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Xin-Shalast - Roll20 Map - Tracking Sheet

The caravan makes its way into Sandpoint, via the Sandpoint Bridge in the southeast corner of town. Hanging from a bent nail at both the gatehouse and the southern bridge is a sign and a mirror (image) - painted on each sign is the message: “Welcome to Sandpoint! Please stop to see yourself as we see you!”

Many of the folk start splitting off to go in their various directions as the last remnants of the caravan reach the Sandpoint Market. (area 35 on the map) On most days, Sandpoint’s marketplace is empty save for the odd group of children who enjoy using the wide-open area to play whistleball or other games.

Twice each week, the market fills with vendors. At the start of the week, the farmer’s market radically increases the daily selection of goods available from the Grocer’s Hall, while all day at the end of the week, merchants from Magnimar, Galduria, Nybor, Wartle, and beyond take part in the Town Market - often supplemented with Varisian wagons and their merchandise.

This evening (Rova 22, 4707, Moonday), the market is already set up, in part, for tomorrow’s festivities. A couple of the wagons take up positions in the square, as their owners begin prepare for the stall space they’ll setup in the morning. The rest of the folks scatter to their respective dwellings, inns, or in some cases, tents, here and there throughout the town - wherever there is room.

There are lights being lit throughout the town as folks make final preparations for the celebration, finish last minute tasks for the day, and otherwise settle into the evening.

Feel free to interact with those you met on the road, or not, as is your wish. The festival is tomorrow starting around noon, though in the way of these things there are often early birds. So you’ll need to find a place to stay. Those of you who may be from Sandpoint may have your own residences.

Male Half Elf

'I'm glad the goblins only tossed some glass and ran off. I've no doubt Tot and Kitty would have handled most of them, But no need to test that theory.' He smirks at the mirror on the sign as they walk past. 'If I saw myself as most of them see me I'd be...nevermind, it's not worth it.' Beginning to turn down Salmon Street, Seamus' eyes follow the wagon toward the marketplace. 'Aww, what the heck.' Following the wagon until it stops at the marketplace, most of the folks had split up in to two's or three's and were leaving. Seamus sees the young man Izomandakus turn and he waives to him.

Then seeing Kitty and Meg still near the wagon he walks up, tucking his Lute under his arm. "Well, Ladies welcome to Sandpoint. Do you have any idea where your staying?" He points back the way they came. "The "Rusty Dragon" is back that way. I'm sure you heard someone say that if you could tell of a good adventure you'd get half price."

He then points up Festival street, "The White Deer" is the big three story building on the north end of town." He shrugs and smiles, "I've never stayed at either. But I've heard both are nice."

Female Human(varisian)

Meg stops and looks at herself in the mirror, fluffing up her hair and generally inspecting her look to make sure she is not recognizably Valena Versade. She should have gone blond years ago, honestly. This particular shade is perfect on her. Her mother had always said brown hair made her appear more grounded and approachable, but maybe she didn't want to appear grounded and approachable.

Going just by the two names, Valena considers which sounds better. She has spent most of her life staying at places with names like "The White Deer," branding catered to people who desire a more upscale lifestyle. Her mother would balk at the very idea of even considering walking past a place called "The Rusty Dragon," much less actually spending the night there.

"I like the sound of The Rusty Dragon." What is the point of being on the run if you can't have a bit of fun doing something your mother would hate? The possibility of a half price stay is motivating in and of itself. More money for alcohol.

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It's complicated Human with a level 16 pig | Character Sheet

Izomandakus stops by Sandpoint's welcome sign just before the entrance bridge. Looking at his own reflection in the mirror he properly adjusts his silken traveling tunic around his neck and nods "Mom will like this new silken tunic, right Pachemu?" he looks down at the lean rosy pig that made the trip to Magnimar with him and now back home after graduation. The pig raises one of her hairy eyebrows.

"Do not judge me, I have to make a good impression" adjusting the messy head fur and ears of the pig, Izomandakus strokes it gently "Oh look at that! What is all this wax and mud? When was the last time you took a bath?" when Pachemu tilts her head and opens her eyes wide and round the young traveler cannot other but smile "No, that puddle you rubbed in at the middle of the Lost Coast Road does not count"

Standing up and smelling deep, Izomandakus crosses the bridge that will bring him into a new period of his life "Ah! Home sweet home!"

Humming the Varisian March, he strolls along the main road, following the uproar of the market where people from all over Varisia is already gathering for tomorrow's special Swallowtail Festival.

When the caravan starts to clear out he spots Seamus waving at him and decides to greet him back and approach "Well, I plan to stay at my mother's home. But I would advise you go with The Rusty Dragon. Ami... Ameiko is a great host, and you will have fun there"

Looking for a fruit stall, Izomandakus picks up a few apples and gives a coin back at the vendor. Biting the reddest one, he offers the others to his recent acquaintances "I will probably visit it next after checking out with mom and Aneka"

Male Half Elf

Smiling, "Well the Rusty Dragon is the closest." turning toward, Izomandakus, "Are you a regular there? I stopped in once or twice a couple of years ago. But a lot of the customers were people I had seen at the 'Pixie's Kitten, and I just didn't feel like answering odd questions." He gestures south of the road, "Since my parents moved I'm sleeping in the attic again." He shrugs, "I normally play over at Cracktooth's Tavern." He turns and looks at Meg then Kizzy, "It's just down Festival Street." He points down the road headed north east. "Just past the theater." Rubbing his goatee, "If you all are headed to the Rusty Dragon, Maybe I'll come along too."

Turning back to Izomandakus as the well dressed young man bites his apple. "You said I might know your sister Aaneka, what does she do?"

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Male Human
AC 33/25/22 ; Perc +0; Dip +19; Heal +5,Arc+23,Dung+18,Eng/Geog+13,Hist/Local+17,Nat+23,Planes+23,Rel+23,SpllCr+ 20

I cannot tell you how much I love that opening mirror bit on the Sandpoint Bridge. It's literally enchanted me for a decade.

*limp, drag, limp*

Bleh. Not one orc, not one warg, dragon, or even a scary hag. Kast spins on his good heel, and begins to walk the otherway. His longspear serving as a partial crutch for the young man.

*limp, drag, limp*

Nothing. I'm on the look out for nothing. Kast looks to the woods, then to the bridges, and then down the road, seeing the festival's wagons beginning to arrive.

As much as Kast wants to be a soldier, he admits that standing guard isn't his favorite. After a few hours, his left leg begins to throb. After a couple more hours, his leg would actively ache and Kast would be gritting his teeth just to walk around.

Not that Kast would complain...he volunteered for this. It was an honor and a privilege to serve in the Sandpoint militia. And unlike some, Kast knows there is more to this world than life inside Sandpoint: there are wonders and dangers outside these walls and Kast was determined to go find them and see them. And maybe he would see some of them at the festival.

Luckily, Kast's shift was almost over and soon he could go to enjoy some salmon and maybe some mead. While waiting for his replacement, Kast feels that he can safely say that his patrol between the junkyard and the lighthouse are completely and utterly safe.

He has heard that they are going to release butterflies for the ceremony. He'd like to see that. In the meantime, he'll grit his teeth and keep up his patrol, his left leg an unsteady point of balance.

Kast patrols again, using his longspear has a walking stick, his shield strapped to his back.

*limp, drag, limp*

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HP 40/40 | AC (22) 20 T 13 FF 17 | F +8 R +6 W +2 (+2 vs betraying allies) Female Human (Varisian) Cavalier 4 (Sister-in-Arms) | AC 20 T 13 FF 17 | HP 40 | F +8 R +6 W +2| Init +3 | Per +6 | S.M. -1

Qetsiyah smiled to see the familiar sights of Sandpoint as they came over the last rise. She wiped the sand away from the mirror and peered in at her image reflected in the glass. Yep, there I am. She thought as she studied her own features with a critical expression. Same wide forehead and hooded eyes, same suspicious slant to her mouth. The smudge of dirt across her nose was new though. She dampened her thumb on her tongue and scrubbed away the worst of it and then tried fluffing her wind-blown locks as Meg had and barked a laugh when her tangled mop of wavy strands fell back into exactly the same shape as before.

"Welp, there's no fashioning a silk purse from this sow's ear... Whoops, sorry Pachemu, didn't mean you." She joked good naturedly to her travelling companions.

Kizzy nodded in eager agreement when Izomandakus suggested The Rusty Dragon. "Definitely. That's where I'm headed. Ameiko will be expecting me." She said, grinning in anticipation of seeing her friend for the first time in over a year. "The White Deer is a little nicer, maybe, but The Rusty Dragon has atmosphere! Plus the food's better and the company. You've got to meet Lady Ameiko, Meg. She really is something." She said, a touch of awe in her voice.

Female Human(varisian)

Meg smiles as Izomandakus and Kizzy confirm her choice of The Rusty Dragon was good. "This Ameiko sounds like a lovely person if she is spoken of so favorably by you all. I look forward to meeting her!" After a moment, Meg's face takes on a gravely serious expression and she motions for the others to join her in a huddle, refusing to continue until they do.

"Now, this question is very important. Seamus. Izomandakus. Kizzy. So you must give your answer the utmost attention and thought. This is a matter of life and death." She pauses for a dramatic, pregnant moment.

"Does The Rusty Dragon have good wine? And how much?" Her usual smile has returned, but she still holds her focus on each of her traveling companions. While the delivery may have been a jest, she still clearly wants a good answer.

Xin-Shalast - Roll20 Map - Tracking Sheet

While you reply to Meg, the group walks over to the Rusty Dragon to start. This large structure is Sandpoint’s oldest inn, notable for the impressive (and quite rusty) iron dragon that looms on the building’s roof, doubling as a lightning rod and decoration. (Area 37 on the map) She heads into the large welcoming pub on the ground floor. To the right are a row of deep booths, to the left, a long bar, and in between, tables everywhere - with most of them still full of folks enjoying their drinks after what looks like it was a satisfying dinner. It’s immediately warm and welcoming.

