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Letter wrote:

Greetings Pathfinders,

I hope this letter finds you well, agents. You have been selected for an important mission that will take you into Andoran. Make your preparations, and I will meet you in Cassomir in two days hence. Be prepared for travel.

Swift as shadows,

Venture-Captain Charlotte Deschamps

(Placeholder First Post)

A breeze off the harbor rushes through the streets of Cassomir, carrying with it the smells of the sea and the calls of wheeling gulls. It is a typical Arodus day, the summer heat falling off to pleasant weather. Cassomir Lodge stands proudly, flying Taldan colors as well as the Glyph of the Open Road on fluttering flags outside of its sturdy stone walls. Inside, the common room is decorated tastefully in burgundy and cream, with trophies and artifacts in cases and on the walls. Skulls from massive beasts hang from the ceiling, gleaming in the late afternoon sunlight. A set of ancient Taldan Armor stands in the corner, mithril and gold leaf galore. In front of the plush seating is a table with a glass top, revealing a perfect miniature replica of the city within.

The only person inside is a slight Taldan Woman, dressed rakishly in tall boots and a decidedly female duelist’s outfit. She halfheartedly sorts through a series of papers, but looks up excitedly when the door opens. Upon seeing the Pathfinder Agents walk in, she swiftly gets to her feet and moves to greet the newcomers. Her eyes sparkle mischievously, and she introduces herself with an elegant dancing curtsy.

“You must have gotten my letter. Charlotte Deschamps, a pleasure to finally meet you. You must be...?”

Dark Archive

Female Tiefling Magus 7

“Asharii... but you obviously know that."
The fiery hellspawn looks Venture-Captain Deschamps up and down while she moves around her. A teasing satisfied smile parts her lips just revealing her elongated canines.
Asharii drops heavily into the sofa resting her thigh high boots on the adjacent seat, waiting for her comrades to join her.
Asharii's red hair and coppery skin are complemented by small black horns protruding from the top of her forehead and by violet eyes. While she has the alluring physique of an Egorian courtesan she moves like a boy and has no apparent regard for common courtesy.

Paizo Employee

Male Human Miracle-Worker of Razmir 7

A fairly tall figure bedecked in a near-black robe and a midnight blue tabard with steel-colored patterns embroidered along its edges tries to follow the tiefling into the room, but her callous disregard for others seems to have involved not holding the door open for others. Pushing the portal open with a staff around the top of which is wrapped a deep blue and gold scarf, he strides into the room.

The man's physique, though partially hidden behind folds of cloth, is betrayed as slim and undeveloped by a belt of iron panels that wraps his waist and a blacked bandoleer across his chest. With his cowl pulled up to frame an uncaring mask of iron, there is little more that can be said of the individual's true appearance. He cradles the staff and puts his hands together in a prayerful salute to Charlotte and bows slightly.

"I am called Jokhas, and my services are yours to employ this day."

With that, he steps to the side to allow room for others. He does not sit until Charlotte does so.

Grand Lodge

Entering the lodge is a hulking Ulfen man. More than six and a half feet tall with the girth of bull and face full of blonde hair, he is dressed in animal skins. Under his green-brown cloak, an enormous axe and laminated bow, wrapped in protective leather, mark him as a man of action. From his neck hangs a simple Wayfinder. He clearly has the look of one not accustomed to being in the city.

He is accompanied by a massive beast colored gray and possessing features of both dog and wolf. With nothing more than a simple hand gesture from the man, the animal sits at his side.

His voice deep betraying one not accustomed to public speaking...
"Word reached my ears there is trouble in the Verduran. It is not a place to wander and the treacherous creatures that call it home are not to be taken lightly. I am called Valorian and this is Shanks. We heed the call of the society."

With that, he moves across the room, dog in tow, and takes up a position opposite the door.

As all of the Pathfinder Agents file in, the young Venture-Captain looks each one over. Her lips twitch with barely concealed amusement at Asharii's antics. She seems to understand, if not share, a little of the tiefling's attitude. When Johkas makes his very polite entrance, she does not seem surprised by the mask. She does peer curiously at him, as if to try and ascertain his identity. Despite any reservations, she does graciously return his formalities with a incline of her waist and a nod of her head. When the next Pathfinder enters, Charlotte's petite frame is dwarfed by his bulk, and she has to tilt her head back in order to greet him to his face. She takes a step back when he squeezes through the door, and then again to accommodate the large animal.

"Please, sit. I will wait to brief you when all of your number are here, but until then, have some refreshments. Nice boots, you must tell me where you got them." She sits next to Asharii--with an admiring glance at her footwear--and rings a small bell on the end table. Shortly, a servant enters with a tray of iced tea garnished with sprigs of mint, and a plate of candied fruit. "Jokhas, iced tea? Hestia keeps a little elemental device for the luxury.

Sense Motive for Everyone:
Charlotte appears to be intensely curious about how Jokhas drinks tea with a mask on.

"Valorian, have you had a candied lemon yet? Funny you should mention the Velduran forest. There isn't any trouble there, unless of course you are counting the wedding, which brings all kinds of trouble in its own way!" Charlotte gives the big man an amused smile as she passes him the dish of sweets.

This isn't a "main post" just something to get the conversation going. I will make the main post once everyone arrives.

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Male Human Sorcerer-8

"Greetings! A tattooed pure blooded Varisian man of average height, weight, and build walks into the room, yet he is not average as his piercing green eyes and presence show that there is more than his physical bearing can display. "My name is Drezi Varian, I believe you are all new to me but I may not be new to you if you spend any time in the good concert halls in Absalom; that is if you go to mine. I understand that my services are needed in this little group, am I wrong in this assumption?"

Grand Lodge

Male Human (shoanti) Ranger (falconer) 7

A tall yet lean man carefully steps into the room, briefly looking over every occupant before deciding that it would be a good idea to enter the room. The most striking feature however is the massive eagle that is comfortably resting on his left arm. Next to the eagle the man seems to be holding the skull of a large reptile, with his arm through the neck portion of the skull. His head and face are shaven clean, with a small series of tattoos protruding from underneath his armor and clothing, showing a hint of some form of wind and a large bird.

