Starfinder Messageboard Avatars?

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Any chance we could see starfinder themed avatars for the messageboards any time in the near future?

I was just thinking about this myself. I'd very much like to update my Starfinder characters with something more appropriate.

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There are a few appropriate avatars if you look for the right races. But I would like to see more.

(A space smurf might be fun, too.)

Yes, please. I'm currently without one for that reason. Just waiting.

Plus one! I'd love to update my avatars and be able to make aliases for my Dead Suns campaign.

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I am hoping that we can merge both of the Starfinder Avatar threads, please.


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Plus one to both requests - Starfinder Avatars and Thread merging.

Me 2, me 3, we are a group concousness. We are many and we need a-lot of avatars.

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