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This is a Game Day 4 recruitment. I am recruitment for running a Pathfinder Society adventure,PFS 6-12 Scions of the Sky KeyPart 1 [tiers 1-2 or 4-5]

This will be an open recruitment accepting a table up to 6 players.

If you have played other PFS scenarios, then it is the same but running as play-by-post rules. This adventure will lock in a new character for about 8 weeks if posting daily. Pre-generated PFS characters are also acceptable.

However, for players not familiar with PFS or posting here, I'll post a few guidelines.
You need a legal PFS (Pathfinder Society) character. PFS information is here.
Post your legal character. (Paizo People --> Aliases).
Here is Fendahl Silvermane for example.

Be able to post about 1-2 times per day for 6-8 weeks
I do not require your previous Chronicle Sheets. I assume you will be honest with me and your fellow players. If a question of an item or race comes up, I may ask to know where and how you got said item.
Maps will be posted through google docs. Please make sure you can access this service if you sign up.
Recruitment will open now and will close once I have enough players to start. Probably next week.

If there are any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Please post your Character's Level and Class for consideration.

Grand Lodge

I'm new to this. For your consideration, here is a level 1 human summoner.

Welcome. We are still a few weeks before starting on 9/19 so we will see if we can get a full table.

Do you plan to do the whole trillogy?
I might be interested, just have to choose a character :)

@Marcharkic, I just wanted to make sure that you are using the Unchained version of Summoner. I can not tell if you are in your sheet.

I am also possibly interested with Battle Oracle with the Hunger curse.

I plan to run all 3 but we will likely only get the first two parts in by the end of the GameDay 4.

Liberty's Edge

I would like to join with this character. Wayang Arcanist 1. He's currently in a PbP game, but that should be finished by the 19th, I think. Would be interested in playing all three, eventually.

Sovereign Court

What are the guidelines for joining multiple games with one character. This is level 1 with 4 xp because the game he is currently in started before I got the chronicle that brought him to 4 xp. That game, however, seems to be dying. If it is possible to join more than one game simultaneously, I present Gaeldrung for consideration. I can keep him at 1 or level to 2, whatever the rules stipulate.

Sovereign Court

If that is not allowed I'll just make another PFS character. Either way concider my hat thrown.

It is not possible to play more than one character at a time. A PC is locked until the started game finishes (which includes both F2F and PbP etc). It can be hard in PbP to know if a game is actually dead or abandoned. If the GM is no t responding then sometimes groups will post for a replacement GM.

Starting a new character is safer in this case due to the limbo your other character may be stuck.

Sovereign Court

Very well. I will make a new character then.

Sovereign Court

Sertaki here.

Whole trilogy = I'm totaly in :D
Love the multi-part adventures if done as intended.

I'm still not sure if I want to go with my lvl 1.2 birdy, or take my lvl 3 magus.

Liberty's Edge

Here is the intended character from Gaeldrung/choon. Will be a bombing alchemist.

Would love to join with a gunslinger 2 if there's still room.

I just realized I had left an old copy/paste statement in my opening paragraphs.

Disregard this line...
Recruitment will open now and will close once I have enough players to start. Probably next week.

Since this is being run as part of GD4, we will start on 9/19 and if we have more than 6, I will run a random lottery for the 6 finalists from the submissions.

The Exchange

Sign me up for the ship heading that way.

Agirran starts out a simple beefy, tatted-up, Ulfen, Shackle's pirate (fighter (viking) 1), a huge guy with with nautical skill and a bad attitude. Soon enough, though he switches to (water school) wizardry and becomes an old salt/pirate mentor/ship's war wizard sorta guy for the rest of his career (possibly eldritch knighting at some point to retain his axe skills). He was built to be a physically threatening, smarter-than-you-think, biker-looking guy. I'll admit it's a theme of mine--smart fighters (see Abaal or Shonne for other examples) with some arcane knowledge though he is the most 'wizardy' of them. I figure the intimidation factor of the tattoos and axe alone make him pretty striking, the fact he could beat most people at chess even moreso.

Sovereign Court

Alternatively, there is my thoroughly unpleasant great white huntress, Lady Thaia Rossenvelt, of the Egorian Rossenvelts (gunslinger (musket mistress) 1), not to ever be confused with that debased, fungal branch of the family in Westcrown. Lady Rossenvelt is always up for a safari and even speaks the "rough tongue of many of the local savages."

"Now if only I could find some competent bearers. Good laborers can be ever so hard to find outside of Egorian."

Liberty's Edge

"Any problem can be solved through the thoughtful and careful application of high explosives."
That's the mantra I live by, and I'll prove it right, even if I have to loose all my fingers doing it! If I can blow up filthy slavers and tyrants while I'm at it, all the better!

Sapper Slippergear is an excitable gnome, expeically if the words "fire", "explosive", "explosion", or "Fireball of Death" are involved. He often smells of smoke and chemicals, but his friendly disposition and his general threat to anything standing nearby normally keeps insults to a minimum. Most gnomes are a walking time bomb of one sort or another. Sapper has taken it to an art form, and he hopes to, one day, perform his masterpiece with something suitably Slaver-y. It'll probably be Chelaxian...

Sovereign Court

"Slipperear, was it? You remind me of my mother's family cook, my grandparents bought her when they married and moved uptown. Of course she was old when I knew her, and kept forgetting things in the oven--perhaps that's why you remind me of her. When this is all over I shall have to remember to pick myself up a good cook to prepare whatever it is that I bag on this outing. I do concur with you about about low-bred filthy tyrants and pretenders--only those of means, education, and station should have the right to purchase and own chattel--from properly licensed tradesmen of course."

