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Small question:

Does the crit specialization effect (2 dmg per weapon dmg die) gets doubled on a crit?

I would assume no because it's an additional effect but it is weapon dmg and not stated anywhere.

Hi guys,

so when a character casts a spell and stands in a square threatened by a monster with reach....the monster gets an aoo.

But does the monster still gets the aoo when another character stands between the caster and the monster?


When i cast both spells (Blur + Displacement)do i have 2 misschances (20% and 50%)? Or do i have just one 50%?




so i want to transform the meele damage dealer into an animal with the spell "Polymorph" ( lvl 5 Wizard). She should keep the ability to wield a weapon and get something like grab/pounce in addition to the +4 str.
So it works like the spell Beast Shape II more or less.

I dont know exactly if it's possible so I need some advice.

thank you very match for help

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as a witch I want to calculate the DC of the spell "Debilitating Portent".

10 + 1/2 level + intelligence

is this correct?

cha for oracle, wis for cleric but the description says nothing about how it works for a witch. but i guess it is int.


when I fight in a room with my group against some enemies and i use magic jar could it happen that i take over the body of an ally (cause its random which body i take over)?
so is friendly fire possible?


first of all I have a question about "Incorporeal (Ex)" .
I want to know if I got things right here.

We fought against this guy here: http://www.d20pfsrd.com/bestiary/monster-listings/outsiders/demon/shadow-de mon

Incorporeal means:

-when I use a Supernatural Abilitie like Slumber (Witch) it has a 50% chance to miss?

-Smite Evil ignores Damage Reduction and there is NO 50% chance to miss?

- With the spell bless normal weapons are treated as a magic weapon +1. So they would do 50% damage (he is immun to normal weapons).

- the monster has DR 10/cold iron or good. So if I fight the monster with a good weapon or cold iron steal ....there is no damage reduction?

(or has he damage reduction vs. a cold iron steal weapon? )

-with the spell bless from a good cleric can I bypass DR / good.

So in that cause vs the shadowdemon: Would a blessed weopon (the cleric lvl. 1 spell) do the full damge (full 50 % damage without DR cause of incorporeal)?

thx a lot for help :)