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You could go the Mass Effect way but with magic. Use levitation stones as your base. Certain magical energies make their field lighter, certain ones make them heavier(or less mass more mass technically). Then you could develop both short range 'slow' ftl(travel between nearby planetary systems within a few days/weeks span) and 'fast' ftl conduits (Mass Relays) that create corridors of such low mass that ships can travel quickly across the span of the galaxy. Of course, control of said conduits can make or break an empire.

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Goofus insists on playing the latest dubstep polka from Switzerland. Loudly.

Gallant shows up to each game with fresh cookies to be enjoyed during snack breaks.

Bumping this as I still want more help/input/ideas

UT lives in KG's garage.

This is falling into anime levels of madness... And that's awesome.

I think there's a witch archtype that replaces the familiar with a doll. The doll is the familiar. If you want to hybridize it with summoned, maybe give it animate object as a hex and the ability to enhance the doll with certain evolutions. Things that are more magical in nature, like the spell casting or maybe physical ones that only manifest in combat, like the spirit in the doll breaking into the real world. It'd be hilarious for a tiny doll to suddenly sprout a dozen tentacles and eat someone.

IHIYC once danced the macarana so well that he caused a rift in the space time continuum. Agents from the future came back and editted the event with a well placed banana peel. IHIYC was so embarrassed by the resulting fall that he took to hiding in closets to hide from his shame.

477. The World Untameable You're part of an expedition force of mighty worlds spanning empire on a new world. There's a few problems though. The natives are neutral at best towards you, there's another worlds spanning empire trying to stake their claim, ancient ruins and dark magic litter the world with prophecies of doom for all sentient life, and kaiju's and other mega fauna are the apex predators.

Another thing that's mostly fluff but might help with design elements. This is for a homebrew campaign setting I'm making with heavy magitech/steampunk elements in it. Guns will be moderately common but still a little expensive. The campaign itself will be set in the frontier, kind of wild west themed. Also going to be mixing in some elements from the Mass Effect D20. Going to probably pull some of the mass effect races, pathfinder'ize them a bit, and have them replace other races. Elves for example, will be replaced by Quarians, who are the cursed descendants of the ancient elves who have to wear special environmental suits to keep from falling to disease. They traverse the world, especially the new frontier as clans similar to gypsies, but with an affinity for magic and technology. Turians and Krogans will be descended from dragons and share heritage with kobolds and lizard folk, but will be socially similar to how they are presented. Asari will be an ancient race that controls the main empire. Still all female. Salarians will be a mostly servitor race to the Asari, intelligent and sneaky, often acting as scientists, spies, and courtiers. Their short lives ensure they don't get to overly ambitious. Drell will be desert/plains dwelling nomads that make knowledgeable scouts/guides on the frontiers, and fall into the rolls of body guards/assassins in more civilized climates. No Volus, Vorcha will be seen as similar to Goblins(fast breeding, tribal, primitive, and violent), and often times will work with goblins/orcs/ogres. Humans will be humans. Gnomes and Dwarves will be around doing their thing. Half Elves will be a race descended from ancient elves and humans, but have been around so long that they can maintain their own population now. Ancient Elves that aren't cursed are extremely rare, often living in their own isolated city states with minimal contact to the outside world. Thinking about adding Dromites from the Ultimate Psionics in, aswell as access to those classes. Also, thinking this empire might be multi world spanning, with the only true natives to this new planet being the Drell, Vorcha, Dromites, some monstrous humanoids(others being brought across by clandestine societies trying to carve their own kingdoms), and possibly the Vanara and Hanar. I should really just make this campaign world idea it's own topic. Maybe once I have more fleshed out.

Little Skylark has a fascination with small shiny buttons. But only if they adorn otherwise ridiculous formal wear.

