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Current Date: 3 Arodus, 4720 AR

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Human Champion 17 | HP 156/280; resist acid 5, evil 5, slashing 3 | AC: 42 (44 w/shield) | F: +29, R: +22, W: +27; juggernaut, divine will | Per +24 (+26 init) | Speed 25 ft | Focus 2/2| Hero Points 3/3 | Conditions: None

Devon puts a comforting hand on Dora's shoulder. "It was regrettable, but we did what we had to do. Absalom is finally safe from the Rumormonger's schemes..."

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And so, you emerge triumphant from the Rumormonger's lair to report your success to Captain Asilia of Gyr. With her aid and the full support of the Starwatch, you return to thoroughly raid the place. You put down the kraken Levialar to ensure the self-proclaimed villainous mastermind cannot enact any further plots against the city. Numerous secret documents reveal the full extent of Reginald Vancaskerkin's plots to gain control of Absalom.

It seems the final member of the Twilight Four is the city's planner, Olansa Terimor. Terimor was planning soon to hold a Matter of Note with the Grand Council (a vote by only the council’s high seats) and convince them to make her Acting Primarch of Absalom while Wynsal Starborn was incarcerated. This would complete the terms of her pact with Norgorber and give her untold power.

However, Reginald was the master manipulator of the cabal’s campaign. He was the one who devised the plan to create the Twilight Four and form the pact with Norgorber. Reginald nominated Olansa, “the Gray Queen,” to actually take the throne because he knew that whoever occupied this position would be targeted by the others. Through it all, however, he had carefully laid plans to betray Terimor and take the position of primarch for himself. Through the use of a device he called the Transposition Machine, he would have transported his consciousness into Olansa Terimor's body and supplant her own, stealing away victory at the last moment and seizing the throne for himself.

Despite his vile powers, Reginald had a fondness for his family. Although he never returned to Varisia, he still regularly sent letters and follows the sprawling lives of his relatives. Once he brought his plans to fruition and secured the position of primarch for the Vancaskerkin family, Reginald had hoped to one day install a Vancaskerkin ruler in every major city in Avistan—all subject to his leadership.


With Vancaskerkin's defeat, the Starwatch arrests and incarcerates Olansa Terimor, charging her with grand conspiracy against the city and a host of other crimes. Graveraker, which she had been keeping in her back pocket as a potential weapon, is recovered and returned to the Radiant Festival. The slow gears of Absalom’s politics pick up speed, and Wynsal Starborn is reinstated as acting primarch with little fanfare. Though not one to rule with a heavy hand, Starborn issues a series of decrees in response to the information he has gleaned for himself, as well as intel brought to him by the agents of Edgewatch. He intends to overhaul the Black Whale and completely replace its corrupted overseers, as well as renew community outreach in Eastgate to improve conditions there. He appoints you as special advisors to pinpoint other weaknesses in Absalom's justice system.

But what is next for the agents of Edgewatch? Your rescue of the city is worthy of the highest promotion, if this route interests you. On the other hand, with your incredible powers and now-far-reaching reputations, you could take your talents elsewhere on Golarion or even farther afield in the multiverse. Or perhaps you desire nothing more than a humble retirement. The choice is yours...

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RETIRED: after forty years of forensic investigation for the Starwatch.

Dr Maturin was never one who desired fame or fortune. Sufficient funds to pursue the life-style of reasonable comfort he preferred was quite enough, as long as he could continue to work. Thus the Doctor soon retires into obscurity, withdrawing from frontline policework.

He is not idle however, and many a case over the next several decades, hinges on the painstaking forensic work which he carries out on all sorts of strange crimes. Over time his value is recognised and Captain Asilia institutes a permanent forensic team, based in a wing of Star Watch keep. It takes a number of years and two high profile cases, but gradually Dr Maturin's team becomes a specialised, and even somewhat sought-after, division of Absalom's Law Enforcement. The Doctor even takes up lecturing at a number of the cities higher education establishments, both on forensics and more conventional medicine.

As for his private life Jack, more so than most people, is able to keep it exactly that - private. However a connoisseur of Absalom's underworld would find that the person known as Morgorth remains a staple figure, one apparently content to enjoy the pleasures available in the shadows and, somehow, commanding enough respect to remain aloof from the territorial wars that erupt over and over again. Eventually Morgorth buys the House of Planes outright and establishes it as the neutral meeting ground of the city, where anyone (even Lawmen!) can come to enjoy themselves and all sort of legal, or at least not illegal, pleasures. After an over-ambitious Edgewatch Captain mounts a raid against the House Morgorth emerges from the shadows long enough to fight the Edgewatch through the courts and successfully invalidates the raid, thereby securing the House of Planes neutrality for another thirty years.

Morgorth eventually vanishes from public view, and not long afterwards Dr Maturin finally retires from the 'Cutting Edge-Watch' as some wits named his department, his legacy secure and memorialised by a brass plaque commemorating the founding of the Absalom Forensic Laboratory. All in all, as tidy, neat and clean an ending as the Doctor could possibly have wanted.

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F NG Imperial Sorceress 17| RETIRED | Completed AoE adventure path living out her life much more happily now it is over.

With the defeat of the Twilight Four, and especially the revelations of Reginald Vancaskerkin’s treachery, Dora found herself tired of police work. She’d joined the Edgewatch to make a difference, to prove herself, and although she’d played a huge part in saving Absalom the victory still felt somewhat hollow. What good was arresting criminals when some of the highest in the city were corrupt? What good was putting away drug dealers and petty criminals when politicians could do far more evil by lifting their hands or the stroke of a pen? What was the point in working with a man who would not love her, no matter how hard she tried?

So when Wynsal Starborn contacted his allies, asking them for trustworthy names to aid him in rebuilding Absalom’s government Dora saw her new path. She resigned her commission to the Starwatch and took up a new appointment in government, Senior Undersecretary to the Primarch.

Politics proved to be Dora’s natural habitat. Her charm and skill made her a superb politician and the fact that she was one of the most potent sorcerers in Absalom mades negotiating with her… challenging. More than one politician’s scheme quailed in the face of a raised eyebrow from Dora and a few sparks playing across her fingers.

Nearly two decades later when Starborn stepped down as Primarch the Grand Council voted unanimously for his successor – Theodora Cassia Morilla. Faced with such a request there was only one response and Dora took up residence in the Wise Quarter as Sea Lord, Primarch and Chair of the High Council. Unsurprisingly, following her appointment, Uncle Morilla was heard in the Council proudly proclaiming that “My niece is the Primarch now. It’s quite the boon for our family. I always knew she had it in her.” The Primarch was seen to raise her eyebrow at that particular statement.

Three years later, when an envoy from the great empire of Casmiron came to Absalom Dora finally found what had been missing in her life – love. Although marriage between a member of the Emperor’s family and a ‘commoner’, even one in such an influential position, was impossible arrangements could be and were made and the Primarch and the Ambassador for Casmiron conducted a, suitably discrete, relationship for many years, providing the last piece of happiness that Dora needed.

Eventually Primarch Morilla resigned her position and then a week later the Ambassador also resigned their post in a letter to the Emperor. Neither the former Primarch nor the Ambassador were ever seen again in Absalom and many gossip columns speculated for months as to what had happened, but it was Wynsal Starborn himself, now approaching his ninetieth year who had the final word on the matter.

“It is none of our business, but wherever she is I wish Primarch Morilla good health, long life and happiness. It is the least she deserves.”

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