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Amber looked at the group

"Thsts a teacher, I know her picture was in that school book. What are they doing ?"

"Any dim wit can see they are trying to work out what affecting the towns.folk. Something's making them become monsters"

"O I thought that was normal, you know like back home on all moons eve, in the Mugit lands"

"Nope not normal, some thing nasty is doing this to them, my bets a Demon or god, you know what utter P$$$s that can be"

"So what do we do? Help?"

"No! What can we do, any we it's more fun to watch, once they have banished what ever is doing this, the shops will reopen and we can get some retail therapy, we so badly need. Until then we look on my dear sister and followers we look on."

David.De'Foul wrote:
burst into flames at the contact

From their roof top,

"that looks like one of the boys from school look he's on fire how odd"

Weeee paint bombs

fey fun in Kuros:

Amber says to the group on he roof top in Kuros.

"Paint bombs!, that's what we need!"

She waves a clawed hand and a chest comes into being, it flips open.
Taking out some bags she hands them round.

"This is so childish but really it will be such fun"

She lobs a green pain bomb at one of the monster/towns folk below. It smacks on the top of the head sending green plain all over it and the street.

they all laugh then start taking aim at others.

Ambers head looks over at the two small Fey.

"Yes We are staying, well we can't levee the planet in fact, Dad came and talked to the headmaster."

"Its all been sorted, and all he left us was a flower each."


"Ye nice of him, not a word to use juts a flower each and then"

"abandonment, typical dad."

Leasoa Ollro wrote:

"Do you think we should help??

Looking down as thetownsfolk surrounding a thing Tyrrin

A tiny feyDragon with two heads says

"Errr no, I mean what can five fey do, I think best we just keep out of this Leasoa. We have n real idea whats going on, this could all be some kind of festival, an odd one yes, but we have seen odder"

"Really shes right I mean just what could we do, nip them, I mean it looks like the shops are closed for the day, so until best just sit here and see what happens. Why risk it"

"Mind you this is typical, we finally agree to stay in a school and NOT try and burn the local down and when we get here, its being over run my monsters all by itself. Sometimes you know I really do wounder if life is just one big piratical joke by someone."