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Has your party decided to return to town, but you haven’t had time to roll what is available? Need a random item quickly? Need some treasure on the fly?

The Item Shop and Treasure Generator may fit your bill. Just load up this excel spreadsheet and let it do the work. It can generate Magic Item shops, Apothecary shops, and Scribe’s shops for any size city all at the touch of a button. If you want to keep a particular shop for later, you can even save it. Added in this version is a Random Treasure Generator that takes any Encounter level and generates an appropriate amount of treasure. You can also print or save it. Coming Soon: Ultimate Equipment treasure tables.

Item Shop and Treasure Generator V3

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Introduce the sport of Jugga to your game and bring some pain to your table!


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Has your party decided to return to town, but you haven’t had time to roll what is available? Need a random item quickly? Need some treasure on the fly?

Try out the CR20.net item shop generator.

Item Shop Generator

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Come have a look at this new website for reviews, pre-generated random encounters, npc's, and rules. A new site I'm launching. Thanks!


I am currently running a group of 4 through Rise of the Runelords, they've just recently made it to level 2 after some adventuring.

These are the character generation rules:

-20 point buy (No stat below 8 or over 20)
-Classes from any of the paizo books are approved
-Races are limited to Core Rules (Human, Elf, Half-Elf, Halfling, Gnome, Half-Orc, Dwarf), unless I get a really great story.
-You get 2 traits, 1 must be a campaign trait from the Rise of the Runelords player guide.
-We will use Hero Points
-Character level 2
-Max starting gold

We currently have a Barbarian, Oracle, Bard, and Witch. I'm looking for someone that can post at least once most weekdays. We've had a lot of fun so far and expect to have a bunch more. Let me see what you've got.

I'll make a decision and let you know by May 16th if not before so keep an eye out.

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The day has finally come! The Swallowtail festival is here!

For weeks the town has watched in anticipation as the final few touches have been placed on, in, and around Sandpoint’s new Temple. The day is the 22nd of Rova, the autumnal equinox, a holy day for many and a festival day for all. For five long years the citizens of Sandpoint have made do, holding their services in homes, taverns, and even the local glassworks, but with the consecration at the end of the day’s festivities, the new church will be ready to admit its congregation along with Father Zantus, the Temple’s clergyman.

A crowd gathers early, eager to start the day’s events. Stalls line the streets with hawkers selling their wares and advertising games of skill and chance. Before long a group of the town’s dignitaries make their way to the stage before the Temple and a hush falls on the crowd.
The first to step forward is Mayor Deverin whose obvious excitement and jubilee is contagious, she’s happy to see her town grow and have a reborn spiritual heart and it comes through in her speech. Jovially she remarks that even Larz Rovanky, Sandpoints resident tanner has made it to the event. Everyone laughs (except Larz).

Next to the podium is Sheriff Belor Hemlock. This dour officer of the law reminds everyone to be safe during the celebrations and asks for a moment of silence to remember Father Tobyn and the other lives lost in the fire that robbed the town of its Temple five years ago.
The third scheduled speaker is local businessman, Lonjiku Kaijutsu, but due to illness he was unable to attend. There’s a murmur in the crowd as everyone nods to themselves, Lonjiku is known for his dislike of frivolities.

To take his place, Cyrdak Drokkus, local showman and owner of the Sandpoint Theater, steps up to the podium and recounts the high points of the Temples construction process. Ever the promoter, he ends with a soliloquy from “The Harpy’s Curse” to be played that night at the Theater with none other than Allishanda to play the Harpy Queen. Miss it at your own detriment.

Finally, Father Zantus steps up and delivers a short speech thanking everyone for coming and asks that the town begin the festival with a short prayer.

And the Swallowtail festival begins.

There are games to be played, exotic foods to eat and sites to be seen.

Games include:

The Devil Hunt (Put an arrow through the Sandpoint Devil’s Heart, win a prize!)

The Goblin Toss (Beanbag Toss, get 3 in win a prize!)

The Lighthouse Smash (Knock over a pyramid of stones with a mini-catapult, win a prize!)

