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Next book: schools of golarion!

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Being in the army.

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Well, rogues are kind of useless, everything they can do a slayer does a hundredfold.

I just combined the slayer and the rogue.

Also, summoners now only get up to fourth level casting.

greater rejuvinate eidolon is now a fourth level spell. So is evolution surge mass.

Because atleast now they have limited casting and summon spells being reduced to level twenty is much more balanced.

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Actually, I think we had a trox NPC wear an armored kilt and nothing under it.
He happened to bend over in front of one of the female PCs.

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Actually, tearing a mans heart out could be used like a dart, but deals bludgeoning damage instead of piercing.

All of these attacks can cause the oppenent to become nauseated when preformed, sickened when hit with them.

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He doesn't seem like a bad guy, I see nothing wrong with his posts. He seems rather ordinary. That said, I read like four of them because hes not around anymore.

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"Im not wearing any pants on this adventure, what the hell are you gonna do about it?"-aasimar swashbuckler

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you know what? Im not even going to bother with the fighter

Two new houserules added:

Fighters do not exist, neither do rogues.

Slayers get sneak attack at first level that scales to level twenty.

sneak attack ignores DR

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Seriously? No one wants to help me balance a monk using someones internal organs as a whip? I am totally aware that this might be a bad topic while eating spaghetti and meatballs.

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what do you think of an elf who has spent his entire life in a library and has no clue that things like living in the wilderness and near death are still very much a thing?

Because thats my witch, he joined the society under that idea. Hes used to clean clothes, warm food prepared in a kitchen and a soft bed each night.

He has never even seen bloodshed before.

Lets see how long it takes for him to freak out.

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Off topic, but a dwarven sorc actually is a really awesome option, go read the wildblooded celestial bloodline.

it uses WISDOM instead of charisma for casting. Negating any penalty.

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Hey, JMD, who is leafar?

Im a bit new here.

Rant about people who think CoD is the same as actually firing a gun and being in the military

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I actually modified the hydra.

it is now immune to acid damage.

Pyrohydras are immune to fire and acid, requiring cold or elecricity to burn the stumps.

Reverse for cryohydras. They are immune to cold and acid.

hydras have a a horribly corrosive spit, dealing 3D8+the hydras con modifer+the number of heads and sickened

reflex for half damage,negate the damage over time and sickened. Take 2D4+the above modifiers each round for 1D4 rounds

Also, attacking them with a piercing or slashing weapon causes a cone of acidic blood to spray out.

this deals damage to the weapon, the attacker if not using a reach weapon and anything in a five foot cone.

damage is 1D4+the amount of damage done.

Killing a hydras head with bludgeoning damage does not allow it to regenerate

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I meant the mutants and masterminds.

theres nothing hard and fast that allows me to make sure its all working.

No, the players aren't employees of this company, becuase employees live in a massive spaceship and never are allowed to leave.

You work until you die, there is no retirement.

your children are automatically considered employees.

employees who are unsatisfied with work will become test subjects, food or targets.

Its more or less this group is so powerful, with so much influence, theres nothing a planetary goverment can do to stop them.

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Erm, its a bit rules light for my tastes. Rules light is not something I enjoy, because I am a strange person and I can't wrap my head around that stuff.

Pretty much, there is one big brother organization that is pulling all the strings and making sure nothing interferes with humanity growing, but have no qualms about forcing alien parents to hand over babies so they can experiment on them and develop new weapons.

They use a mixture of cloned supersoliders and robotic death machines for martial tasks.

I am using occult adventures, the nanite bloodline, androids, kathasa, lashauntas, triaxians and d20 futures classes.

Humans are common, there is no magic outside of the few occult classes, using the sanity system and a bunch of other stuff.

Its less complex than it seems

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Ash, would you be pleased if I told you that I replaced my rat familiar with a bearded dragon?

Because munch the bearded dragon is way cooler

Also, would you like it if you were living in my version of pathfinders world? No third party content is allowed. At all.

There is no seoni either.

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I have a dungeon just like this, but way more evil.

The reward is one major artefact for each player.

the entire dungeon is magic, filled with horrid beasts of the highest CR possible. The rooms change and shift and there is constant scrying.

For example, say your party is a fighter, a wizard, a cleric and a rogue.

wizard does some magical hjinks to get past a difficult room, the next thing they know, the next room prevents all arcane spells from being cast.

eventually, the party WILL have to split up and one of them most likely will die.

