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Excellent thanks guys for the quick response.

So for example the mythic trickster.

Add your number of mythic charges to your dexterity or intelligence check.
You may "then" expend 1 blah blah blah.

What I want to know is, do we always add the number of mythic charges to relevant checks even if we don't intend on then expending them for D20's.

Its the part that says..... "you may 'then'".... Making it sound like you only add the number of mythic charges if you then intend to expend them.

Sorry if it's been answered already. Just a clarification.

First World Bard wrote:
No, you can use it. The wooden shield reduces combat damage, so you can play it at any time you are taking combat damage.

ok thanks

So during the steps of an encounter....

Players may only play cards or use powers that relate to each step no more than once.


so does this mean i can not use a wooden shield to negate any damage before i act.....because it doesn't specifically say on that card before you act......i would have to play something that specifically says before you act?

Thankyou dudes!

Or does it come down to the key point of "if a card doesnt specify when it can be played it usually can be played anytime".....obviously to reduce damage.

Magic Padded Armor reads -

"Discard this card to reduce Combat damage dealt to you before or after you act by 2"

Ok so for that power, quite simply, I can play it before or after I act. (yes i know there are other powers on the card)

Hide Armor reads -

"Recharge this card to reduce cold or comabt damage dealt to you by 1"

What i want to know is could i play hide armor to reduce damage in the before and after i act step.....doesnt say it cant but it doesnt say it can wither wheras the magic padded armor specifically states it for its first power.


I get it at last. Thanks guys

Sandslice wrote:
Adrian Firth wrote:
Couldnt i play the cohort before exploring....then i explore and encounter the card.....then during each step could i not activate the displayed card?....because if a card doesnt specify when it can be played it can pretty much be played anytime????? is that right.

If you play Leryn before an encounter, and then get into an encounter, you can only use his combat-check ability --- and then only if you're making a combat check.

There are three times where "pretty much anytime" stops applying:

-At the start of a turn:
1. Advance the blessings deck
2. Use things that specify that they can be used at the start of turn
3. End "start of turn."

-During an encounter:
As described above.

-At the end of a turn:
1. Use things that specify that they can be used at the end of turn or before you reset your hand.
2. Reset your hand.
3. Use things that specify that they can be used after you reset your hand.
4. End turn.

But couldn't I still use it before the attempt check step?

Apply any effects that happen when you encounter the card, if needed

Evade the card (optional).

Apply any effects that happen before you act

Attempt check - what you said

Couldnt i play the cohort before exploring....then i explore and encounter the card.....then during each step could i not activate the displayed card?....because if a card doesnt specify when it can be played it can pretty much be played anytime????? is that right.

im also trying to understand this thread


What about below

During each of these steps, you and the other players may perform only the specified actions. Players may only play cards or activate powers that relate to each step. Each player may play no more than 1 card of each type during each step

• Apply any effects that happen when you encounter the card, if needed

• Evade the card (optional). If you have a power or card that lets you evade the card you’re encountering, you may immediately shuffle it back into the deck; it is neither defeated nor undefeated, and the encounter is over.

• Apply any effects that happen before you act

• Attempt the check. – This is a step

CHECK – This is part of the step “attempt the check” and follows the below rules
Remember that each player may not play more than one card of each type or activate any one power more than once during each check.
Below is the entire check
• Determine which die you’re using
• Determine the difficulty
• Play cards and use powers that affect the check (optional)
• Assemble your dice
• Attempt the roll
• Take damage, if necessary.

STEPS – CONTINUED AFTER THE CHECK. Each player may play no more than 1 card of each type during each step

• Attempt the next check, if needed Then follow above aatempt the check guide
• Apply any effects that happen after the encounter, if needed.
• Resolve the encounter

No where in the UK seems to have this yet :( apparently another 2 to 3 weeks which is a shame because a group of 6 are waiting to play but can't.

So in the end I went for the clear ultra pro deck Protectors. I purchased 52 packs with equates to 2600 sleevs. Enough to sleeve the entirety of both base games with all expansions. I buy them in bulk for a discounted price.

At the moment for rise of the rune Lords they had all been sleeved in mayday standard green (100 packs) and I'm not really impressed with them. The corners bend and they stick together.