You have several hours to see everything before the Swallowtail release and lunch at noon. Feel free to interact with one another or if you'd rather, we can jump to the chase as well.

Hey folks. I'm looking for one arcane based character to round out our 4 man group for Rise of the Runelords. What we currently have:

Half-orc Barbarian
Human Oracle of Stone
Cleric of some type
and a 4th player that will be playing a bard or monk

One of the most important things to remember, are that most of these players are new to pathfinder if not new to RPG's, so a little patience and a willingness to help is required.

Character Generation:
-20 point buy (No stat below 8 or over 20)
-Wizard, Sorcerer, Magus, Witch, Alchemist or Summoner are what I'm looking for.
-Races are limited to Core Rules (Human, Elf, Half-Elf, Halfling, Gnome, Half-Orc, Dwarf), unless I get a really great story.
-You get 2 traits, 1 must be a campaign trait from the Rise of the Runelords player guide.
-We will use Hero Points
-Max starting gold
-All paizo books are legal.

House Rules:

-Leadership is a not a legal feat
-Guns are Emerging (for any wannabe gunslingers)
-Coins do not count as weight toward encumbrance
-20/20/confirm is an instant death for any foe or PC
-Each character gains one additional weapon proficiency per iterative attack (ie, When a fighter goes up to level 6 and gains +6/+1 attacks, he also gains an additional weapon proficiency)

So again, I'm looking to fill the arcane niche but I'm going to go ahead and say that unless I get an awesome character, I probably wont pick a summoner.

Get your subs in by the 14th and I'll announce my pick on the 15th. Eager to see the subs.

Character Generation rules:

The Adventure Path is Rise of the Runelords obviously:
Please look through the player's guide here

All of the info you'll need to create a character here

Character Generation
-20 point buy (No stat below 8 or over 20)
-Classes from any of the paizo books are approved
-Races are limited to Core Rules (Human, Elf, Half-Elf, Halfling, Gnome, Half-Orc, Dwarf), unless I get a really great story.
-You get 2 traits, 1 must be a campaign trait from the Rise of the Runelords player guide. (link forthcoming)
-We will use Hero Points
-Max HP for level 1
-Max starting gold

House Rules:

-Leadership is a not a legal feat
-Guns are Emerging (for any wannabe gunslingers)
-Coins do not count as weight toward encumbrance
-20/20/confirm is an instant death for any foe or PC
-Each character gains one additional weapon proficiency per iterative attack (ie, When a fighter goes up to level 6 and gains +6/+1 attacks, he also gains an additional weapon proficiency)

General Notes:

While tough, the AP is designed for 4 characters with a 15 point buy and general player skill and optimization, so don't feel that you need to over optimize to survive.

I'm more than happy to take any questions on anything. If you need help making a character, I can walk you through it.

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I'm curious as to the opinion of many of the GM's out there that plan to run mythic encounters and how they plan to use the Block Attacks ability.

If you're unfamiliar with it, here it is:

Block Attacks (1/round) (Ex) When hit by an attack, if you succeed with a melee attack at your highest bonus vs. the attack result, the attack misses.

The problem my players had was that I was saving the ability until a crit came up, then I'd block it. The creature was an intelligent Mythic being (int 13) by no means a genius but smart enough that it would know that crits are certainly more OWWW than normal hits. My rationalization of the tactic is that it's a Mythic encounter, if you're having trouble getting crits in, then too bad, its not supposed to be a goblin.

After a bit of player complaint, I switched to blocking the first attack per round. Needless to say, the encounter went much faster after that. My opinion is that had it been a player with this ability they would save it for the crit, as I had a Paladin using Sacrificial Shield in the same encounter blocking 66 points of crit damage, I feel fairly well justified in saying that.

This is the first Mythic encounters in a chain of Mythic encounters leading to a final apocalyptic confrontation. I plan to use this ability quite a lot and wonder if in later encounters I should just ignore the complaints or if there's legitimate player concern.

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I've never run an entire adventure that was underwater before so to throw something different at the players, that's just what I'm gonna do.

