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Tales from the City of Opal

Game Master Patrick Curtin

This is my homebrew world Arcaia. This particular setting is the free city of Opal, a lush equatorial city set on the edge of an immense jungle rife with undead , ancient civilizations, and dinosaurs.

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Bribes always welcome

We should recruit a cleric. I'll put out a call, unless you all know someone. Any thoughts hit me up in the discussion thread..

Desdemona looks over Magnus, grinning

"You should come upriver on my paddle boat! I'm sure father would give you a discount if you stood watch while we traveled. Once you get to Fort Trevins you could easily find work on one of the plantations."

She looks Magnus up and down appraisingly

"It could be a very interesting trip" she purrs

Elf Magus 5

"Oh, I think we can do better than, 'interesting'?" Magnus offers, grinning with one slim eyebrow arched speculatively.

"Come along fair lass! I'll introduce you to your future passengers and guards! Although I feel I must warn you, Kessel is a shrewd negotiator." Magnus says, rising from the barstool and holding out his hand to Desdemona as if she were a fine lady at court.

Magnus knew full well that he had no authority, or even seniority, with his current group of new friends. But, He was never one to let little facts stand in the way of impressing a young lady.

"And perhaps afterwords, we can rediscover what delights our town holds for an adventuresome, daring couple such as ourselves?" He winks.

Bribes always welcome

Desdemona walks back with Magnus to the others

"Hello gentlefolk! I am Desdemona Vellencario, and your friend Magnus was just telling me you were interested in perhaps traveling upriver?"

Elf Magus 5

Standing slightly behind Desdemona as she introduces herself, Magnus looks at the others with an almost child-like smile and wide-eyed look of hopefulness on his elfin face as he nods rapidly for the others to agree.

Well, more of a 'Young man with a woman to impress' face, but still hopeful.

"Desdemona's family happens to own a barge service, and she mentioned possible trouble upriver with the natives. I thought that since it sounded like we might be headed that way ourselves, perhaps we could,... help each other out?" He says straight-faced.

Smirky, but straight-faced.

Male Half-Elf Ranger 1 / Wizard (transmuter) 5

"Jus' happens to have a barge service? Right when we might be thinkin' of heading upriver, eh? How convenient." San finishes off his latest glass, and shakes his head a bit. Starting to feel it a bit, he thinks to himself.

"So exactly how are we helping each other out here? She offers us a ride, we fix the issue upriver, and ...?"

Kessel says nothing, continuing to strum his lute, but his dark eyes are keenly focused on the conversation in front of him.

Female Halfling Swashbuckler 6

"Sounds good to me."


Female Human Oracle of the Heavens 6

Citlali studies the woman in silence as San probes to determine how she believed he'd put it.

Male Half-Elf Ranger 1 / Wizard (transmuter) 5
Felicia Leadium wrote:
"Sounds good to me."

San gives a quick, raised eyebrow glance to Felicia. "What I meant by that was, seems this lady gets all the benefit while we get the danger and risk. We make the way safer for her (and every other) business while risking life 'n limb, while all she has to do is plop us on a barge that was likely goin' that way to begin with. So I'm asking, we help out with the troubles, and then we get ... what? I can't eat or drink good wishes and pats-on-the-back."

Bribes always welcome

Desdemona smiles, but her eyes cool

"That's a decent question. I am assuming just standing watch , not any actual fighting. The Opal between here and Fort Trevins is fairly tame, mostly plantation and town. I can always put the question to my father, but he'll likely not agree to any set fee. It would cut our profit margin too thin. We like having fighters traveling with us, but not enough to hire them outright. Plenty of bravos heading upstream."


Female Human Oracle of the Heavens 6

"So an amount dependent on what action is required? Citlali asks, her piercing eyes on Desdemona.

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