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"All I was doing was making a bad situation worse. But I knew there was no walking away."

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Beautiful Korvosa gleams in the southeastern corner of Varisia and acts as the sole refuge of civilization in an otherwise untamed land. Well, yes, I suppose Magnimar might pass itself off as a civilized village, but really, the only place to find true culture in wild Varisia is within the mighty walls of Korvosa...

The city is alive. Everything in it moves to the beat of a wholly corrupt heart. Dockworkers bring in urns and pottery from far-off Katapesh stuffed with illegal flayleaf. Thugs and sellswords run the night markets and the docks, keeping the machine churning out supply to meet the demand. Thieves and assassins skulk behind figureheads and elected officials, keeping Korvosa to the Korvosans. And then there’s worse. Gangs of wererats, foreign extremists, cruel nobles-- Hellknights. The whole city is diseased. But there’s something worth saving here.

There has to be.

You are a citizen of Korvosa, a sprawling city that sits at the eastern end of Conquerer's Bay on the mouth of the Jeggare River in far-off Varisia. Korvosa was once the capitol of Chelish Varisia and now sits as one of the three largest nation-states in the frontier. You might be a Shoanti outcast exiled from your clan on the Storval Plateau, a Varisian fortune teller turned pickpocket, a failed Hellknight initiate from far-off Cheliax or a simple inner-city hero with a bone to pick and a knife to pick it with. You’ve come to Korvosa looking for adventure, or you’ve always been here, waiting for it to find you. Ambition drives you. Destiny pushes you forward. It's time to make your move. Do you feel lucky?

Welcome to Ice Titan’s Korvosa Confidential. Let’s get right to business.

Character Creation:
Starting level: 2.

Gold: Average for your class plus 1,000 gold.

Statistics: 22 point buy. That’s right--22.

Traits: Two Pathfinder traits taken from the Advanced Player’s Guide or Ultimate Campaign. In addition, each character will be receiving a unique bonus ability derived from their backstory, determined after characters have been chosen.

Background: What I’m looking for as far as backgrounds are characters who have a reason to participate together for money as well as, in some instances, for the greater good. If your character is a brooding loner with no ties, crumple up the paper and toss it into the woods and give me someone else. The game should be part sandbox as the PCs undertake their own tasks, so a good impulse for the character to pursue is a must. Plot hooks in the backstory are always interesting.

The game will begin with the PCs being brought together by a lieutenant in the Korvosan Guard, Lukain Silvaski, to investigate the disappearance of an up-and-coming actress from the "prestigious" Firenze Theater in Old Korvosa. You’ll want to have a reason why you might be a good candidate for this job.

Korvosa is a very diverse place with a lot of groups of very diverse people. The city will be the center of the game, explorable and interactive, and as such a character who has a reason to stop or stay for a while will fit in more than one who's just passing through. If you’re interested in tying your character’s backstory into one of the many interesting groups of people in Korvosa, feel free.

Most of the questions about the setting can be answered by taking a gander at the following links:

If you run into a question you can't find an answer for, feel free to ask!

Finally, your character’s traits should tie into their background; If you’re reactionary, your character has been bullied and beaten until young adulthood, for example.


Alignment: Good, neutral, lawful, chaotic. No evil, thanks!

Races: Core, along with aasimar, tiefling, dhampir, and changelings. If you have another race in mind, ask. I’m almost completely definitely not allowing anything from Chapter 3 or 4 of the Advanced Race Guide (note the almost!).
-- For Aasimar: Include a -2 Con penalty on their racial statistic modifiers.

Classes: No summoner, no third party. If you have a gun, you are from Alkenstar, or know someone who is.

How does this game interact with Curse of the Crimson Throne?:

Answer: It doesn’t. If you've played the Adventure Path, you can expect that almost all of the events of Curse of the Crimson throne to have not yet come to pass. Korvosa’s been around for a long, long time. Things were a lot worse before they got better. Don’t worry-- I won’t be spoiling the twists of the AP for you, but I will be utilizing some characters you might recognize.

What can I expect?:

This game is going to be part city crawl, part noir story, part classic fantasy. Korvosa is full of interesting individuals, groups and motives. The PCs will be navigating these groups, building reputations with some, scorning others, taking moves to complete their own goals and jobs and basically trying to grasp that yet that’s hovering over their head. They’ll be working as a team, first and foremost, but their goals may differ. They’ll be delving into the sewers and Varisian outlands around the city itself, seeking out treasure and answers, as well as taking on missions and tasks in Korvosa and its environment. But what you’ll mostly be doing is investigating-- strange occurrences, illegal magic, killings, back-alley deals and missing people. There’s a reason this game is called Korvosa Confidential.

This means that socialization, investigation and combat will be taking equal roles in the campaign. People who use their heads will be valued-- people who beat heads will be useful-- people who charm them will be admired.

You can expect me to post once or multiple times a day, developing plot lines forward and presenting interesting scenarios to play in. You can also expect me to utilize linked imagery and music to help bring the game to life.

Combat will include a map and tokens-- sometimes. Some combats will be mapless and cinematic instead of mapped out. It depends on the context. We won't be lingering on combat for long, but expect combat to be a big deal when it happens.

What do you expect?:

First off: Please, make a character sheet that I can easily read. If your sheet is a puzzle box, I'm not interested in solving it.

I just expect you to be interesting! Keep me on my toes! Write a fun and dynamic character who will be at home in an ambitious game. You should have a bit of player agency-- move things forward, don't be reticent.

Characters that will grow, have potential for character development and play well with others will be preferred. Plot hooks increase your chance of being chosen. My primary goal is to make the most interesting party possible.

Posting once a day at the minimum is required. Keep things rolling forward, shall we?

As a final note, when you make your application, try to include any relevant details such as post availability.

For this game, I'm going to be looking for 5-6 PCs. I’ll be closing recruitment for this PBP on June 12th at 12am MST, so get your submissions in before then!

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Marking interest. There are any number of good character concepts that can be used.

Sounds very interesting. Will see what I can come up with.

I could not be more interested. This sounds so perfect. My "noir voice" is itching ...ideas up soon.

I've got a character I made for PFS who's from Korvosa. I'd need to add two more attribute points to him, but that's not terribly hard. Human.


STR 14+2 [5], DEX 13 [3], CON 14 [5], INT 12 [2], WIS 12 [2], CHA 13 [3] (Human, 20 of 22 attribute points allocated, likely putting them into STR).

Uther Malthurian, called the Unavoidable, LN Fighter.

Focused Study Alternate Human Trait - Skill Focus at 1st, 8th and 16th levels.

1T Classically Schooled (+1 Trait Bonus on Spellcraft, Class Skill)
1T Another Trait to be picked (In PFS, Defender of the Society, but not sure if that's legitimate for this game. I may pick up one that gives Diplomacy or Knowledge (Nobility) as a class skill, instead.)

1G Step Up
1F Following Step
1H Skill Focus (Knowledge Nature)
2F Combat Reflexes
3G Eldritch Heritage (Void-Touched)

Uther Malthurian, called The Unavoidable

The youngest son of one of Korvosa's Dock Families, he was sent to the Theumanexus College to give him discipline and see him better himself, and to see if his talents for magic could be awakened.

