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I can appreciate the benefits of auditing PCs. Our local lodge has a tradition of doing a full audit before running PCs through one of the seeker arcs, and it seems to benefit both players and GMs. I found that I was missing a few thousand gold while tallying up my chronicle sheets vs my ITS vs my character sheet for example, one of our other players found that some of his archetypes weren't as compatible as he thought.

However, when I hear audits at conventions, I don't have a positive reaction. Locally, our conventions aren't friendly to pre-mustering, so tables are typically seated a few minutes before slot start, and we have 4-hour slots in which to run. That leaves about 0 time to do anything more involved than asking if players are at the right table, have their character sheets and chronicle sheets, and to do a relatively brief character introduction.

At GenCon this year, I had a thouroughly negative audit experience in which our GM wasted the first half-hour of the Solstice Scar checking whether we had all of our books (requesting and looking at additional resources, checking if .pdfs opened and were watermarked, etc). This added no value at all, got our backs up when he bounced one of our group for not having brought all of his hardcopy resources (yes, technically illegal not to have done so) and we completely missed out on the investigation and roleplay part of the special.

We only got out of audit hell when we were thrown right into "go to the museum, s#@*'s happening" part of the special by HQ announcing that we should be going there.

There is a time and a place for everything, limited time-slots don't seem to be the best place for "papers please".


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I do like the idea of unlocking boons based on both table and house success.


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John Compton wrote:
It sounds like my attempt at an interesting benefit has backfired, causing outrage and resentment when I had hoped it might bring some excitement.

I don't think backfired is necessarily the right word here. You're hearing mostly from those who missed the boon.

I agree that having 1 or 2 awesome boons that are unlocked because of a lucky choice is perhaps not the best way to make them available, but the boons themselves are sweet.

I would look at the mechanics of accessing them to mitigate the luck factor as opposed to not doing boons like this again. They're far better than the old 'reroll a die' multi-table special boons.


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GM Blake wrote:

Late to the party, so this might have been mentioned:

The last 2 hour "boost" on Tokens was both appreciated and a less than good idea.

1. My last 4 tokens got me 2 Starfinder boons, which was cool.


2. There was lots of resentment voiced by people at my table who had *just* spent their Tokens prior to the "boost" announcement because the "last chance to use your Tokens announcement" had been going over the speakers since 8-99A.

3. Now people will horde their Tokens until the end of GenCon, waiting for the "boost" announcement and then tie up the prize line (and since they're no longer reusable, people will be left without spending their Tokens because the line is so long).

My suggestion: Never "boost" again and make an announcement throughout GenCon 2018 that there will be no boosts so spend your tokens as you get them.

I agree with Blake's post, our Sunday morning GM gave us a break to hit the prize table less than 30 minutes before the announcement. There was definitely some salt there.

I would add that you shouldn't be put into a position of not having enough tokens to make a roll at the end of the con (ie, with slots giving 2 tokens and rolls costing 4, it sucks to be you if you play an odd number of slots.)

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I managed to get enough people onboard with doing the Starfinder AP in person locally, so... subscribed!

This should be fun.


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Mark Seifter wrote:
Chess Pwn wrote:
Mark Seifter wrote:
Chess Pwn wrote:
Chris Mortika wrote:

The week before Gen Con. What a good time for this kind of sorting out.
well they did say they wanted it out before gen con so that they could sort it out some before the con. so hopefully they will spend a few days at the start of next week answering some of these questions maybe?
I've been spending part of my weekend gathering them, anyway; I'm hoping we of the PDT can discuss them before Gencon (no promises, we are uber-swamped as you might expect, but I'll try). Honestly, I'm just glad it wasn't right before Gencon because it gives at least a little time.
yeah, I've been super impressed by how much you've done already. and I totally understand that you guys are busy for the con, we have the errata, that's good for sure, anything more is super bonus
I just want to do more, even though I know I might not be able to. I've been in the situation of waiting for errata, or for clarifications, as a player, and I know how it feels. Thank you for your patience, and I'll see what I can stir up!

Thank you for being communicative, and for being willing to take a second look at the errata. I'm a fan of seeing errata without waiting for the next printing of the book, and I would very much like this to be the start of a trend of issuing errata when needed instead of when a new printing is about to be released.

If you could revisit the errata for the Arcanist's Consume Spells feature and the Consume Magic Items exploit, it would be much appreciated, it has been mentioned in the product forum thread (, and I agree that the logic behind this change doesn't seem to make sense. Both of the Consumes already consume limited resources (spell slots and magic items respectively), and the limit of cha-mod per day seems punitively low (especially with 0 difference between 5 cha and 12 cha in daily uses).

Being able to refill the arcane pool allows for more usage of exploits, such as the blasts and defences, and for Archetype powers. If this is regarded as a problem where certain exploits become overly powerful when "spammable" (potent magic for example), then perhaps looking at limiting the problem-child powers is an option.

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Wait, so for the price of 3 feats, any character can gain a full-progression animal companion from a limited list?


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For upcoming archetypes, Druid, Barbarian, Alchemist?

One long-term idea (the practicality of which I won't vouch for) would be an offline mode that lets someone work on a local copy when they don't have a solid internet connection (for example, while traveling to a convention).

(Yes, I did just suggest turning this into a long-term herolab competitor, why do you ask? ;))

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I have to admit that when I saw the topic, I thought it was asking about geese for a few seconds...

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As far as I can tell from the description, a number of factors played into it:

-Lucky rolling on the part of the party using called shots to up their impact
-Seemingly weak tactics on the part of the monster, ie: charging in instead of breathing fire from afar, and then hanging around after getting beaten hard by the melee martials (why did it not fly out of range of the guy with the greatsword?)
-Unlucky rolls to avoid any of the effects
-Possibly a side of rules mis-management (by RAW, head shots don't do anything unless ALL the heads get hit for multi-headed monsters, for example).

I also note that the fight doesn't really tell us much about the Arcanist, who died in turn 1 after a single magic missile, and instead confirms that high strength martial classes with two-handed weapons can do a lot of damage on a crit.

I also think the bloodrager _might_ have miscalculated his bonus to damage, +5 for str, +2 for rage +1 from skald = +8, +50% for two-hander = +12.
*EDIT* Except, as pointed out below, the rage bonus and the skald bonus are both morale bonuses, and thus don't stack, resulting in +5 (str), +2 (rage) = +7 +50% = +10 (rounding down)


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Having played Amiri at a convention as an introduction to Pathfinder, and then using her as a basis for my own character to play further, I noticed that her traits (Courageous and Killer) are both Basic(Combat) traits, which breaks that rule that you can only have a single trait from any one category.

Having played my character to level 3 before noticing (What can I say, I just felt like hitting things with a sword at the Con), what should I do at this point to bring my character back to legality, swap out one of the two traits to a legal option?