I had a pack of mayday premium. Got half way through the pack and the cards seem to slightly pop out the top by abour 1mm. They are not consistent.

The ultra pro deck protector clear are perfect. Very similar to mayday premium in thickness therefor FFG (I'm my opinion) no sticking issues, nice premium feel, easier shuffling and non stick and more importantly the sizing is consistent throughout. Very happy.

Excellent thanks. Been using the mayday green (100packs)fornrise of the rune Lords. They stick and the corners curl.

So the 10 sleeves that come with game.... Are they pro fits or deck Protectors?

So what's the difference between
http://www.magicmadhouse.co.uk/accessories-c1132/standard-size-sleeves-c113 7/pro-fit-sleeves-100-p36592


http://www.magicmadhouse.co.uk/accessories-c1132/standard-size-sleeves-c113 7/clear-standard-deck-protectors-50ct-p804

No not the sleeves with the character art just the clear ones. A set of 10 come with the base game. Are they in 100 or 50 counts?

I really like the sleeves that came with the box. I love the little holograms too. Just wondered which ultra pro sleeves they are. There's so many variations.
Do they all have the holographic seal of approval? (I do like that touch)
I've seen 50 packs and 100 packs but I'm sure some are for sleeving an already sleeved card.

Basically what are the sleeves that came with the base game?

Should this guy have the undead trait?

No you can only use the extra dice against an undead bane. To tell if they are undead is by looking at there traits in the top left hand side of the card in bold. If it says undead then yes you can use that power.
Think of her as the cleric she is....wielded of the holy light purging the undead.

Example of undead trait card - ancient skeleton henchmen

TClifford wrote:
That's fine. Then ask for additional help. Don't just start off saying we are wrong.

Where in my posts did I say 'you guys are wrong?' I clearly said I was still 'unsure' anyway drop it now. The problems been resolved......atleast for myself

Dude i just needed a better example to understand. H4ppy cleared it up for me thanks

h4ppy wrote:

Imagine you have two items:

1) A blue shield that reduces combat damage by 3
2) A red shield that reduces ranged combat damage by 3

The red shield is strictly worse than the blue one, since it's only useful in a sub-set of the situations. Everywhere you can use the red shield you can also use the blue shield.

If, however, you have this item:

3) A green shield that reduces combat damage by 3 OR reduces ranged combat damage by 5

The green shield is now best of all. It does the same as the blue shield in most situtations but, on the (rare) occasions where you face ranged combat damage it is even better.

Think less. Play more ;)

And why have it at all? It's thematic. It's fun. If you do manage to use it to reduce ranged combat damage then you'll laugh and joke about it around the table. Everyone's a winner.

Now this makes sense to me thanks

TClifford wrote:
Fine. Be unsure. Even though 2 of the people that are helping you have been answering questions about this game since it came out. Guess we have another person that needs an official FAQ answer before they believe anything anyone else says on this thread. Might as well close it and wait for Mike or Vic to come on here and answer this guy.

Dude no need to get your knickers in a twist......are you this hostile to anyone who needs help.......jeez

This 'GUY' did always assume combat damage and ranged damage were the same so an armour like the shield would reduce it.......i was just confused about this card.....thats all.

As for believing people on these threads it so happens im a great believer in H4ppy's constructed help........all is appreciated

i dont know why but i still unsure.......urrrrrrgh maybe im overthinking it.........its just......if combat damage and ranged combat damage are the same and can be reduced by a shield or chainmail (or later down the line a eg eg gold shield that reduces combat damage by 3)then why have a card that specifically says reduce ranged combat?

So are they separate? Can I reduce ranged with a shield or chainmail?

Hi Folks,

now i was under the impression that combat damage, and ranged combat damage were the same thing and could be reduced by lets say the shield, but i came across this card from skinsaw murders.


recharge this card to reduce combat damage dealt to you by 1.

recharge this card to reduce ranged combat damage dealt to you by 3

banish this card to reduce all damage dealt to you to 0; if you are proficient with light armours, bury this card instead.

so it says here ,,,,,,reduce ranged combat damage.......so i take it they are 2 seperate types of damage?