He lasted two semesters, and was barely able to assist his lab partners performing cantrips. What he did excel at was winning fights, as he came into his growth spurt late. He had an aggressive spirit, a strong arm, and the basic familiarity with weapons that comes to younger sons of the nobility.

Eventually, to the disappointment of his father, he convinced his parents that spending their money on Theumanexus College was a waste of his time and their gold, though the only solid discipline he managed was a foundational study of naturalism, cataloging species.

His father's disappointment required that he make himself scarce from the family mansion for now...but his knowledge of both bladework and the theoretical aspects of magic meant that the Korvosan Guard was a route to fame, prosperity, and through great deeds, a reconciliation with the disappointment of his family.

Future Development:

While this character studied at the Theumanexus College and left, convinced that he had no knack for such things, at 3rd level, I plan on taking Eldritch Heritage. At 11th level, I plan on taking Improved Eldritch Heritage.

I plan on taking Disruptive, Step Up & Strike and Spellbreaker when they become available to him.

Party Niches:

1) Fighter. I plan on taking Disruptive, Step Up and Strike and Spellbreaker as I progress. He should be the one who goes forward to face off against spellcasters, as he gets a very good Spellcraft role, and has the feats to get into a spellcaster's face.

2) Liaison to the nobility/party talker. While he's mildly estranged from his father, he does know who's who and what's what in terms of social proceedings. This can be through picking up Knowledge (nobility) or Diplomacy as class skills via Trait.

3) Tracker/Knowledge Nature specialist. Not sure how useful this will be in Korvosa, but it might be handy...

If I get any input into the background special ability, it would be appropriate for him to be able to cast Detect Magic as a cantrip, with armor check failures.

So, about the races... how are you feeling about orc or goblin? The concept I have in mind would work almost as well with a half-orc, but one of those two races would be better.

character concept:
The idea is that of a lowly janitor at the Acadamae - a reject of society that could find no other work and that the mages keep around almost out of pity. He was content with his life as an outcast - much better than staying with his kinsnmen, cruel and violent to a fault.

After an unfortunate accident in the Acadamae, this janitor found himself facing a summoned beast/demon/aberration (to be decided) - and killed it, saving the life of the reckelss apprentice who summoned it, a rich and spoiled heir of a noble family.

That made him realize he could be much more than just a janitor: with the money of the reward form the boy's family he bought himself some fancy equipment and went out to help the Korvosan Guard.

Mechanically he would be either a ranger or a rogue, I have yet to decide - partially based on the races you will allow me to use.

Airon87: Your concept and mine can link together with a switch of venues (Either I went to the Academae, or you worked at the College).

Lantern Lodge

AdAstraGames wrote:
3) Tracker/Knowledge Nature specialist. Not sure how useful this will be in Korvosa, but it might be handy...

I did describe that the group may leave Korvosa from time to time, but never discount a good Survival roll in a crime scene location. Interesting application!

Airon87 wrote:
So, about the races... how are you feeling about orc or goblin?

The idea sounds solid, but works best as a half-orc IMO. If you're a full-blooded orc that raises a lot more questions about how you became a janitor. If you're a goblin, that raises even more questions! I'm gonna have to decline. But keep going where you're going, I like it.

Gonna do a hardboiled dick. I just have to. Crunchwise either a bard or inqisitor. More when I'm actually at a computer.

AdAstraGames wrote:
Airon87: Your concept and mine can link together with a switch of venues (Either I went to the Academae, or you worked at the College).

mmm... yes, that could work. I don't know which of the two schools would be more likely to get a monster for a janitor: the College has lower standards, so he fits maybe even better.

The Acadamae may have hired him just for a laugh, to have someone to mock from time to time. Also the Acadamae focuses on summoning, a pivotal part of the backstory. However I have a feeling that in the Acadame all the janitorial work is done by unseen servants or similar.

So, the College works for me! Do you want to link the characters even more? create a bio for the idiot who summoned the demon, maybe a young spoiled ward of another house that you got in a fight with?

DM Titan wrote:
The idea sounds solid, but works best as a half-orc IMO. If you're a full-blooded orc that raises a lot more questions about how you became a janitor. If you're a goblin, that raises even more questions! I'm gonna have to decline. But keep going where you're going, I like it.

oh... ok. I took the idea from the X-Men school taking in Toad as a janitor in recent comics, so I was focusing on a really monstruos character.

Half-orc works too. I'll keep working on the character.

Airon87 wrote:
AdAstraGames wrote:
Airon87: Your concept and mine can link together with a switch of venues (Either I went to the Academae, or you worked at the College).

mmm... yes, that could work. I don't know which of the two schools would be more likely to get a monster for a janitor: the College has lower standards, so he fits maybe even better.

The Acadamae may have hired him just for a laugh, to have someone to mock from time to time. Also the Acadamae focuses on summoning, a pivotal part of the backstory. However I have a feeling that in the Acadame all the janitorial work is done by unseen servants or similar.

So, the College works for me! Do you want to link the characters even more? create a bio for the idiot who summoned the demon, maybe a young spoiled ward of another house that you got in a fight with?

If we both make it in, yes. :) If we link them now, the GM might find it problematic if he likes one concept but not the other.

A suggestion - and only a suggestion: Perhaps your character was an armsman for my father, and you were sent along to be my major-domo/spy for good old Dad?

Rather than being a menial servant at the College, a personal servant of one of the students?

I don't know if you're a fan of Victorian literature and its forms, but the "young gentleman serving with a sergeant who watched his father grow up..." seems like it wouldn't be too much of a stretch.

Perhaps, even more amusingly - you might discover that while Young Sir had only the barest talent for magics, your time spent lurking in the back of the lecture halls showed that it made sense to you... (EG, Magus, or maybe Ranger/Wizard/EK is in your future?)

How do you feel about Fetchlings and Sylphs? Or the alternate Tieflings from Blood of Fiends for that matter? Basic idea is that the character is a cousin of the vanished opera singer who was originally kicked out of the family the moment he could take care of himself because of his tainted blood and moved to Kaer Maga. He would have returned to Korvosa when he heard from his cousin, the only family member he still had contact with, that she was a rising star in the Korvosan opera and he would have been a loyal spectator while making money by doing all sorts of jobs in the city, not necessarily legal jobs.

As for class, Magus, Rogue and Urban Ranger are high on my list.

Lantern Lodge

Cuàn wrote:

How do you feel about Fetchlings and Sylphs? Or the alternate Tieflings from Blood of Fiends for that matter? Basic idea is that the character is a cousin of the vanished opera singer who was originally kicked out of the family the moment he could take care of himself because of his tainted blood and moved to Kaer Maga. He would have returned to Korvosa when he heard from his cousin, the only family member he still had contact with, that she was a rising star in the Korvosan opera and he would have been a loyal spectator while making money by doing all sorts of jobs in the city, not necessarily legal jobs.

As for class, Magus, Rogue and Urban Ranger are high on my list.