You make your way to the bar, where two men and a woman bounce around handling drinks and whatever else comes their way. It’s clear from their interactions, that they’re a well practiced group, and the woman is in charge (image). She sees you and approaches you quickly as the other two are working on drinks.

Though breathless from work, there’s a calm in her, and a patience as she greets you. ”Good evening, I’m Ameiko Kaijitsu, how may I be of service to you this evening?” she patiently awaits your reply as if she has nothing else in the world to do but chat with you. It’s compelling. After just a moment, she smiles, her eyes shining, ”Why Kizzy! Good to see you!” She leans way over the bar to give her a small hug by way of greeting. ”Are you all together?” a slight frown crosses her face.

- - -

Meanwhile out in the cooling evening air, a crusty guard with a nice paunch belly, well worn studded leather armor, and a longspear of his own approaches Kast. ”I’m your relief Kast. Hemlock says you’ve first shift tomorrow so up early, but you’re off after the Swallowtail release. But I expect you already knew that.” The guard looks around at the darkening sky, ”Gonna be a long night I expect.”

He pulls out a very small lantern, just a few inches high, growing brightly with the continual flame you know to be inside. He hooks it to a loop of chain near the top of his longspear. ”So where’d you last check?” he asks, trying to decide where to head in his first tour of the soon to be sleeping town.

It's complicated Human with a level 16 pig | Character Sheet
Seamus Passeri wrote:
"Are you a regular there? I stopped in once or twice a couple of years ago. But a lot of the customers were people I had seen at the 'Pixie's Kitten, and I just didn't feel like answering odd questions." "You said I might know your sister Aaneka, what does she do?"

"Not exactly a regular..." the boy looks towards the tavern, almost like fearing entering there while absentmindedly gives another bite at the apple "Aneka? Ah, mmm... of course! She is the local baker! Well, Mom is the local baker. But she helps. I hope"

Izomandakus is surprised when Meg drags them in circle but chuckles amused by her question "Wine is good" the seems at the point of adding a more accurate description but quickly remembers his master's words about being pedantic "But music is best"

The boy looks past the huge building of Turandarok Academy, probably home, shrugs, and joins the group on their incursion to the inn. Good company should never be rejected specially under the promise of good wine and music.


"Ameiko! It is great to see you again" Izomandakus seems thrilled to see the owner of the Rusty Dragon "I was precisely explaining these people the qualities of your wine and the vibrant atmosphere of your place"

The boy looks around and particularly observes the lightning dragon, he has always been fascinated by the aerie light and the nobility of the iron creature "The place is exactly as I remembered it. And there is even more people attending... Why don't you bring us some of your specialties and some wine to drown the dust of the road?"

Male Half Elf

with Izomandakus
'Aneka, so Alma? Alma Averin? she owns Sandpoint Savories, That means his brother is Casp Avertin...oh' As Seamus face shines in response to the recognition of the family, his countenance just as quickly drops in recognition of the family. "Oh...Sorry how is your mom doing?"

In response to Meg
'Oh thank the gods.'As Meg pulls them into the huddle and away from focusing on Izomandakus' families tragedy, 'Good wine?" He looks from Meg to Kitty "Um wine? I know most of the mead, ale, and rum in town comes from Two Knights, it's all pretty good.." He looks to Izomandakus, "But I'm not sure about the wine." Looking back to Meg, he gives a shrug. "but Izomandakus, right the music there is the best."

The Rusty Dragon
Following in Meg's wake, Seamus walks in the Rust Dragon. He looks across the inn's common room past the dozen or so tables to the a large stage near the hearth, 'The Rusty Dragon, owned by Ameiko Kajitsu, one of the finest instrumentalists within a hundred miles of Magnamar.' He swallows hard as she introduces herself, nodding politely. 'How can she be of service? Teach me how to make my lute sing.' as Izomandakus begins speaking, Seamus breaths a sigh of relief. Elbowing his inexpensive lute with his left arm, pushing it further under his cloak,'

'Thank you Kizzy.' Further relieved when Ameiko recognizes her old friend, he starts to look for a seat well out of view. Turning back as he realizes the proprietor is speaking to them again 'Are we all together? He looks away toward Meg and sort of mumbles, "I guess." Just as Izomandakus starts to order 'Bless you Izomandakus, hopefully she won't notice me or my lute.'

Female Human(varisian)


Meg shrugs and smiles at Izomandakus and Seamus’s earnest—if perhaps not ideal—answers. ”Well then, I shall just have to give it a try myself. All alcohol is a blessing from Cayden, and I like to think myself a particularly holy woman, after all.”


Meg throws her arms open wide with an easy smile as she meets the inimitable Ameiko Kaijitsu as though she is meeting an old friend. ”Ameiko! Darling, a pleasure to meet you. I have heard so many good things from these fine people I met along the road.” Even as she acts as light and airy as ever, that little voice in the back of her head starts whispering. Kaijitsu...Kaijitsu...has she heard that name before? Definitely not a Varisian name.

Knowledge (nobility) about Ameiko: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (11) + 4 = 15

As she continues trying to remember, she flicks her hair back. ”You may call me Meg, by the way. I am nobody of consequence and just here for a lovely festival. Plenty of drink in particular!”

Bluff to Lie About Her Identity: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (10) + 9 = 19

HP 40/40 | AC (22) 20 T 13 FF 17 | F +8 R +6 W +2 (+2 vs betraying allies) Female Human (Varisian) Cavalier 4 (Sister-in-Arms) | AC 20 T 13 FF 17 | HP 40 | F +8 R +6 W +2| Init +3 | Per +6 | S.M. -1

Qetsiyah laughs heartily at Meg's joke in the all important huddle. "If you want the best the Dragon has to offer, you want the imported stuff. Better yet, order the special and get the bottle she recommends."

GM Euan - Rise wrote:

You make your way to the bar, where two men and a woman bounce around handling drinks and whatever else comes their way. It’s clear from their interactions, that they’re a well practiced group, and the woman is in charge (image). She sees you and approaches you quickly as the other two are working on drinks.

Though breathless from work, there’s a calm in her, and a patience as she greets you. ”Good evening, I’m Ameiko Kaijitsu, how may I be of service to you this evening?” she patiently awaits your reply as if she has nothing else in the world to do but chat with you. It’s compelling. After just a moment, she smiles, her eyes shining, ”Why Kizzy! Good to see you!” She leans way over the bar to give her a small hug by way of greeting. ”Are you all together?” a slight frown crosses her face.

Kizzy positively beams back at her friend, giving her two quick pats on the back as she returns the hug. "Yeah, the caravan just hit town. Lots of folk, too, travellers and Sandpointers coming home from Magnimar. Business looks to be really busy. If you play tonight, it'll be standing room only! We just need a bottle and we'll find some place to tuck ourselves into. Oh! Maybe you have that plum wine again? The one with the purple trees on the label?" Ameiko had once explained that it wasn't really wine, but some spirit that had been soaked in plums. Qetsiyah could neither read the script on the bottle, nor even repeat the name when it was pronounced. But it was tart and sweet and packed quite a kick as she recalled. Plus it came in a nice big bottle. She fished 5 gold out of her pocket to cover the first one.

Going for a medium quality wine here, since we are po' lil' level 1 schmoes. The word Kizzy has no idea about is umeshu.

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Xin-Shalast - Roll20 Map - Tracking Sheet

”Izomandakus! I didn’t see you behind everyone. Now it’s a party.” Ameiko laughs putting out her hand to be shaken by the young man. ”Food and wine I have, and plenty!” She adds, ”The reason I asked if you were all together, is, well, we’re basically full up with the festival and all. Oh, I’ve a room for you, as I promised,” nodding to Kizzy. She continues, ”But it’s a little small. I could throw two cots in there I suppose, but there wouldn't be much room to move about you understand and no more room than that. I think the White Deer still has space though, if you want to be able to breathe.” After a moment she adds, ”It’s a very fine establishment I assure you. Bigger rooms than mine too.” she laughs, confident enough in her own place to recommend another.

”But for now, umeshu it is, and a little something to nosh on with the spirits!” She smiles at Seamus, but doesn’t seem to register him beyond that, sadly perhaps. She trundles off to obtain the wine, glasses, and sampler platter.

Knowledge Nobility DC 15 (Meg already made it):
Ameiko is the only legitimate child of Lonjiku Kaijitsu and Atsuii Kaijitsu (deceased), and half-sister of both Amaya (on her father's side) and Tsuto Kaijitsu (on her mother's side and a half-elf). Lonjiku Kaijitsu is an elderly Tian man and one of Sandpoint’s most well-known nobles. He has a reputation for wrathful outbursts. It is unknown where he obtained his title or wealth, though his ownership of the Sandpoint Glassworks ensures his current and future comfort.

Ameiko is known to have been an adventurer, though she doesn’t speak of it. It was short lived but gave her enough money to purchase the Rusty Dragon which she has been stewarding for just a few short years.
- - -

The pub, rather than emptying as you’d expect, tends to fill as the evening progresses, though there’s no clear reason for it you can see. To the side, there’s a quiet little stage, unlit, with a few musical instruments strewn about and a couple stools. It shows no signs of use tonight though.

Female Human(varisian)

My wife loves umeshu! They have a degree in Japanese language and literature so they’ve introduced me to a lot of great Japanese stuff

Ah! Those Kaijitsus. Meg, the real one, had mentioned them before because they run the town’s glassworks, and her parents used to work there. Whether that is going to cause issues for Fake Meg, well, that she does not know. Times like this, she remembers what Sapphira told her: “Use what you know to figure out what you don’t.” Real Meg did not remember much about the town though, so she must have been very little, which means that the Kaijitsus probably would not notice a discrepancy in appearance. That also was 30-something years ago.

Meg is content that she has solved her dilemma as she hears Kizzy’s drink order.

