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The continuing voyages of the Starship Bastion, hauled out of mothballs and returned to service.

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The adventures of a new Starship crew.

Stress 0/9

Reporting for duty.

Standing by.

Threat 12
Momentum 0

Sorry this took so long to get up. I’m still feeling bad from a bout with the flu and it took me a lot longer to double check all of the Trek details and rule details. Probably I’m being too persnickety about things.

If this were an episode of our series, the following Captain’s log would play over a montage of each of your characters at work. Hill and th’Chiaqi are in a Jeffries tube doing some technobabble with the shields. Zh’Qjaqir is on the bridge at the tactical station waiting to bring the shields online as soon as they are ready. The Captain is in his ready room making his log entry. The Doctor is in sickbay, which is full of crates and containers, not at all ready for service.

Captain’s Log Stardate 52576.1—Starbase 211. Our first officer and chief engineer continue their work to bring the shield upgrades online. The station’s engineering crews are stretched thin working on our systems as well as upgrading the sensors and repairing the defensive grid of a Klingon K’Vort class bird of prey, the IKS Mupwl. Tensions with the Klingons are running high as both ships require the same engineering resources. Regardless, in two days the Mupwl and the Bastion will depart for Deep Space 9, escorting a convoy of carrying Klingon supplies and spare parts recovered from Sempok Nor, the Cardassian station captured in the Battle of Betazed. Meanwhile, our Chief Medical Officer has arrived and is preparing our sickbay for the combat casualties that we are sure to incur as we head to the front lines.

Hill needs to install an duotronic bridge to connect the final new shield generator to the ship’s computer system, which contains both isolinear and older duotronic components. None of the new bio-neural computer systems. This is a Task check against his Control and Engineering (16). Since he has a focus in computers, if he rolls below his Engineering rating (5) then he generates two successes instead of 1. This is a difficulty 0 task, which means he could accomplish it without rolling. But rolling gives him a chance to acquire Momentum to bank for later in the adventure. It also creates the potential for a Complication if he rolls a 20. Hill roll two d20. Also, obviously, write up an explanation of what you are doing and role-play

Th’Chiaqis needs to scan the shield generator network with a tricorder or another tool to make sure everything is good before you power everything up. This is a check against Reason and Engineering (15). This is a Difficulty 1 Task, so you need one success. If you get two, you can bank one Momentum. If you get no successes, you will fail forward. You can continue with the test, but it will give me a point of Threat. I’m not sure if any of your focuses or Talents apply.

Once we have completed that, our Security Chief can bring the new shield system online by powering up the shields. This is a Control+Security (13) and you have a Focus in Tactical Systems, so if you get lower than 4 you generate two successes. The Difficulty is 1, so one success to activate and more to bank Momentum.

The Doctor is supervising setting up sickbay. This should probably be an extended task, but for now let’s not go there. Check against Control+Medicine with a difficulty of 0.
The Captain can communicate with any of these officers and offer assistance, whether it be berating them to hurry or offering encouragement. I’ll let you choose. To assist with a Task, the Player must describe how their character is assisting the Task’s leader. If the Gamemaster agrees, then each assistant rolls 1d20, using their own Target Number, and their own Focus (if any), to determine if any successes are scored. So long as the Task leader generates at least one success, then all successes generated by the assistants count toward the Task. The Assistants’ dice can generate Complications as normal.

One could argue that the ship could assist these actions, but let’s keep things simple for this first bit.

Stress 0/9

The scene opens on Lt. Commander Hill. He's buried up to his elbows in the wall panel of a Jeffries tube, the cramped space filled with parts and tools. The experienced officer is cursing under his breath. "Damned thing, come here," he mutters, pulling hard on a fried transistor coupling that was stubbornly refusing to come loose.

When it finally jerks free, he holds it up with a triumphant grin. "Just as I thought. Far too much power flowing through an old duotronic component like this. Hell, this model is pre-War. Piece of junk." He tosses it aside, withdrawing the replacement from his engineering kit. After brushing detritus from the plug socket, he braces the isolinear power converter into its proper housing.