Fetchlings? I don't quite like them. They have an odd place in the lore that's not really focused down or explored anywhere, so they just kind of exist strangely. Sylphs are fine and alternate Tieflings are also fine.

That sounds like a cool character-- linked directly to the missing actress, I'm assuming? You're correct to assume that portions of the theater, especially in a place like Korvosa that's very Cheliax-tinged, are operatic.

Once I find some time I can write a quick description of the actress and put her up here in case others would also like to be her estranged cousin, lover, admirer, etc.

Some basic questions on rate of advancement and frequency of postings:

How quickly do you think characters will advance?
At what level do you think this game hits its "sweet spot"?

I had to bow out of a Council of Thieves game because I was holding everyone else back - the other players had no problems doing 4-10 posts per day, when I could manage one or two, and it was causing resentment with the other players that I couldn't match the pace.

Which is a shame - it's an awesome campaign they're running by PbP, with a GM who picked up halfway through book one, and three new players, two of whom I recruited.

I can host a Maptools server if that would be amenable for running combats, or doing long chat-based RP in real time, with transcripts going on...but I really don't want to feel like if I have to go away for a weekend I'm going to see 110 posts and feel like I'm holding everyone back.


lvl 2 tiefling wizard (necromancer), LN
ac 12, hp 6+1d6 ⇒ 2, Initiative 6+, fort 0+, reflex 2+, will 3+
str 10
dex 14 (12+2)
con 10
int 20 (18+2)
wis 10
cha 10 (12-2)
spells, cantrips message, mage hand, ghost sound and detect magic. Lvl 1 spells 2 Ray of Enfeeblement, Cause fear and Ray of Sickening.
skillpoints per lvl 7. Intimidate, Knowledge Arcana, Knowledge Religion, Knowledge the planes, Knowledge History, Spellcraft and Use magic device.
Familiar Scorpion, Greensting.
traits Bully and Ghost Sight
feat Spell Focus (necromancery)
equipment Mask of Stony Demeanor (500 gp), Noble's oufit (75 gp) and wizards kit (21 gp). The rest he keeps for his own designs.


Temerith got into Korvosa's most prestigious academy of magic, the Acadamae by virtue of his determination and his "sight". For Temerith despite the fact that he was born in the Shingles and the fact that he had to learn from second hand books, castoffs and others things became remarkably intelligent. However the Acadamae is notably prejudiced against tieflings and despite succeeding on every test which would have allowed him to enter on a scholarship they intended to refuse his entry into the Acadamae.

However fate intervened in the form of Gregor Kasiloth, known by his title the "Black Master". For while the Acadamae was famed for its teaching of conjuration, in many circles it was also known that the Acadamae gave an equal if not better education in the study of necromancery since its hiring of Gregor Kasiloth to oversee the instruction of necromancery. For many of the Acadamae's overseers selected the best of the classes they taught as their apprentices.

However this was generally only after several years of study within those classes, for an overseer to take an apprentice based purely on his examination to be let into the Acadamae was unheard of. However Temerith was able to see the wraith bodyguards that accompanied the "Black Master" and the "Black Master" knew it. For among necromancers it is known as a tell tale sign of potential if an apprentice possesses the ghost sight.

As such on that day he entered and despite the headmaster of the Acadamae, Toff Ornelos protestations he began to study necromancery and magic in general immediatly. Despite the fierce and relentless tutelage of the Acadamae's overseers Temerith thrived and proved himself to be a mercilous student of necromancery. Temerith's training in necromancery was especially difficult owing to the fact that he was Gregor's apprentice, which meant that the expectations placed on him were even higher then most.

While he never graduated from the Acadamae no one makes the mistake of thinking him weak or incompetant. For everyone knows that when it comes down to it that he is perhaps the most lethal apprentice in the academy and to be selected from his intrance exam by the "Black Master" tells most that he must be lethal by default. Temerith serves Gregor as an enforcer and agent in dealing with the politics of Korvosa, in which the "Black Master" wields a quiet but undeniable influence.

Personality, appearance and goals:

Temerith is a relentless tiefling who's skin is the color of palest white that refuses to take on a tan, his eyes are yellow and show a powerful and disturbing intellect and his face is drawn and narrow showcasing a necromancer with great aspirations. Temerith wears pure black robes trimmed with silver finishing along the cuffs and collar. He also wears a stone mask that is shaped in the countance of a skull.

Temerith is a student of necromancery and is as such not fazed by anything, no matter how disgusting or repulsive it is. He favors agression and power over subtletly when socializing with others, and is relentless in the pursuit of knowledge and enemies. While he may serve the "Black Master" Temerith has his own political and magical goals.

Temerith will always seek more information on magic in general and necromancery in particular. He also will look for any chance to strengthen his political connections which is the reason he has took on the job of finding who murdered the actress. As impressing the Korvosa city guard could get him valuable favors and connections.

GM on a 1-10 scale your review?

I'm not sure if you've got enough submissions yet, but I'd love to play a down on his luck Korvosan shopkeeper (alchemist) who is trying to score a shipment of thileu for export, but joins up to Clean up the streets and track down the gang that robbed him of his path to riches. My character would be the son of halfling merchants drawn to Korvosa by House Leroung as part of their merchant vessel crews.

Very much profession: merchant, business connections, and very social, but with a few nasty tricks up his sleeve in a pinch.

(if halfling won't work I can modify the background to human, it just seemed like a nice local flavor).

Sounds interesting. I'll try to come up with an application.

So my Inquisitor needs a name and some equipment, but here's the basic crunch:

Male Half-Elf Inquisitor of Sivanah 2 (Domain: Rune/Language)
CN Medium Humanoid (Elf, Human)
Init +6; Perception + 13
hp 15
Fort +4, Ref +1, Will +6
Speed 30 ft.
Str 10, Dex 12, Con 12, Int 15, Wis 17, Cha 12
Base Atk +1; CMB ; CMD
Feats: Skill Focus (Perception), Scribe Scroll, Alertness
Traits: Cosmopolitan, Elven Reflexes
Skills: Bluff 6 (1+2+3), Craft Prose 6 (2+1+3), Diplomacy 6 (1+2+3), Heal 8 (3+2+3), Knowledge (arcana) 9 (2+3+1+3), Knowledge (dungeoneering) 9 (2+3+1+3), Knowledge (nature) 9 (2+3+1+3),Knowledge (planes) 9 (2+3+1+3), Knowledge (Religion) 9 (2+3+1+3), Perception 13 (3+2+3+3+2), Sense Motive 11 (3+2+3+1+2), Knowledge (local) 4 (2+2), Survival 9 (3+2+3+1), Linguistics 8 (2+2+3+1)

Languages: Common, Elven, Draconic, Varisian

Spells Known:
0: Daze, Detect Magic, Detect Poison, Sift, Stabilize
1: Comprehend Languages (Domain), Deadeye's Lore, Peacebond, Haze of Dreams

He is an inquisitor of a minor goddess, mostly worshiped by illusionists and gnomes. However, she is also the goddess of mystery. As a human-raised half-elf, he's become more withdrawn in the past decade or two as his compatriots age more rapidly. Smart and curious, he retreated to books and a solitary life when his human friends "grew up." He has studied the tales (fictional and not) of detectives, and finds the idea and the work particularly suited to him. Earlier in life, a less cynical [fill in name] joined the town militia and learned his way around a longbow. But he quickly became disillusioned by the sort of work they were given, especially as independent thought and curiosity weren't exactly tools of the trade.

