PbP PFS Gameday VI CORE: 7-25 Orders from the Gate [5-9] (Inactive)

Game Master GM Aarvid

===Maps and Notes===
Magnimar Lodge

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This game will be part of the Official Play by Post Game Day 6, Beginning August 25th, 2017. Seats are available, up to 6. If more than 6 enroll, a lottery will be held. This is a CORE table.

Grand Lodge

I volunteer.

Could we do a preen? I don't have any CORE level characters this high.

I'd be ok with pregens...although it would have to be a core pregen.

I was not sure how many CORE characters are at this level, definitely fewer than at the 1-5 tier.

I would like to join, but I would also need to play a Pregen!

Sovereign Court

Am interested to play.
I have;
Human Fighter Level 9
Dwarf Cleric Level 5

Good. It looks like we have a legal table. Will see if more throw their hat into the ring before we start next month.

Well, for planning purposes, we are still sitting at 4 players. I am presuming unless things change, we are likley low tier [5-6] with two 5th level PC's and two 7th level pregens.

Liberty's Edge

Hello all!
Sorry for being late...
I would be very happy to join.
Would play:
Pyra - Silver Crusade - Paladin of Sarenrae - level 7 - female Human (Keleshite)

Dark Archive

Hi! I have a level 6 cleric available if there is still a room :)

With the two of you, we have a full table. :)

5,5,6,7,7,7 for low tier

We have Paladin, cleric, cleric, so either bard or caster. Terael, what will you play?

Once you decide on character you are playing, please check the Discussion thread and post the relevant info there. I will open the gameplay thread for dotting once folks report.

Sovereign Court


Terevalis may have to bow out. So we can continue with 5 players or I can recruit on the boards for a 6th player.

I believe you have 5,5,6,7,7 now with only 1 pre-gen and a pretty good class mix.

Let me know if there are strong feelings either way.

Liberty's Edge

I have no strong feelings for either choice.
FIne as is with 5, okay to give another a chance to play.
My vote is w. the majority or the DMs choice.

Dark Archive

Someone remembered me that my character was already committed in another game...
I have another character (level 5 sorcerer) who could participate instead of my cleric.

You can swap characters, no problem

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