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So I put this spreadsheet together, there are probably errors so apologies in advance, is a WIP. If you let me know I'll try to correct them quickly. Also it only goes up to 4th level spells cause lazy.

Supercharge Weapon Breakdown

Put the character level in the lime green box and then scroll over to see which setup has the highest DPR. Scrolling down will show a set with Weapon Focus added into the mix, and then Weapon Specialization in the third set.

SCW = Supercharge Weapon
EPW = Empower Weapon
DA = Deadly Aim

Suggest zooming out to 75% if you can read it, its not a small spreadsheet.

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Come have a look at this new website for reviews, pre-generated random encounters, npc's, and rules. A new site I'm launching. Thanks!


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The day has finally come! The Swallowtail festival is here!

For weeks the town has watched in anticipation as the final few touches have been placed on, in, and around Sandpoint’s new Temple. The day is the 22nd of Rova, the autumnal equinox, a holy day for many and a festival day for all. For five long years the citizens of Sandpoint have made do, holding their services in homes, taverns, and even the local glassworks, but with the consecration at the end of the day’s festivities, the new church will be ready to admit its congregation along with Father Zantus, the Temple’s clergyman.

A crowd gathers early, eager to start the day’s events. Stalls line the streets with hawkers selling their wares and advertising games of skill and chance. Before long a group of the town’s dignitaries make their way to the stage before the Temple and a hush falls on the crowd.
The first to step forward is Mayor Deverin whose obvious excitement and jubilee is contagious, she’s happy to see her town grow and have a reborn spiritual heart and it comes through in her speech. Jovially she remarks that even Larz Rovanky, Sandpoints resident tanner has made it to the event. Everyone laughs (except Larz).

Next to the podium is Sheriff Belor Hemlock. This dour officer of the law reminds everyone to be safe during the celebrations and asks for a moment of silence to remember Father Tobyn and the other lives lost in the fire that robbed the town of its Temple five years ago.
The third scheduled speaker is local businessman, Lonjiku Kaijutsu, but due to illness he was unable to attend. There’s a murmur in the crowd as everyone nods to themselves, Lonjiku is known for his dislike of frivolities.

To take his place, Cyrdak Drokkus, local showman and owner of the Sandpoint Theater, steps up to the podium and recounts the high points of the Temples construction process. Ever the promoter, he ends with a soliloquy from “The Harpy’s Curse” to be played that night at the Theater with none other than Allishanda to play the Harpy Queen. Miss it at your own detriment.

Finally, Father Zantus steps up and delivers a short speech thanking everyone for coming and asks that the town begin the festival with a short prayer.

And the Swallowtail festival begins.

There are games to be played, exotic foods to eat and sites to be seen.

Games include:

The Devil Hunt (Put an arrow through the Sandpoint Devil’s Heart, win a prize!)

The Goblin Toss (Beanbag Toss, get 3 in win a prize!)

The Lighthouse Smash (Knock over a pyramid of stones with a mini-catapult, win a prize!)

You have several hours to see everything before the Swallowtail release and lunch at noon. Feel free to interact with one another or if you'd rather, we can jump to the chase as well.

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I've never run an entire adventure that was underwater before so to throw something different at the players, that's just what I'm gonna do.

This brings up a question or two though:

1. In the underwater section of Environments it says that weapons do half damage underwater. Does this half include all bonus damage or just base dice damage? I lean toward all damage due to the difficulty of attempting to swing something like a mace underwater, but the wording (to me, maybe I skipped something) is unclear. This would make piercing weapons top dog underwater, which I believe is the intent.

2. I looked at the terrains and hazards for underwater (in stormwrack), but other than Open Ocean I didn't see much that the characters would encounter in a giant underground lake (no beach, no corral reef,etc). I have thought of some rifts and fast flowing currents that could suck characters in, but other than that I need some good ideas for interesting terrain, any help would be great.


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I dug this out the other day and am starting to update and improve it.

Also here's a download link: Here (sorry for the 404, had no idea it would die so quickly).

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There's a nymph (it would be a nymph after all) in the Land of the Linnorm Kings with this name. Is this a joke name or just a happy accident? Had a good laugh.

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Drool, mechs...Good job on the stats.

Matthew Morris wrote:

Stackpole rules = Mechs can explode violently when the engine takes enough damage to destroy it. Named after Mike Stackpole, since it happens in his fiction.

a lot.

Happens alot to his x-wings and any other ship like thing he writes about as well.

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Crafting rules seem to be fine as they are, time and money are great limiting factors. If the DM allows them to spend a feat on it then they should be up front about additional limiting factors, because additional penalization is just a waste of a feat imo (possibly several feats).