This brings up a question or two though:

1. In the underwater section of Environments it says that weapons do half damage underwater. Does this half include all bonus damage or just base dice damage? I lean toward all damage due to the difficulty of attempting to swing something like a mace underwater, but the wording (to me, maybe I skipped something) is unclear. This would make piercing weapons top dog underwater, which I believe is the intent.

2. I looked at the terrains and hazards for underwater (in stormwrack), but other than Open Ocean I didn't see much that the characters would encounter in a giant underground lake (no beach, no corral reef,etc). I have thought of some rifts and fast flowing currents that could suck characters in, but other than that I need some good ideas for interesting terrain, any help would be great.


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There's a nymph (it would be a nymph after all) in the Land of the Linnorm Kings with this name. Is this a joke name or just a happy accident? Had a good laugh.

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So I saw this was missing from the UC and figured I'd throw out a quick and easy one:

Fighters raised in the provinces of the eastern Empires that have been trained in the weapons of their homelands.

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Bushi are not trained in the traditional weapons of other warriors, they choose from the weapons of the empires and learn to use them. A bushi has a list of weapons that he can use proficiently: Jutte, Tonfa, Naginata, Nodachi, Quarterstaff, Bo Staff, Longbow, Shortbow, Lance, Shuriken, Spear, Longspear, Fighting Fan, Tekko-Kagi, and Dagger(Tanto). Bushi may also choose two weapons from the following list to be proficient in: Wakizashi, Katana, Katana Double Walking Stick, Tetsubo, Kama, Kusurigama or Improved Unarmed Strike. A bushi loses the Shield Proficiency Feat. Bushi retain the fighter's Armor Proficiency[Light], Armor Proficiency [Medium], and Armor Proficiency [Heavy]

This is made to reflect a more Japanese centric warrior with a Japanese weapon list. Thoughts?

edit: changed the exotic feats a bit

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I've given this some thought over the past few days and wondered about some of the hidden ramifications of doing so. One of the benefits, I think is that it would make for a more dynamic maneuver filled combat, since the primary deterrent to many of these is the AoO. Its a given that it will renders some feats useless, or nearly useless. Feats a tier above could simply be moved down to fill the slot of the previous feat. Casting would become easier, reach would be slightly less useful, abilities such as Come and Get Me could still create attacks. I'm wondering if there's anything game breaking that would rear up. Would trip be too good? Perhaps, but as it is now, I find it rarely used at all. Movement would be less restricted and much of the debate on where and when something provokes would be removed. Large advantages in my opinion. Thoughts?

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With all the debate on Summoners recently, I was doing some personal research and found something interesting. I've searched through the forums and read the rules multiple times (and I dont think there's an APG errata out yet, if so please point me to it). Under the Eidolon evolution Energy Attacks it states that you can choose 1 type of energy which will be added to the natural attacks of the Eidolon. Oddly enough, it does not state that this evolution cant be taken more than once, only that the summoner must be 5th level before taking that evolution.

Is this an oversight or is it possible to add 4d6 damage to the eidolon by spending 8 evolution points?

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Been trying to figure out the formula used to derive the Treasure Values Per Encounter (Table 12-5) but for the life of me haven't figured it out yet. Are they just arbitrary values or is there a formula used to calculate them?

Any help is appreciated.

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Thinking about the problem of BBEG single mob encounters and how to make it so that one beasty can take alot of damage without making them guaranteed TPK's. Shield Other seems a great start, but if used you have a caster in the area making it not a single BBEG encounter and this spell will at most only double the length of the fight. So how about a Greater Shield Other that could change how this works?

My thought would be a very high level spell that could divide the damage amongst more than just 2 people. You would have a focus that is the target of the spell and then 1 extra target per four caster levels (5 people with a 20th level caster) the damage is then divided equally amongst the targets. An optional use of this spell is that it can also be used with specially prepared objects, a hunk or stone, or iron, or wood carved with magic symbols that contain a pool of hp's and costs depending on material (500 gp for a block of wood that has 50 hp, just an example). The materials should be fairly costly for something of this caliber. I'm guessing the spell should be 7th or 8th level, possibly even 9th. The range should be Long so it could cover a large area if needed. I strongly advise against giving this to pc's though.