Free ressurections from the dungeon are handed out, but only when it feels like it (when the player gets irritated, annoyed or bored)

The entire thing is more or less: How much torture can one inflict on some players before they quit?

Yes, the monsters have mythic ranks, the PCs do not.
Rare monsters have them.

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I have been using a homebrewed mix of D20future/modern/PFmodern and original pathfinder tech and races in one entire game.

I need an actual system for this. Any ideas? The requirements are:

Must be completely sourced online, without any downloads.

must be modern or near future

must have some fantasty/scifi elements

Help and advice is needed.

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Well, shes a ghost, just like you.

So they are all moudly and crumbly and rotten.

I assume that you are a ghost.

Because tolkien died ages ago

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by non combat stuff I mean stuff like going to a town and trying to solve a murder mystery, or talking to the princess so her dad doesn't use your intestines as a jump rope, or convincing the orc warleader to not butcher you and your friends while you cross through his lands.

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Uh, crap.

Im sorry. Don't kill me D:

What do you want? I have baked goods! Thats literally all I have, please don't kill me. I always did like you, mostly because you are hiliarous and witty and good at killing stuff. ALL people should match atleast two of those.

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I apologize, I was merely trying to DISPEL that stuff.

Also, have you ever tried playing pathfinder while all of the stuff was covered in catnip?

Would a very naive elf who joined the pathfinder society under the idea that he wouldn't have to deal with combat pass?

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I have recently added a new character, named karkus.

He is an elf, who has a bearded dragon, named munch

I apologize for irritating you.

Please accept this awesome hat.

*places a hat on meris head*

Also, why is seoni wearing so little? Doesn't she get cold? Isn't that actually a REALLY bad idea to wear so little especially in combat? Same for setyiel and alahzara.

Amiri doesn't count, because she scares the living daylights out of me.

*hugs meri*

Karkus says hi, hes still got no clue that adventuring means more than just reading books and looking at old runes. He didn't even pack more than one quarrel of crossbow bolts.
Also, his familiar is eating your hair.

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ravingdork, give them your best "try that again and you will regret ever being born" tone of voice. I do that with my online players, when I start typing in long sentances.

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If you prove to me that you can keep your anime out of my D&D, you can make a character using a non core race.

Players who have played and done really well with a nongood character are allowed an antipaladin

Players who are reasonable and fair are allowed to make there own classes with approval.

If you pick a rogue, you get to start at level three

You cannot pick a fighter if you cannot convince me you won't be a total waste of space for non combat roles. I expect higher charisma characters to do the main stuff, but I perfer everyone to have a fair shot.

Needing ideas to make fighters not suck at non combat stuff.

If you attempt to play a murderhobo, you will be forced to use the archives of nethys for your character.

if you bring any form of anime into my game, I will have a restraining order filed against you and your grandchildrens grandchildren.

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This one likes to hide, if shes out of her cage and not in a tunnel like area, she shakes and vibrates and generally freaks out.

I have a picture, but this site is odd.

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*stumbles in once again, this time with another tray overflowing with home cooked goodies, begins handing them out to everyone. Goodies include brownies, cupcakes, cookies, magic cookie bars (not actually magic) and cake*

Here, eat this. It actually tastes good.

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That is the most disgusting and adorable thing that I have ever seen.

Adam, why the heck is rhode island the worst state to live in for pathfinder? Because all we have is snow, seafood and sand.


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I don't even get to regularly attend the pathfinder society, let alone a convention.

my state sucks ass and should die in a fire, they have ONE store that sells pathfinder books.

I have a bunch of hand knitted blankets. We can all make a fort

*places freshly bathed guinea pig on mizake, places guinea pig who has sharp claws and is afraid of stuff on freehold*

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spiral, tell your brother to take the batteries out, open the toy up, cut the wires and then put it back together.

I am still a terrible person, I know. Even if I can fix most toys.

He could also completely gut the thing, rip the electronics out and give it to her in a noiseless fashion.

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As a still very much new player, I will be happy to not see classes that are in books I don't own.

I own two books, the core rulebook and the advanced players guide.

Also, I think that bringing a lot of books will be bad for your back.

Might just want to bring something else, like a fuzzy kitten or a puppy.

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These are all helpful links, I will be sure to go to the library and place them on my flashdrive.

Because my computer is old and crappy.

Also, I didn't exactly know so the rudeness was not exactly helpful.

