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Please cancel my Starfinder subscriptions. I've been finding that the shipping costs are painfully high.

Thank you.

I have "cheapest possible" set for my subscriptions, and so far, so good. shipping to Canada has been reasonable via standard postal delivery. But the alien archive pawn box is showing priority mail as the shipping method, and a shipping cost of $46 compared to the price of $38...

Can you please verify that this is 1) the cheapest possible method of shipping said pawn box to Canada (not including UPS), and 2) that the cost is correct?


I'm contacting you about this order (#4470761) as a player character folio that I didn't order seems to have made its way into this shipment.

Looking at the comment that it was moved in from order 4400779, I suspect that what happened is as follows:

I picked up my Starfinder subscriptions at GenCon this year. At the same time, I also bought an additional hardcopy character folio and 2 packs of pathfinder pawn bases.
From the order 4400779 page it lists those 3 items as having been added to the sidecart.

And now that my next subscription shipment is processing, the available item has been added to the shipment.

I don't need a 3rd character folio, or 2 additional packs of pawn bases (still in sidecart based on my My Orders page), so could you please remove the folio from this order and the pawn bases from my side cart?


I'm putting together a pure support character for PFS using the flagbearer feat, based heavily on the guide to the Buffer Bard. And I could use some advice.

At the moment my build looks roughly like this:

Azata-blooded Aasimar (grandfathered GM blob with enough chronicles to start at 2nd level)

Bard X / Investigator (Psychic Detective?) 1



I could use advice on the following points:

1) I'd like to work trapfinding into the build, so I'm thinking of splashing a level of Investigator (either base or Psychic Detective), and I'm not sure if I want to take 2 levels of bard first and then investigator (to get versatile performance fast), or grab one level of each (to get inspiration fast)

2) base Investigator vs Psychic Detective, Alchemy could be handy for crafting cheap goodies as party favours, and some of the self-buffs are tempting, but since I'm not aiming for combat and won't be advancing past level 1, Psychic Detective for another whack of 0th and 1st level spells seems like a good alternate option.

3) traits, too many options, my shortlist is: Arcane Temper (+1 init, +1 concentration), Focused Mind (+2 concentration), Giant Ambivalence (+1 init, +1 sense motive, +2 perception to avoid surprise), Inner Beauty (1/day +4 to bluf/craft/diplo/perform), Intense Artist (+1 to 2 perform skills), Reactionary (+2 init), Sacred Touch (stabilize for free on touch). I'm thinking Intense Artist and Giant Ambivalence probably.

4) Skills, there are 13 skills! that I want to keep at good levels (the big 6 knowledges, 3 performs, disable device, UMD, perception, spellcraft), and another 5 that I'd like to throw a single rank into. I'm looking at 9 skill points per level. Any suggestions for how to pull this off?

I'm building my first character for the Core campaign in PFS, and I'm stuck trying to decide between a Druid, an archer Cleric (Erastil, Community & Animal domains), or a bad touch Cleric (Pharasma, Death & Repose domains, negative energy channeling).

To briefly outline what I'm looking for:
A character that can buff the party for combat
A character that can heal the party outside of combat
A character that can kick a moderate to high degree of ass in combat

I think all 3 options could be fairly strong in combat. I don't want to steal / hog the spotlight, but I do want a capable character.

My initial thought for race is half-elf with skill focus (perception), and the Grand Lodge or Scarab Sages faction trait to get perception as a class skill if I go Cleric.

Feedback on your experiences either playing as or with similar characters, as well as the viability of the two Cleric options in Core would be most welcome.

Like it says on the box, I'm looking for advice on leveling my PFS Oracle from 1 to 2, and possibly taking advantage of the free rebuild.

Alraxion, Agathion-Blooded Aasimar Dual Cursed (Haunted & Blackened) Lunar Oracle
Stats: 8/8/14/14/10/20
Traits: Dangerously Curious, Tomb Raider
Feats: Noble Scion of War
Skills: 6 pts per level, 1 point each in: Diplomacy, Handle Animal, Perception, Sense Motive, Spellcraft, Use Magical Device, 6 unspent (I'm thinking of putting points into knowledge: history, knowledge: religion, UMD, Perception, and Diplomacy, Linguistics)
Oracle Revelation: Primal Companion (Tiger) <- +1 effective druid level from FCB

Spells Known:
0: Mage Hand, Ghost Sound, Guidance, Detect Magic, Read Magic, Create Water
1: Burning Hands, Cure Light Wounds, Bless, Divine Favour, Ill Omen

Combat Stats:
Init: +5, Speed: 30 ft, 17 HP, 10 AC (-1 Dex, +1 Haramaki), Fort: +2, Ref: -1, Will: +3

Animal Companion: Axos, Tiger
Stats: 14/18/13/2/15/10
Feats: Toughness
Skills: Acrobatics, Perception, 1 unspent
Tricks: Attack (2), Defend, Down, Flank, Heel, Seek, 1 bonus unassigned (Come, Fetch, Guard, Maneuver?)

Combat Stats: Init: +4, Speed: 40 ft, 16 HP (19 /w toughness), 19 AC /w leather barding

In combat, I find that I usually throw divine favour on Axos, bless on the party, and then try for either burning hands or guidance as the situation calls for it, while Axos goes to try and eat the face off of my foes. With Ill Omen as my bonus 2nd level spell, I feel like I'll be using that fairly aggressively.

Because of the blackened curse, I don't really use weapons that well since my current attack bonus for melee and ranged weapons is -4.

