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Current Characters

Sovereign Court The ShadowShackleton

(720 posts)
Lantern Bearer

Male Elf Ninja Lvl:3; hp:30/25; Ki: 1/3; AC:18 (T:13, FF:15); F:+3, R:+8, W:+1; Init:+5, low-light, Perception:+7

played by Mosstrooper01 (152 posts)
Mystic Theurge

Medium Lvl:3 HP:24/24 AC:16/12/14 F:+2 R:+2 W:+4 Init:+5

played by Tatterdash (227 posts)
Thousand Bones
DM Rambler

Male Elder GM

played by Scribbling Rambler (2,091 posts)
Haer Kul

Male Gnome Investigator Lvl:3 HP:25 AC:15(16)/13/13 F:+4 R:+5 W:+3 Init:+2 Perception:+10 low-light

played by Poor Zathras (563 posts)
Half-Orc Warrior

played by Scribbling Rambler (5 posts)
Half-Orc Warrior
Morgrom Hellblade

Male Half-Orc Warpriest Lvl:3 HP: 30 AC: 17/10/17 F: 7 R: 4 W: 8 Init: 1 Percep: 2

played by Issenkrieg (224 posts)
Gamar Deshta
Petronicus Alazario

Human Male Wizard Lvl:3 HP:19/19 AC:11/11/10 F:+2 R:+2 W:+4 Init:+1 Perception:+10

played by The ShadowShackleton (329 posts)

played by Scribbling Rambler (12 posts)
Thorthal Runecloak

Male Dwarf Brawler Lvl: 3 HP:28/28 AC: 17(16)/12/15(14) +Ring? F: +5 R: +5 W: +3 Init: +2 Perception: +8 Darkvision MF: 3/4

played by Jeffrey Rankin (249 posts)
Zigil "Stardust" Aul

Androgynous Aasimar Cleric 4; Init +0; Darkvision 60; Per +10; AC 19 (flat 19/touch 10/shieldless 17); HP 36; F+6, R +1, W+8

played by Poor Zathras (399 posts)