I was merely trying to figure out why the heck they didn't throw it on a site and let people look at things and then make up there mind

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Wow.... Wizards of the coast aren't very good at making people interested in D&D. At all. That sucks. Thanks mate, but they really screwed themselves out of more players by not doing what paizo does.

The only reason I got into pathfinder was the PRD, I liked looking at it and reading the classes and the spells.

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I don't have kids, but I am a teenager, I do have my moments with my three year old cousin.

Mostly threats of duct taping her mouth shut.

I also have made it my duty to remove the batteries of any toy she gets so I can concentrate on my stuff. So I have a desk drawer full of batteries and broken toys she has given me. Im a terrible person, I know.

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Zero-G chairs. They sound fun.

tactic, you looked really angry. Like constipated after eating nothing but taco bell angry.

Would you rather take away fluffypinkcatbunnygnomes glitter or tell triomegazero he can only have two omega zeros?

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Uhm, I can totally agree with PC built casters not being fun.

Mostly because my party of a hobgoblin brawler, a drow alchemist, a duergar shaman and a wyveran warpriest pissed one of them off.

The drow chose to smack the rump of an elven librarian who was collecting a book for them.

she has the sage bloodline and I had statted her up on the fly.

VERY NEARLY did she TPK the entire party.

The survivor was the drow, he had barely managed to stablize before dying.

I thought that he would of learned after he almost got gutted by a pirate queen.

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James, could you atleast give me a link to a list of all non straight pathfinder characters? Its an issue that if it isn't resolved, my players won't stop grumbling over it.

Could you yell at gozreh and the irrisen winter witches for me? We have around sixty billion tons of snow smashing our state and we have a named blizzard hitting us at the same time.

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A race guide is needed. cartman beck/tyler hasn't bothered with the site in forever, really sucks that he can't finish it up.

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105.That damn table, it keeps staring at me.

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As we all know, pathfinder has quite a lot of stuff online, made by the fans.

Does D&D have any of that? I really would like to look at the older products and see how awesome/terrible they all are.

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Seriously, take all of this g%#!+*n snow and do something with it mark.

I have been out of school for atleast a month total with these damn blizzards.

if I miss another week from it, I am filing a lawsuit against gozreh and irrisen.

Tell them to knock it off.

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Uh, neither. I wouldn't even consider that a question.

Would you rather meet taticslion in person, but he has all of his kids with him, or play pathfinder over the internet with him?

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Also, I heard rumors that you are secretly made out of choclate and that you suffer from paranoia of being attacked by choclate loving fans.

disprove this.

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I didn't find a thing, I use bing not google.

Because google is invasive to my privacy and they can go suck it.

Also, what would sajan do if he found out his sister was actually now a man, and is actually oloch?

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Also, you completely missed the archon style, you fool!

and the kolbold style, the jabbing style, the grabbing style and the earth child style.

The feat would be more or less, you pick a RELATED combat style.

So say you pick two weapon fighting, you could pick sword and shield, because they share a feat.

Stuff like that.

Liberty's Edge

Since crossbow mastery is on the archery list, what would be a better feat to replace it.

Also, I have added the skirmisher archetype to my half orc ranger grol.

He will not have an animal companion either. He would just eat it.

Also, why hasn't paizo made a feat that gives you a second ranger style?

What is your opinion on the monk styles?

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Well, theres also the question of what is your LEAST favorite race?

my least favorite race is the strix.

They have such awkward stats that it makes them difficult to set in any one role.

What do you think of someone signing up to the pathfinder society without knowing that they will be required to fight people and will almost die nearly constantly?

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I think kriegtons reactions are the best, So if I get the chance to, I try to mess around with him.

Also, dispite james telling me not to, I gave the goblins some cocaine, was that a good idea? Because they recently discovered the science of flamethrowers.

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Well, I would, but I am more interested in making friends in the society.
Because I have no nerd friends outside of the internet and spend most of my time at home looking at the forums.

Also would you like a link to a youtube video of a baby wolf with hiccups?

I have some red velvet cupcakes for valentines day, I was handing them out to the females at my school, there are a few left, would you like some?

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I want to try second ed, I think it could be fun.
Then again, the only reason why I like pathfinder more than D&D is because of the fact paizo actually has sites with all of the information, so you know what you are getting into, I like to know what the class options are, what races exist and how to not f*** up when leveling.

Would you rather be forced to spend an entire session trying to play while adorable animals of all different kinds attempt to disrupt the game or deal with a bunch of irritating grammar nazis that explode into blind rages if you mispronounce one word?

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