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I have a 12th level campaign I've been running for about a year, the group is 4 people each with 2 pc's. After considerable time thinking about it I've decided to cut the group to 4 characters, mainly because encounters take FOREVER with a large group.

One of the pc's has a cohort and wants to replace the current cohort with his second character, I don't think this would sit well with the other players. I think they would ask for the same privilege which will not help my main problem of reducing encounter time. Just looking for outside advice on this particular situation.

Also, how do most of you handle gear and other similar considerations with cohorts? Do you feel cohorts are a little strong for 1 feat which has the potential to add a permanent powerful ally to the party like a second character? I'm new to cohorts (we've rarely used them in the past) and just want some advice about them, I know I've heard that some games ban them and was wondering for what reasons.

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To my knowledge, there have been very few ranged healing spells in the past editions (perhaps none) and none in PF. I ran across a few in a 3.5 sourcebook and was wondering if anyone else had used them and any possible unforseen consequences. They're of course not as powerful as the standard healing spell but have have medium range.

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About a month ago I decided to sit down and create a spreadsheet that would generate items randomly and allow me to track items that are in stores from week to week. The project is perhaps half done and I've gotten to the point where its a workable generator for anyone that likes to play around with such things. You can generate a Thorp, Hamlet, Village, etc with one press of the button and then save that sheet for later reference, or create a custom shop to suit your desires.

There's a few notes about it though:

1) I left off potions and scrolls for the time being, but as it is I tend to keep potions, scrolls, and general items out of the same shops so the tables are slightly changed. I do plan to give potions and scrolls their own love later however.

2) There are errors, if you catch one, let me know, I'll try to get it fixed. The more eyes the better

3) I'm also using this as an exercise to better my excel skills, so if something is done sloppily and you know of a better/easier method let me know. The amount of rework needed will determine if I implement it or not.

4) For the time being items are Pathfinder only no splat book stuff.

5) None of the cells or sheets are locked at this point so be careful if you're messing around.

6) Its in excel 2007 format

Download it here: here

Questions, comments, and recommendations greatly appreciated

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Description: Fearmongers are a species of magical, intelligent, plants whose appearance resembles that of a humanoid Walking Stick. Their coloring can range from a deep brown to a woody red and their skin bears a wood grain pattern. Most who have seen a Fearmonger never realize they have gazed upon something other than a pile of brush, a shattered log, or a broken wooden chair. If their camouflage is compromised, they extend their many appendages to give themselves a more threatening appearance. Though physically weak, a Fearmonger’s powers of manipulation and domination are formidable. The ideal habitat for a Fearmonger is in the woodpile of a dwelling or any location where refuse wood would be deposited and nearby traffic would be sparse. Fearmongers tend to settle near towns or cities where a large population can be influenced. Unlike other plants, Fearmongers do not gain their energy from the sun, but rather from the fear their minions spread, harvesting the clouds of paranoia, depression, and dread that pervade their territories.

Powers and Abilities:The Fearmonger’s reputation as sowers of fear and hysteria are well earned. Using haunting dreams which they inflict on potential victims, these plants both test the will of their prey and reveal their location, enticing the subject to investigate, bringing them within striking distance. Then, with powerful mind controlling magic they dominate their minions and send them forth into the community to commit crimes of horror which include ritualistic murder, rape, arson, vandalism, and kidnapping. In many cases the minion is captured or killed only to have the crimes resume days later by someone unrelated to the first culprit, this often confounds local constables and enhances the community’s fear.