Control+Engineering: 2d20 ⇒ (14, 15) = 29

Blue LEDs light up in their proper spots, allowing the grouchy Chief a brief smile of satisfaction. He glances over at the Andorian next to him in the Jeffries tube. "You should be good to go on those shield network scans, Th’Chiaqis. We're 5 by 5 on the duotronic-iso bridge." He watches his colleague as he scans the shield network.

Rank: Captain. Determination 1, Stress 0/9

Once his official log is complete, Captain Dell taps his display, and then goes on, "Start personal log, same stardate. We're almost ready. In two days, we'll be leaving Starbase and beginning our first mission as a crew. I have to admit that this wasn't the class of ship I expected for my first command... or any command for that matter. I never thought I would step foot on a Constellation again - though, I suppose these feet have never stepped on one before - but the Bastion seems to be a fine ship, and the new shield systems that Commander th'Chiaqis designed should help give us a fighting chance against the Jem'Hadar."

"I'm proud of the crew we've assembled, as well. There have been a few complaints - mostly from the junior crew - about the age of the ship, but they've all been working tirelessly to get it operational in time for our mission to escort the convoy, and barring last-minute complications they have succeeded."

Pausing for just a second, he finally says, "I hope we don't lose too many once we join the war effort. End log."

Standing up, he steps out onto the bridge, and looks to Jalla, "As soon as Lieutenant Commander Hill gives the word, let's test those shields." He says it casually, trying to convey that not only does she expect her to do it, he has full confidence in her.

Trying to assist by reassuring. Would that be Presence + Command? Also, I'm not sure if Team Dynamics would be an applicable focus here.

Assist: 1d20 ⇒ 5

Jalla sits at her station, antennae perked up and forwards in anticipation of a successful shield test. She frowns slightly at the captain's order

Sir, I'm still awaiting Commander Th’Chiaqis's analysis. Do you wish to contravene regulations in this manner?

With a level stare she continues, If you are referring to pre-cycle readiness checks, I have, of course, already completed them. Sir.

Rank: Captain. Determination 1, Stress 0/9

Tobin pauses for just a half second, quickly processing where the source of his miscommunication was, but continues to smile, "I'm sorry, Lieutenant, I was using a figure of speech. When Engineering confirms that the scan is complete and we are ready, proceed with the test."

It's a new crew, this isn't the Justice. Remember that, Tobin. Use clear language.

He takes his seat, flipping open the panel on his arm rest as he checks a few things.

Lots of suggestions for play online talk about how you should keep tabs of Threat, Momentum, and Advantages and Complications. Let's make part of our book keeping to post those numbers at the end of each post. That way everyone will know what is available since it can change with each person's turn. I'll say Dell's Team Dyanmics Focus counts, and since his roll of 5 is less than or equal to his Command score, he gets two successes that will add to Jalla's if she rolls a success.

Hill generates two successes, which get added to Momentum. So we are at:

Threat 12
Momentum 2

If you are curious, the adventure gave me 2 Threat per PC and 1 extra for each PC focused on Engineering or Science. I'm not sure what all things I can use Threat for, but I'm sure it will be great.

Stress 5/10

"Good work Hill."

Gareb carefully studies the systems and tried to anticipate the power flow. "Ships like this have stood the test of time, though the Bastion was out of action for a while some of her sisters have served honourably since." He looks over his shoulder to look at Hill.

"I think anyone getting stationed to a state of the art ship like a Sovereign class would do well to serve on an old girl like this. She wont always do as well as you'd like but she'll teach you to be resourceful. You can get complacent relying on a ship if it's making things a little too easy."

Picking up one of the tools he had nearby and adjust the frequency. "Then again, the current state of affairs is making sure everyone gets a crash course on being resourceful."

Reason and Engineering 15: 2d20 ⇒ (14, 6) = 20

He nods for Hill to turn on the power flow and nods at the readings coming up on his tricorder. "The adjustments should hold... Besides, if you were on one of those fancy Sovereign Class ships you'd have nothing to do but repair the transporters and holodecks all day. A terrible waste of your talents. I think you'll be much more satisfied once you and this old girl get acquainted."

Tapping his comm badge he opens a frequency. "Th'Chiaqis to bridge, we're all set down here. As long we monitor for deviations in the frequency oscillation over the next few hours and correct the upgrade should hold."