I was actually thinking Bard as the parent class with Gunslinger as the secondary class. Drop the songs, reduce the spontaneous spell list to utility/battle field control spells(you can never go wrong with grease), add in arcane grit, add on words of power that can only be crafted onto bullets. Give the WoP some form of point based spell casting (1 point per level) so you can make either a few major power bullets, several medium power bullets, or lots of spell low level spell bullets. Have the bullets have some crafting time(full minute per) so you can customize them throughout the day, but not at will. Give full range of offensive WoP abilities(including positive/negative energy, cause holy bullets are totally cool). Give access to the different shape words too that make sense. Keep the skill monkey'ness of the bard, add in some grit deeds that make sense thematically(such as the quicker reload, or the mysterious strangers adding of cha to attacks(and possibly spell bullets? Might make them to powerful)

One problem with making firearms smaller is an increased risk in the gun exploding. The bulk weight of a gun is just reinforcing metal(or in some cases ceramic) to keep it from exploding when the firepowder goes off. Other than that, I love this setting idea.

I'd say Abberant and Undead. The ingame lore specifically calls them undead, and while they're alien, they're from another planet alien, not from another plane of existence alien.

If it helps any, I'm thinking this could be an MCA with Bard and Gunslinger as the parent classes. No songs, replaced by magic bullets, but all the fun utility spells and skills. Also, for inspiration, think Gene Starwind from Outlaw Star.

This is an interesting concept, and I want to see how it develops.How about break it into mental and physical skills, then do the str+dex+con modifiers divided by two for physical skills and int+wis+cha modifiers divided by 2 for mental skills. Past that, keep the base skill points the same as universal skills, just without the +int modifier.
So say your stats for your fighter were the same. He'd be getting 2 universal, 3 physical, and 1 mental skill points, for a net total of 6 per level. That's still pretty balanced. Alternatively, you could give everyone the same base amount of universal skill points. Lets say for fairness sake the base is 4. So you'd have a net total of 8 for the fighter per level, mostly focusing on physical skills(as a fighter should). For classes that are specifically skill monkeys(bard, rogue), maybe up the base to 6.

Goddity never had any cookies.

So I have this idea for a class that uses a partial Vancian partial Spell Points system of using magic. Here's the basics and fluff, I need help fleshing out the crunch.

Medium BAB, D8 HD, Good Saves are Will and Ref, Bad saves are Con.
Vancian Casting. Extremely limited, mostly utility spells (reloading hands, mage hand, abundant ammunition, maybe some spells also.) Thinking spontaneous, but limited in the max spell level.

Grit/Spell Points with words of power casting. This will allow for some deeds from gunslinger and other appropriate gun using archtypes. Also used for making and/or firing bullets empowered with words of power, and be used like the arcane grit of the spellgun archtype for the wizard. I'm thinking either a combined pool that you can shoot magic bullets with on the fly using offensive words of power, or seperate pools where you make your magic bullets at the begining of each day like prepped spells, and the grit is just grit. I'm thinking the second is a bit more balanced. Have like a spellpoint pool you can draw from, a max level your spelled bullet can be by level(each spell level is one spell point). This gives the class some flexibility. The class could have a few really powerful spell bullets, but runs out of spell bullets quickly, or quite a few lower leveled spell bullets, but none of the stopping power. Or one big spell bullet and a few smaller ones.

Any thoughts on the crunch?

Alright, for my rolls(did it with actual dice!), I got 9, 38, 7, 81, and 23. So I have Goblins, Gripplis, Gnomes, Gearmen, and Lizard Folk... Alot of G's in there. Also alot of short creatures... This should be fun. For Goblins, I'm gonna break them into 3 subraces, Regular Goblins(feral We Be Goblins goblins), Tinker Goblins, and Kijimuna Goblins. Gnomes likewise will be broken into Tinker Gnomes and Sylvan Gnomes. Grippli are Grippli... Gearmen will be creations of the Tinker Goblins/Gnomes, and the Lizard Folk will be High Lizard Folk (smarter, more civilized, not as strong) and Low Lizard Folk(savage, cruel, tribal, strong but dumb).

My setting shall be called... Walhalla, the great crater.

Long ago, a primordial world infested with the early versions of life was struck by a great meteor. So massive was this impact that it almost ended all life. But almost only counts in frogtoss, alchemist bombs, and magical warfare. The impact was so great it raised a gigantic crater, and sunk all the lands around it into the ocean.