“I see that others have entered first,” he grunts. “I earned the name Swift Wind, and that is how you can call for me.” With this he stands over in the corner of the room, waiting for the meeting to start.

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Male Human Miracle-Worker of Razmir 7

"It is said that piety and luxury ride in the same palanquin," rasps Jokhas with an intoned, aspirated delivery (much like his first lines). He spreads his right hand across his mask and pulls it away to reveal a fair, male face set with two deep purple eyes and topped by short, dark hair. Placing the mask face up on a table, he reaches for a piece of candied lemon. Speaking now in a clear baritone that contrasts sharply with his earlier elocution, he remarks, "I would not blaspheme by refusing your hospitality."

Oh, the temptation was there to just have him pull out a straw

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Female Tiefling Magus 7

Asharii inspects her boots. They are almost as long as her legs. They have two inch high wide heels. The black and red leather is glossy except where road dirt has settled.
She wears a short red soft leather tunic with an adder scale belt.
"They were a gift from my mistress" she exclaims with a wide smile, "- she thinks they make me look more human" she says wiping the dust off with a pillow.

Shadow Lodge

Male Human (Mixed ancestry) Bard 7

A young man brimming with life strides in. Taking off his cap he looks around with obvious excitement.

He grins “Venture-Captain Charlotte Deschamps I am mighty pleased to meet you” taking in the others present with his hazel eyes he adds “and the rest of y’all too”. The liquid tones of Galt flow through his every word.

His large pack thuds as he drops it to the floor. Standing tall he continues "Pathfinder field agent Jerrat Wayd Tuckwallow reportin’ in. Everybody just calls me Oggie. "

He ruffles his short brown hair and looks around for a place to sit.

The calluses on his hand indicate that he has spent a lot of time with the bow.

"Good, I see that everyone has made it here alright on such short notice. Hestia is away at the moment, so I will welcome you to Cassomir Lodge in her place. Please make yourselves comfortable." Once everyone has had a chance to sit and have a drink, Charlotte continues.

"I know all of you are wondering what the mission is. I apologize for the tenseness of my letter, as I did not want anything vital to be intercepted. Have all of you heard of the Maze of the Open Road?"

For Oggie:
Apply a +2 circumstance bonus to this Knowledge (local) check

Knowledge (local) DC 10:
The Maze of the Open Road is the name of a hedge maze that is in the rear gardens of Woodsedge Pathfinder Lodge in Galt. Venture-Captain Eliza Petulengro presides over the recently reinstated lodge.

Knowledge (local) DC 20:
Woodsedge Lodge was once a prominent gathering place for the Society. Its sprawling rear gardens hold the near-legendary Maze of the Open Road, a living hedge said to contain portals leading to locations all over the Inner Sea and beyond. Eliza Petulengro is said to be a powerful arcanist, one who is stirring trouble among the authorities in Galt with her very presence.

Knowledge (local) DC 30:
Recently, there has been some trouble with the Decemvirate, and agents used the Maze of the Open Road to travel throughout Golarion, and even beyond. No one has ever mapped all the portals, and no one truly understands how the Maze even functions.

"Eliza Petulengro sent me a missive with the news that a new portal opened in the Maze just recently. As she has a shortage of agents in her lodge, she asked me to assemble a team and send you over to her. She asked specifically for those with various skills at, ahem, certain kinds of spell casting. She seems to think that will come in useful." Charlotte looks at Jokhas, Asharii, Oggie, and Drezi meaningfully. She then pulls out a map of the Sellen River waterways.

<Map: Map of the Sellen>

"However, the trip to Galt is not simple or easy. In that regard, Valorian and Swift Wind are on this mission to lend their expertise. The six of you will need to take a boat up the Sellen River. It will be a simple trip up to Galt, and I have already arranged passage with the Druids of the Wildwood Lodge. However, once you get into Galt it is too dangerous to travel on open waters. Make your way across the forest to Woodsedge. Avoid any contact with towns." She pauses to allow everyone to examine the map.

"One last thing. Not all of this mission is in seriousness, in fact you will be the Society's representatives to a joyous event. Elyin Ursage, a fellow pathfinder, is getting married in three days to Kailah Winmede in Bellis. Luckily that is right on the way. I believe Valorian is acquainted with him in fact. The Society would like for you to bring them a gift." Charlotte retrieves a heavy package from beside her. "It is a collection of leather-bound chronicles for their new home."

"Your boat does not depart until morning. Your rooms are off of the courtyard in the back, please make yourselves at home. I have business tonight, so I cannot join you for dinner unfortunately. Before I go, do you have any questions?"

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Male Human Miracle-Worker of Razmir 7

Noting that business is at hand, Jokhas reaches down to retrieve and replace his mask. The face nods at times in response to Charlotte's assignment.

Galt...? The land of chaos and disorder? If we are to be stationed there for long, perhaps I can extend the open hand of Razmir to the revolutionaries to welcome them into the fold.

The map shows little to hold Jokhas's attention, though he does make a rough count of the number of towns along the proposed route. When Charlotte mentions the wedding gift, Jokhas offers a silent thanks to his religious leaders for wearing masks; his disdainful smirk remains hidden.

The reward for years of service is a collection of books that they've likely already read? It is little wonder the rogue Shadow Lodge found disillusioned Pathfinders ready to turn coat! The rewards can sometimes be so... paltry compared to what He promises us for our loyalty!

As the briefing draws to a close, he remarks, "I understand Mistress Petulengro's interest in my divine patron's power, and I shall be all too pleased to provide what counsel and assistance I can channel." Again, his voice whispers and slithers out from the mask like a mamba through tall grass. "Will this be a permanent base of operations, or is this assignment temporary?"