You defo play it right. Also remember your playing in the earliest of scenarios. I've got a feeling they could be similar card......deadly ambush, etc etc hat won't be so forgiving lol

Yea so if you don't come across another monster you get lucky simple as. Withoutthe new wording the barrier would forever stay in the deck. I know this as I experienced it. I failed to defeat a henchmen so coildnt close the location (i was playing solo) and everytime I encountered this card I had to make the perfect roll which I never did......in the end it was the only card left in a location preventing me from closing it (had to roll a perfect numbrt)

would you mind typing out what the card says with the new wording. Id read it myself though im in bed with a stomach bug.........g~~ d&~n pilkies poison traps :)

This card has been changed. Check the FAQ.

Thought so

Isengrde wrote:

Hi everyone,

I'm new and I have a (dumb likely) question.
If I play with adventure path 2, do I mix these cards with adventure path1+ base set or only with base set ?
In rules, it is written that you need to mix adventure path X with base set but nothing is mentioned on what you should do with the other adventure path.
Thanks for you answer.
Best regards

I think your misunderstood.......The 'Adventure Path' is rise of the runelords. This adventure path consists of so many 'Adventures' and each adventure has so many 'Scenarios'.

The base set comes with the adventure - perils of the lost coast which has 3 scenarios.

The base set also comes with adventure deck 1 - burnt offerings which has 5 scenarios.

To answer your question the next adventure deck (number 2) is skinsaw murders, which you would mix in with the core set, perils of the lost coast and burnt offerings.

At some point (can't remember) when you encounter a card with basic trait (you MAY) removeit ffrom the entire game never to be seen again, as the likely hood of encountering better gear would increase.

Now you stated 'adventure path 2' this would be considered a whole new base set adventure with it's own adventures and scenarios. So I presume you meant to say 'adventure deck 2'

If I upgrade my character to a new class (whenever that happens) do I take all previous upgrades with me. Eg hand size. I notice on some that the next class would have u reduce your handsize (if you previously took it)

Thankyou mike and the team.....lets not forget the team........for all your hard work.....its must rack your brain reading all these threads. A BIG THUMBS UP!

Fromper wrote:
Adrian Firth wrote:
So discard this car to add 1 to a check........add 1 what? 1 dice?

Nope, just +1. It's a pretty weak spell. But it's easy to recharge, and you can use it on any character in any location, IIRC (don't have the card in front of me), so it's occasionally useful.

That said, I would never include it as the starting card in any deck, now that I know enough to customize instead of using the recommendations in the rulebook. I gave Lini Cure x2, Inflict x2, Detect Magic, and Strength to start, I think.

wow that is a pretty weak spell.....it would be good using it just after someone rolled and they were one short.....but i guess you have to play it before rolling the dice.......starting 4 player tomorrow so using the suggested starting hands......ill soon be getting rid of guidance.

So discard this car to add 1 to a check........add 1 what? 1 dice?

Now I understand thank you mike

Ah yes the whole discarding a card not actually played can't be recharged thingy lol........ Anyway it still says this counts as playing a spell..... The wording "playing a spell" seriously implies (to me anyway) that you could recharge it....... But at the same time it's a card discarded triggered from a power so maybe it doesn't recharge

OberonViking wrote:

To me, text in the blast power that says it counts as playing a spell was put in there so that you can't use her Blast Power and Force Missile and Glibness on the same combat check (can't play two of the same type of card).

To me, the rules for Discarding are consistent across the board. I'm just glad that you don't have to discard a random card- that'd hurt.

Exactly..... If It wasn't worded as played as a spell then you could play item, weapons etc to the check making it too over powered

magnuskn wrote:
And I still disagree, for reasons noted above.

I do think your right as her power states that it's counted as playing a spell. If It didn't say that then NO the discarded card can't be recharged because it wasn't played........ also maybe the golden rule on page 6 may come into play. "if a card and this rulebook are ever in conflict the card should be considered correct" ok the character stat card isn't a card you play as such but maybe the word " card" could actually include your stat card. I could be wrong

Really hope this is confirmed by Thursday next week...... As I'm running this game 4 player..... Please please hurry lol