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Chapter 1: Stolen Lands? Well, steal them back!

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Ephemeral GameMaster

I changed the discussion thread so the title matches the campaign now, lol.

But since good stuff was posted there, here's a link for reference once it gets archived.

Old Discussion Thread

Ephemeral GameMaster

I have added the start to the houserules and will steadily be adding to it based on the concept of Fatigue and Strain. Right now Arcane Magic is the only thing up, but I should have it's chart up soon which it will probably share with spell-like and supernatural abilities.

I will put up the rewards chart at some point too, but that's of less importance since it will probably be a little while before you guys can start claiming rewards other than re-rolls, heh.

My next goal will to be address physical and semi-physical abilities. Just need to read through the classes to determine a balanced approach since there aren't "levels" associated. I am thinking cumulative Str and Dex check rolls penalty which will then start translating into Con damage as you over strain your body terribly. Con damage is rough by the way, as it will start decreasing your Max HP, so that seems like a pretty good limiter.

If there is anything you would like me to address that doesn't work or make sense in the base rules, let me know. If there any problems with the houserules I have come up with, again let me know so we can discuss it.

I still don't get the whole traits thing can you explain these a little better? Are they just special bonus's to your starting character? you said we're allowed 2 extra but don't you start out with 1?

Ephemeral GameMaster

Character creation: bonus languages

So I found myself realizing this was not very clear in the rules that I read. If I am reading it correctly, upon creating a character, they know Common, their racial languages, and as many other bonus languages their race could know equal to their intelligence modifier.

If this wasn't already clear to you, that's how it should be.

Ephemeral GameMaster

Stavo's Trait question: Well, unless there's an update in the errata, my 1st edition printing doesn't even include traits at all, so technically traits aren't included period. If the errata from later edition printings changed this, please point it out to me.

I am choosing to allow two free starting traits. If the updated rules give you one, then you're getting a 2nd one from me for nothing, because I am awesome like that.

Yes, they're adjustments to your starting character. Think of them like starting random Talents from WFRP. You roll up 'Hardy' and you adjust your Toughness by +5%. The PFRPG traits work similarly.

The Great Enchanter
@Drachenfels: Where is Corinne from? And in what city would you like to have met Arielle? My initial thought is the pair is from a city in Brevoy, but the exact location of Arielle', appearance is irrelevant, so I would rather have you tell me where Corinne is from and what part of the world Corinne is physically located when she meets the little girl.

I'm going to have to leave that to you. I trust your judgement. I know next to nothing about the world itself, and I plan to work that naivety of mine into the character.

I should hopefully learn more when I sit down with ODV later today.

The Great Enchanter

As far as where they may have met, I would imagine in some crowded marketplace or somewhere inside the city. Brevoy sounds good. What can you tell me about it in a short paragraph?

Ephemeral GameMaster

Inner Sea Primer wrote:

Approximately 200 years ago, Choral the Conqueror

(with the aid of his red dragon allies) united the warring
countries of northerly Issia and southerly Rostland under
a single banner, and his descendants in House Rogarvia
enforced that harmony with the force of the sword. Now
the Rogarvias have vanished; the former rulers of Issia,
the Surtovas, have taken control; and the fragile alliance
between the two erstwhile rivals is on the brink of
shattering. Even so, Brevoy is a strong trading partner for
a number of nations, including Mendev, Numeria, and
even the bandit River Kingdoms.

Prior to the tyrant Choral bringing them under one rule, Issia was the northern section of the country which was populated with a culture of river pirates that would sail down the river and raid. Rostland was the southern area and was land cultivated by colonial settlers from the former Taldan empire I believe.

So that's the country of Brevoy, but where shall we place your current home? I think the capital city New Stetvan would be appropriate for a budding street urchin to suddenly find an orphan girl. One would expect it to be the largest and most cosmopolitan city in the area. I will expound more on that later.

New Stetvan:
Kingmaker #1 wrote:

Choral the Conqueror established the Brevic capital of New Stetven after his successful campaign, building over the ruins of the original Taldan settlement of Stetven. It remains the center of political and economic power in the land, in spite of the recent upheavals. Of particular importance is New Stetven’s place as a trading city, carrying goods to and from Brevoy along the East Sellen River and the major trade roads that meet here along the shores of Lake Reykal.