Scarab Sages

Male Human Sorcerer-8

A wedding? Drezi cocks his head and lifts a hand as if to speak but realizes that interrupting the imposing masked priest might not be the greatest plan. He quickly retracts his hand, scans the room, retrieves a glass of tea and a piece of candied lemon and finds a seat. I better pay attention, I don't want to miss a detail in another, a wedding, what could I wear? Will the new outfit I just purchased in Oppara fit in with Andoran fashion? I miss my usual band of adventurers, I would know exactly who to ask about what to wear and who to talk to. Damn the ten for stationing me with these louts...oooo nice boots" Drezi, leans forward posed as if listening (Bluff:1d20 + 14 ⇒ (18) + 14 = 32), hoping for a chance to speak.

Shadow Lodge


Oggie raises an eyebrow at Jokhas’s words (Bluff 1d20 + 15 ⇒ (13) + 15 = 28)

Bluff results:
This slight shake of his head and his downward glance when Jokhas mentions his ‘divine’ patron give away that Oggie is very intentionally not saying his thoughts about Razmir. There is some history here and Oggie’s thoughts are not favorable.

Oggie takes a moment to pull together everything that he has ever heard about the Maze of the Open Road. (Using Lore Master for 20+14+2 = 36)
Nodding and looking up at the Venture Captain “I’ve heard of the Maze. It’s kinda like a Pathfinder secret way of gettin’ places real fast. I even heard that one of the portals leads to the moon." Oggie grins at this. "So we are to head into Galt and report in to Venture Captain Eliza Petulengro who will tell us what she needs us to do, but before we head there we need to drop off a wedding gift to a Pathfinder agent in Andor, right?

Oggie continues “Any information that you can tell us about Elyin Ursage would be helpful, or this wedding. Are we gonna be dropping the gift off or are we gonna be representing the society or just making sure nothin' bad happens?

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Female Tiefling Magus 7

(Knowledge(local) 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (4) + 3 = 7 for the Maze of the Open Road)
(Sense Motive on Drezi 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (7) + 1 = 8)
(Sense Motive on Oggie 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (14) + 1 = 15)

I can't be the only one who doesn't know what this is all about.

"What is this business about a maze?" Asharii interupts before the meeting ends.

I can't believe I'm going to an actual wedding! I hope I get to wear a dress like the ones Mistress wears at parties.

Grand Lodge

Male Human (shoanti) Ranger (falconer) 7

Sense Motive vs. Drezi's daydreaming: 1d20 + 17 ⇒ (16) + 17 = 33
Knowledge (local) about the Maze: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (14) + 2 = 16
Sense Motive vs. Oggie: 1d20 + 17 ⇒ (17) + 17 = 34

What does a maze hundreds of miles away have to do with us here? There must be some form of magic about this maze, otherwise we wouldn't be sent out. At least we are being sent out to honor a fellow Pathfinder. These city ritual's are very different than what I knew before, but the ritual is just the same as my naming ritual from years past.

Wind looks around all of his companions and waits for most to speak before he steps forward. "I am glad Venture-Captain that you have brought us here together. It sounds like the city folk will need help traversing the wilds to get to the Wedding as well as to Galt. However..." Wind pauses for a moment to look over all his companions, first looking at Drezi, and then at Oggie and Jokhas, "I do suggest that we listen to our elders, heed their words, and learn to work together."

Charlotte listens to the questions thus far. "No, it's not a permanent stationing by far. It's dangerous to keep so many field agents in Woodsedge for too long. Eliza says that the portal may not be a permanent fixture, in fact. She knows more than I do and will get into the details once you get there safely."

(Sense Motive on Drezi 1d20 + 12 ⇒ (14) + 12 = 26)
"Drezi, did you have a question?"

(Sense Motive on Oggie 1d20 + 12 ⇒ (2) + 12 = 14)
"You're exactly right, Oggie. To be honest, I never worked with Elyin, but I heard he only spent a short while working for the Society as a field agent. He retired when he met his new bride though. As far as your role, there's not much to it besides deliver the gift and enjoy yourselves." Charlotte makes a barely concealed shrug.

Sense Motive DC 10:
You notice that Charlotte rolls her eyes sarcastically. You sense that she doesn't think Elyin wasn't much of an agent, especially if he quit his career to get married.

"I do suggest having something other than your traveling gear though. I can recommend Ileria's Clothiers, which is right down the road. I know she just got a shipment of gorgeous Qadiran silks in saffron, vermillion, and aubergine...they would look lovely on you, Asharii."

"I'm not sure if I should be insulted that you're calling me an elder!" Charlotte chuckles a little at Swift Wind. She looks to be younger than most of the party.

Scarab Sages

Male Human Sorcerer-8

A hat? I have never tried that before; are the 3 point hats popular in andoran? Maybe something with a feather.. After hearing his name Drezi snaps out of his reverie and tries to make quick sense of what he heard beyond his thoughts - Wisdom Check: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (16) + 2 = 18

Elder!? Drezi laughs, and stands, setting his drink down but holding a candied lemon, waving in his hand like a baton to emphasize each word. Elder, only in the sense that your lovely countenance holds a wise an elegant soul which gives grace and glory to each of your words and movements. Diplomacy:1d20 + 15 ⇒ (14) + 15 = 29

It seems that this group was exceptionally chosen as any questions I have thought of have already been asked an answered.

Shadow Lodge

Male Human (Mixed ancestry) Bard 7

Memories of rivers of molten gold and a woman falling nightmarish slow towards their embrace.

Oggie takes a deep breath then gives Swift Wind a look that clearly says in the way that only men communicate, Thanks brother, I am back on track. before asking more questions.

Is there anything we need to know about this agent’s history or his bride’s for that matter? I mean it’s not the usual for a team of agents to deliver a gift and then stay for the party. I figure there are reasons and that you’d tell us about them if you could. Also it would be useful to know if there are any time limits that we need to keep in mind.

Scarab Sages

Male Human Sorcerer-8

Drezi looks to Oggie and Swift Wind's exchange (sense motive:1d20 + 2 ⇒ (8) + 2 = 10) and cocks his head in bewilderment. He decides that he better pay attention.