Lore (wine): 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (15) + 4 = 19

She pats Kizzy on the back. ”A woman of culture! Do they give it to us with the plums still inside here? I always do love it that way. A taste of presentation makes such a difference. Regardless, you simply must let me get the next round.”

The situation with the rooms is unfortunate. Normally, she would go to The White Deer without a second thought. It would be the smarter idea to keep rooms to herself, absolutely. But these people are just so delightful, and she does so hate being left out. A cheaper room means more money for alcohol, too, and she could probably negotiate the price down further for so many people crammed together. She could make it work.

”That is a shame about the private rooms, but I would absolutely be fine with sleeping on a cot.” She finds the idea of “roughing it” a bit exciting, to tell the truth. See how the other half lives. Oh Cayden, is she part of the other half now? How scandalous! Mother would be so red in the face. Perhaps even more so than at the triple homicide, to tell the truth.

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Male Human
AC 33/25/22 ; Perc +0; Dip +19; Heal +5,Arc+23,Dung+18,Eng/Geog+13,Hist/Local+17,Nat+23,Planes+23,Rel+23,SpllCr+ 20
GM Euan - Rise wrote:
”Gonna be a long night I expect. So where’d you last check?”

Kast straightens up, leaning a bit to the left as he tries to pass muster. After offering a Lastwall fistbump to his relief, he salutes and stands down. He tucks his signal whistle under his hide armor, not thinking he'll need it on the walk to town.

"I've been hitting the Lighthouse," Kast points with his longspear to the very obvious Lighthouse, you know the one with the big light, then the junkyard, where the cliffs allow for easy disposal, and then in the direction of the main road and bridge. "to the Junkyard, and checking out the main road too. Lots of travelers coming in for the festival, huh? This should be a fun week." Kast offers a smile, happy to be relieved.

"Pretty quiet tonight. I'd be surprised if you saw more than a hare," he smiles as he begins to walk limp in to town.

*limp, drag, limp*

* * *

*limp, drag, limp*

Though Kast doesn't feel like he should be known for his limp. He knows his leg is a twisted mass of flesh. Sure, it might have been a blessing from the gods, or a curse. Or just random nature. Or just his good, or bad luck. He knows that's what people see when they see him. But it's not who he is.

Others in Sandpoint (where he was born and raised) know him as the lame tutor that sometimes teaches at the Turandorak Academy. He's somewhat smart, and can certainly relate some history (his favorite subject), especially of Lastwall, of the battles against the Whispering Tyrant, and other military skirmishes. It's his passion. It's clear he wants to fight. He wants to be soldier, but his body...his leg...people are reluctant to give him a chance.

Others know him from his work in the militia. Not many though, as he recently joined. They may know him as the young man (he's 19ish) who can't handle a sword because he can never get his left leg just right to swing the blade. Or they might know him as the one who can't march in formation, but walking is hard.

But he tries. He always tries with a smile on his lips. He's getting better with the longspear, so that he can keep quick opponents at bay, preventing them from taking advantage of his poor dexterity.

*limp, drag, limp*

He enters Sandpoint proper, finally slowing his gait. He smiles at waves at people he knows, or childen he's tutored. He offers Lastwall handbumps to those in the militia, again with a smile. He's not unattractive, but his tangled brown hair and brown eyes are nothing special, but his smile is nice. And he smiles often. He's earnest and eager to be helpful.

*limp, drag, limp*

He is excited to don his usual hide shirt for the festival and you might see him happily donning his militia kit (shield on his back, dagger, morningstar, using his longspear as a walking stick). If that is unlikely, I would see him in his hated scholar's robes (with longspear walking stick), wishing he was more appropriately dressed (like in armor, trying to fend off an owlbear, or the Sandpoint Devil).

Kast is on his way through town. More tomorrow. I have a bit more fluff to reveal and my brain is borken right now.

It's complicated Human with a level 16 pig | Character Sheet

Izomandakus is thrilled that Ameiko still recognizes him after the three years he has been away completing his studies and mastering an office of profit. He smiles and blushes while she shakes her hand back. Suddenly reeling a bit back, but forcing to show himself resolved and confident he just replies her "Umeshu. Let's try it out"

The boy nods to Meg and smiles "The cot will be an actual improvement to the floor of the Crownflower while hearing the snoring of old Magnus fellow"

When the wine arrives Izomandakus helps filling the cups and offers a toast "For the Swallowtail Festival that brings new and old friendships together!" He looks at Meg, next by at the table. It was pure luck Seamus invited him to come, it gave him the perfect excuse to remain close to the blond girl, but now there she was this other girl Kizzy who was puzzling him as a great mystery. The boy could not stop staring at her until he finally comes up with something to ask "So you are Kizzy? Is it a Varisian name? I think we have not met before. My name is Izomandakus" the boy offers his hand to shake over the table "You came to Sandpoint for the Festival?"

Drinking one cup in just a single shot, the boy hits with the empty recipient at the table as he has seen the tough dwarves do in Magnimar's canteens "Can you tell us what the Mayor and the High Priest are planning for this year's Festival Ameiko? Do you have something special planned for the Rusty Dragon?"

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Male Half Elf

'Ameiko Darling?' Smiling at Megs outgoing greeting, Seamu shifts slightly behind Kizzy as Meg introduces herself. 'Nobody of consequence?' As Kizzy moves forward to embrace her old friend, His gaze shifts oddly to his new friend, Meg. 'The plenty of drink part I believe, but since when does she consider herself no one of consequence? ... If you play?' Hearing Kizzy speaking about the possibility of Ameiko playing, he turns his attention back to the conversation. 'Now it's a party...she does know how to work a crowd, even if it's just four.' As their host speaks of rooms and spirits, Seamus eyes wander to the empty stage: the two stools, a mandolin resting on one, a lyre leaning on the other, a theorbo parked against the wall. He stretches' his neck to see the instrument on the floor, 'Is that a Zither?' Hearing Ameiko laugh her looks toward her just as she is leaving, catching her smile, he returns it with one of his own, giving a polite nod.

'Ok, here with new friends, not to try and sort out what kind of instruments Ameiko keeps nearby to play.' Moving with the others towards the table, he hears Izomandakus call the beverage by name. "Umeshu? So Plum wine?" He looks toward Meg A taste of presentation makes such a difference?' Raising an eyebrow and asks, "they put it in a glass right?"

As they pick a table, Seamus pulls out a cane-backed chair for one of the ladies, then moves to the other side so he can get a better look at the stage. 'I think that is a zither.' Catching Megs eye as she talks about the cot. He shrugs, "I can show you where the White Deer is, but it's a long walk..." gesturing towards the bottle, letting the inference about how much to drink stand on it's own.

Smiling at Izomandakus' memory of the snoring Magnus, he asks. "True, but won't you go home and sleep in your own bed?" He shrugs, "I've a pallet in the attic just down the street. But I don't want to get there too early, to much noise downstairs to sleep."

When the wine arrives he turns from looking at the stage and watches as the young student pours the plum beverage into the small porcelain shot glasses that were brought for it, Lifting his small porcelain shot glass to the toast, he smiles and chimes in "And for a little profit." Taking a sip of the 'wine' he sets the small porcelain cup down, 'Tastes more like a liquor than a wine.' Mentally shrugging, he listens as Izomandakus inquires about Kizzy.

Female Human(varisian)

Meg nods at Seamus's question about glasses. "Why yes! I have had them with little individual glasses each with its own plum." We have some in our fridge right now! Meg toasts to everyone gathered. "To new friends!" She then downs her glass in moments.

As soon as Ameiko is back within range of speech, Meg grabs her attention and waits for her to come over. "It sounds as though Sea and Izo are already covered, so it would just be Kizzy and me. I could take the cot, of course. And Ameiko, darling, perhaps we could discuss a little discount for the two of us then? After all, we would not be getting quite the same Rusty Dragon experience as the people paying full price, what with me on the floor and her sharing a room with a stranger. Why, I could be a wanted murderess for all she knows!" She laughs loud and hard both at the intentional irony and also at the simple of idea of her being a murderess of all things. She pauses and makes a show of thinking, pretending that she did not already know exactly the offer she was going to make before she even started talking.

"How about 1/3 off for each of us, Kizzy and me? You end up with more money than you would if I were to go off to the White Deer, and I have more money in my pocket to spend on your delightful wine and spirits. Why, you'll probably make the money back and more, knowing how I can put it away!"

Diplomacy: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (14) + 8 = 22

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Qetsiyah approved of the toast and heartily banged the table with her bare fist to show it. ”Yes, Definitely! To friends, old and new!” And briefly raised her glass and then tossed back her drink in it’s entirety. She enjoyed the food and drink immensely, as well as the company and it was good to get off her feet after days of trudging along with the Caravan. Abruptly, she remembered her muddy boots and looked down, suddenly concerned. But fortunately the weather had gotten better as they had drawn closer to their destination and she had walked off the worst of it since. I wonder if that’s a good omen. She hoped it was.

”Sure you can bunk with me!” She assured Meg and then laughed like it was the funniest thing she ever heard, that Meg might be a murderess. ”And if we sleep in the same room, you’ll be double sure to help me drink enough water so I can still function tomorrow. I won’t make a good bunk mate if I’m sicking up all night!” Blessed with strong lungs, the louder the crowd got, the louder she did. Her laugh travelled to all four corners of the room.

She scratched her head when Izomandakus asked her about her name. She had the strangest sense of deja vu like they had done this before. Why does that make me think of cranberries? ”Heh… uh no. Kizzy is wee little halfling speak for Qetsiyah. My youngest brother couldn’t pronounce my name for a while after he learned to talk so it always came out ‘Kizzy’. And it sort of stuck.” She shrugged. It never really mattered much to her. She always thought growing up that Qetsiyah sounded like the name of a wild, exotic beauty. She was definitely more of a Kizzy. ”I can’t recall what language the name comes from, but it means a kind of cinnamon tree. My birth mother really loved cinnamon, I guess that’s why she picked it.” She shrugged again and held out her glass for water or wine, whatever Meg was pouring in it. ”I’ll probably be here longer than the festival, but yeah, that’s why I came now and not next week. I love a good festival.” Then frowned as she realized that sounded stupid. Everyone loves a good festival, don’t they?