Threat: 12
Momentum: 3

Stress 0/9

"They say 'everything breaks,'" Hill comments, nodding in assent. "You have a point about these older models, but don't over-romanticize the past, th'Chiaqis. I'll be refitting and upgrading this bird with the best available tech over time...if you're looking for a museum piece, you'll hardly recognize her by the time I'm through." His voice is low and gravelly, but he has a small grin on his face as he exits the Jeffries tube.

"Plenty of opportunity in the mission ahead," he adds, as they emerge into the corridor near some turbolifts. "As long as we're able to keep ourselves in one piece."

"And on that note, I want to check out the second nacelle. I was hearing some sounds that I shouldnt've earlier, but I wanted to take care of the isolinear conversion first." He slings his engineering kit satchel over his shoulder, nods at the Andorian, and makes for the turbolift.

Rank: Captain. Determination 1, Stress 0/9

"Excellent work, both of you," Dell says in reply to the report, and then turns towards the tactical station to his right, "Bring the shields online, Lieutenant."

Threat: 12
Momentum: 3

As you say, sir. With practiced motions Jalla begins to fire up the shields, moving slightly more cautiously than she would in an emergency, still a little uncertain of Gareb's modifications.

All systems are in the green for now, sir.

Control + Security: 1d20 ⇒ 71d20 ⇒ 6

Threat: 12
Momentum: 5

Rank: Captain. Determination 1, Stress 0/9

"Excellent. Thank you, Lieutenant, continue to monitor," Dell says, still smiling. Tapping a button on his armrest screen, he says, "Bridge to Commander Th'Chiaqis. We are all green up here. If your readings concur, I'd say we have a successful test."

Threat: 12
Momentum: 5

Stress 5/10

He nods back at Hill "I think Chief Engineer Hill has things well on track here. I think it might be a good idea for me to head to sickbay, I'm no doctor but I know my way around sickbay. I'd rather we get sickbay set up to Doctor Hagen's exacting standards as soon as possible."

Muting himself he turns to an ensign and points at one of the monitors. "Halliwell, keep an eye on these readings. You should be able to realign those power couplings from this station but better on the safe side. I'll review it all soon enough."

No one rolled a 20, so no Complications for me. That's a shame.
That's fine on the designation, Hill. Starbase 211 is a Sigma class station. The Bastion is currently not docked with the station as that would make testing the shields dangerous or even impossible.

The shields hold, overlapping and cycling through different frequencies automatically. This should give you superior protection from Dominion and Cardassian weapons, and theoretically will protect you from the advanced transporters of Jem'Hadar ships.

With the upgrades currently stable, all that remains is to get sickbay online. The Captain has a difficult decision to make, no doubt in consultation with his command staff. There will be no time for a low key shakedown cruise. The ship will be thrown straight into danger escorting this convoy of freighters, due to arrive in two days. You could give the crew a day of shore leave on the station. They have been working themselves to exhaustion getting the ship together. Alternately, you could get a mini-shakedown by warping out to meet the Klingon convoy and escorting them to the station before continuing onward with the Mupwl. Or you could just spend the day running tests. Or some other worthwhile activity.

Rank: Captain. Determination 1, Stress 0/9

"Agreed." Momentarily, Captain Dell's quiet as he checks the time, and then adds, "I'm going to be calling a meeting of the senior staff in one hour, that should give you time to get sick bay sorted."

Standing up, he says, nodding to Jalla, "You have the conn." he turns to walk back into his ready room.

Sitting down at his desk, he starts to go through reports, attempting to see just how exhausted the crew is.

I'm not sure what I'd be able to roll to try to figure that out, if anything. Basically, before he considers going on that mini-shakedown, he's trying to see the effect it will have on the crew. I'm guessing Insight + Command? Or would that be Medical? Anyway, I'll roll a couple of dice, to save back-and-forth, and the result can depend on what I'm rolling. :-)

Roll: 2d20 ⇒ (18, 11) = 29

As for the meeting, I figured that could give us a chance to confer and make that decision. I figure we can jump right to that once the sick bay stuff is handled. The hour delay was just to give our Doctor time to do her stuff. :-)

Stress 5/10

Gareb strides confidently into sickbay and nods to Doctor Hagen "I know you're under pressure Doctor, I'll just recalibrate the medical tricorders while you and you staff get the more intricate details sorted out." Gareb starts efficiently checking and adjusting the medical tricorders. "So, settling into your new sickbay?"