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Waters of Transfiguration
Aura Mild Transmutation; CL 9th
Slot -; Price 12,500 gp; Weight 1 lbs.
This small lacquered box made from exotic and colorful woods contains five distinct vials and a single dropper. Each vial (marked as Paper, Glass, Wood, Stone, and Iron) contains a magical distillation of water that has the miraculous property of transfiguration. One application from a vial administered via the dropper as a full round action to any solid, non-living, non-magical, material permanently transfigures that object into the material of the selected vial (Paper, Glass, Wood, Stone, or Iron). For example, an iron lock treated with Waters of Transfiguration (paper) would become constructed of paper instead of Iron, with all of the proper associated with Paper (Hardness, Hit Points, Flammability, etc.). Transfiguration of any object treated by the Waters with dimensions of less than one cubic foot takes place instantaneously. On large, solid objects, one application can convert up to 10 cubic feet, but takes on hour per cubic foot (beyond the first) to transfigure. Each vial contains five applications of that particular Water.
Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, Fabricate, Alchemy, Creator must have 5 ranks in the Alchemy skill; Cost 6250 gp

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Pathfinder #26 pg84 under the Graveknight's abilities:

Sacriligious Aura:
A Graveknight constantly exudes an aura of intense evil and negative energy in a 30 ft radius. This aura functions as the spell desecrate, which the graveknight constantly gains the benefits of. In addition, this miasma of fell energies hinders the channeling of positive energy. Any creature that attempts to summon positive energy in this area - such as through a cleric's channel energy ability, a paladin's lay on hands, or any spell with the healing descriptor - must make a concentration check with a DC equal to 10+ the graveknight's Hit Dice. If the character fails, the effect is blocked, its number of uses of that ability being reduced by 1 or the spell being lost.

The question is if Smite Evil will work normally within this aura or if the concentration check is needed. My initial inclination is that a check is needed, but on a re-read of Smite Evil it never states specifically that positive energy is summoned, only that good deities are called out to for aid. I believe it fits with the motif of the creature that Smite Evil would be difficult to use against it.

If ruled that the paladin must roll and he fails the concentration check, would he be allowed attempts in later rounds or should it be a 'cant try again for 24 hours' type deal?

My thoughts are that he should have to make the check, but can attempt as many times as he can Smite per day.

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Ok, so had some time to work on it, tell me what you think:

Demon Blade - +2 Keen Wounding Bastard Sword (Minor Artifact)

  • Infernal Strength - Any being carrying this blade for 24 hours gains an increase to their base Strength and Constitution. Using this sword grants a bonus to the wielder's base Strength and Constitution scores raising them both to 20. Any items or spells increasing these abilities stack normal as if the characters natural score were 20.

  • Steal Soul - The wielder of the blade may steal the soul of any fallen victim. Using the swords magic, any time the wielder uses a Coup de Grace action against a fallen foe, their soul is ripped from them imparting their vitality to wielder gaining the ability Fast Healing 10 for a number of rounds equal to the slain creature's Hit Die. Subsequent uses of this ability simply extend the duration.

  • Soul Addiction - Using the Steal Soul ability comes at the price of a powerful addiction to its euphoric effects. The wielder of the sword can go without stealing a soul for 3 days, in growing discomfort. After this time, the character must make a Will check each day (DC 10 + 1 for each previous check) or take 1d6 points of nonlethal damage. Beings that take nonlethal damage equal to their total hit points begin to take lethal damage instead. Characters who have taken nonlethal damage from the addiction are fatigued. Nonlethal damage from addiction cannot be restored until a soul is taken - not even magic that restores hit points heals this damage.

  • Addiction Level - This chart determines the wielders level of addiction, the benefits and penalties gained from that addiction level and the number of Stolen souls required to reach that level.
    Addiction Level:

  • Mild - Less than or equal to the wielder's wisdom score - No bonus
  • Moderate - Greater than Mild, but less than or equal to double the wielder's wisdom score - +1 Infernal Strength/Constitution Bonus
  • Enhanced - Greater than Moderate, but less than or equal to triple the wielder's wisdom score - +2 Infernal Strength/Constitution Bonus
  • High - Greater than Enhanced, but less than or equal to quadruple the wielder's wisdom score - +3 Infernal Strength/Constitution Bonus
  • Critical - Greater than High, but less than or equal to five times the wielder's wisdom score - +4 Infernal Strength/Constitution Bonus
  • Uncontrollable - Greater than Critical - +5 Infernal Strength/Constitution Bonus - Uncontrollable Rage

  • Uncontrollable Rage - The addiction of the blade controls the wielder's actions causing him to attack the person physically closest that he would consider a friend, colleague, or close personal relation. The wielder attacks this person to the fullest of his ability and does not stop until their soul is stolen or he is slain. If successful, the wielder suffers a -1 permanent loss to wisdom and the addiction level is reduced to Mild.