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Margareta "Meg" Alekto wrote:
"How about 1/3 off for each of us, Kizzy and me? You end up with more money than you would if I were to go off to the White Deer, and I have more money in my pocket to spend on your delightful wine and spirits. Why, you'll probably make the money back and more, knowing how I can put it away!"

Ameiko laughs, ”Oh, I’m not charging Kizzy - that’s the so-called VIP suite! It’s too small a room to really rent out, so I save it for a spare, you know, for whatever I like. So, 1/3 off zero, carry the zero…” She deposits another round of minor foodstuffs and collects any fresh drink orders (though the bottle is not yet empty) and heads back to the kitchen.

Though the pub is pretty much full, you see people taking it easy on the liquor, for the most part. It seems they’re saving themselves for tomorrow’s celebration. Still, there is revelry and folks are having a good time.

Eventually, one of the wait-staff walks up onto the little stage, and un-shutters a couple lanterns, bathing the space in light. The relaxed crowd grows quieter, though there’s a hum of anticipation and an eagerness that’s palpable. From behind the bar, you hear the delicate thrumming of an unusual kind of stringed instrument being carefully tuned and the audience grows silent without being asked.

A lilting voice pierces the silence singing a soft little tune a cappella. You can’t quite make out the words at first, though you’re sure they’re in a foreign language. Plucked strings accentuate the tune in time as Ameiko appears as the musician, to soft but enthusiastic applause. She strides slowly through the large space, smiling and nodding at various tables in recognition - all the while spellbinding the crowd with the carefully wrought tune.

It’s clear in an instant why the place is full.

She doesn’t stop either. Blending from tune to tune seamlessly, the language often changes from Minkai to Tien to Taldan common - and even a little Varisian for color. In all she sings for close to an hour straight, mostly on the small stage, but she doesn’t let it tether her either. It’s simply beautiful.

The place erupts with applause when she finally completes the short set, which seems longer in your memory. Ameiko thanks the crowd, and announces there is no more entertainment this night, The Dragon must prepare for tomorrow’s events - especially the luncheon contest between the pubs for the best food. ”It’s not going to cook itself you understand!” Ameiko laughs as she puts her instrument away and resumes work behind the bar.

Though still somewhat early, many of the patrons begin to depart, saying their goodbyes and heading out into the streets. More than a few have dined here, and been entertained here, and are now off to their own homes, or even other inns.

What do you do to round out the evening?

Female Human(varisian)

Meg finds the performance absolutely enchanting. No wonder her traveling companions were such fans of Ameiko. The arts had never been so relaxed back in Magnimar. She always needed to make an impression on someone or was expected to provide witty commentary after the fact or make sure that she is Seen by the Right People, etc.... She never got to just simply sit and listen. No expectations, no eyes upon her. She found herself wishing--as she often does--that Sapphira was here to listen. Their whole lives, Sapphira would joke that Valena seemed to have no hobby except finding ways to entertain her. Even now, she remains the first thought on Valena's mind upon discovering any new joy. And this visit to Sandpoint looks as though it will contain many new joys, each one reminding her of who she wished was here to share them. Meg, the real one, taking the girls to look after them while she, Valena, enjoys the company of her truest friend for a night on the town. She thinks back to that time in the parlor, that expression she shared with Sapphira.

And then the music is done and the time for reverie with it. Meg stands and begins clapping with all the others, the spell broken. When the room quiets down and Ameiko leaves to her usual duties, Meg grins at her companions. "Good music, indeed, Izo! And thank you for letting me share your room, Kizzy. Why would I go stay anywhere else but right here!"

She sits back down and finishes off her latest glass of umeshu. "Now, I think I might be up for a little stroll outside in the night air. I have never gotten to experience the small town atmosphere at night, after all."

Figure might be a good opportunity to get Kast in

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"That's a great story for a name Kizzy" you have the impression the boy is tasting the name "I like cinnamon like a lot, that and licorice root, but cinnamon cookies are kind of my specialty"

"Ameiko I have the impression you run the inn just for fun with those rates" Izomandakus smiles recognizing the charming character of his old friend. He does indeed enjoy the music, following the rhythm with the cup and singing on the ones he does indeed know. After a couple of cups he does even try to get his arms over Meg's and Seamus' shoulders to sing ensemble.

When the inn starts to empty Izomandakus nods in agreement with Meg "Sure, me too. I should be home already. But I cannot go there like this. I guess a walk would be great to breath and refresh a bit with the night's air"

Getting out of the inn into the street, Izomandakus does indeed take a deep breath of fresh air "Ei Seamus! What if we show the girls the charm of Sandpoint's night docks?"

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Margareta "Meg" Alekto wrote:

"Now, I think I might be up for a little stroll outside in the night air."

Figure might be a good opportunity to get Kast in.

*limp, drag, limp*

Walking from the north down Main Street, Kast is keenly aware of the preparations being made for the Festival. He smiles with giddy delight, the Festival was the kind of event that he would enjoy.

He turns left on Water Street, entering the Sandpoint Market where tomorrow's activities will make the area a hive of activity.

He moves past the Sandpoint Mercantile League, thinking to put his name in in case they needed extra caravan guards, but he knows he's not quite ready to leave Sandpoint...yet.

*limp, drag, limp*

As he passes the Rusty Dragon Inn, he waves and smiles hello to two of the people he recognizes: Seamus and Izo.

"Pleasant night, isn't it?" Kast offers a quick greeting, and as if he wasn't intending to stay and talk.

*limp, drag, limp*

Female Human(varisian)

Meg waves at the guard. ”Why, hello there, darling! A pleasant night indeed!” She approaches, her spirits high from all the spirits, then gasps as she sees his limp. ”Oh Cayden! Your poor leg. Should I get you a chirurgeon? Or a priest? Or a chirurgeon priest?”

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Qetsiyah cocks an ear when she hears Ameiko tuning up and drums on the table in anticipation. "She is going to play. We're in for a treat!" She grins as she takes a smaller sip of her wine, unwilling to be struck by the need for the privy during the performance.

She won't talk during the beautiful music, but reaches over to clap Meg on the shoulder enthusiastically and shake her slightly, nodding and smiling as if to say, "Do you see, I told you, didn't I? Really something!" She listens with her eyes closed, often nodding or swaying along with the rhythm. She even teared up a little at a sorrowful song that Ameiko had once explained to her it's sad story.

When it's over, she applauds vigorously, even whistling with her fingers to be heard over the thunderous crowd.

Margareta "Meg" Alekto wrote:
"Now, I think I might be up for a little stroll outside in the night air."

"Oh, is that part of it too? Water and walking around? Alright, if you say so. I'd better hit the facilities before we go." So she tossed back the last of her plum wine and did just that.

Kizzy was only a little unsteady on her feet as she joined the group on their walk, before long, they met a fellow with such a severe limp, she wondered if he had a wooden leg. Meg seemed to make a better impression on the fellas, so she merely listened to their exchange, trying not to sway with every breeze.

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I should have posted this last night, before the group headed outside
As Meg and Ameiko chat about the room Seamus let's his eyes slip back to the stage. 'I wonder if she plays all the instruments or if those belong to someone else.' Watching Ameiko leave, he takes another sip of the odd plum flavored liquor. He looks around the room, 'Good crowd, easy to earn tips with a crowd like this. Of course they would tip more if they they were drinking more.' His eyes are drawn back to the stage, as the young man moves the stools back and un-shutters the lanterns.

Hearing the instrument being tuned Seamus begins to looks around, as Kizzy's says 'we're in for a treat' he silently nods. Listening to the voice, the instrument starts to play again as Ameiko reveals herself. 'Is that a Pipa or a Liuqin, nope four strings, definitely a Pipa.' Joining the applause Seamus then leans in his hands under the table, near his stomach positioned like he's holding a small instrument.

As the music swirls and dives, the ebb and flow shifting effortlessly from one song or style into the beginning notes of another; Seamus eyes never leave the string instrument. His hands under the table attempting to follow the fretted pitch-bends, the tremolos, the various doubles and triples, and the continuous four fingered strumming of the strings. When Izomandakus put's his arm on Seamus' shoulder, he looks away from Ameiko, ever so briefly smiling at his friend. "She's good isn't she." Looking back, swaying with his friend. but his eyes not leaving the pipa and his fingers not stopping their frantic imitation of hers.

When she stops playing his body slumps and his hands go still, he breaths a sigh, then stands to his feet applauding with the rest of the crowd. He smiles at Ameiko's comment about food not cooking itself. As he regains his seat, speaking more to himself aloud than anything else. "I'd skip eating for a week if she'd teach me to play like that."

Breathing a sign, he nods 'A stroll would be nice.' Looking at Meg he raises an eyebrow. "A small town atmosphere? really?" He smiles at Izomandakus, "I can go 'home' in any shape I want, but if I go now, I wouldn't be able to get to sleep for several hours. Over there the night is still very much young." Chuckling at Kizzy as she announces she better pee first, he shrugs. , "The docks? maybe a little rough, what about taking them up and showing them the Theater, maybe heading to Cracktooth's Tavern," Looking over to Meg, "He has cheap wine."

'Hey that's Kast!' Smiling when Kast greats them. 'Pleasant night? I got to watch Ameiko Kaijitsu play her Pipa for the better part of an hour.' He nods, Yes, yes it is." Stopping in his tracks, when Meg asks about Kast's leg, his mouth hangs open for a moment, looking from one friend to another. He leans in and whispers in Meg's ear, "He has a limp, has the whole time I've known him." He looks over Megs shoulder to Kast, "Hey Kast, why don't you join us?"