As he retreated more into himself, he began writing. He indulges in fine food, drink, and entertainment (more easily than others due to his increasingly odd lifestyle). He quite enjoyed the work of the actress, developing what passes for a crush. Her disappearance has finally motivated him to live outside his head and try to see the good in others. Words and language still guide him in a way somewhere between religion and obsession, but he hopes to do good after too long of doing so little.

Scarab Sages

Thinking on a Dwarf character, maybe Barbarian or Druid. Anyways, I'm interested.

Think I'll submit a Magus. My first thought was a gumshoe, but looks like someone beat me to it. I use Hero Lab, so the crunch is the easy part. I'll try to come up with a character I like. Back story and such.

Bringing a bard to the table, Rhiannon Mableanbh (recycled from a game whose GM poofed before he'd finished recruitment). She's built to be a skill monkey; interaction and knowledge skills in particular, since bards benefit so well from both. Light on her feet and very much a wits-about-her kind of character. Spell-wise, she's built mostly toward buff and utility spells.

"Anyone who tells you that only in darkness can truly shadowy acts happen is someone with more flair for melodrama than I, and darling, that is a tall order. You don't even have to find yourself some rotten-from-the-inside-out tavern to see the evil in this city. Even in broad daylight, a young girl may find herself bleeding in the gutters if the thought so pleases somebody. And yet, nobody realizes that, which makes my job easier. They don't realize that as the bard sings, her eyes scan across the room, that her hearing is keen enough to pick up their words beneath hers, that once the encore is complete there will be a dagger in their back."

Rhainnon was the daughter of two bards whose lives had gone very different courses. Her mother was and adventurer, seeking fortune in the world and singing the exploits of her companions in taverns across Golarion. Often she took jobs by herself and worked as a for-hire bard instead of traveling with a group. Her father was a thief and information broker with a skill for the lute. Where he would perform, pockets would be picked and secrets would be uncovered and sold to those who procured his services. Occasional assassinations were a reluctant job, but one sometimes necessary due to the pay. They met during a job where both had been hired by different people to kill a very high-profile Korvosan merchant. They competed for it, finding him an elusive target, until joining forces to cut through his detachment of mercenary bodyguards and both taking credit for it from their respective employers. They fell in love, and settled down with their considerable wealth to a quieter life.

Their daughter was born with high expectations, but she delivered with a natural talent for music. She wasn't taught how her parents had applied their skills, as they wanted her to decide her life for herself instead of following any of their paths. She ended up taking a more scholarly interest than either of them, quick and eager to absorb knowledge and read of great deeds. She wrote songs about what she read, immortalizing heroes most bards skipped over for the grander ones, but found research in other topics equally fascinating.

She eventually had a younger sister five years her junior, who lacked musical talent but instead possessed great beauty. In many ways she overshadowed Rhiannon as the years went on; her parents were greatly proud of her for her skills, but many others looked over her for the traditional beauty standing beside her. It didn't bother too much though, because she had her mind focused on her music and books. She considered becoming a scholar instead of an adventurer, just so she could remain with her family and her books. Surely there was some channel where she could combine both of her loves.

Until one day, her sister was found dead, lying in the streets in front of her home. Nobody was sure why, and she still had all of her jewelry and gold on her. It was a heavy shock to Rhiannon, confusing her and making her want to find out who did it. It was then that her parents, now too old to likely take their blades back up themselves, revealed their pasts to her.

In her desperation, she decided that she would follow in the path of her father. Learning the art of stealth in plain sight from her father, she crafted a very whimsical outward persona, one that would appear harmless and put people at ease. She honed her hearing and practiced the arts of picking pockets and opening locks. From her mother, she learned magic and swordplay. With all of those talents, she set out to be a detective-for-hire, using what her parents taught her paired with her knowledge of Korvosa and other topics to solve murders the guard hadn't, or to find information. With no leads to her sister's murder, it became the lingering issue she was always on the lookout for clues of, sometimes seeking information or asking those beneath her blade if they knew anything.

Rhiannon usually holds herself with a very whimsical bearing. Someone sharp-witted, fanciful, and whom nobody could take seriously. She feigns putting on airs and becomes someone who ironically both holds the attention of everyone in a crowded tavern, and yet is not truly being watched or scrutinized in any way. If nobody believes someone so theatrical and foolish a threat, they won't pay her any mind.

Beneath is, she's still someone of sharp tongue, but also much more withdrawn. She's not shy or averse to human contact, but often much more comfortable with a book or lost in idly fiddling with her lute than paying others mind. She's not above playing other parts though, even with people she knows. If people suspect something is wrong she will often drop whatever she's doing to give that idea and begin to speak and feign a good mood.

She has a strong sense of justice, and while her morals are sometimes rather gray, she has limits. She does not pick the pockets of those poorer than her or harm children, and will not take an assassination job if the mark is not somebody who has done much wrong to earn that contract. She feels that she can be an asset to justice and do good, and so she won't harm innocents.

Goals and complications:
First and foremost, she wants to find the person who killed her sister. There were no leads or suspects, but she's certain that someone somewhere knows what happened, and she wants desperately to find out who it was. She's not entirely sure what she'll do with that knowledge, but she does know that she wants it more than anything in the world, and would do anything to get that information.

On a bigger scale, she wants to see Korvosa become a better city. She doesn't believe she has the ability to do it herself, no matter how many murderers she finds or kills, but knows that the work she does is for the greater good. She may not be able to do it alone, but she can try to save others from having to suffer similar fates; to be killed, or even to find a love one dead in the street.

Her parents' past hangs over her head. Her mother made no secret of her identity, and while her father did, there are some people who would gladly sell that information for the right price. Both may have made a great number of enemies who would seek vengeance on their daughter. Or daughters. There may also be former contacts who hope their aging colleague's daughter could provide the same services to them if they need it. She may well be on her way to making enemies as well.

Crunch is being worked on, but that can take a while with 1k gold and how I build skill monkeys, and I'd like to maybe get some feedback/approval/whatever before then.

EDIT: Never mind, that was shorter than I thought.