    Intelligent - Chaotic Evil
    Intelligence - 12
    Wisdom - 12
    Charisma - 20
    Languages - Demonic, Common
    Senses and Communication: Empathy, Telepathy
    Ego (+8)

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    Reading through some of the threads and some of the arguments about how attacks during a fight are handled, I went back and logically broke down how our group handles attacks and our interpretation of how these are handled. The attack model as I understand it would go something like this:

    1 - Choose target(s) - Assuming Full Round Attack

    2 - Choose Style of attack (Two Handed, Two Weapon, Weapon and Shield, Single Weapon, Ranged, Spell, Other)

    3 - Choose Primary Weapon (Main hand melee, main hand ranged, Spell, Other)

    4 - Choose Off Hand Weapon (Off hand melee, off hand ranged, N/A, Other)

    5 - Choose Attack Maneuver (Attack, Trip, Disarm, Sunder, etc.)

    6 - Apply Feats (Power Attack, Cleave, Manyshot, Rapidshot, Imp Trip, Imp Sunder, etc)

    7 - Apply bonuses and penalties

    8 - Attack

    9 - All AoO are applied with the selected main hand weapon until the start of the character's turn next round

    I assume that some groups use a similar setup. It seems that there are other models in place for other groups, I was wondering what those models are and why they're used (never know when I'll find one I like better). What are the advantages and disadvantages to your model? Any points of discussion on the subject are welcome.

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    From looking at the list of monsters in the bestiary on the Bonus Bestiary, doesn't look like there's going be any DK's in there. Our group just converted over to PF in the past two weeks and my next game coming up will have a DK. So, other than making a weak one by the 3.5 rules, I was wondering if there was a source for existing PF DK's or maybe some good suggestions for ways to make him a little more beefy (I've felt they've been weak all along in 3.5, but that's neither here nor there). Figuring at something between 16-18 HD here depending on powers. I was thinking something more along the lines of the old 2nd edition DK with a few nasty tricks up their sleeves and a bit of magic. An appropriate DR would also help greatly.

    Any help is appreciated.

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    So obviously I don't see this happening often simply due to the fact that Huge size creature would have a fairly High CMD from their Strength, extra legs and size modifiers.

    In certain scenarios I see it being possible, the specific example would be a barbarian designed around battle field control using Improved Trip, Greater Trip, and abilities like Strength Surge. An 8th level barbarian with such a build while raging could easily have a bonus to his trip attack of +26 (+8 BAB, +6 Str, +4 (Trip Feats), +8 (Strength Surge)) or more. A creature of size Huge, a good example in this instance is a 9 Headed Hydra has a CMD of 28 ( 10(base), +10(BAB), +5(Str), +1 (Dex), +2(size), +2( 4 legs)). All the barbarian needs to roll to trip this creature is a 2, and that's once per rage so obviously it would happen perhaps once per combat if the barbarian rages every combat. This seems like something the barbarian could do extremely easily (roll a 2) and yet the Trip size restriction keeps him from it.

    My thought is to allow size restrictions to be negated for that 1 Rage ability (or simply allow the size to be upped one category, ie Large -> Huge), but this may be too powerful even then as a barbarian could get this feat at 2nd level and conceivably trip any Huge creature.

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    I converted my 5th lvl rogue from 3.5 to PF and was looking at the new Rogue Talents (which I think are very cool btw). I decided to try out the Minor Magic at 2nd level and plan to use the cantrip Resistance (never hurts to up the saves). At 4th level I took Major Magic and plan to use the Persistent Blade spell from the Spell Compendium.

    So my typical plan for most fights will be to cast the Persistent Blade as soon as is convenient then start in with the double attacks having 10 rounds of free flanking every day (5 rounds - recast - 5 rounds).

    Do many DM's think this is a broken use of those abilites? Being a DM myself, I'm looking out for abuse and possibly other combinations of the two abilities that may be broken or overly powerful. Any suggestions?