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The night is cooling quickly, but it is not cold as you walk along the streets. A few other townspeople and guests are also out and about, smiling and nodding as they pass you. It’s a friendly place about to have a big party - years in the making - and everyone is happy. It’s the last day of summer, and the moon is a waning crescent, but provides enough light, along with the occasional house lights, or town lamp to see by as you stroll along.

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"Pssst! I was hopping to reach the beach at the other side, which should be calm tonight" Izomandakus whispers his plan to Seamus ear and winks an eye "The theater and the Cracktooth? Why not? Mom never let me go to the tavern before... what do you think Pachemu?" the pig raises her head looking concerned "Do not worry, we are in good company"

The boy greets people as they go in the streets, but with the umeshu still running wild in his blood, he is carried over when he spots Kast "Ei Kast! Look at you! You made it into the militia!" the boy looks up and down at the armed man dragging his leg; he has always empathized with him for that, specially when the other boys in town would be cruel to them when they wanted to play 'hit and run' or 'hit with the stick' or 'hide and hit' or 'hit with the stone' or 'push and hit' or 'hit and hit' and they would push them back to play with the girls instead.

Izomandakus all but forces Kast to halt and talk, his expressive gestures making clear he has been drinking "We are discovering the town for these new friends of us. But why do not come with us to visit the Cracktooth Tavern so we can catch up with the last news? Come, I will present you" he all but drags along the man to the group "Here, I present you Meg. She is a great wine designer, but I still have to convince her to be my business partner. And here, this is Kizzy, you would be impressed to know she knows everything about halfling circus. Look, this is Kast! Kast!" the boy nods as if this should be something very clearly important to everyone there and now.

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Margareta "Meg" Alekto wrote:
”Oh Cayden! Your poor leg. Should I get you a chirurgeon? Or a priest? Or a chirurgeon priest?”

Lol. Kast would be very pleased to be noticed as a guard.

Kast subconsciously turns his body sideways, as if to hide his left leg from the woman’s line of sight, trying to keep a pleasant smile on his face. After all the years he’s lived, he’s never yet perfected how to respond to approaches like this.

What? Most women find it rather fetching!
Ah that old leg? Don’t mind that. It’s molting season for my kind and soon it will be fresh and new!
Oh sure, it’s ruined, but you should see what I did to the Sandpoint Devil! There is a reason it hasn’t been seen in years.
Ah yes, my leg! Tis the reason I don’t gamble anymore. After I lost the best to the mongrelman, we had to switch legs, we did. Nah, you’ll not get me around the poker table no more!

”Oh, my leg is perfect. It is exactly the leg that the gods have given me, m’Lady. And don’t you worry about it at all,” Kast smiles graciously. ”I would not change it for anything.” Well, I might feel different if the defenders of Lastwall do not accept me because of it. I’ll just have to work harder.

Seamus wrote:
”Hey Kast, why don’t you join us?”
Izo wrote:
”Look, this is Kast! Kast!”

Kast smiles at the unexpectedly warm reception. Thought it is quite possibly booze-fueled, he appreciates it nonetheless. He rubs the back of his neck. ”Nice to meet you Meg, and Kizzy,” Kast smiles warmly. ”Welcome to Sandpoint. A place where nothing ever happens and we’re grateful for it.”

”Well, I could join you, but I don’t want to intrude. I was making my way to the armory and then home, but, if you’re walking north, I would escort you.”

Female Human(varisian)

Meg relaxes as Kast and the others explain. "Oh. Well, I am certainly glad that you are alright then. I was worried there were goblins on the loose! There were some glass-breaking goblins watching us along the road as we came into town."

"A place where nothing ever happens," eh? Sapphira must have known as much when she suggested Sandpoint. And coming in when there would be many newcomers in town so she would be easily missed! Times like this, she would normally pat Sapphira on the back and applaud her ingeniousness.

"Please! You are not intruding at all, Kast. I am always happy to make the acquiantance of new people. Any new of interest in the town for us recently arrived or recently returned?"

Male Half Elf

Slightly earlier.
'Izomandakus wanted to get these two to a quiet beach?' Seamus looks at his friend and shrugs, "Sorry!" He watches the boy talk to his pig, then scratches his head, 'And do what?"

'Leg is perfect, wouldn't change it for anything?' Looking from Kast to Meg, 'Worried goblins were on the loose?' Shaking his head not understanding either of his friends. he shrugs, turning to Kast, "She's right, your not intruding," He gestures towards Izomandkus' pig. "Now we're an even number."

Pulling his lute out from the cloak, he begins to gently strum, "If we want a drink we can go to Cracktooth's Tavern or even Risa's Place down Undercliff Way. Or we can try Izomandakus' idea and head to the beach."

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AC 33/25/22 ; Perc +0; Dip +19; Heal +5,Arc+23,Dung+18,Eng/Geog+13,Hist/Local+17,Nat+23,Planes+23,Rel+23,SpllCr+ 20
Margareta "Meg" Alekto wrote:
"Any new of interest in the town for us recently arrived or recently returned?"

Kast looks askance at Izo then Seamus, but then centers to answer Meg’s question.

”Has no one told you about the Swallowtail Festival? Surely Izo must have mentioned it? Or you might have seen the many caravans? Or the preparations!? Well, I can tell you more we walk, if you’d like?” Kast thinks about offering an arm, but that might be awkward for a stranger.

Seamus Passeri wrote:
"If we want a drink we can go to Cracktooth's Tavern or even Risa's Place down Undercliff Way. Or we can try Izomandakus' idea and head to the beach."

Kast smiles, not interested in the bar hopping tonight.

”Well, I can walk you to your next stop, but I really must be getting home. I think I’m on duty tomorrow morning before the Festival starts and so I shouldn’t be carousing tonight. I have a long day tomorrow.” Kast smiles and tries not to feel too awkward about his walk amongst those who are meeting him for the first time.

*limp, drag, limp*

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"You have been always that responsible" Izomandakus nods impressed by Kast's recollection "Which makes me remember I should probably also head back home before it becomes late night. It would not be proper for me arriving when everyone is sleeping after three years abroad"

Despite that, the boy looks at the new group of friends he has just done and resists to walk away "Mmm... perhaps I can just accompany you as Kast to the Cracktooth's Tavern before heading home..."

Izomandakus walks after Krast and by Seamus to whom he asks "Psssst! What is inside the Cracktooth? Mom never let me in, she says it is a dangerous place"

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The walk through town is pleasant, and as you walk you get a better sense of Sandpoint. Most of the buildings in Sandpoint are made of wood, with stone foundations and wood shingle roofs. The majority are single-story structures, with a few noted exceptions. It seems a nice friendly place, filled with people heading home after a long day preparing for tomorrow’s celebration. There’s an eager energy in the air as you see in a few passing windows - families spending the evening together in the few hours before sleep.

You’re surprised with how many houses have glass windows instead of open panes and heavy shutters. While many houses in Magnimar also sport glass, it’s generally a luxury there. Here it seems almost every decent structure has at least some glass.* The walk is short and before long you reach your destination.

Brand-new cathedrals and ancient ruins aren’t the only incongruities Sandpoint boasts. As you walk in down Festival Street, the massive playhouse climbs out of the darkness. It is one of the most impressive theaters on this side of Varisia and it certainly competes with the playhouses of Magnimar. (Area 23 on the map)

The Sandpoint Theater often showcases local talent, but it’s the the weekend shows that locals generally look forward to - which often feature talent from all over Varisia. It is, uncharacteristically, darkend this evening. Placards under glass (more glass!) exclaim a show tomorrow night immediately after the consecrations, doors open at 8pm!

“The Harpy’s Curse,” is the name of the play, and they seem very excited about the Magnimarian diva Allishanda playing the lead role of Avisera. Tickets available in advance the day of the festival (along with tours of the theater!) or at the door that night. Show starts at 8:30pm.

You turn left onto Raven Street and walk along a little while until you reach Cracktooth’s Tavern (Area 18 on the map). A particular favorite of patrons of the Sandpoint Theater, Cracktooth’s Tavern is always full after the latest show at the nearby playhouse lets out. A large stage gives actors, singers, and anyone else the opportunity to show their stuff. Every night a crowd of would-be entertainers packs the taproom in the hopes of being discovered.

The doors are open to let in the cool night air, and from the sounds, there are still a few enjoying their drinks inside. Someone is reciting poetry, loudly to overcome the hubbub of chatter, and it drifts outside invitingly.

* Knowledge Local DC 13 or local to Sandpoint:
Of course the reason for all the glass is the Sandpoint Glassworks. The Glassworks is owned by Ameiko’s father, a dour old man named Lonjiku Kaijutsu, one of the four founders of Sandpoint and a Lord. Though somewhat stingy, he does offer cheap glass to locals within Sandpoint.
- - -

HP 40/40 | AC (22) 20 T 13 FF 17 | F +8 R +6 W +2 (+2 vs betraying allies) Female Human (Varisian) Cavalier 4 (Sister-in-Arms) | AC 20 T 13 FF 17 | HP 40 | F +8 R +6 W +2| Init +3 | Per +6 | S.M. -1

Knowledge(Local): 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (4) + 5 = 9 I guess she knows Ameiko's father is rich and important, but that's about it, lol!

Now that she had stopped by the Dragon and checked in with Ameiko, she was fairly indifferent to where they headed next. She would trail along with Meg until the Caydenite decided she'd given enough tribute to her patron and then Qetsiyah would see she made it to her bunk safely, even if she had to pour her into it.

Noting the spear the lame man carried, she wondered if his leg might have been maimed in battle but dismissed the idea when spoke of it. Militia? Maybe he's better with that spear than he looks. "Good to meet you too, Kast. So they have you on patrol duty for the watch, eh? Are they looking for help? I served guard duty in Magnimar for a while. Tedious work, but I can't rest on Miss Ameiko's good hospitality forever. " She said, happily dropping her friend's name to aid her own prospects at finding employment here. Her scale armor and the greatsword sheathed on her back hinted at her own martial prowess.