Far on the other side of the planet, life struggled on. From here, came the Lizard Folk empire, a society of great magic and technology. This empire soon ruled all the lands on their side of the planet. But like all great empires, they fell to their own hubris. Scarcity of resources coupled with an ever growing population soon led to an all out war, reducing their lands to barren wastelands, and their populations to almost nothing. The survivors gathered what technology and magic they could and fled across the seas and skies. After a long journey, they finally found a new home, the continent sized crater. Knowing full well the price they paid before, the smartest of the lizard folk proposed they used magic to lengthen their lifespans and slow their birthrate down to avoid overpopulation. The working class hated this idea, and refused to go along with it. So the wizards and scientist worked in secret to imbue themselves with near immortality, then let loose a plague that effected those not altered, dimming their intelligence. They hoped to use their now lesser kin as a labor force, but the plague had an unintended consequence. Their lesser kin became savage brutes hardly able to be tamed. So the High Lizard Folk let their lesser kin go into the wild rather than face another rebellion.

In the wilds of the crater, a mix of dense jungles and swamp lands, another race was bringing itself out of it's tribal society into a more organized one. The amphibious Grippli soon found their lands invaded by the savage Low Lizard Folk, and brief skirmishes were fought and are still being fought over territory, with the Grippli holding the jungles where they can ambush from above, and the Low Lizard Folk holding the swamps where they can ambush from below.

Not pleased with the idea of having to do all their own work, the High Lizard Folk decided to meddle with the still evolving primates to create a labor force they could control. From their mountainside cities along the edge of the crater, they made two new races from the primates. The Gnomes and the Goblins. The Gnomes were longer lived and bred slower, meaning the long lived High Lizard Folk could form companionable bonds with them, while the Goblins were made to breed fast, but only live a short while, meaning they could expand their workforce quickly if need be. They taught both the great wonders of magic and technology.

Then an unintended consequence of their own augmentation manifested. Many of the High Lizard Folk started going into long periods of hybernation, sleeping for years or decades at a time. Their society quickly fell to the hands of their labor force, who took it with mixed emotions. Some of the Gnomes and Goblins embraced it, becoming the Tinker Gnomes and Tinker Goblins. In the cities left to them by the dwindling High Lizard Folk, the continue to push the boundaries of magic and technology. Some of them rejected it entirely. The gnomes fled to the forests to reconnect with their primal roots. Here they found new forms of magic based in nature, which they shared with their new allies, the Grippli. Some of the goblins fled to the caves at the bottom of the crater wall, near the swamps the Low Lizard Folk called home. They forswore magic and words, but kept some of their curiosity about things. They developed a primitive form of alchemy and shared it with their new allies. Some of the Goblins fled to the other side of the crater wall, to the shallow beaches bordering the oceans. Here, they developed their own society based of fishing and playing tricks to keep amused. They became the Kijimuna, and are still loosely allied with the Tinker Gnomes and Tinker Goblins, trading fish and rarities from the ocean for crafted items.

In this world there are three sides. The Grippli and Sylvan Gnomes fight to keep their homes sacred and free from predatation. The Low Lizard Folk curse the High Lizard Folk and their mountain cities for what they have been reduced to, and use their savage Goblin allies to push for more territory so they can grow their numbers and take back their heritage. The Tinker Gnomes and Goblins, with the occasional input from an awake High Lizard Folk, yearn to master the world.

Recently, a new race has sprung forth from the mountain cities, bipedal robots given free will and free reign of their destiny. Created by the Tinkers to go out into the world and observe and learn, these mechanical men can be found in almost any place. Some wander into the swamps and become slaves or advisers to the Low Lizard Folk and Goblins. Some wander into the forests and seek a oneness with nature they feel they lack due to their origins. Some wander to the coasts and build great ships to go explore the oceans of the world. And some remain in the cities helping their creators. But they all live knowing that when they're destroyed, everything they learn and experience returns to the Tinkers and the High Lizard Folk to study.

Uncle Teddy is named so not because he's a giant fluffy bear or because his name is Theodore... The teddy comes from his favorite all weather attire which is bedroom wear for most people.

You can't have the win because I stole it already.... And hid it. In a created demiplane only accessible by me. I have the win forever!

Goddity doesn't know where his references came from, so any guess will likely earn you a cookie.

.... -steals all the old peoples canes and replaces them with look alike that act as cattle prods when used to strike someone... And also steals the win-

Oceanshieldwolf wrote:
If you want to see a Base Class that has been likened to a Zerg concept, check out the Symbiote Gunner originally brainstormed on an MCA thread, and now in development as posted long long ago HERE. The Symbiote Gunner as posted needs some refinement, the Symbiont Base Class will differ dramatically from that design path.

