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Shining Child

Red-Assassin's page

RPG Superstar 6 Season Dedicated Voter. FullStarFullStarFullStarFullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 1,059 posts (1,069 including aliases). 53 reviews. 1 list. 1 wishlist. 14 Pathfinder Society characters. 1 alias.


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The IASTE Local 30 has done most of the labor in the past.

I think likely Paizo has been renting the speakers from the ICC.


Steven Lau wrote:
I got my number a long time ago... 1619, a lot of numbers have gone out since then.

Mine is 1500, there are some players that have a lower number in my city in the 1200's.


Congrats, everyone.

Thanks Michael Costello!!!


1 person marked this as a favorite.

I am thinking of seeing if any locals want to try Hard Core, basically core with a 15 point buy.


In my opinion this was the worse special to date, running this one time was more than enough. I made sure not to volunteer to run it after gencon I visited multiple cons. Orgins that year was I think the best, since the person acting Shiela did it in a humorous way.

The second part was just as bad as part I. though in much different aspects. My low point was witnessing my table die do to time as well as starting late.


95% of a scenario and if it being fun is up to the GM.

This specific scenario really lets the GM, turn up the difficulty.

Unfortunately it is up to the GM to make it a difficult but not a 100% murder fest. I have ran it 2x with around a 75% PC Kill rate. I know one group had a blast and the other really disliked it.

One group, (liked it) killed Krune. The other hated it, they ran.


Brigg wrote:
I spent a bunch of Gold and Prestige to bring my character back. But the fact was: I did NOTHING THE ENTIRE SCENARIO! I got hit by Plane Shift within the first 15 minutes; Game over for me.

Nice long post from a players viewpoint.

I would suggest GM'ing, then take your bad experiences and flip it. Learn from it.

I do not think anyone would care if you stopped playing PFS.

I think tables of players would care if you became a great GM.

Personally I find it extremely bad form to kill or remove a person from a scenario in the first encounter. But, I have usually allowing the person to get raised after the encounter. This is not the case for this scenario.


thaX wrote:
John Compton wrote:
thaX wrote:

Some questions

I like the direction this is going. Hopefully, we won't see another King of the Storval Stairs.
I suppose the #4-04 reference could refer to several things, but, um...sure?

The scenario in question is a basic TPK churner. Safe to say, this one has more than any other scenario with maybe the exception of The Many Fortunes of Grand Master Torch...

Kill the PC's, and make a stew, great scenario!!!


Undel I have see that post of the dwarven forge forum. AWESOME by the way. The final act of Storming the diamond gate has some unique problems.

I have 6 core sets + to paint, I originally didn't like the proposed colors, but I think they ended up looks better after the kickstarter. I have yet to paint them but I have been thinking of doing a Monochrome paint scheme. I am thinking something like a H. R. Giger paint job. In my planning I am at around 7 steps for painting, will likely try to decrease the paint steps down hopefully by 2.

Your sandstone sets also look great,

I would look into the snakes part I with the sandtones. At some later time I will scroll through scenario's till I can come up with a good mix of both of them.


Most intriguing map for Caverns:

Storming the Diamond Gate, the last encounter would without a doubt be the best map to show case Caverns. unfortunately it would require allot of investment or planning.

Really out of all the PFS maps this is the singular one for 3-D. It is just awesome.

It would need a whole bunch of elevation packs.


Custom foam made elevation.

It would require a large build time.

I think it would be the single best map to try to re-create in 3-D.

I may attempt to make this at some point, but with custom foam blocks being used for elevation.

Sadly only 1/3 of the custom build would be focused on this awesome location. The first 1/3 of the scenario is outside the next 2/3 is in fact in a dungeon.

I would set this one as a long range goal.


my tips:

Just to keep it easy based on set-up.

Also some key hints on using Dwarven Forge Game Tiles.

I usually pre-build part of the dungeon or a room then bag it in a freezer bag. I also usually include dungeon dressings and monster that will be in these rooms.

Start small, the smaller the better, huge maps should be attempted later once you find that the amount of pieces signifigantly increase build time. I also prep using a page of graph paper with notes on the configurations of the build.