Stat block:
Rhiannon Mableanbh- Bard 2
Chaotic Good Medium Humanoid (Human Female)
Init +2; Perception +4
AC 14, touch 12, flatfooted 12 ( 2 armor, 2 dodge)
HP 8 + 1d8 ⇒ 3 + 1 favoured class
Fort +0, Ref +3, Will +3 (An additional +4 to saves made against bardic performance, sonic, and language-dependent effects)
Leather Armor: +2 AC, +6 Max Dex
Speed 30 ft.
-Mwk Rapier +2 1d6+1, 18-20/x2, P
-Dagger +2 1d4+1, 19-20/x2, 10 ft. P/S
-+1 Composite Shortbow +2 (+3 within 30 feet) 1d6 +1 (+2 within 30 feet), x3, 60 ft., P
Spells Known
1st (3/day) DC 11: Cure Light Wounds, Grease, Vanish
0th (infinite) DC 10: Dancing Lights, Ghost Sound, Mage Hand, Mending, Prestidigtation, Read Magic
Str 12, Dex 14, Con 10, Int 14, Wis 10, Cha 18 (16+2 racial bonus)
Base Attack 1; CMB 2; CMD 14
Feats: Arcane Strike, Fast Learner
Traits: Historian, Maestro of the Society
Favoured Class: (Bard) 1 Racial Bonus (Add one spell known from the bard spell list at least one level below the highest spell level the bard can cast.), 1 Skill Point, 1 HP
Class Skills: Diplomacy +8 (1), Disguise +8 (1), Escape Artist +6 (1), Intimidate +8 (1), Knowledge (History) +8 (1), Knowledge (Local) +8 (1), Knowledge (Nobility) +8 (1), Linguistics +6 (1), Perception +4 (2), Perform (Sing) +12 (5), Sleight of Hand +6 (1), Stealth +6 (1)
Non-class Skills: Disable Device +4 (2)
Untrained Skills: Acrobats +2, Appraise +2, Climb +1, Knowledge (Arcana) +3, Knowledge (Dungeoneering) +3, Knowledge (Geography) +4, Knowledge (Planes) +4, Knowledge (Religion) +4, Ride +2, Swim +1
Languages: Common, Elven, Dwarven, Orcish
Equipment on person: Leather armor, Mwk rapier, +2 composite shortbow, dagger, caltrops, signal whistle, chalk, 1 sack, 2 glass vials, coin purse, spring loaded wrist sheath, mwk backpack
Equipment in backpack: Glass cutter, glue paper (10), twine, silk rope, charcoal, ink, paper (5), sack (10), glass vial (8)
Cash: 420 gold, 2 silver, 2 copper
Encumberance: 37.5(Light 0-43, Medium 44-86, 87-130)
Historian: You gain a +1 trait bonus on Knowledge (History) checks and bardic knowledge checks, and Knowledge (History) is always a class skill for you.
Masestro of the Scoeity: You may use bardic performance 3 additional rounds per day.
Arcane Strike: +1 damage and weapons are considered magic
Fast Learner: Gain both +1 skill rank and +1 hit point when you gain a level in a favored class
-Class skills-
Bardic Performance: 13 rounds/day
Performances: Countersong, Distraction, Fascinate (DC 15), Inspire Courage +1
Versatile Performance (Sing): You may use your Perform skill bonus when rolling associated skills (Bluff, Sense Motive).
Well versed: The bard gains a +4 bonus on saving throws made against bardic performance, sonic, and language-dependent effects)

Still open for more characters?

Oooh, I am definitely interested. I love urban games which I get little enough of. I think I may play barbarian or ranger.

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AdAstraGames wrote:

How quickly do you think characters will advance?

At what level do you think this game hits its "sweet spot"?

Probably at a brisk pace. Ad-hoc experience and the fast track. I don't imagine, in a perfect world, that this game will go past 10th level.

I can't predict the pace the game will run at-- some move much quicker than others, some crawl along. I'll be posting as often as I feel I should be to move the game along-- sometimes that might be once. With a group like your other group, it could be four times. Who knows!

@Nidoran: Excellent submission! I like the plot hook, side-characters in your parents and the general character concept. How do you think your family functions in Korvosa? For that matter, have you been a native of the city all of your life? If your family settled in Korvosa, are they still there? What part of the city do they live in?

@Ashern: Who doesn't love halflings? I can't wait to see him.

@Digger: Interesting submission. Still some questions, especially about Sivannah. Is your character deeply connected to a clergy of Sivanah in the city of Korvosa? Are they secretive or open? What kind of tasks would the clergy of Sivanah ask to be completed by your character, a person who polices the faiths? How does your character worship Sivanah?

@JakeTG: Always.

Her father would have been in Korvosa for a few decades before Rhi was born. He wouldn't be a native of Korvosa, coming from a nearby smaller town where his talents as a musician and a spy would not have made him a living. His mother was an adventurer from somewhere else in Golarian that she never said, and her accent is so strange and layered from travelling that it's difficult to place. Sort of like Highlander, if you've seen it, where the main character has lived for hundreds of years in different countires and has a very peculiar, vague accent with lots of different influences.

Rhiannon herself was born in the city. They would have settled down in the South Shore, since both had considerable fortunes put away from their work and would have liked a quiet, safe place to live and raise a family. They would have gone for one of the "cheaper" homes, not wanting a mansion, but definitely some luxury.

In terms of functioning, they keep a fairly subtle lid on it. They live comfortably but don't throw their money around everywhere on living the high life. They both claim to have been adventurers to their neighbors, wanting to keep the espionage and assassination work a secret so they could have their quiet life. In certain circles their family name still carry some meaning, but her parents want to move past all of that and remain peacefully retired.

Occurs to me that I omitted the names of her family members. Her father is Kailan, mother has a name she always shortens to "Tess" and hates being said in full, sister was Elisa.

Another potential complication I can see is in her father's unease about helping her. He doesn't give her any of his old contacts or try to call in old favours to try and find out what happened to their daughter (whom I realize lacks a name. because he's afraid of returning to that place in his life again. He was willing to teach her, but refuses to go any further than that. Might be something to that.

Also, I forgot to note my availability; my sleep schedule is erratic as f%~!, but school's out and I'm not working this summer by the looks of it, so I'll be able to post at least once a day at the most inconsistent of times possible, but am almost never unavailable due to sleep in what would probably qualify as the livelier hours for North American-based posters. In Eastern Standard Time zone.

Thinking about an Urban Ranger with the falconer archetype.

Any chance you can give me a ruling on the Distract ability of the feathered companion. Specifically how long does the shaken condition last. Doesn't say anywhere so it's your call...

http://www.d20pfsrd.com/classes/core-classes/ranger/archetypes/paizo---rang er-archetypes/falconer

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@Alex: 1d4 rounds sounds good.

@Nidoran: Solid. Thanks for the info!

@DM Titan:
I wouldn't think there'd be a very heavy clergy presence of such an obscure goddess. I see her "church" as a sort of old school gentlemen's club/mensa type thing ...libraries and parlors and puzzle games, rooms for illusionists to show off, etc. The goddess herself isn't a super-involved diety, living in hiding in the Maelstrom. I can see a few like-minded eccentrics, the sort that don't typically go too fair into religious territory, doing a few ceremonies over glasses of wine. Perhaps doing some fundraisers to help the needy as an excuse to throw weird costume balls. As an inquisitor of such an odd goddess, he's probably the rule-keeper or treasurer for the club ...

He learned of the goddess fairly abstractly from books (like most other things he knows). She appeals to his curiosity and love of learning and discovery. He also appreciates her relative neutrality, though he believes in good. He finds "Good" gods to be a bit hypocritical in their continued allowance of suffering.

Just off-the-cuff thoughts, does that help?