The first link is broken, and the second link hasn't been updated in a very long time (october 2013?!)

Higher levels, access to lots of magic, possibly magi-tech vehicles.

Either that or use lots of strategy. Find a way to bottle neck them so you can manage them in smaller chunks, but that might lead to battle fatigue. Other option is have them be part of a larger army, possibly a strategic strike unit going after the big hitters.

I would take base creatures and evolve them like an Eidolon, maybe with some added extra options from other monsters/3rd party sources. As for origin/resources... I'd say meteor crash carried the beginnings of the swarm to the planet, and like other hive based creatures, they gather resources(be it animal, plant, or mineral) to bring to the hive. Kind of like a mix of the Zerg and the Arachnids from Starship Troopers.

As for hybrids like Kerrigan, I think taking any base class and giving them evolution options like The Evolutionary Stalker with some flavorful added options from other sources could work. Kind of give them a trying to adapt to the new world feel, especially if they came from a no magic/low magic/different magic environment.

Side thought, you could also have them be originated from the Fey Firstworld plane, or from Limbo with them being a precursor to a Protean invasion.

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In the Black Company books, two of the characters bought a giant croc head and made it into a headdress for their commander to wear to scare the crap out of local river pirates. With the use of some illusions and protection magic, he was breathing fire and shrugging off arrows. Be creative with it man. Make it into a crazy backpack and haggle with your DM that it gives you extra AC from behind BECAUSE IT'S A CROCS HEAD! Those things can deflect bullets! Or make it into a shield. Or a primitive but still effective half plate armor. Hook up with a gnome with a passion for tinkering and a sense of humor and get it mounted on a magi-tech submarine.

Grease, because it'd be hilarious. Also, it'd be funny to cast it on the main bad guys weapon and watch them drop it. Especially since they have to roll a reflex save every turn to keep a hold of it.

Trigger Loaded is Uncle Teddy's agent for such jobs.

Wylliam Harrison doesn't get constructive criticism. He understands the concept, but no one ever offers him any.

So that's where the adopted trait came from....

BlindKitsune writes Mary Sue fan fiction involving her and DareDevil.

Never! Besides, your human, and we all know humans never win. Just look at Azlant as proof.

KahnyaGnorc can see sound. Extremely loud noises can blind him.

Everybody wins! Except those that don't, which is everyone but me.

Oooh, let me help! -Kicks Goblin Kid 250 yards away... Into an active antimagic volcano-

Trigger Loaded once fought off a hoard of pygmy dinosaurs with nothing but a spatula and elbow grease.

Could be kinda cool thematically. Like he etches the runes/symbols associated with said words of power on his bullets to cast/shoot them. Could totally pull off a Gene Starwind type character with a little multiclassing.

-steals the win and casts area of protection vs goblins, ninjas, and chimeras-

Goddity is really a he, despite his profile stating his gender in unclear.

You Charlie Sheen wannabe. Also, I have the win.

Do these people not listen when I explain the nature of the win? It really is a silly little trinket.

The problem with the win is that it will inevitably leave your hands. And no constellation prizes. Unless you're a god. Consolation prizes are in beta test however.

Goblin gods wouldn't have books. Or anything written. Also, the win is now a magical item that one can unfortunately possess for only a limited amount of time.

He just felt like yelling your name for no reason.

Animated objects! Quickly, sing Disney songs everyone!

At least 2, but one is a fake I made.

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The Win: This magical item doesn't have any practical applications, but possessing it fills the holder with a short lived feeling of accomplishment. It teleports away from the holder after 1d4+2 minutes, at which point the now prior holder feels a sense of loss and frustration. The Win's appearance is different for every holder, but is always small enough to be held in one hand.

You can crashland the entire fleet of ships prepped for final assault on earth against the reapers on Golarion and have players fight against biotic half dragon krogans BECAUSE YOU'RE THE GM!

Rashly5 once drank an entire bottle of vinegar. The effects have yet to wear off.

We're halfway to moving on... Which means most of us are ready, but a few diehards won't let go.

Laughs at all the people fighting over the masterfully crafted but still fake win I left behind as a decoy.

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