Control+Medicine to Assist Target Number 12: 1d20 ⇒ 4

Successes towards Sickbay: 1

Threat: 12
Momentum: 5

Sorry for the delay in posting. I've spent most of last week battling the flu.

Pegira is directing ensigns who are moving boxes around when Gareb th'Chaiquis enters. "Thank you." she says at his offer of help, before going back to directing the flow of traffic.

Control+Medicine (TN 16): 2d20 ⇒ (7, 2) = 9

Bleh, sorry you've been feeling poorly, Pegira. Though the flu's a bad omen for our new sawbones :p

Jalla allows herself a small smile as Captain Dell gives her the temporary pass of the baton.

Still, she keeps at least some of her attention focused on the performance of Gareb's modifications. All good so far.
Well after all, no one ever claimed he wasn't brilliant.

Stress 5/10

Seeing Dr Hagen keep everything running here like clockwork Gareb comments. "You've things running smoothly, looks like I just talked myself out of a raktajino break." He grins as he picks up another medical tricorder.

Threat 12, Momentum: 8

Ok, you have a nice stock of Momentum now. I'm sure that will be useful for something.

With a new ship and a new crew that he knows mostly from reports, Captain Dell isn't sure what course of action to take.

Engineering 1 success vs Insight and Engineering:
With a newly rebuilt ship and the combination of all of these new and old systems, there are likely to be some problems that no number of diagnostics will find. Only real experience will cause them to rear there heads. From a rules perspective, skipping the mini-shakedown will increase the complication range for tasks related to computers and the new shield system to 19-20

Medical/Command 2 successes vs Insight and Medical or Insight and Command:
The crew is exhausted, but they will carry on if ordered to do so. Not giving them a day of leave/rest will result in some Command related actions having a difficulty increase of 1 for the rest of the adventure.

Essentially, this is a pick your poison moment.

The command staff gathers for the first time in the same room as you meet to determine your course of action.

Rank: Captain. Determination 1, Stress 0/9

These old ships didn't have separate briefing rooms like the newer model starships, so Dell hosts the meeting in the officer's mess.

Once everybody has arrived, he begins. "My compliments to all of your departments, they did an amazing job getting this old ship ready to fly. Now, we have a decision to make."

"On one hand, we have a ship that just finished refits in the last hour, and only two days before we enter the war to put her through her paces to work any glitches out of the system. On the other, we also have a tired crew that could really use a break. Unfortunately, we don't have time to deal with both issues."

Dell is very much a hand talker, and as he refers to each option he actually motions with first his right hand, then his left.

Finally, he asks, "Thoughts?"

Threat: 12, Momentum: 8

Stress 0/9

Hill is seated at the same spot in the mess that he sits when he eats lunch. The Chief is nothing if not a creature of habit.

He speaks up when the Captain asks for his opinion. "The war won't wait for us to be fully rested, and we'll feel more...invigorated as a crew if we get ourselves into the action."

He glances out the viewport of the mess into the blackness of space, looking slightly embarrassed. "I'll admit though, these refits have been above and beyond for the past several cycles. There have been errors in calculation that I attribute to fatigue among some of the engineering crew."

He looks back at the rest of the senior staff. "How about a compromise? We assign the least tired of us to a skeleton crew while the remainder catch some bunk time en route. Should be able to manage as long as nothing unexpected happens."

Insight/Command (11): 2d20 ⇒ (15, 17) = 32

With respect, sir, I don't think we can count on avoiding the unexpected. If the crew are tired, they'll simply have to push through it.

Stress 5/10

Gareb leans forward "I agree with Lieutenant zh'Qjaqir. I know we're all tired and part of me is very much tempted to back the idea of leave, but although I too have been impressed by the crews work so far there are a lot of uncommon technological combinations on this ship."

