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Tales from the City of Opal

Game Master Patrick Curtin

This is my homebrew world Arcaia. This particular setting is the free city of Opal, a lush equatorial city set on the edge of an immense jungle rife with undead , ancient civilizations, and dinosaurs.

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Bribes always welcome

Armondo's eyes widen with these revelations. He begins to wave a dino-feather fan rapidly in front of his face.

"This is monstrous! Are you sure? Weresharks? Sahaugin? It seems like scenes from some back-ally play."

Elf Magus 5

"Oh yes. We're quite sure. Some of us still bear the teeth-marks to prove it." Magnus says wryly.

Male Half-Elf Ranger 1 / Wizard (transmuter) 5

San nudges Magnus and whispers, "Ix-nay on the ite-bays ..."

Elf Magus 5

Magnus glances sideways at San.
"Oh?" He whispers.

His eyes widen. "OH. Right." He says, barely audible even standing next to him. He looks properly abashed.

Bribes always welcome

Armondo frowns and his gesticulations slow to a reasonable rate

"I admit, I am ata loss. Although I am happy that you discovered the fate of my vessel, I fear that there may not be much I can do to retreiveit. I will, of course, bring suit to the Admiralty, but House Akkavin has many friends."

He sighs

"Can I depend on you to bear witness for me when the time comes?"

Female Halfling Swashbuckler 5

"Sure thing right?" Felicia turning to fave the others

Elf Magus 5

"Of course. Of course!" Magnus adds, suddenly rising from his own thoughts.

Bribes always welcome

The shipowner sighs

"Well, you have upheld your end of the bargain. So, here's your reward"

He hands them a scroll sealed with a large gold blot with a ship and sun themed signet embossed in it.

"This is a letter of credit for the House Ferriarro Bank in the sum of 1,000 gold ounces. Where are you folks staying? I might need to contact you in a month for the Admiralty court"

Elf Magus 5

"Anytime my good man." Magnus assures the Gentleman with a half-bow. He scribbles the name of his current lodging on a scrap of parchment for him, and doffs his hat once more.

"DO let me know if you need anything else. Always glad to help. My sincere apologies about not being able to retrieve your vessel."

Bribes always welcome

The shipmaster sighs

"Thank you all. I'll be in touch. I will say one word of advice for you"

He leans over

"I would look for a job that takes you out of the city for at least a few weeks. House Akkavin had many friends here."

You folks could head to the Opal Explorer's guild or anywhere else. The city is open to you

Elf Magus 5

"Much obliged." Magnus doffs his enormously plumed hat once more as the group leaves.

Once outside, Magnus looks around the street, as if expecting House Akkavin to show up at any moment, and he was looking forward to it.

When nothing immediately happens, he shrugs and turns back to the others.

"So, what next?" He grins.
"There are always jobs posted at the Explorers Guild. Whose up for another adventure? Um, after a proper bath of course. And a good nights sleep on a floor that isn't rocking. Or is that just me?"

Bribes always welcome

Since there doesn't seem to be any input, to the Explorer's Guild it is

The party heads out to the Explorer's Guild. The tropical heat makes their clothing stick to them. The immense bar/guild/temple to Two Rabbit-Cayden Cailean rises up, awash with young folk looking for adventure.

Elf Magus 5

Magnus smiles at the sight of the Explorer's Guild. His step gains a bit of spring.

"Last one to the bar, I mean to check in, is a dinos uncle!" He says cheerfully, dashing ahead nimbly through the crowd.

Male Half-Elf Ranger 1 / Wizard (transmuter) 5

I'm assuming we also cash our letter of credit? That's 142 gp each, I think - 1000/7. With a bit remaining ...

"I'll be along shortly. I know I don't pass up a drink ... I mean good opportunity, but I want to do a little shopping, pick up one or two items for my spellbook."

Picking up snapdragon fireworks, touch of gracelessness, and burning arc for my spellbook.


As he makes his way back to the Explorer's Guild, San's wanderings just happen to take him past a dealer in wines and liquor. Retrieving the remnants of his last bottle of rotgut from the trip, he looks at it, drains it in one long swallow, and tosses aside the bottle. Walking in, he looks over the selections, and picks out a few bottles of a good whiskey from some place he's never heard of. Slapping some coins on the counter to the proprietor, he heads out and finishes his walk back to the group.

[ooc]Going to spend maybe 1gp/bottle and will buy 3 bottles.

Bribes always welcome

San picks up some bottles of Pykish Mist. The whisky is smooth as a river stone and lights his belly afire as he sips it

Bribes always welcome

Thats right, you poor guys didn't get much of any treasure on that long run. That needs to be addressed

At the Explorer's Guild there is a letter waiting for them at the bar. Their old adventuring companion Ten had finally sold some of the gems they found on their last trip in the jungle. Being fair-minded he dropped of a letter of credit for 5,000 gold pieces.

Good enough to re-equip. Enjoy

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Elf Magus 5

Lol, entirely our fault (and by that I mean likely Mine) for setting the potential treasure-ship on fire before exploring it thoroughly! (In my defense, it was infested with monster-things that were trying to eat us. Or slime us, or something.) ;P

Magnus pulls up short at San's words, and delicately sniffs his sleeve. The face he makes is less than complementary.

"Quite right. Must make a good impression. I'm just going to jot over to my place and spruce up a bit. Be back in a flash!"

For once not (too) easily sidetracked, Magnus dashes home to his tiny apartment, cleans up, dons clean clothes (something that hasn't been inside a ship for Powers knows how long) and strides jauntily back to the Explorer's guild, whistling a perky tune he picked up from the sailors as he goes.

Bribes always welcome
Magnus Darkenstar wrote:

Lol, entirely our fault (and by that I mean likely Mine) for setting the potential treasure-ship on fire before exploring it thoroughly! (In my defense, it was infested with monster-things that were trying to eat us. Or slime us, or something.) ;P

A shame too. There were some cool items on that ship. Oh well, no use crying over burnt milk ...

Kessel moves to the bar, unslings his lute, and begins plucking away at the stings.

"Barkeep, whiskey and water please," Kessel says when he has the barman's attention, "and if there's any gossip worth sharing I'll have a taste of that as well."

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