The items that I'm most uncertain about, and where I'd specifically appreciate some advice are:
Do my skill and spell choices seem sane?
What should I throw the skill point into on Axos?
Should I replace toughness with something else? I'm thinking of working my way towards improving my grapple attempts and rake damage for the long term.
What would make sense for the free trick?
Would taking the Totem Guide companion make sense? As far as I can tell, the major trade is giving up Evasion in exchange for getting Eldritch Claws later. I'm currently planning on taking Celestial Servant at level 3, which will get him resistances, damage reduction, spell resistance, and a 1/day smite, and I think totem guide would be a nice pairing, but I'm not sure how badly giving up evasion will hurt.

Any other advice or critique is most welcome.

Fitting into society is rarely easy for a tiefling, shunned and reviled for their parentage, and often cruel natures. Trakis had the good fortune of being born in a settlement where Rakshasa-spawn are at least tolerated, and had a relatively pleasant childhood.

Not satisfied with the possibilities village life, however, Trakis decided to seek other opportunities elsewhere. After several years of travel, he discovered the state of affairs in Razmiran, wherein priests of Razmir could lead lives of opulence and luxury. With his innate talents in deception, and persuasion, Tarkis knew that he had found his opportunity.

Tarkis, Rakshash-Spawn Tiefling Sorcerer (Razmiran Priest)
Attributes: 8/12+2/12/14/10-2/17+2
Bloodline: Rakshasa (for flavour) Or arcane/sylvan for power?
Racial Traits: Beguiling Liar, Prehensile Tail? (Or spend the feat later for Improved Fiendish Sorcery?)
Traits: Ease of Faith, ??? (Magical Knack? Acolyte of Razmir? Two World Magic? Something Else?)
Feat: Magical Aptitude (+2 to UMD & Spellcraft, pre-req for False Casting)

Skills: Bluff +8/+12 to lies, Diplomacy +9, Disguise +8, Spellcraft +8, UMD: +10

General plan: Battlefield Control and/or Buffs.

Spells Known: 4/2
0: Detect Magic, Prestidigitation, Ghost Sounds, Daze
1: Enlarge Person, Colour Spray

Advancement plan:
Skills: Get a few ranks in Perform (oratory) and K: Religion. Keep up with UMD, Bluff, Diplomacy, Perception, and Spellcraft
3: False Casting (/w 1 rank of Sleight of Hand to qualify)
5: Deific Obedience: Nethys & pick up Evangelist PrC
7: Imp Fiendish Sorcery (if Rakshasa bloodline)

I'm not sure about my second trait, the benefits of improved fiendish sorcery, and the choice of bloodline. Any comments or critique would be welcome.


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Having played Amiri at a convention as an introduction to Pathfinder, and then using her as a basis for my own character to play further, I noticed that her traits (Courageous and Killer) are both Basic(Combat) traits, which breaks that rule that you can only have a single trait from any one category.

Having played my character to level 3 before noticing (What can I say, I just felt like hitting things with a sword at the Con), what should I do at this point to bring my character back to legality, swap out one of the two traits to a legal option?

Inspired by the One build, I'm putting together a new character for PFS play.

I'm thinking of a Garuda-blooded Aasimar, and could use some advice on my starting setup.

Born to Hermean parents and exiled when he turned 16 as his Aasimar heritage became more obvious. He wandered the Inner Sea, doing whatever he could to make ends meet. A few years later, a priest of Sarenrae caught him trying to steal from the temple. Recognizing a wayward child in need of help, the priest took him in, and taught him the ways of Sarenrae. Eventually, he requested to be sent to a monastery to be trained to go out into the world, and to bring light and redemption to those who would act against the light.

Human-like in appearance, his Garuda heritage shows in his hawklike features and eyes (literally hawklike eyes), and a spray of feathers down the middle of his back. Giving him a piercing and unsettling mien. His training however, emphasized the need to give a chance for redemption, and thus he has become skilled in the use of words to bring illumination to those who oppose the philosophy of Sarenrae.

Wanting to remain in a structured environment, he then sought admittance into the Silver Crusade faction of the Pathfinder Society, a position from which he can work to bring light and redemption to the world.

So, with that said...

Aasimar (Garuda-blooded) Monk (Zen Archer & Quigong)/1

Stats: I have 2 possibilities in mind, more Con for better Fort save, or more Int for better skill points and bonuses to skill checks.
14/12+2/14/9/17+2/7 OR 14/12+2/12/12/17/7

Favored Class Bonus: Aasimar don't have a special FCB for Monks, so I'd take the HP if my Con is 12 or the skill point if my Con is 14.

Traits: Since I want diplomacy as a class skill, taking a trait for it makes sense, as well as taking clever wordplay to move it over from my dump stat of Cha to Int.
Illuminator, Clever Wordplay

Feats: Feat wise, Precise shot is the clear choice for the bonus feat, while for the standard feat, I'm torn between either additional traits (+2 to confirm crits and +2 to Init) or Improved Init for +4 to Init.
1st: Additional Traits (Toxophilite, Hermean Paragon / Reactionary)
Monk 1: Precise Shot

Skills: If I go for 12 Int, I have 5 skill points per level to play with, while with 9 Int, I have 4 if I put FCB into a skill point.

Skills that I want at least 1 point in: Climb (5 if Monkey Style, less if Crane Style), Swim, Knowledge (Religion)

Skills that I want some points in: Diplomacy, Sense Motive

Skills that I want at max: Perception, Acrobatics, Stealth

Starting Equipment:
Pathfinder's Kit
Dungeoneering Kit
Alchemist's Fire
~40 GP remaining