New Stetven earned the nickname “The City of Wooden Palaces” for the abundant use of timber to build everything from walls and houses to mansions and forts. Even some of the city streets are “paved” with planks laid in the near constant mud from the snow and slush. Raised wooden sidewalks are common in the wealthier parts of the city, allowing people to walk up out of the mud as much as possible. The only great stone structures of the city are the Ruby Fortress, the seat of power to the crown of Brevoy, and the Bulwark of Gorum, Brevoy’s greatest temple to the Lord of Iron. Fire, like that which destroyed Old Stetven, remains a constant threat, and the city relies heavily on the services of volunteers aided by local spellcasters to put out
the handful of fires that occur each winter.

So how is everything coming along with you guys? Are we getting close to being ready? I am more or less ready to get us going with the exception of needing to get Arielle and the halfling ranger Grub's stats on paper. You guys will like the NPC Grub. And who knows, ODV. You may even want to keep him around.

Drachenfels indicated a desire for test play before we start posting in the gameplay forum. Other than Combat, what other examples would you like to try out before we get started?

Ephemeral GameMaster

You guys losing interest already? I have posted lots of info lately and I really haven't heard much out of ya...

The Great Enchanter

Nope, not losing interest, just tons going on at the moment. House in in total chaos, paint everywhere, dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria! :D

Legendary Merchant of Pins

Don't give me that busy life excuse! I expect posts responding to mine within the hour every time!!!

Lol, just kidding. Hope you don't end up with any kippies...or puttens...or worse! Poosy-dats!

I will leave you to discover how I came up that last mish-mash on your own. :P

Yeah past few days my grandparents and ma have been in town and will be til Thursday morning, so I've been spending time with them and moving s+@* out of storage units....

Also waiting for homeboy Drach to get back to me to help him out!

Legendary Merchant of Pins

First, the "my house is a disaster" excuse. Now it's "my family is taking up all of my time" excuse. It's unreal!!

I know man, its like we're people or something. Gross.

That said, I'm gonna go over to Drachs, build him a character and maybe do some scenarios like when to roll this, how this works, yanawaimean? we'll be good just you wait.

The Great Enchanter

Yep, took my nap and I feel much better!

Well reply to my text DOOD!

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Not going to lie, besides work and gym I've been playing Skyrim again.

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Ephemeral GameMaster

Hmmm...I suppose that is a worthy excuse. Just remember to post once in a dragon. If I get everyone's character sheet, we will be starting by Thursday.

Drach has been MOSTLY taught the ways of finding paths! I will email yee my character sheet sometime tonight and we shall go onward with this gaaaame!

The Great Enchanter

I know the basics. Thanks, ODV! I'll write Corinne up and send her your way tonight.

Female Human Level 1 Time Thief

Corinne the Chroniker begins to take shape, her gaze shifting from side to side, standing protectively before a young orphan girl with large opaque eyes.

Pinvendor: Check your Paizo Inbox!

Male Half-Orc Drunken Master

Updated Character sheet on here, I'm not sure how else you wanted it.

Ephemeral GameMaster

I have looked everyone's PCs over and sent some correspondence via personal channels as to what needs correcting or was overlooked by you.

The most common things overlooked were the racial bonuses. Also, I noticed ODV was the only one who applied any Traits to his profile. Does everyone understand those or need help with them?

I am really hoping to get everything squared away today. That way we can do whatever practice posts are needed and get the gameplay thread up and running.

So that being said, while corrections to character sheets are being worked on, what practice scenarios do you want me to run through? I can set up some step-by-steps in a post format.

I have traits because I'm a secret powergamer.

Ephemeral GameMaster


Well I am choosing to overlook your lack of an exotic feat for using a bastard sword. I am just going to tack that onto Sword Scion and Ulfen heritage.

Boy its only exotic if you use it 1 handed!

Which I have no intention of doing...yet.

The Great Enchanter

New computer desk all setup. I'm pimpin' in style now! Wireless keyboard and mouse and using my super powered laptop as my new PC.

I'll be ready to roleplay anytime :)

Ephemeral GameMaster

@Drachenfels: You feel pretty good about your character? Enjoy the character sheet I found. You can even reset it and save a blank copy. Just make sure you go to the menu and 'Save as...'. I already erased my copy of Corinne once by saving using the icon. Had to re-enter everything. Lol.

The Great Enchanter

Yea, I'm really happy with how Corinne looks. I wanted something basic and simple so I could learn the game. She isn't much for combat with her dagger and her light crossbow, but I hope her skills and abilities will make up for that in the story.

Thanks for the help!

I'm taking Wisdom of Fate from the APG, changing (and gaining) disable device's ability mod to wisdom instead of dexterity. I'm not going to lie, this is kind of a munchkin move BUT what if Xulgag hits/elbows a device to make it stop working kind of like an anti-Fonzi thing. Obviously, he could only use on devices he could touch not lock based traps and such. Just an idea. I can always just put it into something like climb or escape artist I just wanted to optimize my skill base XP (and before you all start flaming, I could easily have tried to pick fly but I had no way of passing it off.)