Kizzy looks toward the playhouse with an interest, perhaps even wistfully. "My mother performed there, you know." She said softly, "Is that where she sang with your father, Seamus?"

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ninja'd by Kizzy will edit

Rolling his eyes, pushing his friend Kast's shoulder. "Of course I told her about the Swallowtail festival!" He strums his lute, tuning one string. "Well you may have to work tomorrow, but there is still time for me to get a little work done tonight. I figure I can play the new tune I learned in Magnimar, maybe pick up a few tips." He tunes a second string. 'And maybe buy a bottle of wine to even out the score.'

'The Cracktooth a dangerous place?' turning to Izomandakus, "Is Cracktooth's tavern dangerous? No the dangerous tavern is the 'Fatman's Feedbag,' that's the place with all the fights. About the only thing you have to worry about in Cracktooth's is someone on the stage whose talent isn't as big as their ego." He smiles and winks. "And the same issue as any tavern; too many drinks and the walk of shame."

'Where they sang?' Stopping in front of the theater Seamus turns to his friend, "That's what I've been told. They were part of a major production there. Then the theater was sold in 3987 to an investor named Lucian Brachtarna. He took the Theatre in a different direction and my dad accepted a position elsewhere." Strumming his lute. "Apparently Lucina did not fare as well as he expected and in 4000 sold the theatre to the present owner Cyrdak Drokkus from Magnimar. Since then "The Sandpoint Theater" is reckoned as nice a theater as any in Magnimar." Seamus gestures towards the street they are walking on. "Notice the veritable path leading from the theater to the tavern. After the shows everyone heads to Cracktooths." He smiles. "Once the get a little alcohol in them they tip fairly well."

Turning down Raven Street, he Stops near the door of the tavern. Tucking his lute under his arm he looks at the others. "So Who's in?"

Seamus will happily bid whoever is going to bed a good evening, and introduce anyone who wants to close the bar to Cracktooth. RP as you so choose. If you get in the tavern and to Cracktooth before Seamus then I will go with it :)
knowledge: local: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (5) + 6 = 11

It's complicated Human with a level 16 pig | Character Sheet

Izomandakus listened quietly the exchange between Kizzy and Kast letting them talk while he listens. But by the end of their conversation he adds "Oh, wouldn't that be great? Being you an illustrious member of the militia now you sure can present Kizzy to the captain, can you? I have seen her training and she is skilled in arms and well behaved to treat with the citizens" the boy smiles confident.

"Oh, the Fatman's Feedbag! No dude, that is totally forbidden space. Mom would get into wholemeal butter bread rage if she discovers I have been nearby that place!" Izomandakus gestures negating with the head, then stops, thinks and whispers to Seamus "Actually... what can be found in there? Why is that place forbidden?"

He listens to the theater explanation with interest "Here it says the 'The Harpy’s Curse' will be on play. Perhaps we can drop by tomorrow and get some tickets"

At the entrance of the Cracktooth, the boy is slow to answer Seamus question. Having explained he has not seen his family in the last three years he hoped Seamus would not get angry for him to leave. Still he awaited, looking at what the girls and Kast say before pronouncing himself, not wanting to drag down their enthusiasm.

Male Human
AC 33/25/22 ; Perc +0; Dip +19; Heal +5,Arc+23,Dung+18,Eng/Geog+13,Hist/Local+17,Nat+23,Planes+23,Rel+23,SpllCr+ 20
Qetsiyah "Kizzy" wrote:
[/i] "Good to meet you too, Kast. So they have you on patrol duty for the watch, eh? Are they looking for help? I served guard duty in Magnimar for a while. Tedious work, but I can't rest on Miss Ameiko's good hospitality forever. "

Kast nearly offers a salute to Kizzy, but instead offers his fist for a Lastwall fistbump, just like the heroes repelling the orcish invasions do.

"Nice, uh, nice to meet you, Kizzy," Kast gives a big smiles that shows his boyish face. " know combat and war, do you? Defense and sallying forth? Ah, well, of course you do. Of course," he smiles at his own silly questions, but eager to know more. "I mean, you can check with the militia, or check with the Sandpoint Mercantile League to see if they need guards. They are the ones that do most of the big caravans."

Seamus wrote:
"So Who's in?"

Kast appreciates the offer, but again begs off, having to work tomorrow. Kast will happily escort the party safely to their next destination, but probably needs to head home at some point.

*limp, drag, limp*

He doesn't move quickly, but Kast follows along.

Female Human(varisian)

Meg is a bit taken aback by Kast’s assumption she did not know about the festival. ”Of course I know all about the festival, darling. Why else would I be here? I meant more of whether there was anything else of note.” Maybe only one thing of consequence happens at a time in a small town? Why, Sapphira does her best to keep track of everything that goes on in Magnimar and she has to basically make a full time job of it!

She listens as Seamus gives the rundown on all the bars. The moment he starts with the dates her eyes glaze over. She does her best to pretend to listen, but her brain simply refuses to retain that sort of information. All she needs to know is that Cracktooth’s sounds like slightly more of a dive than The Rusty Dragon and that Fatman’s sounds like a full-on dive. The divier the bar, the worse the alcohol in her experience. ”Cracktooth’s sounds fine by me, Sea.”

I’m fine with zooming forward to the morning and summarizing the rest of the evening. Meg is gonna stay up drinking until at least midnight most likely

It's complicated Human with a level 16 pig | Character Sheet

Seeing Meg decides to stay and accompany Seamus, Izomandakus feels relieved the man is not left alone, and seeing Kast leaving he feels more able to say goodbye at this point "My family is likely going to have a lot of questions, and honestly I am also eager to met with them. I am departing now too"

"Why don't you drop by Sandpoint Savories tomorrow morning? I can invite you to one of our special Swallowtail Tarts for breakfast" the boy smiles "And perhaps you can convince my mother to let me have a walk by the stalls with you before the main ceremony starts. She is going to want me wake up early and work on the tarts for most of the morning"

"You are invited too Kast!" Izomandakus turns to the man before he leaves "By the way, it is just here, behind the building 21" he nods and hugs or shake hands with those willing "It was a great pleasure to meet you. I hope you have a great stay at Sandpoint and we can hang around together again before you leave" Pachemu oinks agreeing with the assessment.

With all that said, Izomandakus and his pig walk away and around the building directing himself to his family home and his cot.

At Sandpoint Savories (anyone, feel free to read if you wish so):

Izomandakus slowly opens the rear door using the key he knows is hidden behind a lose tile in the garden. Pushing open he shouts "Mom! Aneka! I am home!"

There is an intense scene of hugs and smiles and the three of them and Pachemu talk with teas and pastries for a long couple of hours before the mother, Alma Avertin, directs the twins to sleep for there is a day of hard work coming tomorrow and the oven needs to be burning early.

Coming back to his old room, Izomandakus is abashed to discover his room has been refitted into a museum for her mother's dolls collection and a gym for his twin sister "Mom! Aneka! How I am supposed to sleep in here?!"

Looking resigned to Pachemu, she extends a couple of blankets and pillows in the ground and lays down hugging Pachemu "It is going to be a hard night piggy. But let's try to get a good sleep. Tomorrow is going to be a memorable festival. Memorable... memo... zzzzz"

The boy is defeated by the long day of walk, talk, drinks and meeting with new and old people. On his dreams he hears the familiar voice talking about ancient magic and the rise of old foes and lords.

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Male Half Elf

Ninja'd by Izomandakus, will edit

Near the theater with Izomandakus:
Cocking his head Seamus looks at Izomandakus, raising an eyebrow. "Mom would get into whole meal butter bread rage? Well now we can have that can we." looking at the boy for a moment, 'How much do I tell?' Shrugging, "It's a bar that caters to a rough crowd, lots of fights. I've heard the man who owns it is involved in some shady stuff. Keeps around a few thugs that like to cause trouble and he lets them." smiling, he nods his head toward Izomandakus. "Your moms just trying keep you safe, doesn't want that pretty face of yours punched."

Strumming his lute as they walk past the theater, Seamus shakes his head no, "Can't do tickets tomorrow going to be too busy playing." Looking back at Izomandakus. "what about next weekend? I know a guy maybe he can get us discount tickets."

saying goodbye to Kast nd Izomandakus
Nodding as Kast excuses himself, Seamus reaches out a fist, in the lastwall fashion that Kast enjoys. "Thanks for walking with us Kast. Get some sleep, hopefully I'll see you around tomorrow." Nodding as Izomandakus says he will depart, Seamus gives him a hug, "I'll see you tomorrow," He smiles wide. "But it won't be for breakfast, I don't get out of bed till late."

At Cracktooth's Tavern
Then smiling at Meg and Kizzy he moves towards the open double doors. "Well you've seen the best performer in all of Sandpoint." He doffs his grey wool floppy hat, sweeping it in a deep bow. "Now let me introduce you to where the mere mortals play."

Entering the tavern he notes the poet on the stage and moves to the end of the bar, waving at Cracktooth as he dumps his rucksack behind the bar. Reaching into the bandolier pocket where he kept his coins, he pulls out his last few silvers, putting them on the counter. As Cracktooth heads their way, he turns to Meg. "Cracktooth here is a talented satirist who loves focusing on politics, including Magnimar." He smile as Meg, turning to Cracktooth. "Cracktooth, a bottle of wine please. " Pushing the few silver coins hoping the tavernkeeper had something nice that he could afford. "Let me introduce you to Meg, we traveled together from Magnimar. Unless I miss my guess, she's an expert in all of the good gossip there." Hearing the poet, begin what sounds like a final stanza. Seamus taps the Bar. "Gotta go, I want to play the new song I learned. I'll be back."