He looks around the table "The crew are professionals in a time of war. Tired or not I trust that they will do their duty but this old ship has some rough edges. But... the decission is ultimately yours Captain." He looks at the Captain and smiles "I wont be giving out too loudly if some rest is in order provided the ships Captain sets an example for her crew."

Rank: Captain. Determination 1, Stress 0/9

Tobin smiles, and says, "Well, I would love to try out a new holo-program I picked up recently while we're still somewhere with a holodeck, but I do agree. It'll be easier to deal with fatigue than system failures in the middle of battle."

"I also remember how touchy these ships were when they were first commissioned. Lidra Dell came close to pulling her hair out trying to solve the power draw issues with the first few ships," he adds, more conversationally.

Before considering it decided, however, he looks to the doctor, "Any objections, Doctor Hagen?" Then, to the room at large, he says, smiling some, "Just to clarify for the future: In these meetings, I want to hear all opinions, especially the ones that disagree with me."

Hill would know this was the same policy of their former captain.

Stress 0/9

Hill waits for Doctor Hagen to respond before this action.

Hill nods in assent to the Andorians' arguments. "As long as we recognize that we won't be operating at peak capacity if we press on now. People need rest just like a warp engine needs regular maintenance." The chief rises from his seated position and moves to the viewport, leaning against the bulkhead next to it as he continues speaking. "That being said, the Engineering crew are a competent lot. They'll carry out their duties as professionals."

Of course the Andorians are like, "Suck it up!"

It looks like we are heading toward a decision to head out to meet the Klingon freighters. The convoy has no escort through Federation space, so you will simply make communications contact with the Du'uy neh over subspace, get their location, and head to them at whatever warp you feel is appropriate. Check out this link to see what the ship looks like. If I'm not around, you guys can handle some of that on your own. We could make it as far as reaching the convoy and hailing the ship before it would really matter that much.

Rank: Captain. Determination 1, Stress 0/9

Once the doctor answers...

"Alright, let's get to work," Dell says, standing up.

Once on the bridge, he takes his seat. Looking towards the bridge flight control officer, he says, "Plot a course towards Klingon space."

Then, he looks towards Jalla, "Send a message to the Du'uy neh. Tell them we're ahead of schedule and request rendezvous coordinates so we can escort them to Starbase."

Back to the flight controller, "Let's start out easy until we have the full coordinates. Proceed to warp one."

As you say, sir.

Du'uy neh? Hailing the Du'uy neh. This is the Bastion. We are requesting coordinates for rendezvous prior to your arrival at Starbase 211. Acknowledge.

Stress 5/10

As they move towards the bridge and await a response from the Mupwl."I'm going to check our records regarding the crews of the Mupwl and the Du'uy neh. I've worked with a few Klingon's, it'd be good to know if some of them might be a little friendlier if I've fought with their kin." He pauses and sighs "...or perhaps I've helped the sworn enemy of someone's House. Klingon's can thrilling or a head ache to deal with."

Pegira listens to the rest of the crew's assessments before saying anything. When she speaks, however, it is with the voice of experience:

"If we're going to head out immediately, I would recommend that we set the crew to half shifts sir. It'll get them into the mindset of working later hours, and as long as no one is collapsing of fatigue, I think we should be ok."

Stress 0/9

Hill will silently nod in agreement to Hagen's suggestion when it is made, before the officers' pow-wow disperses to their stations.

So long as they sleep with one eye open.

Rank: Captain. Determination 1, Stress 0/9

Back during the briefing:

"Thank you, doctor." Looking to his first officer, (the traditional manager of crew rotations), "Once we get underway, look into if that's reasonable without too much disruption."

Returning to the present…

Dell smiles to Gareb's comments, and says, "Good idea, Commander. Though, I'm hoping more for the former than the latter."

Stress 5/10

As the computer crossreferences keywords regarding various Klingon Houses and battles Gareb begins working on the crew rotations, he's keen to get the more experienced crew priority in lessened duties knowing the further they are out the more likely they are to run into trouble. Still he has to balance that against various other factors.

"People can say what they want about our Starship Engineers but they built these old ships to last."

Stress 0/9

When th'Chiaqis finishes his crew rotation schedule, Hill will do his duty as Chief of Engineering and pass along the information to his crew.