Liberty's Edge

Sapper contemplates rigging her purse with a explosives-driven paint canister which leads to sneaking into this lady's room which leads to what else he could do in there... No, best focus on the prissy "lady" at hand. The one not covered in paint and shackled to her bed.
My ma's ma's aunt was the best cook in Sprocket! Best roast pheasant you ever had. I'll pretend I didn't hear that last part...

Liberty's Edge

GM Aarvid wrote:

Since this is being run as part of GD4, we will start on 9/19 and if we have more than 6, I will run a random lottery for the 6 finalists from the submissions.

Would you consider doing the lottery well before the 19th? A lot of games for the PbP GameDay are filling up fast. If I can't join this one, I would like to have time to find another game.

Sovereign Court

@Agirran: So he's basically Graka with a beard :)

Varis is quite the picture-book version of an arrogan Taldan vagabond noble. Everything, from fancy feather-clad hat, overly decorated parade armor with his house crest, rapier hanging from his belt.
Only thing that doesn't quite fit is the fact that he is a big bird walking on two legs.
Well manicured razor-sharp claws, a beak that might slice open throats without much difficulty and feathers black as night complete the scene.

He has the manners one might expect from a person of high standing, and while there is a noticable accent in his speech (due to physical differences of his throat compared to humans), his Taldan is perfect.

"Quite pleased to meet you, fellow Pathfinders!" he croaks out with enthusiasm, bowing deeply with his broad-rimmed hat in his claw.

Is there a sign-up sheet somewhere? I didn't see one, coming straight from the gameday-list

The Exchange

Varis Salani wrote:
@Agirran: So he's basically Graka with a beard :)

More like Bjor with magic and skulduggery.

"Captain Ironbeard had a tengu aboard, Writin' Desk was his name." Then he pauses and hawks a big spit on whatever it is he's standing on. "Dwarf captains, heh. Kept the beatings going until morale improved."

To give everyone a chance to signup on another game if they do not make this one, I will run the lottery tomorrow night 9/1 and post the results. These same 6 will be first on the list for part 2 when this first part completes.

This is the list of applicants thus far. Let me know if I am missing anyone.

1. Marcharik (GreyPlauge)
2. Varis Salani (Sertaki)
3. ???? (Nohwear)
4. Periyotro Bapak (iff)
5. Sapper Slippergear (Choon)
6. ???? (The Norv)
7. Agirran the Fury or Thaia Rossenvelt ( Great Green God)

For the two of you that did not provide a character name, let me know if you want to supply one. It looks likely to go low tier (1-2) by the list of characters/levels.

Liberty's Edge

So only one person won't make it? Or will those who didn't provide characters be dropped?

I was going to roll randomly for the 6 to get in and one alternate...assuming all 7 are still interested. If only 6 (or fewer) are interested, then no point rolling. :)

I will bow out. Until next time.

Ok, Nohwear. I can leave you as an alternate if you do not get into another table?

That leaves our starting party of 6:

1. Marcharik - lvl 1 (GreyPlauge)
2. Varis Salani - lvl 1 (Sertaki)
3. Periyotro Bapak - lvl 1 (iff)
4. Sapper Slippergear - lvl 1 (Choon)
5. gunslinger - lvl 2 (The Norv)
6. Agirran the Fury or Thaia Rossenvelt lvl 1 ( Great Green God)

Recruitment is closed. I will create the gameplay thread tonight so you can dot in...

Liberty's Edge

Looks good. :)

Liberty's Edge

I have dotted in, then deleted the post because I like clean first pages. :)

The Exchange

Huzzah! This is the Norv's character. Let us know when dotting can happen.

Liberty's Edge

The gameplay thread is already up, I've dotted in. As said, Periyotro is still in a game now, but should be free before the 19th.

Sovereign Court

I might stiil switch to my Half-Orc Magus, he's level 3 so this might slightly help in survivability.
Propably gonna decide when the time comes.

Hey, I am more efficient than I thought. Gameplay is open for dotting. I will even throw in the intro in so you can start introducing your characters.

Sovereign Court

You might want to make sure this doesn't go against the rules of the Gameday beforehand though ;)

Yep. Dotting in is fine. We won't start the game until 9/19.

Between now and then I will also need to collect pfs# and some other info.

Liberty's Edge

Just let me know and I'll get it to ya ASAP. :)

Sovereign Court

Discussion thread?

Dark Archive

Hey there, Varis here.
Gonna swap characters with the other game I'm in - makes more sense for both characters storywise.

Character Name: Majal
PFS Number: 93773-3
Faction: Dark Archive
Race/Class(es)/Level(s): Human (Varisian) Witch (Hedge Witch) 3
Short description: Majal is an old crone, and seems kind of out of place between young adventurers and dashing swordsmen, always accompanied by her trusty goat companion Esmeralda.
She is rather easy-going and likes to make fun of those with a more serious demeanor. After having raised generations of children and grandchildren, she felt the calling of the road more strongly than ever and joined the Pathfinder Society in hopes of seeing something truly magnificent before she dies. She has already succeded at this task, but keeps going anyway. Not much to lose, eh?

Sovereign Court

But now who will help me load your pack animal with my things? And really, a mule seems a much more reasonable familiar.

Liberty's Edge

Sorry ma'am, looks like most of your things perished in an explosion of undetermined origin...

Dark Archive

How bout ya grow a backbone, girl? And help an old woman with that bag wouldya?

I don't need a mule, already got a horse and a goat - not trying to start a musical number here.

Liberty's Edge

Sapper slides up to the old lady. "I'll just stick with you, if you don't mind. I like your attitude!" he mutters with sideways glances at the noble snob and her tiny pile of perfectly liftable gear.

Sovereign Court

Obviously a conscript. *humph*

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