Going to a convention or a store makes it harder to build than leisurely at home, it can be stressful like putting together a puzzle.

These would be the order I would try to use the pieces.

Goblin Blood Dead
would be a good one to start with a relatively small dungeon in the second half, if you bagged it you are looking at 4 bags and relatively small set up time. You could easily build as you go.

Song of the Sea Witch
same with the Goblin Blood dead, though you do have a elevation change it seams it would be easy to accomplish with stacking DF on top of each others.

Chasm of Screams
4 levels of cavern travel could be built one level at a time, would likely use 40 peices per level.

Wonders of the Weave part 2
would take a large amount of tiles. single floor large footprint.

I am not a huge fan of map changes, this requires more time between set-ups unless you could pre-build with multiple tables and have players rotate to a new table.

So these 4 are the ones I would recommend to start with.


Among the Dead would be worth considering, it would likely need 4-5 sets since there are two underground levels.

I would consider Chasm of Screams a must for Caverns.


It does it also features some inside hallways, based on memory I would think you could use caverns in 2 locations. I am sure one uses the Darklands map.


As a backer of both of these Kickstarters, as well as using the first one. You need to be selective on the scenario's that you want to use them. The Blackrose Museum looked like a good map till I tried building it was was a couple pieces short.

Then again I am in the process of planning the Eyes of the Ten in all Dwarven Forge, I will try to post pictures of it at some point.

Arriving early and giving yourself some build time is also helpfull.


I would suggest 3-22 as the first scenario to attempt. I think the second half of the scenario could be done with 2 sets with stretch goals.


If you have the a couple of the water addon packs I think one of the coolest would be wonders in the weave part II, 3-14

IceBoumd Outpost would work well if you have the clear add-on packs.

3-23 Goblin Blood Dead would be the easiest.

I guess the problem is there are relatively few scenario's that rely on a single underground map, as well as a unworked stone passage way.

Others I can think of Veterans Vault as well as Song of the Seawitch.

Sewer Dragons kinda work but would need the watter addon also.

Encounter at the Drowning Stones would be awesome for the last encounter.


Sounds great!

I can't wait to see a 4 hour scenario!


Attention Pathfinders:

I am stepping down as Venture Captain, it has been really exciting to see our local PFS community grow. When I started playing PFS there was one store running PFS every other week. Currently we host PFS at 8 stores near Indianapolis.

If you need anything consider Mark Stratton your acting VC.

Also if you haven't done so yet, please consider GM'ing.

Thanks for the fun times, I plan on being at some PFS tables.



Great question Chris. I was planning on running it near November. I was going to do something totally different. I would like to hear other opinions on the matter.


I hope to gm Eyes of the Ten, with Kevin playing once a certain kick starter arrives in November.


1 person marked this as a favorite.

Congratulations Kevin Ingle, on getting his 5th star.

Kevin ran his 150 game on August 3 2014. He ran a special game before GenCon for a Thod when he arrived early before Gencon. Kevin is an outstanding GM he routinely commits to volunteer at local and regional cons. He really sets the example on what a 5 star GM is.

If you have attended GenCon, Origins, Egypt Wars, Flat Con, Who’s Yer Con, InConJunction. Likely you have had a chance to meet or played with him. I probably skipped a couple conventions. If you are a coordinator you will find Kevin one of the most professional GM’s that volunteers.

He is also a very fun GM to play with. I also consider him the best GM in Indiana. If you have a chance to play with him at a con, I would urge you to attend one of his games!

Also recently, he has been accepted into the VL ranks supporting the new card game.

Congrats Kevin


Nohwear wrote:
I do not know if this is the appropriate place, but I now want to run a nonPFS game at Game Time Indy. This is likely to be a Mythic Numeria game of my own creation.

I would contact Game Time directly. I know they have several Non PFS games going on through the week.

Also many of the stores listed on our warhorn also have campaigns running through the week.


1 person marked this as a favorite.

For my table sorry for the TPK...

Hope you had fun!!!


Congrats !!!


Some new news.

The addition of 3 new Indianapolis area stores.