He sits back down and leans forward, looking back and forth between Oggie and Charlotte. Boy, Hestia normally rushes us out of here without a chance to ask questions, how long is this gonna take? I miss my usual companions; they take notes and I am free to dream all I want. Drezi eyes drift in reverie and meet the gaze of Swift Wind; he quickly cocks his head back to Charlotte. Paying attention, I'm paying attention.

Grand Lodge

Male Human (shoanti) Ranger (falconer) 7

After Charlotte responds, Swift Wind cocks his head slightly, furls his brow, and says, "I know what age you are. You southern people have very different ways, but you are an Elder nonetheless."

At this Wind eases back against the wall, giving Drezi a quick look.

Paizo Employee

Male Human Miracle-Worker of Razmir 7

The masked visage trains on Swift Wind, though it seems to speak to everyone. "An Elder has lived a fulfilling life, and a tasteful display of wealth and power speaks volumes to one's lifetime accomplishments. To have these two ideals at one's beck and call in the prime of life is a great blessing, and we should be so privileged to know a paragon such as she."

Jokhas head turns, and the dark eye sockets meet Charlotte's gaze. "Age is no proof of quality of character. The One True God, fresh from the Test of the Starstone in comparison to less caring deities, has accomplished much in so little time. It is an honor to take orders from one so talented and ambitious as to become a Venture Captain so quickly."

He bows to Charlotte for the second time - this time a bit deeper with a black cestus-clad fist held over his heart. "Truly you are an inspiration."

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Female Tiefling Magus 7

"Unless you guys fill the rest of us in with information pertinent to our mission so that we can get on with mission preparations, I will soon be regurgitating candied lemon on this plushy ensamble..."
Note to self: Ileria's Clothiers
Asharii smiles quietly.
Bluff:1d20 + 1 ⇒ (4) + 1 = 5

Scarab Sages

Male Human Sorcerer-8
Asharii wrote:

Asharii smiles quietly.

Bluff: 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (4) + 1 = 5

Sense Motive:1d20 + 2 ⇒ (8) + 2 = 10

Drezi Smiles at Asharii's comment. Maybe there is some fun to be had here after all Drezi relaxes in his seat and listens to the ongoing conversation.

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Charlotte looks a little bewildered at Jokhas's words, as if she is unsure whether to accept the compliment gracefully or to protest. She settles for the former after a few seconds, and composes herself with a long searching look at the man. Asharii's comment pulls her out of her reverie, however.

"It's getting time for me to head out. I suggest going to your rooms to drop off your luggage, and enjoy yourselves for the rest of the evening. I already suggested Ileria's for clothes. There is a lovely tavern down by the docks, a bit pricey, but incredible food. It's called the Saltwater Brewery, and I recommend the copper ale. Here's numbers to all of your rooms."

As Charlotte gives out room numbers, she smiles brightly. When it comes to Oggie, she pats him on the shoulder reassuringly. "I know going to a wedding is unusual, but there's nothing behind it. Just a coincidence that you will be in the area. I don't think you have a hard time limit, but don't tarry too long. Eliza can get impatient!"

Charlotte gives one last bow to the party, and heads out the door. She turns before she exits and winks to the group. "Good luck. Have fun at the wedding and be safe in Galt."

As you make your way to the back courtyard and to the room that is assigned to you, servants bring up any bags that were outside. Each of the rooms is well appointed with a fine oak bed, a wardrobe, and a small writing desk. A small vase with several Cassomiri roses sits on the desk, and the white sheets are freshly turned down.

For Swift Wind:

When you reach your room, an well-dressed female half-Orc is standing outside your door. She bows to you and hands over a note sealed with a familiar purple flame.

Swift Wind,

Greetings, comrade. I see that DesChamps and Petulengro are sending you out on yet another fool mission with no real information on the matter. My whispers tell me that it has something to do with that maze that Petulengro has in her back yard. Keep your eyes sharp. Who knows where she might be sending you?
Regardless, since you will be floating upstream before you get there, it never hurts to do some reconnaissance. You know I find any information to be of great interest, and potential informants to be of even greater interest. If you manage to befriend anyone while on your boat ride, at the wedding, or elsewhere, then be sure to give them my regards. And as always, I trust your judgement to identify threats to you and your party, and eliminate them efficiently.
Good hunting, and good luck.

Grandmaster Torch

For Jokhas:

Once you retire to your room, you notice an elegant silver tray on the side table. There rests a bowl of fresh fruit and a sealed blue parchment envelope. "Johkas" is handwritten on the outside.

Champion Jokhas,

Greetings and may the blessings of the gods, mine and yours, be upon you. I know very little of where you are doing, save it is in the land of Galt. That is a land that is poor in spirit indeed. Do anything in your power to uplift the meek and hopeful in that land of fear, and think not of everyone you encounter as an enemy. A friend made will open paths where an enemy would have closed them. If there is any underground resistance, do what you can to help them rally together. May all that is good smile upon you,

Ollysta Zadrian

For Valorian:

You get to your room and find a large gold paper wrapped package on the writing desk. When you attempt to move it, you notice that not only is the package cumbersome, requiring both hands to pick it up; it is also quite heavy. Somewhere in the blue velvet bow on the package, you find a note that is addressed to you.

Greetings Valorian,

I hope this letter finds you hale and hearty, my friend. I hear you are taking a scenic journey up the Sellen River. Lovely this time of year. Of course, the Andoran side is far lovelier than the Taldan side, as freedom and liberty ring from the very trees. Of course, I hear you're going to Galt after that. Nasty business. Anyway, I heard you're attending Elyin's wedding on the way in your hometown. I believe the two of you are acquaintances? He and I go way back, as we served together on some missions. I've included a small gift for him that I was hoping you could take, shouldn't be too much trouble. In all seriousness, remember as you journey to places less fortunate than our great country that many suffer under the yoke of slavery, both explicit and that of their own minds. Do what you must to free them. Faithfully yours,

Major Colson Maldris

For Asharii:

When you enter your room, you hear unseen rustling. Familiar with this kind of messenger, you hold out your hand impatiently. An invisible messenger deposits a dark leather scroll case into your hand, and with a small *poof* you know that the imp is gone. Inside, there is a note, and a slender, red silk wrapped package.