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Ulfen Fighter HP: 16/16

Ragnar slips into the tavern and goes to find Xulgag at his preferred spot on the bar.

"Hey, Xul! Listen we need to talk, somewhere a little quieter." The half-orc taking his tankard along walks with Ragnar to a small quiet table and sits down.

"Alright, listen. We've become like brothers these last few months and while I admit, your dirty orc brain probably can't understand what it is I'm about to say, too much in your cups I'd say, you're the first person I've come to about this. There's something big going on, Brevoy is going to be making up charters for people to retake the Stolen Lands. Not everyone knows about it, not yet. I'll be having one of those charters fall into my hands. Could you imagine Xul? A land of our own! We can be kings! Well, what do you say? Up for an adventure?"

Ephemeral GameMaster

Nice intro, Ragnar. You ever get those skill ranks and/or HP added in? I would like to know where they ended up.

EDIT: Also, I plan to add in a spoiler regarding your visit to the oracle unless you are not wanting to to do that.

The Great Enchanter

Ready to start, fellas! Let's get this game rolling. As far as test rolls and stuff, I'll backtrack. Best way to learn is to just play. I may need some helpful hints from the GM from time to time though.

"Ok Corinne, a couple things you might do here is this or this. Up to you! Good luck."

Looking forward to it! Also, great intro Ragnar the Younger. Our leader is born!

Spoiler for oracle sounds just fine, after all I can't possibly tell myself what the fates have in store! Thats GM territory!

As for my favored and human skill, I took the 1 HP and put a point into perception. Seemed a smart move ayyyye

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Ephemeral GameMaster

I am actually sorry I don't already have the 1st post up yet. I was so tired last night I was nodding off at like 8:00pm which is so not like me. I was planning to finish up Arielle last night, so I have spent a good portion of the day working on her. If I can get my family to leave me alone this evening, I will probably get something up then.

The Great Enchanter

No worries, Pin. When you're ready we're ready :)

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Ephemeral GameMaster

It's in the works guys. Probably going to be pretty long, so please be patient while I write it up.

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The Great Enchanter

/rubs hands together :D

/emote waits patiently...

Ephemeral GameMaster

/activate GM fiat power: Increase Anticipation

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"Are we ready yet?"


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Female Human Level 1 Time Thief

Corinne stands idly against a wall as she watches the little orphan girl Arielle play. Slowly she turns her eyes towards the Dungeon Master, blinks, and then averts her gaze back to the young child...

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Ulfen Fighter HP: 16/16

The young warrior cleans under his nails with a small knife and sheaths it. Cracking his knuckles he leans back against the nearby wall and yawns.

Ephemeral GameMaster

All ye impatient characters, behold the opening gambit! Ragnar and Xulgag have been addressed. Swiftly follows is Corinne and Arielle.

The Great Enchanter

Ah, son of a Targo! And you posted this moments before I need to get ready for work. Well, don't count me out. I'll be putting in my posts very soon. Glad things are now underway. Off to read what you wrote...

The Great Enchanter

Wow, epic post! Well written, Pinvendor. +200xp!

I didn't read the spoilers for Ragnar or Xulgag. It seems that information might be fun to learn on my own without spoilers. Looking forward to my intro.

Ephemeral GameMaster

That is your choice of course, but I will admit the spoilers are merely a way of communicating something that happened before the start of the game. I think I did a pretty good job with the oracle scene, so it would be a shame if you missed reading it just for the sake of not reading it.

Dinner out of the way. Familials placated and advised not to disturb. Enter Corinne stage left!

The Great Enchanter

Cool, I'll spend some time reading the oracle posts when I get home from work. Didn't want to spoil things, but on your approval I shall sample the goodness :)

And now, off to THE DEN OF INEQUITY!

Ephemeral GameMaster

And the grand introductions are complete. I look forward to a hard fought game of glory, treasure, and above all, roleplay.

I hope you all enjoy the story I have laid out for you! :)

Ephemeral GameMaster

Also, both Ragnar's and Corine's Spoilers have urls links. Can you find them? The help illustrate something I felt was important to know.

And something I hadn't done yet, but each of you gets 1 Roleplay Credit (RC) for PC intros and stuff you have done so far. I haven't put up the rewards table yet, but suffice it to say with one, you can re-roll once, or choose to spend one to automatically confirm a critical.

I will get to work on the rest of the tables and remember they're posted under campaign info for reference.

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