The Diogenes club is the reference I was trying to think of while writing that, and, of course, remembered about a minute after posting.

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Digger Chandler wrote:

@DM Titan:

I wouldn't think there'd be a very heavy clergy presence of such an obscure goddess. I see her "church" as a sort of old school gentlemen's club/mensa type thing... more awesome stuff

Very solid, exactly what I wanted to see in regards to how you feel the church would be portrayed in Korvosa-- a place that's pretty far away from Sivanah's normal area of worship. I like the parallels to the Diogenes Club and it's something I can _definitely_ use in the game.


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@AdAstra: Good stuff. Why did your family expect you to have a talent for magic? When you take Eldritch Hertiage, why the Starsoul bloodline? Your family is a Dock family-- I'm assuming you mean a richer importer/exporter who owns warehouses instead of a family living meagerly off of the wages they get lifting heavy things. What does your family import/export?

Sovereign Court RPG Superstar 2010 Top 16, 2011 Top 32

Percivel was born on the streets, a half-elf of indiscriminate birth, who scrounged from garbage and abandoned tenements to live. He was a Shingles kid, the sort of waif who is often seen, but not usually for long.

His life changed when he resulted to pickpocketing and was caught on his first attempt by a stern-looking man in expensive clothes. Percivel ran, but the man was persistent and soon cornered him in the bolthole he called home for the night. There the man was shocked to see what the boy treasured most: a broken lute, damaged beyond repair, that the boy had somehow rigged to sound as beautiful as new. The man, a priest of Shelyn, recognized his goddess' touch and coaxed the boy to the temple with offerings of food and a safe place to sleep. Once there, he was entranced with the beautiful things being created and soon became a fixture.

It was expected, with his skill for instruments and crafting, that he would become a bard or perhaps a cleric, but his suspicious nature, honed from years on the streets, soon led him down a different path: that of the inquisitor. The temple had very little use for such skills, save when an artist went missing after a long period of creativity or when a priceless work of art was stolen, but Percivel proved to be excellent at tracking and interrogation, and became a valued addition.

Still his love is creating beautiful instruments, and he vastly prefers this art to any adventuring. But when a singer is found dead, the Temple decides that answers must be found. And so once more, Percivel finds himself called from his tools to investigate this hideous crime against art.

Percivel is a level 2 inquisitor of Shelyn. I should have some stats for you tomorrow.

@DM Titan:

The family has made money doing import/export business moving rum and manufactured metal parts to the more remote parts of Varisia, and bringing timber, furs and trade goods back to Korvosa. They also stop by Magnimar on the routes, and periodically, round to the south to the Chelish coast to import wine for festivals.

The family itself has had both wizards and sorcerers of the Void-Touched bloodline in its heritage, the wizards usually end up being diviners, and try to figure out market advantages, or (more importantly) predict storms that it might be good to miss. The sorcerers tend to serve as first officers on the trading ships, using their abilities to help navigate by star-sighting, and sometimes defending the ships against boarders and other hostiles...and most of them end up knowing a few wind spells, suitable for moving ships when the weather doesn't cooperate.

Any child who shows a proclivity to book learning, or who has the star-eyes (irises that are dark save for a ring of silver around them) tends to be assumed to have the knack for magic. Uther hit his growth spurt late, and until he did, he tended to lurk in the family library, away from the not-completely-benevolent teasing of his older brothers.

His parents made some assumptions about his proclivities for books that turned out not to be as strong as they'd hoped. He's a fair scholar, but...trying to work magic by formulas makes his head hurt and he finds it hard to concentrate on all the nitpicky details. Plus, y'know, needing a pouch full of bat guano and things less savory.

(He doesn't have the star-eyes - yet - but that will change when he gets the feat.)

As to the mechanical benefit, taking Starsoul Eldritch Heritage: I've found that few things are as lethal to low level parties as swarms. Starsoul lets me deal with them, with the area effect attack. It's not a great attack, but it's good for "deal with swarms."

For 11th level, it's all about the resistances, low light vision, and no longer needing to breathe.

Lantern Lodge

@James: Very interesting. What kind of contacts do you think Percivel (can I call ya Percy?) might have in the Korvosan landscape? More underworld, street contacts or art vendors and artists? Does Percivel undertake tasks for the clergy of Shelyn, or does he independent act? Percivel's impetus is to right wrongs done unto art and artists. Given that, an investigation without the element of his impetus appears that requires his talents: What's his reaction?

@AdAstraGames: Solid! What's that bloodline trace back to, or is it a relative unknown that could be developed?

You can define where the hint of the outer worlds brushed into the Malthurians, but it's been known to skip generations from time to time, or come on at reduced strength.

My character changed gender and is now a woman, Sarina Silvaski, the cousin of the missing actress. She'll be a Grimspawn Tiefling Magus using several archetypes, to be precisely Kapenia Dancer, Hexcrafter and Fiend Flayer. Instead of being from Kaer Maga she was handed over to a troupe of Varisian travellers right after birth.

As for how it comes she is a tiefling and the reason the family wanted to get rid of her:

Her father was the brother of Lukain's father. He was happily married to Sarina's mother, a Varisian girl, still very much in love despite many failed attempts to conceive. When they finally did conceive they were overjoyed, something which drew the attention of an Erodaemon. Through it's scheming Sarina's father was made to believe that the reason his wife managed to get pregnant was that she had bedded another man. Despite her denial the fabricated proof was overwhelming and the two were driven apart. Both were stricken with grief. Soon after, before Sarina had been born, her father committed suicide and her mother sunk further away into depression. This fulfilment of the Daemon's plans tainted her unborn child.
When Sarina was born her mother perished, no longer having the will to live now that her girl had seen the light of day. This left the little girl with her father's family to take care of her. While no taint was visible yet they did not want to raise a child they believed wasn't even part of their family. But instead of leaving it at an orphanage they wanted to make sure it was both well cared for and far away from them so they gave it to a family of Varisian travellers that passed through town.

As for the rest of her background:

Sarina grew up as part of the Varisian family and was treated like any other girl in the family, even when the first signs of her daemonic taint started to surface. In fact they doted on her for her exotic appearance, knowing it would garner a lot of attention.
It was on her fifteenth birthday that her life changed as her adoptive family decided she finally was old enough to know where she had come from. She was shocked and angry at first, but that soon subsided and made place for gratitude for being given such a loving family. That gratitude only deepened when her adoptive family offered her a chance to come in touch with her blood.
Originally seeking her parents, Sarina was saddened to discover both of them had passed and also that she had no brothers or sisters. The Sczarni cousins of her adoptive family did however manage to trace down a cousin, the only family member that didn't slam the door in their face when they mentioned her. Her name was Lukain Silvaski. Back the she was but a girl, barely two years older than Sarina. The two met once, Lukain's father distracted by Sarina's Sczarni friends. That they the girls became fast friends and because they could rarely meet, both because Sarina performed with her adoptive family and because Lukain's parents weren't allowed to know, they exchanged letters of their everyday endeavours.
It was this way that Sarina learned of the story that surrounded her parents and her birth. Combined with her tainted blood this lead Sarina to the conclusion that there had to be fiendish involvement into her parents' death and her own taint. While she dove further into this, using her contacts to acquire copies of volumes from libraries all over Varisia, Sarina also learned of her cousin's success as an actress. When the letter came that she had joined the Firenze Theater Sarina made her way to Korvosa as soon as she could, settling in Pillar Hill in Midland. She hasn't missed a single play by her cousin as it allows them time to speak after every performance. While in the city Sarina works for the Sczarni while they still find books for her.
However that all has been put aside for a moment now as the disappearance of her cousin and friend has got Sarina's full attention.