Sweet Asharii,

Whatever shall I do without you to keep my bed warm? The Pathfinders seem to have a voracious appetite for your talents, little devil. Can't say I blame them. Don't get yourself lost in that maze of Eliza's. Would be such a waste, hmmm? On to business then, shall we? I know you're going to some quaint little country wedding. I could care less about what goes on in that backwater town, but I've seen that little wife to be, and she is almost as delicious as you are. Take this gift I'm enclosing to her, it contains some toys to spice up her love life, and most importantly a way to getting in touch with me should she need more. And while you are wandering around Galt, be sure to snag any new and unusual finds for my bedroom or my torture chamber. I hear they are good at that sort of thing. Til you return to beneath my heel,

Paracountess Zarta Dralneen

For Oggie:

You reach your room, and pull off your boots with a sigh of relief. As you stretch your limbs, you find a sealed letter sitting in your pocket that was definitely not there before.

Loyal Agent Jerrat Wayd Tuckwallow,

It is good that you are on this mission, as it is one of great importance. Venture-Captain Charlotte DesChamps, while young and flighty at times, does not send agents on missions lightly. I do hope she was discreet in getting this message to you. Regardless, the new portal in the Maze is a valuable find. If, as suspected, you find yourselves in another plane, be sure to carefully document the way in, and also any means of egress. There may also be wards, perhaps failing or disrupted. If possible, repair the damage and bring back a piece of those wards for study. Lastly, if any creatures from another realm have infringed upon our world, be sure to neutralize and record them.
With regards,

Venture-Captain Ambrus Valsin

For Drezi:

You get to your room, and sit and relax for only a minute before a golden light appears in the center of the room. You blink, and a scroll sealed with a scarab floats in midair, ready for you to take it.

Seeker Drezi,

My divinations have revealed that your mission will not be as straightforward as you have been led to believe, through no fault of the Venture-Captains. However, the twists and turns of fate can still prove fortuitous. Should you encounter any especially rare and unusual creatures, be sure to bring back a sample for study. Additionally, in the off chance you encounter architecture of unconventional construction, be sure to map it precisely. A thousand blessings of the ancestors and gods be upon you.

Amenopheus, the Sapphire Sage

Sorry for railroading you a little bit, but I wanted you guys to get your missives and to have some freedom to move around :-)

Paizo Employee

Male Human Miracle-Worker of Razmir 7

Jokhas considers the words as his lips curl into a smile hidden from the world.

Such is His foresight that our goals are as one

He folds up the letter, places it in a pocket, and makes for the costume shop. There he will procure a fine suit of clothes (predominantly black) along with bright sashes and accessories to brighten what might otherwise seem a drab and dreary set of wedding garments.

Dark Archive

Female Tiefling Magus 7

Asharii unloads her gear in her room and heads to Ileria's Clothiers to make some purchases.
On her way back she makes a stop at a seedy tavern she visited a couple of years back. While investigating a secret cult operating in Oppara a contact here prooved very useful.

Purchase a courtier's outfit and jewelry.

Ileria is a tall woman, so slender as to appear as nothing so much as a twig swathed in cloth and draped in jewelry. She is a master at hovering, standing just over your shoulder and alternatively giving pointed advice and clicking her tongue disapprovingly as you sort though the various clothes and fabric. As she speaks, an army of tailors assist you, take measurements, and try various accessories you. "I think the saffron would look just lovely on you, Lady Asharii, don't YOU think? Oh by Shelyn no, put that chocolate suede down right now, it would be just atrocious! Sir Jokhas, might I STRONGLY suggest a more modern cut, with the laces on the left side? Yes, my humble opinion is that it would suit you MUCH more. Lady Asharii, I do believe the crimson feathers behind your horns would bring them out nicely, yes. Sir, that sash would just clash terribly, wouldn't you say?"

Scarab Sages

Male Human Sorcerer-8

Drezi sits upon the bed, reads the letter, then smiles to himself as he reaffirms why he loves serving the Ruby Prince thinking back to his experience aiding a Taldan rube "rough up" a vicious thug.

Samples and drawings, drawings and samples...I am going to have to speak with my group to find out who might be best able to help me with this. But first, time to prepare for the wedding. A hat?...maybe.

Drezi places the scroll in his scroll case in his waterproof bag, notes his "todo" items for the day on the corner of a piece of parchment containing lots of like notes, dresses in his nice clothes and heads to Ileria's.

Drezi owns a royal outfit with 100gp worth of jewlery that he will wear to the shop.

Drezi spins into the shop with a flourish. He is wearing a black suit made elegant in its simplicity with subtle red filigree and red gemstone buttons, streaming behind him is a black and red cape all stitched of fine material. He wears a simple platinum chain with silver scarab pendant adorned with a beautifully cut carnelian stone.

Oh how wonderful! Asharii, Jokhas it is an absolute pleasure to see you here. He smiles and bows to his new friends then turns to Ileria (and attempts to speak when appropriate within the existing conversations). Most lovely Ileria, I understand you are the expert at fashion in this region. As a humble performer I am not much of an expert on style and was hoping you could honor me with your genius on modifying this suit which is wonderful and lavish yet more suited to a night at the opera then a day at a local wedding to something more appropriate? He speaks all in one breath then pronounces a sharp inhale through a wide smile of shining white teeth. Diplomacy: 1d20 + 15 ⇒ (12) + 15 = 27

Shadow Lodge


After taking a quick moment to freshen up in his room, Oggie changes shoes and heads out to the clothing store. Being an experience field agent he takes his heavy go-pack with him. You just never know what will happen when you step out of the lodge.