"Bastion, this is Captain Druq of House D'Gor of the I.K.S Freighter Du'uy neh. We will transmit coordinates to you to allow you to intercept us. D'Gor out."

The convoy is currently .56 Light years away, between Starbase 211 and Betazed. At Warp 8.45, which is pretty close to your max, you could intercept them in 4 hours. They are travelling at Warp 4.

The computer reports that House D'Ghor was subject to discommendation, a Klingon ritual that shuns the family and strips them of most rights. D'Ghor suffered this fate for financial manipulation of a rival house's assets. The rival house was the House of Kozak, though it is now, through a strange bit of Ferengi chicanery, the House of Quark.

Warp speed calculator At some point I'll have time to put all of these links in the campaign tab.

In their dishonor, member of the House have resorted to transporting cargo to make a living.

Understood, Captain Druq. Our projected course should see us make contact in approximately four hours. Bastion out.

Hopefully they don't feel any need to puff up their chests, but giving them a sense of when we're arriving should keep them at their ease...

Stress 5/10

"The tale of House D'Gor is a strange one. The House has suffered a discommendation and lost most of their rights. The matter is complicated but hauling cargo is how they are making their living now. They tried manipulating another houses assets but it seems their ploy was disentangled by a Ferengi ally of what is now known as the House of Quark." Looking at the Captain he adds "So they are cunning and willing to use non traditional means as well as being dishonourable."

Stress 0/9

Hill curls his lip at the involvement of those greedy Ferengi money-grubbers, but doesn't break his silence as he stoically keeps watch over the nacelles during warp flight.

Rank: Captain. Determination 1, Stress 0/9

Tobin turns in his chair to look to his first officer, frowning a little at the description. "Klingon financial fraud, that's new. It sounds like we'll need to be careful with them. Use your own judgement, but once we meet up, try to keep a subtle eye on them. In case we need to save them from themselves, or they're putting us at unnecessary risk."

He looks back to the flight control, and says, "Plot a course to the coordinates, and proceed to maximum warp."

Jalla's antennae flatten against her hair, as she listens to Gareb's analysis, With respect, sir. It can be foolish to assume that all members of a clan can be blithely assumed to share the same traits!

Realizing that she has spoken perhaps too fiercely, she modulates her tone, and backtracks slightly, I am sure that vigilance is prudent nonetheless, sir.

The Bastion performs admirably on the short trip to meet the convoy. After all, maintaining a high rate of warp is what the Constellation class was designed for.

Ensign Nami, a recent academy graduate and a female human of Middle Eastern descent from the nearby Tendara colony, handles the helm well.

Zh'Qjaqir picks up the convoy on long range sensors.

This is a new scene. I'm not sure what actions you would want to take here. You can move to intercept the convoy, scan them more intensely, or hail them. Probably some other things.

Stress 0/9

During normal operations where my specific expertise isn't necessary on the bridge, I'll be available by comms in Engineering. I'll be monitoring the situation as it develops, as well as keeping an eye on our systems, but I won't be volunteering much in the way of interspecies diplomacy. Not my strong suit!

Rank: Captain. Determination 1, Stress 0/9

As they get close to the convoy, Tobin taps one of the buttons on his armrest terminal, "Commander Hill, how are those engines holding up?"

Once his first officer reports that the convoy are on sensors, and trusting him to report if anything looks off on the readings, he looks back to Ensign Nami, "Intercept and come alongside."

I'm assuming he'll mention something, mainly just so I can post tonight. :-) If he wouldn't, feel free to contradict me. Also, wanted to leave it open for you to do any additional scans if you want.

Then, towards Jalla, he says, "Open hailing frequencies."

Oh, just to make it easier for everybody else to help with the big decisions, Dell is perfectly fine with suggestions and ideas. IC, my character might be making the big decisions, but OOC, I feel we should as a group together. :-)

Aye sir, hailing frequencies are open. Would you like them on screen?

Stress 5/10

Gareb will begin scanning the surrounding area. He will be mindful to look for signs of cloaked ships... though the Dominion were the main concern you could never be sure unknown parties like pirates wouldn't try to take advantage of the chaos of war.

Not sure what combination of stats you'd want me to use for this.

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