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Introduce the sport of Jugga to your game and bring some pain to your table!


Riiiiiiight. As a huge fan of the source material*....why not just call it Jugger or, failing that change all the names - especially since the author made this orcish for some reason.

Why not just say "want to play Jugger in your d20 games"? Except there isn't even a map of the "field". So really this is some flavor text....

The author has changed....almost nothing. Except the Chain's weapon isn't just a spiked-chain analogue - a spiked chain's reach is only part of what it does. The spread of the Chain's weapon allowed it to be swung as a defensive shield for the Quick.

Enforcers also made use of special moves - like the Pin Salo asks to be made in the movie...Trained Jugger Enforcers not only used big weapons, but were proficient in...(in Pathfinder terms) specialised combat maneuvers and Teamwork feats, and I'd daresay, exotic weapons.

I'd hazard to say the Chain needs to be slightly more maneuvrable (to support the Quick and to quickly provide tactical no-go zones) than the Enforcers, so they should have the medium armor and the Enforcers the heavy.

Also, one of the main motifs of the movie was the itinerant nature of the Jugger-bands, and their ability to propel themselves into "society" by their on-field deeds and collection of dog-skulls won by defeating teams from other "dogtowns". All I see here is a bloodsport for orc war-training. That they use a cusidhe skull is a nice touch.

I understand this is a homage, and I approve in principle. I just think this could have been more true, and gone the extra mile - a battlemap of the arena perhaps?

*Here in Oz, where the movie was filmed, it was released as "Salute of the Jugger".

RPG Superstar 2010 Top 32

These are just the bones for the game itself and a bit of a reskin to easily slide into any campaign. That's pretty much the whole purpose of my site, encounters, npcs, mechanics, etc that can be dropped into a game in less than 5 minutes, so it fits the bill.

The mechanics for special maneuvers such a grapple, pin, trip, disarm, teamwork feats and other things are already built into Pathfinder, there's little need to remake the wheel in that sense.

As for the quick, chain combo, that's why the chain gets heavier armor, he's the best defended person on the field with the widest reach, the quick can follow him around as a tactic.

The rest, is all up to the GM. Is magic allowed? Is this a campaign wide sport where dog skulls are prized or is it looked down upon as the closes thing to brutal bloodsport? These are campaign specific items, I'm not trying to replicate the feel of the movie, just the feel of the game.

Thanks for the input though, I weighed many of the same question when I was writing up the mechanics and the post.

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