Striding through the opulent streets of Casomir he reflects on what he knows about the current state of men’s fashion in Andor

He figures that a basic Andoran tuxedo will fit the bill nicely.

With a please look he thinks to himself, I want to look good and not draw undue attention. After all this event isn’t about me.

Oggie slips into the store quietly behind Drezi. He catches the eye of one of the tailors and asks quietly "You think you can do me up with a Andoran tux?"

Buys a courtier's outfit and jewelry

Grand Lodge

Valorian considers the tasks he has been assigned and thinks of an appropriate way to excuse himself from the wedding ceremony. He is not interested in such things. Besides, Shanks would not enjoy the formality and unlikely to take a bath.

Over dinner, Valorian speaks little, and drinks even less...
I will not be attending this wedding. It has been quite some time since Elyin and I spoke so it will good to see him again. But, a wedding is no place for a woodsman. I will make my excuses to Elyin and await you outside the temple. Besides, it will give me time to plot a safe path through the woodlands to Woodsedge. That map Charlotte showed us is missing a few game trails and their suggested route takes us too close to the fey.

At the word "fey," Shanks, who is lying at Valorian's feet, raises his head and growls deeply. A raised hand from the woodsman silences the beast.

Ileria turns her attention to the newcomers, staring down at them like a stork eyeing a fish. "This outfit is so unsuitable, Sir Drezi! Scandalous! Do you want to pass out from the heat? This is not some spell-chilled opera house you are going to! A cloak at a summer wedding of all things! Also do you know that the bride should be the prettiest one there? You simply must buy something new. How about this fine linen jacket? Look at the embroidery on it, you will find no finer handiwork in the entire Inner sea. I would even be willing to offer you a discount on that matching hat you were examining earlier. Master Oggie of course. I have a cut of patterned silk that would make a vest that would would make angels weep with envy."


The Saltwater Brewery is a fine establishment on the south side of Cassomir Harbor, near Greyguard Castle. The place is filled with a mix of minor nobles, merchants, and adventurers like yourselves. The smells of food are wonderfully tempting, making your mouth water. Not only that, but the ale is poured liberally, and the serving girls are universally eye-catching. The menu, as Charlotte said, is quite pricey, but filled with a variety of foods.

<Saltwater Brewery Menu>

Grand Lodge

Male Human (shoanti) Ranger (falconer) 7

Swift Wind looks at the mission given to him, and decides he needs to think over his mission to the wedding and given by his patron over dinner.

Swift then heads to the Saltwater Brewery, joining Valorian for dinner. Before speaking he orders the local catch, grilled over an open flame, and a pint of the festival brew.

"Valorian, I see you aren't happy with the wedding. It may be a waste of time, but we should heed the words of our Elders; they know things that we do not. As for the fey, I know only a little, but I can help you with finding the game trails on our way to the Woodsedge Lodge."

After dinner, Swift spends the entire night at the Cassomir Lodge, researching Andoran wedding rituals. He hopes to find ways to not insult the Andorans, while still maintaining his Shoanti rituals and customs for the wedding.

Scarab Sages

Male Human Sorcerer-8

Drezi relishes the attention as he tries on multiple outfits and ends up picking what excites him and Ileria the most. After changing back into his night on the town clothes he packs the outfit away in his haversack for later (making sure not to crush the hat and the feathers attached to it).

A great thanks to you my dear! This will be a hit at the wedding without committing any social misteps. Thank you again, and I must away as I have dinner plans. He plants a kiss on Ileria's cheek diplomacy: 1d20 + 15 ⇒ (15) + 15 = 30 and departs to the brewery.

Purchases a courtiers outfit and jewelry

At the brewery
Drezi enters the brewhouse quietly with a serious look on his face.This new suit is lovely but the idea of not being able to show up the bride leaves me wanting. Oh well, I won't endanger the mission but I sure miss the attent...

Drezi's train of thought is cut off when confronted with the beautiful servers. He switches to a devilish smile and makes a turn making sure his cape comes close to brushing the legs of the ladies. Oh ladies, excuse me, I did not see you there Bluff: 1d20 + 14 ⇒ (1) + 14 = 15 He smiles and bows.

Oh sweet goddesses! I am here to meet a group of investors for a project that could be worth thousands of gold to the right investor. We could use a pretty face to help promote our goals. Would either of you be interested in an an overnight interview requiring lengthy questioning and modeling of outfits for the face of our endeavor? He adds a smile of pearly whites Bluff: 1d20 + 14 ⇒ (6) + 14 = 20 Dipomacy: 1d20 + 15 ⇒ (8) + 15 = 23

oh rats!Drezi sees Swift Wind's stern and Valorian's unwashed face and realizes this play won't go far.

Oh heavens ladies where has my mind gotten to? It isn't Toilday is it? I am here to meet another group all together. I can find my way to my seat. Can one of you be a dear and put an order for the Pheasant in for me, a pitcher of whatever my party is drinking, and a glass of whatever drink your lovely lips enjoy the most. Dipomacy: 1d20 + 15 ⇒ (20) + 15 = 35 Drezi hands a platinum coin to the lass and heads towards his seat.

Greetings my new friends! I am overjoyed that I have been placed in your group Drezi takes a seat. I am excited to be traveling with you. Please tell me about yourselves Dipomacy: 1d20 + 15 ⇒ (3) + 15 = 18

Grand Lodge

Valorian pauses, as if searching for the right words...
Swift Wind, I am sure the elders, as you call them, want us to make an appearance at the wedding, but I do not think that expectation includes me...or Shanks. I see no harm in paying my respects to the honored couple and then making my excuses. I will not stray far from the ceremony so should you have need of me, just call.

We must avoid the evil fey at all costs. They are not to be trusted. Deceivers they are.

At the mention of fey, again, Shanks growls and again Valorian raises a silencing hand.


Valorian is clearly uncomfortable in Drezi's presence. It appears he finds his social flamboyance somewhat intimidating

I am a woodman from the Bellis region of the Verduran. Apparently, my skills as a guide will be needed on this journey to Woodsedge.