He quickly rushes to the stage, unslinging his lute from his shoulder. Dropping his hat on the stage, Seamus pats the poet on the back as he turns to the audience. "Let's hear it for our poet, give her a nice round of applause." winking at the juggler that had been waiting in the wings, Seamus, strums his lute. "As many of you know, I was in Magnimar visiting mom. while I was there I heard this little song performed by four halflings. In honor of my trip back." He winks at his friends standing at the bar. ""I'm calling it "Our journey home.""

Seamus plays the song, looking up once and smiling to Meg and Kizzy. As the song finishes he rolls into a second song, then a third and a fourth. Stopping he asks for requests, then plays another set of songs, stopping to take requests every couple of songs. After about a dozen songs he stops, thanking the crowd for their generosity, picking up his hat, now with a few coins and returns to the bar.

Turning to his companions he asks, "So what do you think of Cracktooths tavern?

As the night progresses, Seamus will say goodbye to his friends telling them he hopes to see them the next day. To avoid the 'late crowd' at the Pixie's Kitten, he will stay at the tavern till it closes. Helping clear off the tables, wiping the tables and chairs, turning the chairs over on to the tables and sweep the floor. Leaving as Cracktooth locks the door he will walk 'home' the long way walking past 'junkers edge' to see if any of the goblins were on the beach collecting good junk. Enjoying the moonlight and the quiet walk home, Eventually heading towards the dock area. Going in the back door of the Pixie's Kitten, he nods to the Shoanti guard, finally climbing the ladder to the attic, flopping on his bed angled in one of the small dormers he goes to sleep, thinking about the performance Ameiko gave.

Xin-Shalast - Roll20 Map - Tracking Sheet

You have a very pleasant evening at Cracktooth’s, and eventually split up and go your separate ways, some home, some to the Rusty Dragon’s VIP ‘suite’ - which really is very small. But you all manage, and sleep well and deeply, untroubled and perhaps looking forward to the day ahead.

Morning rises peacefully in Sandpoint today, Toilday, Rova 23, 4707, almost as if the residents don’t want to rush the day. Savoring every minute of it, people are starting slowly. Likely a good thing for those who may have had too much to drink the night before. The town is subdued, almost surprised the day is finally upon them.

But the quiet doesn’t last. By 10am, the streets are filling with people hustling and bustling to get their last minute errands run, setting up shops and storefronts, preparing goods for sale in wagons, carts, and little tents throughout the town. The barkers and hawkers are kind enough to keep their banter to a minimum, perhaps saving their voices for later in the day.

There are speeches at noon in the Church Square, followed by a free lunch for the whole town, followed by games and entertainment and partying! Then at approximately 4pm, the Swallowtails will be released, then at dusk (7:45pm today according to the almanac), sunset - and the sanctification of the church. The high point of the day! That will be followed, one presumes, by much drinking and celebration throughout the night. Oh, and a play.

What do you do with your morning?

Female Human(varisian)

Meg laughs as Seamus introduces her as being up all the gossip. Considering that she has been gone—what, four days?—she is probably already horribly behind. She would also rather avoid talking about the big story out of Magnimar, as that would require an uncomfortable focus on herself. ”Oh, I would hardly call myself an expert. I am just a nobody of consequence who likes wine.” She does not quite pick up on the subtle distinction between “nobody of consequence” and “a nobody of consequence,” but that is neither here nor there.

Bluff to Lie: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (15) + 9 = 24

She listens to Seamus’s playing and chats with Kizzy while knocking away bottles of booze. She has developed an instinctual talent for knowing exactly how much she needs to drink to keep herself from sobering up in the morning while not getting so drunk that she cannot function. She tells Kizzy about some of the outrageous and ridiculous people she has met, framing almost all of them as secondhand stories from “her former employer.” She also discusses the merits of various forms of wine and how best to pair them with food.

When she finally gets back to the room with Kizzy, she almost immediately collapses onto the cot. She takes out the shirt from her second outfit and wraps the pillow in it before lying down to sleep. The shirt and associated outfit were one of many alike that Sapphira owned. She gave it to her dearest friend as a parting gift, as a change of clothes is always helpful on the run. Meg has so far avoided using it, just cleaning her same outfit with prestidigitation. The borrowed clothes still smell of Sapphira’s perfume lingers, and it helps calm her mind for sleep. When the scent is finally gone, Meg has practiced enough with prestidigitation that she can replicate it. The tactile sense of the cloth is distinct to Sapphira’s favorite tailor, a brash gnome woman working out of a shop called The Brave Little Tailor that only sells shirts in multiples of 7. This is, of course, just typical best friend behavior in her mind, nothing more.

When she wakes the next day, Meg’s back and neck are more than a bit disagreeable. She had not considered just how uncomfortable the cot might be, having spent her life on mattresses she could sink into. She does some stretches to attempt to rectify her discomfort. While she makes some headway, she just resigns herself to the fact that she will need to drink more today to loosen herself up.

She goes out wearing her smoked glasses, hoping they will help keep out the sun effectively. Since she expects to see a great deal of people about today, she also takes time to privately use the disguise kit Sapphira gave her to apply her usual adjustments. Disguise checks are technically rolled secretly by the GM iirc She also throws on a bit of red lipstick she “accidentally forgot” that she borrowed from Sapphira. She tries to coordinate everyone meeting up at the start of the day so they can explore together, even inviting the limping guard along if he wants. She plans to let the locals lead the way, especially since Seamus seems to always be on top of all the best places to go and people to meet.

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HP 40/40 | AC (22) 20 T 13 FF 17 | F +8 R +6 W +2 (+2 vs betraying allies) Female Human (Varisian) Cavalier 4 (Sister-in-Arms) | AC 20 T 13 FF 17 | HP 40 | F +8 R +6 W +2| Init +3 | Per +6 | S.M. -1
Kast Phaer wrote:

Kast nearly offers a salute to Kizzy, but instead offers his fist for a Lastwall fistbump, just like the heroes repelling the orcish invasions do.

"Nice, uh, nice to meet you, Kizzy," Kast gives a big smiles that shows his boyish face. " know combat and war, do you? Defense and sallying forth? Ah, well, of course you do. Of course," he smiles at his own silly questions, but eager to know more. "I mean, you can check with the militia, or check with the Sandpoint Mercantile League to see if they need guards. They are the ones that do most of the big caravans."

Qetsiyah had extended her swordhand, open and empty as was traditional and quirked an eyebrow at Kast’s closed fist before imitating the gesture. ”Yeah, been guarding caravans since they decided I was big enough to carry a sword. My training focused on defense, mainly. I’ll bet you have some pretty good reach with that spear. I haven’t worked much with polearms. I’ll be sure to check in with both, but probably after the festival. We just got in today and I could use a day off.”

She bid Kast and Izomandakus a good evening, since they were heading home. ”I could maybe check out the play with you.” She offered to the boy with the pig. She would like to see the inside of the Theatre again. She had an old playbill of her mother’s tucked away in her pack left back in the room. She would pull it out and bring it along so she could imagine what it might have been like to see her performance on the stage herself. Theatres were notoriously haunted. Maybe Simza’s spirit visited there sometimes, to walk through her role again and remember her life here.

Kizzy found her eyes watering for some unfathomable reason and was glad when they turned into the tavern. Definitely the pipe smoke. She reassured herself. She returned Seamus’ smile and then grinned even wider when she heard the tune he played.
Knowledge(Local): 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (20) + 5 = 25
”Hey I know those halflings! They all look like their mother still cuts their hair with a bowl!” She laughed! Their band was named after something small and bug-like. What was it again? The ladybirds? The junebugs? Something like that…

She clapped along with the bouncy tune and applauded for Seamus. It had surprised her how much she was beginning to miss the music, bustle and general noise of living amongst performers and counting Seamus among her friends was doing much to alleviate that sense of homesickness.

Seamus wrote:
"So what do you think of Cracktooths tavern?"

”It’s no Dragon, but the entertainment has been good so far.” She said as she chucked him on the shoulder companionably.

She and Meg made their way back to the cozy room as their night concluded. And Kizzy had barely managed to slough off her armor and boots before she was tumbling onto her bed as well. It probably would be wise to change and not sleep in the same clothes she trudged her way from Magnimar in. But sleep had suddenly become non-optional.

Qetsiyah rose and stretched in the morning, then made a face as her nose neared her armpit. Hmmm… The first business of the day needs to be a bath. Rubbing the sleep out of her eyes she greeted Meg cheerily. ”I think your trick worked. I feel alright. Smell a bit rank though. I’m gonna go hunt down Ms. Corwin. She’s on staff here, cutest little halfling grandmother you could imagine. She can set me up with a bath. I need it. How about you? A hot soak will loosen you up if you’re feeling a stiff. ” She offered helpfully.

”Festival on a Toilday! This will be fun, makes me feel like I’m getting away with something” She added with a mischievous wink.

Kizzy will bathe and probably ask Meg to clean her outfit with magic since I’m betting I neglected to buy her more than one set of clothes. Then we’re meant to meet Izomandakus for breakfast and maybe shopping if anyone wants. Then the speeches and festival games and feasting. Maybe a play later. You know, provided nothing interferes… XD

It's complicated Human with a level 16 pig | Character Sheet

The next day starts early for Izomandakus when his mother Alma Avertin wake him early morning. Still dark outside, he is charged with readying the oven, heating it up while his twin and Alma start preparing Swallowtail Tarts. Pachemu helps bringing firewood and the boy distributes it and starts the fire. Soon, he joins adding nuts and raspberries to the pieces his mother and sister finish.

When clients start to arrive to the shop, Izomandakus stays in front of the counter to sell. He is very happy when Kizzy appears for breakfast, maybe pulling Meg in as well "Hey this! Try this piece, it is the sweatiest! Just baked"

"How has the night gone at the Rusty Suite?" Izomandakus stops to attend each client coming in, but afterwards he quickly returns to talk with his new friends, bringing whatever drink they would like to accompany the tart piece.

