too many Netflix Originals that turned out to be crap, and dropped the ball on the good stuff.

They need to grab that cash and start hiring big shot actors (and close the tap for Adam Sandler... enough of him already)

This show looks rough... and for kids... pass

Lord President Beans wrote:
*Cuts the ribbon and pulls the lever to start the new Municipal Bean Geyser*

... and Bean Slaad was born!