The serving girls at the Saltwater seem unimpressed by Drezi's bluff, as they have heard this kind of talk before. However, when he pulls out the platinum piece, their eyes widen. A particularly enterprising young woman , with a low cut red dress and black laced bodice takes the coin from Drezi with a smile, letting her hand linger on his. "I'll get you your pheasant, sir. My name is Lailah, and I'll take care of you," she purrs.

After you get settled in and start talking, she comes to the table carrying the fragrant orders of food. Swift Wind's food is a massive Sellen River Pike, grilled to perfection with a delicious butter sauce. Drezi's platter is filled with the best cuts of pheasant breast including the crisp seasoned skin. Lailah also sets down a pitcher of Festival ale, and a dark glass bottle. "Taldan Brandy, gentlemen. 4678, one of the finest from our cellars. Anything I can do for you?" She leans down low, giving a generous view of her flawless bosom.

While not unheard of, it is considered uncouth for Pathfinders to bring nocturnal guests into their lodge. Generally, agents avoid the discomfort entirely by seeking lodging elsewhere for the night...which has led to frantic searches for missing party members in the subsequent mornings.

Paizo Employee

Male Human Miracle-Worker of Razmir 7

Accosted by a whirlwind of fashion sense and inwardly promising himself a return to the timeless style of a set of robes, Jokhas endures the recommendations and purchases a fairly modern and stylish set of clothing with a few pieces of metal to highlight the ensemble.

More like a foppish dalliance between a silkworm and a lace factory. Ah well, who am I to question one of Taldor's remaining virtues? A silly sense of style does not deny them their humanity.

Anticipating the usual travel fare on the trip ahead, Jokhas decides to splurge and enjoy the fruits of his devotion. He changes out of his new clothing and into his belted robe before heading to the eating establishment recommended.

Once he enters the room, his unmasked face quickly zeroes in on the overly gregarious Varisian accosting the two outdoorsmen. He nods to the latter two in a respectful greeting, but he decides to give them their space. He keeps an eye on them as he sits at a different table to order a veritable feast - the deluxe seafood platter, a pint of Vudran Pale Ale, and a cup of chocolate mousse.

I give thanks to you, oh Razmir, for empowering me to acquire the wealth that made possible this feast. With its luxurious sustenance, empower me to share the word of Your glory so that they might know luxury as I do.

Scarab Sages

Male Human Sorcerer-8

Oh sweet Lailah Drezi smiles, his big sweet smile. Oh sweet Lailah!? Oh sweet attention, I should soak this up all I can before we hit the road. Drezi pours, then picks up a glass of brandy You have done more for me than I deserve just by being present. Thank you for the hospitality and the wonderful choice in beverage. He smiles and swirls his glass, closes his eyes and inhales the aroma of from the spirit which brings memories of family, the road, and an unfortunate black dog.

As the bouquet of the brandy and the memories hit him, Drezi's exaggerated grin drops to a more genuine smile, and when they open, his eyes contain a hint of sadness. Thank you Lailah, he says with a tone lacking the previous syrupy, over-inflated presence. I believe I have all I need.

ah, how long can I maintain this act?

He takes a breath and on the exhale retains the big smile. He turns back to the two outdoorsmen and takes a seat.

oh Desna smiles; I am glad we have been graced with a guide. I know nothing of the wilds and feel a lot safer and a lot more secure knowing that food will be available and we will be on the right trails. If there is anything you need to make your job easier, please let me know. I might not be a woodsman but as a Varisian-he says this confidently and notes the looks it gets him from anyone who overhears-I know how to set up and breakdown camp and can help preparing freshly slain game. Don't let these duds fool you; a little blood and guts won't bother me as I know that being fed while on the road comes with the cost of a little dirt under the nails. Diplomacy:1d20 + 15 ⇒ (17) + 15 = 32

Drezi takes a sip of his Brandy and sits back in his chair.

What about you Swift Wind? Where do you hail from?

Shadow Lodge

Male Human (Mixed ancestry) Bard 7

Leaving Ileria's Clothiers with his Andoran Tuxedo, Oggie heads off to the market to get some supplies for the road.

Oggie thinks "I gotta pick me up some hot sauce. There is only so much that prestidigitation can do for road food." He grimaces at the memory of his prior companions cooking skills. "That Risa was a good person to have at your side but she shouldn't of never been allowed to cook.

After completing his shopping he grabs something from a local restaurant before heading back to the Cassomir lodge to settle down for the evening.

Grand Lodge

Male Human (shoanti) Ranger (falconer) 7

"I'm surprised you don't recognize my kind, Varisian. Perhaps you've become too cozy with the Chelaxian occupiers of Varisia then? I am a Shoanti, of the Tamiir-Quah. We are masters of the wind and air within the northern parts of the Storval Plateau. You do know that this is part of Varisia, correct?"

Scarab Sages

Male Human Sorcerer-8

Drezi smiles, takes a sip of brandy and clears his throat before speaking. Each word slips out deeper, the flavor of Ustalav coating each with melodic tone promising songs of travel, mists, and the mystery of that land. "A Shoanti!? That is simply fantastic! I have no experience at all with your kind. I don't, in fact hail from Varisia. I so quickly forget that so many people mistake blood for region unless I relax and release my vunderfull accent."

Drezi clears his throat again and the accent gradually fades except for a mild inflection that is still noticeable.

"I have the privilege of coming from an Ustalavic Varisian clan. It has taken a few years with the Pathfinders yet with effort I have managed to shed off most of my accent. Though my blood is pure Varisian I have only set foot in Varisia a few times. I enjoyed each visit yet have never met a Shoanti. My experience with tribesmen is limited to Ulfens in the realm of the mammoth lords, the ghost mask tribe specifically. Are Shoanti like Ulfens?"