When Alma Avertin comes into the main area of the shop cleaning her hands in the apron and with her hair smeared in flour, Izomandakus is fast to present her "Mom, this is Kizzy, she is one of the friends I told you I met yesterday. They are going to have a walk at the Festival. Can I have a walk around the stalls with them?"

The woman smiles and greets anyone present, then turns more serious to Izomandakus "Today is a busy one, a couple extra hands would be of help. But... most of the tart is ready and you have been working so hard, I guess you deserve having some fun Arika" the boy looks at his mother very seriously "Mom, we have talked about this before, my friends are in front" the woman sighs and strokes Izomandakus' face with lively energy "I will never get used to it my child, forgive me"

Luckily it seems Izomandakus is free for the festival, and he is eager to walk around with his friends.

Male Human
AC 33/25/22 ; Perc +0; Dip +19; Heal +5,Arc+23,Dung+18,Eng/Geog+13,Hist/Local+17,Nat+23,Planes+23,Rel+23,SpllCr+ 20
Izomandakus wrote:
"You are invited too Kast!"

Kast smiles, pleased to be invited, but knows he likely cannot. "Yes, thank you, but I'm pretty sure I have another shift in the morning, which is fine because then I'll get to enjoy the Festival. Maybe I'll see you all there," Kast smiles at the idea. "Heck, I might even have a drink tomorrow. Maybe even two."

"G'night all. I hope you all enjoy your stay in Sandpoint," Kast says to the newcomers, waving goodbye to others he knows. With that, Kast salutes (maybe awkwardly) and departs for the small apartment that he rents until he can save up enough money to go to Lastwall.

He spins on his good heel, limping away.

*limp, drag, limp*

* * *

Up before sunrise, Kast bathes and armors up for the day, knowing he has a long one ahead of him. First a 6 hour shift, then, well, enjoying the long day of Festival.

Of course, he's there early to relieve the nighttime shift. He, perhaps, provides a bit *too* much formality and seriousness in the simple shift change, especially for a place where things so rarely happen. But Kast was about formality and process and doing things the right way: he wants to be perfect.

"The watch is mine. You are relieved," Kast offers with an earnest salute.

And he guards and he marches and he watches. He patrols the Lighthouse. He patrols the Junk Beach. He patrols the north road, waving at the incoming visitors from the north farms. And then he patrols more, keeping an eye out for dragons and flumphs and orcs, of course, in case there is a very random raid.

Come noon, he looks forward for his relief so he can join the party.

Male Half Elf

Waking only slightly earlier than his usual time, Seamus rolls off of the thin mattress looking out the dormer to Salmon street. 'Thank the gods this window faces west.' Pulling on his pants and grabbing his turquoise shirt he scoots down the ladder to the end of the hallway where the facilities were located. Nodding politely to Zeldana as she steps out, he steps in, quickly taking care of his morning ablutions. Returning to the attic long enough to throw on his soft leather boots and belted vest, 'It should be a nice day, I won't need the cloak.' Tossing his bandolier over his shoulder and hooking his lute under his arm he grabs the grey floppy wool hat and heads down the ladder and out the back door, nodding at the Shoanti doorman as he passes.

Shading his eyes with his hands, he looks south toward the docks then turns up Salmon Street, 'I heard the dawn bell a little bit after I went to bed, haven't heard the noon bell yet, So I'm not too late to find a good spot to play..' Heading to the market he cuts down Water Street then goes north up Main Street, stopping at Sandpoint Savories. Opening the door, he see's a woman and a girl, who looks a lot like Izomandakus; but he doesn't see him or Kizzy or Meg. 'That's what I get staying up later.' He begins heading to the Church Square, 'Well, If they go to the church at noon, they will be able to find me.'

Going to the end of Main Street he heads up Junkers Way. working his way through the crowd. He stops near the jewelry store across from the church quickly tuning his lute. Dropping his hat on the ground in front of him he begins to play.

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Xin-Shalast - Roll20 Map - Tracking Sheet

You each make your way to the Cathedral and the festival proper after spending a largely leisurely morning recovering from the road and working. You see a few other folk from your caravan as you walk to the square before the church. The square is already crowded as you arrive, with locals and travelers alike. There are several merchant tents featuring clothes, local crafts, and souvenirs while food is being prepared in the Sandpoint Market square.


Naturally, those with power in the town feel the need to give speeches to open the celebration, but in fact they’re not too bad.

First up is the mayor, Kendra Deverin (image). Mayor Deverin walks up a few short steps to a well constructed, but temporary platform for the speakers along with a few others. She tosses a thunderstone to attract attention and calls for quiet. The gathered townspeople, out of clear respect for her, do stop to listen, for the most part though there are a few, now muted, conversations still ongoing.

Mayor Deverin’s friendly attitude and excitement prove contagious as she welcomes visitors to town and jokes about how even Larz Rovanky, the local tanner (and notorious workaholic) managed to tear himself away from the tannery to attend, much to everyone’s amusement (except Larz’s). As an added bonus her speech is short.

Up next is the Sherrif, Belor Hemlock. The applause and laughter quiet down a bit as the large Shoanti (link) man takes center stage. Sheriff Belor brings the crowd down a bit with his dour mood, his reminder to be safe around the evening’s bonfire, and his request for a moment of silence to remember those who lost their lives in the horrible fire that claimed the town’s previous church several years ago.

The next speaker is scheduled to be local nobleman Lonjiku Kaijitsu, but a sudden illness has prevented him from attending the ceremony (this isn’t something that surprises the locals, given Lonjiku’s well-known dislike of frivolity and festivals). Sandpoint’s own showman Cyrdak Drokkus is more than up to the challenge of bringing the crowd’s mood back up with his rousing anecdotes however.

He delivers a not-completely-irreverent recap of the long process the town went through to finance and construct the new cathedral. From what you can glean between his jokes, after the previous church burned down, the four noble families who founded Sandpoint, and who still maintain a presence here in their villa’s just south of town, lead a fundraising project that took a little from everyone. From the highest to the lowest, everyone chipped in - be it with wealth, or their own specialties. The rebirth of the Cathedral is definitely a whole-town affair. Everyone is invested.

Naturally, Cyrdak throws in a bit of self promotion at the end, as is his wont, inviting everyone to stop by the Sandpoint Theater the following evening to check out his new production of “The Harpy’s Curse,” revealing that the lead role of Avisera the harpy queen will be played by none other than the famous Magnimarian diva Allishanda!

Finally, Father Abstalar Zantus (image) steps up to give a mercifully short speech thanking everyone for coming before quickly declaring the Swallowtail Festival underway with a short prayer to Desna.

”Hail Bright Maiden of quicksilver delight, shine upon me.
Thy morning blessing, which, like the new dawn, refreshes my Spirit and lifts my heart with song.
Blessed Be.
Grant thou safe journey on the road ad thy luck be with thee!”

And with that a cheer goes up in the crowd and the festival begins in earnest! You’ve a few hours before the release of the swallowtail butterflies (4pm) and a whole town partying before you!

Lunch is provided free, at the expense of Sandpoint’s taverns. Each brings its best dishes - it is as much a marketing push by the taverns to win new customers as it is to feed a hungry crowd. It soon becomes apparent that the darling of the lunch is, once again, Ameiko Kaijitsu of the Rusty Dragon, whose remarkable curry-spiced salmon and early winterdrop mead easily overshadow the other offerings, such as the Hagfish’s lobster chowder or the White Deer’s peppercorn venison.

The town is full of games and contests, around every corner and in every alleyway. Children (and more than a few adults) playing hide and seek, tag, prisoner’s base, how many miles to Magnimar, hoodman's blind - and its sister game jingling, and even more!

Naturally, there are also contests of skill with archery, a kind of simple bowling or marbles (depending on your viewpoint - the ceramic balls are about the size of a large fist), quoits, hammer throwing, wrestling, stick combat, stone throwing (you bring your own stone of at least 20lbs), and horseshoes.

You even find some games of chance, including teetotum, knucklebones, the lucky pig dice game, and even a few card tables. Friendly wagers are made, but the pots are small, so no one is really out much or wins much - though there’s still a lot of energy around the games.

Everyone is smiling and enjoying the day. The merchants are selling droves of goods, and without extraordinary markups, so even the customers are content. The weather also seems happy, with that very special early fall day - the wind brisk, but the sun warm, the leaves just starting to turn, that sweet smell of fall, and the sounds of leaves rustling in the wind - chasing each other down the lane along with the children.

Feel free to chat with the locals, move through the streets of the town, and generally give me an idea of how you plan to spend your afternoon partying!

Female Human(varisian)

With Kizzy

Meg smiles at Kizzy’s request for a sprucing up. ”Do you have a scent preference? If not, I will go with sandalwood. That seems to fit well.”

She focuses intently on the image of Kizzy being completely clean and on the sensation of her smell. After a few seconds, the magic’s effects take hold just as requested. Since her magic doesn’t have somatic components, I figure flavoring it more mentally makes sense to me

She claps her hands together once decisively. ”Now, I will never turn down a good bath. The heat would do me good, I think.” She makes sure that she can bathe privately, less out of modesty and more out of wariness of someone noticing the distinctive scar on her belly.

The Festival

Meg watches the proceedings with a wary eye. She laughs out loud at the Mayor’s display with thunderstone. No wonder Sapphira likes her cousin. She is dreadfully bored by the Father, but she makes sure not to show it.

After they are free to move about, Meg’s first instinct is always the gambling games. She has always been able to bluff outrageously well at card games, though her card counting skills have always left her hopelessly in the hole versus Sapphira’s, and she enjoyed the chaotic randomness of dice and roulette. Best of all, it was easy to drink while gambling. She begins heading towards the knucklebones, glancing back to her companions. ”Anyone else for a toss of the bones or two or ten?”

Knucklebones was a popular game even back in Ancient Greece. Learned that while doing boon research!

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