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So, I want to run one of paizo's APs that I got via their AP subscription service. What online mediums are good that let me make use of all these tools they give me? The interactive maps look like a great tool, but I have no idea how to make them available for players online to see

Any suggestions for a human-sized paladin? I took the eye for talent a.r.t. so I could boost a stat, but I am open to ideas for alternative mounts. While redeeming a hellhound sounds boss, that's a ways off. We're only around lv 4 right now.

Ah, so nothing official. How does one determine what your mount is for divine bond? It seems like you just get a horse or pony, dog, ect. I was hoping for something a little more unusual. Not OP, but flavorful.

So, I am thinking of making a paladin for the first time. I looked through the archetypes and found the warrior of light. It looks neat, but I was thinking i wanted some support. Is there only the divine bond as-is? I was hoping for an improved familiar-type feat. Have I just missed it, or is it not there?

I recently joined a kingmaker campaign.
One of the characters in the group is a gnome alchemist, in a particular combat, he cast abundant ammunition on a bag containing tanglefoot bags.
The spell description says it covers non-magical ammunition or shurikens.
To me, this screams no way, but he seems to think otherwise. Perhaps someone can refer me to an errata or something where he might have come to this conclusion? Or is this just plain false?

So, I got the wild idea for a heavy shield defense fighter. I`ve been reading feats and shield master got me wondering. Could you wield two shields and two-weapon fight? For my crazy example, a large steel shield in my main, and a light shield with shield spikes in my off hand. I know you don't get both shield bonuses to AC, but my `ol dwarven `da taught me that the best defense is the best defense, that's why they call it that. Carrying an extra shield for fighting seemed hilarious to me. Can anyone tell me or direct me to the penalties for DW`ing shields or is it the standard two-weapon fighting penalties?

ok, nevermind. friend pointed out there's a clause for blood money that you can't use the materials for magic items >.>
*grumble, grumble*
I just wanted my allies to drink my blood and feel better. Is that so wrong?!

*note: it probably is, at least morally.

eh, at least I could go the scroll route like leo pointed out. Cheers!

GM just pointed out that materials are consumed at the beginning of the process, but brewing would take all day.

Material components are consumed when he begins working, but a focus is not. (a focus used in brewing a potion can be reused.) The act of brewing triggers the prepared spell, making it unavailable for casting until the character has rested and regained spells. (That is, that spell slot is expended from the caster's currently prepared spells, just as if it had been cast.)(source, d20PFSRD)

doesn't that mean I COULD use blood money for potions?

Thanks Beard,

I didn't really expect it to be the case, but I was REALLY hoping that I could make blood potions just for gross-out factor.

I can use it at least for some of my other spells, like infernal healing.

It can be used for materials that have longer spell casting time, as long as I am using them in the casting, right?

The description for this is less than desirable, it says as long as it's not being used, it reverts to blood. What if the spell casting time was longer than 1 round? I'm using the spell components, so it shouldn't revert, right?

This is probably a derp question, could someone use the blood money spell to create items?

I was thinking about it and why couldn't you just use the components as you needed them(IE at the exact point they are required) in the crafting process?

I mostly want to do this with a scarred witch doctor with the cauldron hex and make potions out of my blood.

I am currently running the carrion crown campaign for some friends and in chapter 2 one of the dhampir players died(4/5 made dhampirs =/ )
the group pooled together and got a raise dead for him. From what I am reading and have had explained to me is that Dhampirs can rest off level drain in 24 hours. Does this apply to the Permanent level drain from raise dead? or just effects that cause level drain(IE: like monster attacks)