So he is the character I came up with. Sans crunch.

He will be a Bladebound Magus. Human.

Edit: Forgot to mention. I post in the evening after work, so that usually works out to once a day.


The Silvershrike family has been in Korvosa since it's founding. The family's fortunes have ebbed and flown with the changing times, and the ability of it's members. At one point, they were the power behind the throne. That was long ago. Now the Silvershrike family is in ruins. Raikdar stands as it's last heir. His father had died when Raikdar was only eight, and now he has just buried his mother.
The remnants of the estate had to be sold to cover expenses. Raikdar is not beaten, though. He is determined to bring the Silvershrike name back into prominence.
There is a girl in Raikdar's life. A willowy brunette named Ashleigh Emberstad. Raikdar needs to increase his means, so that he may feel right in asking for her hand in marriage. It's both a matter of pride and a matter of the girl's father, who does not approve of Raikdar.

Raikdar was schooled in the ways of magic by his mother, and the ever faithful family butler, taught him to use a sword. Stavan, the old butler has been dead for some years, but Raikdar has built on the training he offered, by scrapping in Korvosa's shady streets.

Generations of Silvershrikes have passed a sword on. A weapon of power called Glim. Raikdar's grandfather mislaid the weapon. It lies somewhere in the city. Raikdar feels certain if he can find the blade he can reverse the ill fortune of his family, and rise to prominence, once again, in Korvosa.

Appearance and personality:

Raikdar has light tanned skin and expressive black eyes. His white-blond hair is cut medium short. Raikdar's face is unremarkable, perhaps, slightly narrow, but due to a failed training exercise his nose is crooked. Raikdar carries himself with pride. His black leather armor is always polished to a high sheen. Over his armor Raikdar wears a hooded cape, also of darkest black.

Height:6' 1" Weight:180 lbs

Lantern Lodge

@Cuàn: Solid stuff-- I just have to correct one thing! Lukain Silvaski is the lieutenant of the Korvosan Guard. Iszanna Imoroa is the name I've decided on for the actress. Your details stand as good ones for the rest of that, however. I really like the tri-fold combination of those three archetypes as far as flavor-- I'm interested to see what the stat block will look like. On to the questions: Does she possess the terrifying gaunt appearance that's attributed to Grimspawn in the Blood of Fiends book? This Erodaemon-- does it have a name? Did Sarina ever seek out the man who was framed as having conceived her? Who taught your character magic, and who taught them how to fight? What kind of jobs do you do for the Sczarni that they couldn't do themselves? Finally, what kind of relationship does your character have with the Varisian populace?

I'll warn you that being a freaky vampire lady will get some negative reactions in the game-- some people will be ignorant, and others will know you're a tiefling and treat you accordingly. It's a former Chelish colony, after all, and old sentiments die hard. Some people may treat you more favorably, but that'll be rare!

@Waterhammer: Interesting yet undefined! What kind of calamity befell Raikdar's family to cause their fall from grace? As a non-noble, how do the other nobles treat him? Why does Ashleigh's father dislike him? What is Glim-- kind of sword, it's age, perhaps it's legend-- and where did Raik's grandfather lose it, and did he survive the event that caused it to be lost? How powerful a magician was your character's mother? Finally, why would Raikdar be interested in investigating the disappearance of an actress, and why would a lieutenant in the Guard pick him for the task of discovering what happened to her?

@ DM Titan: Well, I was trying not to go on too long.

Calamity: Probably economic in nature. Though the loss of Glim is tied up in it somehow. I'm actually not sure exactly how. I'll have to think about it some more.

Other Nobles: Raikdar avoids them as much as he can, they tend to be quite disdainful of houses that are not successful.

Ashleigh's family is of minor nobility. Her father simply thinks that Raikdar is not good enough for her. Her father wants her to 'marry up'.

Glim: Raikdar is a Bladebound Magus, so that would be his bonded weapon.
A longsword.
Raikdar's grandfather lost his life, along with the sword, so no one knows where it is. Except, that it is within the city.

Magician: Raik's mother was only strong enough to make a meager living, and to teach Raikdar the basics, that he has developed into his own peculiar style. (Magus)

Raikdar has been bothering Lukain for work. he needs to find a job that fits his talents if he is to become a person of note in the city. Raikdar would probably take any job anyone offered unless it was obviously criminal in nature.

I am thinking of a tiefling woman. Still turning over which class. I am going to work on a background and see what flows from there.

Working on a retired Korvosan Guard. Ranger most likely.

How will the game about the availability of things like magic items, or the ability to add further enchantments to any magic weapons or armor we get?

Lantern Lodge

Nidoran Duran wrote:
How will the game about the availability of things like magic items, or the ability to add further enchantments to any magic weapons or armor we get?

Being in one of the biggest cities on the Varisian continent, you'll be able to find a lot. 75% chance to find anything worth 12,800gp or lower, and 9th level spells are available for purchase. If you meant availability as far as finding stuff on corpses and in chests and on pretty piles of gold? I like to give the PCs stuff. Expect to find stuff. Expect to find unique stuff. Expect to find some useless stuff.

Adding enchantments to gear means giving the gear up to a wizard or item crafter for the time it takes-- which could be 3 days, or 30. There will be downtime in this game inbetween arcs, with minor events transpiring, so this downtime will be easily accessible.

Loving the submissions and ideas I've been thrown so far, so keep it up!

@DM Titan: Thanks. I've a passion for this sort of thing. I'm a bit surprised how non-hard-boiled my character turned out to be ...more Holmes than Marlowe, but I'm hoping that allows for more interesting rp than me just chewing on some favorite tropes.

DM Titan, how do you feel about a Kitsune rogue trickster? I have a background that I came up with before that I would like to use. With some small additions and/or alterations it would be a good fit. I can link the current alias I made for it if you want (the current background has been changed yet).

Lantern Lodge

That sounds fine-- I like the archetype, it has some really cool stuff.

Remember this is set in Golarion and I am a way Golarion nerd, so you're very, very Tien-- in some capacity or another (Kitsune are a Tian-Xia race so I'm really certain about this). There are Tien people around all the time, down from the Land of the Linnorm Kings or settlers from far-off lands or what have you.

Turn into dog-lady form and you'll get a much different reaction-- angry, scared, ignorant, etc. and very few people who support you. But it's still cool. Just turn back into human-lady form!

Kitsune are neat, just... again, like fetchlings, a weird place in the lore. I can try to fudge it for the archetype, and if you wanted to use it without being a Kitsune I wouldn't mind that, either.