Hero's Emporium

White Flag Games

Fan Boys

Go to Warhorn signups.

Go to Facebook info.

Also some other news.

Bloomington Con, September 26 -28

As well as WYG general meeting on the 28 of September.

Take some time and relax. Get healthy create something like a new Requiem for the Red Raven...




Congrats Thea!!!


5-13 Weapon in the Rift

Was an great scenario, congrats Nathan.

It also cool to see how some scenarios are rated, along with others nice top 20 list.

I also think there is a problem with forcing players to play up in older scenarios. I am not sure how prevalent this is right now. But during this last season I GM'd one of the top 20 from season 3. I believe it is a solid 5 star scenario. I had a perfect party that was doomed to fail, based off their level and their APL. First combat PC deaths, what followed was misery for the party. If they were to review the party now, I think it would reach a lower total.

What is surprising now is the low ratings on season 5. I am not sure this is editing or even negatively biased reviews, or even badly GM'd games. I read some of the longer playing scenarios have got bad reviews due to long game times.

The Sealed Gate man that is reviewed bad. Fun Sponge/Classic Baird reviews go back and forth. At Gen-Con I had some local players that played it with Kyle. I have to say they enjoyed it, they actually told me in depth how much they liked it. They also were pretty excited about the whole scenario.

Now these players will likely never write a review about that game!

Was the fact that Kyle being a 5 star GM made it better, or the fact that he was the author make it better?

Do reviews even matter? As a community or author, editor do you read and reflect on reviews? Do you die in a game and blame the author? Do you GM it yourself to see what it is like or how you can improve on it?

Mark Seifter wrote:
Red-Assassin wrote:
Did you enjoy GenCon? Thanks for auditing my character. It was the one the was attached to a bone!

Every new player who I was able to help guide to an awesome game that would bring them gaming joy (whether the RPG or the card game) brought a smile to my face. It was physically exhausting though.

Also, I thought you said that bone scroll was from the guys who run the super-deluxe-prop Cthulhu game you were mentioning?


Did you enjoy GenCon? Thanks for auditing my character. It was the one the was attached to a bone!


1 person marked this as a favorite.

I have to say, I never thought WYC would need promotion 8 months in advance. Also it will fun to see the hotel sell out within a week...


Hello Pathfinders

Who’s Yer Con (WYC) hosted by Who’s Yer Gamer’s (WYG) on April 17th-19th, 2015

Go to Who's Yer Gamer's for further convention info

The convention is moving to a new hotel, so expect more rooms, more vendors more games and gamers. “We Game to Please”!

WYC is right around the corner 8 months away. Hotel room reservations in the WYC block are running out fast. You can click the link below for reserving hotel rooms at a special block rate.

Go to Wyndham Block info


Send me an email.


Kobolds !!


I gave Mark Seifter a large bone that had a leather book attached to it. I then asked if he could audit my character.


As for my experience, great but parking was horrendous and did they gouge you in parking fees around the city this year.

Parking at GenCon is actually incredibly cheap compared to most cities. I park daily in the closet parking spot to the Sagamore and it is only 24$ a day.

Of course you want to get to the con early, I usually come to the con at 7 and it takes about 5 minutes to get into a parking garage and be within 1000 feet from the Sagamore room.


Congrats well deserved !!!


Everyone please take some time at the con to thank Mark Stratton.

He did a great job organizing and setting this up! He is likely a little tired and worn-out, Gen-Con isn’t even officially started yet. Give him your thanks in what-ever form, it may help recharge his batteries.

“Flawless Victory” Mark


Bee coffee 201 south capitol across from the convention, south of the food trucks are awesome. They will be open 24 hours a day starting friday. They also will allow inside and outside gaming.


'Sani wrote:

While reading the new Guide to PFS Organized Play, browsing through the new factions, I was stunned to see the phoenix emblem beside the sovereign courts entry. Because I know that phoenix, I've seen it before when I was looking for phoenix tattoo ideas.

What tattoo did you choose?


Link should be fixed, I know some of the locals park south of the convention center near the new Lucas Oil Stadium. I think the parking is much cheaper there but I am not sure it is probably 4 blocks away.