Drezi emphasizes the words Varisian, clan, and blood. He silently dares anyone to have question with a gypsy. If anyone accuses me of picking there pocket I will teach them the difference between a common Sczarni thug and one with the blood of Thassilon beating from his heart. Drezi smiles and absentmindedly touches his chest to feel the warmth of the magical tattoo beneath his shirt.

Grand Lodge

Male Human (shoanti) Ranger (falconer) 7

Knowledge (geography) about Ustalav: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (20) + 6 = 26

Swift huffs at the thought that he is like the Ulfens. Ulfens? He must know nothing of my people. The Ulfens aren't tribesman by any measure. They don't know about living with the land, they take their prizes by force. "No, the Ulfen are not much like us. They do not know much about living off the land, although their spoils have been quite useful for my tribe."

Swift then takes a moment, eying up and down his companion. 1d20 + 19 ⇒ (8) + 19 = 27

Swift is looking to see what tattoos Drezi has visible, and what they depict.

Paizo Employee

Male Human Miracle-Worker of Razmir 7

Knowing what he knows about the simmering conflicts between the Shoanti, Varisians, and Chelaxians, Jokhas shares a rueful smile with the propped up mask on the table. Dinner and a show, and not a finer companion I could share it with

The meal arrives just as tensions invisibly undulate across the room like the strings of an untuned lute. Jokhas's face brightens visibly at the impressive feast.

They included oysters and crab! Razmir be praised!

Sovereign Court

Female Chinese Graphic Designer 3/ Gamemaster 3

Knowledge Geography Ustalav:
Cursed with a history of tragedy and faded glory, the Immortal Principality of Ustalav clings to its legendary past even as it struggles to forget centuries of horrors. From the fog-shrouded cliffs of Lake Encarthan to the tangled maze of the Shudderwood, the fractious nation bears an infamous reputation as a place of
birth and rebirth for tyrants.

Although the past generations have seen the repopulation of Ustalav and its rise as a hub of civilization on the often savage northern shores of Lake Encarthan, the scars of death’s grip still linger. Deadly orc raiders, savage barbarians, and merciless zealots array themselves beyond
the borders, while within deadly creatures, shadowy conspiracies, and unnatural beings stalk the nights and nightmares of the country’s populace.

Ustalav is most notable as the location of Gallowspire, the tower that was once the center of the Whispering Tyrant's empire and is still his prison today.

Hooray Inner Sea World Guide!!! Okay, so there was some history and local thrown in there too.

Scarab Sages

Male Human Sorcerer-8
Swift Wind wrote:
Swift is looking to see what tattoos Drezi has visible, and what they depict.

Drezi has no visible tattoos. What you see before you is a man dressed up way too much for this establishment.

Drezi has the Varisian tattoo feat. He has a large tattoo on his chest that is currently covered by his suit. It would have been visible during introductions as he was wearing his explorers outfit which is designed to show it off. It is the Thassilonion symbol for sloth on his left pectoral. It contains Varisian words in designs around the symbol for destiny, creation, and battle spiraling out from the center. Feel free to ask him about it.

Swift Wind wrote:

"No, the Ulfen are not much like us. They do not know much about living off the land, although their spoils have been quite useful for my tribe."

"How fascinating!" I hope my status as an honorary member of the Snow Mask tribe doesn't alienate me with this man. Drezi shifts uncomfortably in his seat and swigs the remainder of his brandy, then exclaims through a grimace as the normally smooth spirit courses through him with an unexpectantly sharp burn. "I hope to learn more about you as we travel and I myself am an open book to you as well" He forces a smile.

Grand Lodge

Male um halfling (I apologize to the Tolkien estate for using copy-rite without permission) Mythic Geek, approaching Epic

"What is that you say, Swift Wind? How do know my people such that you make such claims? We are a proud people with a great love of the land. I take what Gozreh provides. If that be game, so be it. Is your clan at war with my people? Should I be careful not to turn my back to you?"

I do not understand this Shoanti's claims. I must keep a close eye on him. Perhaps he is a fey spy sent to spoil our mission to Woodsedge.

With a snear, Valorian shifts uncomfortably in his chair and leans towards his companion to hear his response, wrenching his hands as if preparing to throw a punch.

Grand Lodge

Male Human (shoanti) Ranger (falconer) 7

Swift Wind grunts softly at Valorian's comments. "The Ulfen I know live near Kopparberget. It's a mix of Ulfen and dwarves that have deigned to tear the land apart for it's precious metals. My clan is not at war with them... but they have attacked us before, so we will retaliate as we see fit." Swift Wind pauses for a moment. "However, I assume you are not from Kopparberget of course? There are seven Quahs so I would assume there are just as many tribes of Ulfen. So long as you are not of that tribe, we have no problems."

I hope this man is not from Kopparberget. His people are the ones that forced me to leave my tribe. I will not... cannot stand to be in the presence of that Ulfen Clan. I hope that I am not forced to break another vow.

In response to Drezi: "It has been told to me by the Elders of my tribe that Varisians and Shoanti had a similar path long ago. Do you know much about this? I saw an ancient rune on your chest earlier today. Understanding my tribe's past was one of my reasons for joining the Pathfinders in the first place."

Grand Lodge

Male um halfling (I apologize to the Tolkien estate for using copy-rite without permission) Mythic Geek, approaching Epic

Valorian sits back seemingly satisfied with the response, although he is still uncomfortable and figits in his chair.

"No, that is not my blood. My kin hail from Irrisen, the frozen lands of the witch-queen. My parents fled that evil place years ago and we settled near Bellis."

Valorian turns to look at Drezi as if sizing him up. I wonder what this tatoo is all about. Is it a scar, or perhaps a brand. Was this man a slave?

Grand Lodge

Male Human (shoanti) Ranger (falconer) 7

Swift Wind also relaxes a bit, as a possible confrontation has passed.

"It is sad to hear that some of your people have lost their way. I myself haven't traveled into the frozen wastes up north, but some of my brethren have. They spoke of many monsters and other horrifying things. I can see why your ancestors would leave."

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