Here is the alias. It has just the background. I never posted the crunch. I have just changed the details to place her in Korvosa. (Originally she was made for a Council of Thieves game).

The crunch I am working on with Hero Lab. As soon as I have it done I will add that to the alias.

Hania Ishihara

Please let me know what you think.

To answer you questions:

I'll change the name around. A shame, Silvaski is a nice last name for a Varisian.

Her appearance is more akin to an Erodaemon than to an average Grimspawn, including two horns and a very slender but not gaunt frame. She however does look older than she actually is, has a grey complexion and very loose skin. Oh, and a tail that ends in what looks like a serpent's head without eyes or a mouth.

The Erodaemon does not have a name yet, but it could have. Hereby it's names Adliit.

She has no idea who was framed for being her father, the stories did not repeat that. The way I see it he would have moved from Korvosa, being hounded by Sarina's real father and his family while he in fact knew nothing of it, even though all evidence pointed at him. His own wife left him over it. Basically the Erodaemon tried to hit as many people at the same time as possible.

As for the magic and the fighting, in both she follows the traditional Varisian ways, being taught such when part of the troupe she still considers family. The Kapenia Dancer tradition is a very common one among Varisians and she was simply taught it's ways by taking part in the dance routines and all of the groups other activities. The Hexcrafter bit is taught to her by a matron who rightfully believed that the cursed blood running through her veins would make her a suitable candidate for the witchery performed by herself and others. The Fiend Flayer part is the result of her own research combined with what her Varisian family taught her.

The work for the Sczarni consists mostly of functioning as a distraction and of scaring people. She also joined them in intimidating rival gangs. She has never been arrested, either because she didn't do anything punishable by law or because she managed to convinced the guards she was being framed because of her looks. She is a Sczarni, or at least her adoptive family is and her mother was full blooded Varisian (don't know about her father's, your NPC's, side), and to those who know her her tainted blood doesn't change that.
As such her relationship with the Varisian populace is a warm one, at least from her side. Those who don't know her tend to be scared of her because of her looks, though the children tend to find those looks interesting and "cool", which disconcerts some parents.

I know that the Chelish have a strong dislike of tieflings but with the sheer amount of them in Korvosa (huge compared to most other cities in either Varisia or Cheliax) I think that at least the general populace would probably be a little more accepting of her presence, even though they might not be happy about it.

EDIT: I'm working on the crunch

Before I forget, the crunch is found here: Sarina Imoroa

At the time I write this it isn't fully done yet. As for the build I'm going for, I'm thinking of a finesse/manoeuvre build, though I might scrap the finesse part.

Sovereign Court RPG Superstar 2010 Top 16, 2011 Top 32

DM Titan wrote:
@James: Very interesting. What kind of contacts do you think Percivel (can I call ya Percy?) might have in the Korvosan landscape? More underworld, street contacts or art vendors and artists? Does Percivel undertake tasks for the clergy of Shelyn, or does he independent act? Percivel's impetus is to right wrongs done unto art and artists. Given that, an investigation without the element of his impetus appears that requires his talents: What's his reaction?

Percivel (sure, Percy works!) will probably know a lot of art suppliers, dealers and artists, as well as be aware of (not necessarily have personal relationships with) underground illegal art dealers or fences. The way I see it is that he's the clergy's go to guy for any artist who needs protection or retrieval, as well as for collecting any unpaid debts (say, if a nobleman commissions a portrait and then refuses to pay). He tries to do it in a diplomatic fashion, but he's not above intimidation or direct action if he absolutely has to.

If the investigation piqued his interest, he would be willing to take time out to see to it. His natural suspicion also belies curiosity and he'd definitely be willing to look into it if it promoted the goals of Shelyn or her church.

I see most of his day-to-day work being the following sorts:
- Checking on artists who haven't been seen for a while. Which is not unusual, since artists are notoriously prone to becoming swallowed by their work, but can occasionally get into bad relationships with patrons who abuse them. So Percivel gets sent in to check on things, and to act if necessary on behalf of the church.
- Collecting debts on behalf of artists. When a guy looking like Percy shows up, people usually pay. If they don't, he tries to persuade them. If that fails, a brand cantrip with the symbol for OATHBREAKER or a few rumors spread among the noble community will get the job done. Rarely has he had to resort to violence and he's not a fan of that anyway, since it disrupts the beauty of life. At worst he's had to hire a thief to steal back a piece of art.
- Acting as a middle man between reclusive artists and the patrons who wish to purchase their work. Percivel's sensitive to the needs of artists, some of whom are antisocial or downright mad, but magical in their creations. He can serve as the face and does so on behalf of the church, for a sliding fee scale (ranging from free to 20% of the purchase price.)
- Working on his own work, which is his passion for stringed instruments. He repairs old ones, creates new ones and is experimenting with new varieties of instrument. He sees this as his life's work: not to create beauty, but to allow others to create. Basically this is how he sees himself: not as a hero, but as someone who exists to allow others to create wonders. He gets things done. He's much like the Wolf in Pulp Fiction. You call him when things have gone slightly pear shaped in the art world.

Tentative Stats:

Percivel of Shelyn
NG Half Elf Male Inquisitor 2
Init +8; Senses Perception +10; low-light vision
AC 17, touch 11, flat-footed 16 (+6 armor, +1 dex)
hp 17 (2d8+2+2 FC)
Fort +4, Ref +1, Will +6 (+2 vs enchantments)
Spd 20'
Melee masterwork glaive +4 (1d10+3/x3) or club +3 (1d6+2)
Ranged light crossbow +2 (1d8)
Space 5'; Reach 5'
Str 14, Dex 12, Con 12, Int 13, Wis 16, Cha 14
BAB +1; CMB +3; CMD 14
Feats (1) skill focus (sense motive)*, improved initiative
Skills (7 skill) Diplomacy +7, Intimidate +8, Knowledge (nobility) +2, Knowledge (religion) +7 (+10 to identify monsters), Perception +10, Perform (strings) +2, Profession: Luthier +8, Sense Motive +13, Survival +8 (+9 to track)
Spells/Day (-/3, DC 13+level)
0th level (5): brand, guidance, light, sift, stabilize
1st level (3): ear-piercing scream, peacebond, true strike
Special Abilities: fervor inquisition (6/day, holy fire ranged touch attack, 1d6+1 fire, only harms nongood targets), judgement 1/day, detect alignment at will, track
Traits: child of the temple, suspicious
Language Common, Elven, Celestial
Possessions (1,140 gp) breastplate (200 gp), masterwork glaive (308 gp), light crossbow and 20 bolts (37 gp), masterwork manacles (50 gp) with good lock (80 gp), inquisitor's kit (30 gp), masterwork artisan's tools (55 gp), masterwork violin (100 gp), 2 tanglefoot bags (100 gp), 2 thunderstones (60 gp), club, 2 potions CLW (100 gp), 20 gp

Stat Math:
Str 14 (5 points)
Dex 12 (2 points)
Con 12 (2 points)
Int 13 (3 points)
Wis 14 (5 points +2 racial)
Cha 14 (5 points)

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