Talon Stormwarden wrote:

This will be my first GenCon. I'll be staying at one of the hotels on the east side.

I called to find out about parking near the convention center. I don't recall now exactly how much they said it would be, $25-$30 a day I'm thinking. Then I read about the shuttle for a one-time $50 fee. Now I'm torn. The shuttle is much cheaper, but the schedule is fixed and wouldn't provide the convenience of having a nearby supply cache.

I'm already paying a small fortune for the hotel room, what's an extra hundred dollars for parking?

Any advice on the availability/convenience of parking near the convention center?

I am not sure how far east you are, but there is a decent bus system in Indy Go to INDY GO.

Also the farther out you go the cheaper the parking is at the Con, you could ask around and get a carpool thing going or sharing a taxi.


There are some good places downtown for breakfast, I guess it depends how early you wake up! Some of the places downtown are great!

Apples are AWESOME!!


1 person marked this as a favorite.

Jiggy since you have a car, a good breakfast at Bob Evan's or someplace about 2 miles away from the con is really worth it.


1 person marked this as a favorite.

Con Crud

I would also suggest washing your hands often, perhaps carring around some anti bacterial hand wipe or lotion, limit a set of dice for "guests!!".

I would skip any form of snack that you need to touch unless you first wash your hands.

Don't kiss Mark Moreland on his lips I think he is Con Crud carrier 0.


Game Marshals are the volunteers that muster players to sit at tables, I think Game Marshals are a old timers term.

Also there are Klingon Wedding Marshals for those people who are getting married at Gen-Con.

Snacks since you have a car Jiggy I would suggest spending 20$ or so on snacks at a CVS or Walgreens.

Something like Fiber Bars or Granola bars, even that Vio stuff is great.

Snacks I wouldn't recommend nuts trail mix, anything that is not wrapped that you can avoid touching.


1 person marked this as a favorite.

So Gen-Con is coming right up. So I would like to just offer some advice.

This year will be the busiest year more so than any other year. Expect record attendance as well as added space this year.

For the record attendance expect longer lines everywhere. Expect more food trucks on Georgia Street. (My favorite is a Pork Chop Sandwich and a Velvet Cupcake from 2 different trucks).

Couple things I would recommend.

Don't loose your badge, I have personally done this twice. Both times the Companies HQ held on to it for me. I was very lucky both times.

Shower every morning (has to be said), dedicate yourself to at least one good meal a day. Skip fast food like McDonald;s, Subway and Steak and Shake. They usually are extremely busy. Consider some of the area’s dining-in restaurant’s or just trying something different. You may like whatever fast food, try something different.

Drink plenty of water, have some sort of back-up snacks as well as aspirin.

If you have a vehicle at the Convention, consider packing a cooler with some food. It is almost always faster to walk to a car and get food than getting food at or around the Convention. Also if you do bring a cooler, it is always nice to give away some water soda or chips. Over the years, I have given out allot of water that big name Author on the New York Times best seller list, they don’t want to pay 5-6$ on a bottle of water. I have had allot of good conversations with some of my favorite Authors and Game Designers that have started with giving out a bottle of water.

Cosplay - be respectful of people in costume. If you want to take a photo be polite and ask, don’t photo bomb. Also if you are going to be wearing a costume, please consider wearing it only for one day or have some sort of laundry service available.

Be considerate of your GM, ask if they need anything, they are your volunteer’s. For ticketed events try to not waste tickets, if you are going to skip a game turn your ticket in for a refund that way someone else will at least have a chance to purchase a ticket for that game.

Also be kind to the Game Marshal’s they volunteer their time and have a stressful job, yelling at them or hurting their feelings helps no one.

If you wake-up late and think you may skip playing an event. I would recommend skipping it, relax drink some coffee and get a big breakfast.
There is allot of stuff going on at the Convention you simply can’t see everything. If you are crazy enough check-out some of the late/early morning stuff. Between midnight and 7 a.m. you can find a whole different Gen-Con.

I am sure others will have some good advice.


Greed ! That would be awesome!


Great job on making this happen Mark!!

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