Cloak and Dagger on Freeform (ABC Family)


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There was always a spiritual aspect. Given the nature of the powers being tied to hope and fear, and his being directly tied to Darkforce, that is inevitable. The religious aspect seems tied to the character of Nawlins. (aka NOLA aka New Orleans).

This show looks rough... and for kids... pass

It does have a for teen young adult kind of thing going. Writing seems OK pacing is slow but I'm gonna watch I think if they really get going they could have something.

Looking at the comic book drawings of 'Dagger' online... ahem... this show should have been on Netflix and rated R I think... :P

It's like the 'Teen Tony Stark' cartoon... kinda sorta somewhat related to Iron Man, but not at all, really...

I don't need to look I've read C&D but Eh all the female super heroine costumes were pretty much like that. Look how much they toned down Scarlet witchs.

Also comparing it to an actual little kids show is pretty extreme. there is adult themes heck Tyrones brother was shot and killed by a cop and Tandy was sexually assualted and attempted suicde. Now i haven't seen "Teen tony stark" but you tell me is that the kind of issues they are dealing with in that show?

I'm surprised this isn't on Netflix give the content. Especially sexual situations involving possible minors. Tandy is x+8 years old, where x is a value less than puberty. Tyrone is 18 at maximum.

I'm not gonna analyze this show vs. the teen iron man cartoon other than to say they're not the real thing, so pass... I think the 'teen cloak and teen dagger' show was a bad move. Can we get more grown ups breaking beds having roughnatural frequency of wood sex already?

There is websites devoted to that...

No we had Jessica Jones for that. Thank God someone understood the target demographics for Marvel shows.

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I recall reading the early C&D appearances. They were kids. Probably younger than this show.

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Up to around ep 5 or 6 and enjoying it a lot so far.

I gave up on it last episode. I'm fine with stories taking their time to explore the world and characters, but like pretty much all the Marvel shows recently, this one can't do it well enough to be interesting. I didn't really care for either of the protagonists and the plot wasn't interesting enough to make up for the boredom.

"The things that kid can do."
"I've seen it before. I'm from New York. Remind me to tell you about my friend Misty."

Apparently, Misty talked to her sometime during this season of C&D but after her gift from Danny and Colleen.

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I've been liking this a lot more than Runaways. And I don't get at all how anyone could consider this for kids, especially with the closing shot of the last episode.

Yeah its actually very non-kid friendly.

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Anyone else watching this season?

The last episode was kick ass, and this season's big bad has to definitely be pretty far up there with one of the more vile and effective villains in the MCU. So so so looking forward to the Cloak and Dagger taking him down.

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